“Add this purple coloring to the buttercream, don’t stir too evenly, fill it into a piping bag, choose No.
101 flower tip…”

The computer was repaired, and the wound on my hand gradually healed.
I quickly recovered the amber on the Live, after all I don’t have much savings to burn through.

The audience’s comments popped up one after another on the screen, and because there were not many people, I responded to them one by one.

“Yes, this is lilac, the meaning of lilac… It seems to be first love.” I picked up the pink roses I made earlier and placed it with the lilac I just made, “What a coincidence, the flower language of pink roses It also has the meaning of first love, otherwise today’s cake will be called ‘the girl’s first love’?”

I can express my views very clearly and fluently without having to face a living person, and I won’t get stuck at all, sometimes even a couple of jokes.

“Do I take the name casually? That’s because you haven’t met my mother, she’s more casual…”

Amber is a live broadcast platform that charges by time.
The more viewers in the live broadcast room, the longer they stay, and the more my income is the more impressive it is.
Liang Qiuyang once joked that this is the parking lot system of shopping malls.
Stores use various means to retain customers, and the profit of parking lot will be higher.
The two complement each other in order to promote the expansion of the market.

My store is getting worse and worse, and maybe it will be eliminated in the near future, and it will be sold to more popular anchors.

In the days when I can live broadcast, I cherish the moment, and always have two points of tolerance for the remaining audiences.
Even if they ask me questions unrelated to the content of the live broadcast, as long as it is not illegal, I will answer.

“My first love?” My smooth piping motions paused, before returning to normal after a while, “I don’t have a first love.”

My answer did not satisfy the questioner, who apparently thought I was perfunctory.

[Liar, how is it possible.
What about the first night? Are you still a virgin?]

The other party did not feel that such words had caused sexual harassment to me.

Why am I answering such a personal question…

“No…” Thinking like this, I still answered the other person vaguely, and then quickly brought the topic back to the right track, “These lilacs need to be tighter, don’t put the base Leak out, and then make some separate flowers, which can be scattered next to the side, and it will be more natural and vivid when making flowers.”

But obviously the other party did not give up easily.
When I was explaining, he sent the same sentence several times.
Over and over, as if afraid that I could not see.

[What kind of person is your first night?]

Some people are like this, have a strong desire to spy on other people’s privacy, and never feel disrespectful.

But whoever called the other party is one of my few customers.
The business is already deserted enough.
If I lose him again, my income this month will be even more terrible.

“It’s…” I considered it for a while, and then slowly spit out a word, “Bastard.”

After the cake was mounted, my live broadcast was over.

“If you have any questions, you can leave a message in my amber account, and I will try my best to answer it for everyone.” I waved my hand towards the camera, “Okay, see you tomorrow.”

The number of people in the live broadcast room decreased a little bit, I quit the program and turned off the computer.
Unfastening my waist, I stretched a lot, loosening my stiff muscles.

Just as I was about to clean the cooking table, the doorbell rang suddenly, and it was very urgent, one after another, as if urging.


This way of ringing the doorbell was so recognizable that I knew who was outside the door before I even opened the door.

“Why are you so slow?” Sure enough, as soon as the door opened, Liang Qiuyang, wearing sunglasses, squeezed in.

I failed to complete my high school studies.
After I graduated from high school, I left the Zhu family and Ning Shi to make a living in the society.
The money Ning Shi gave me was not too much.
I used a little less.
I couldn’t rent a very good house, so I could only find a rental house that I needed to share with others.
After looking around, I took a fancy to the two-bedroom apartment in the one-sleeve building.
I called and made an appointment to visit the door.
The owner who came to open the door was Liang Qiuyang.

We were both impressed by the tattoo shop, but we didn’t expect that the fate would be so deep that we could meet again if we just rented a room.

He was very satisfied with me, and I was very satisfied with his house.
It hit it off and I lived there for almost seven years.

Although Liang Qiuyang is an omega, he is cheerful, innocent, and carefree, completely different from those of ShangShan.
I found out later that his parents were both betas.

“Why are you here all of a sudden?” He used to live under the same roof with me, and he was busy in the past few years.
He was an entertainment anchor in Amber, and I was an apprentice in a cake shop.
Later, I was revoked as a baker.
Seeing that I was struggling, he invited me to develop at Amber, saying that there are not so many rules for teaching people to make cakes online.
I tried it and felt that it was quite suitable for me, so I stumbled and did it.

Unlike me, Liang Qiuyang sings well and is a beautiful person.
During the live broadcast, his words are humorous and humorous.
In the past few years, his popularity has risen steadily, and he is the golden sign of the platform.

Last year, he was poached by a brokerage company and paid a large amount of liquidated damages, intending to let him enter the entertainment industry.
He moved out of here half a year ago to do pre-debut training, and I haven’t seen him for a long time.

As soon as I closed the door and turned around, I saw Liang Qiuyang took off his sunglasses, standing with his hips on his hips and staring at me not far from me.

Immediately I had some bad premonitions in my heart: “…What’s the matter?”

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you tell me when something like that happened to you?”

I immediately knew why he came.
In the six months since he left, I have been kind to others, and there was something worthy of his anger.

I smiled dryly: “You said that I was deliberately leaked? There’s nothing to say…”

“You’re going to be mad as a mother! They’ve all run and shit on your head, you’re nothing… You “…” He was furious and pointed his finger at me for a long time, probably seeing that I was too rotten to carve, so he sat down on the sofa and stopped talking.

I stood there and dared not answer casually, so I went to the kitchen to pour him a glass of water and brought it to him.

The contact between the tea cup and the coffee table made a “click” sound, like the sound of Lexington’s gunshots, a signal between the electric light and flint, and Liang Qiuyang’s head slammed like the two kicks that ignited the lead, and slapped the armrest of the sofa vigorously, has already made preparations to rise up.

“I think when I was the first brother in Amber, who dared to touch you, you were bullied like this as soon as I left, it’s really bullying! I want to start a live broadcast to scold the pair of sluts Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping, I will tear them up!”

He gestured to run to my room, how dare I let him go.
If I let him start a live broadcast today, maybe he won’t have to debut, just wait for the money to accompany the brokerage company.

I hugged his waist and didn’t let him move: “Don’t…don’t, if they can manage Xu Meiren well, they can be demons.”

Liang Qiuyang couldn’t get rid of me, so he was so angry that he yelled and was still at me.
Pounced several times on the shoulder.

By the time he vented enough, we were both out of breath.

“Okay, I won’t start the live broadcast, you let me go.” He pushed my shoulder.

I carefully let him go and straightened up slowly: “Have you calmed down?”

He sat back on the sofa, It’s still a little difficult: “You’re too easy to bully.
Let’s not talk about Chang Xingze first.
Why did he treat you like this to Xiang Ping? You and his brothers and sisters, you didn’t owe him.
The old man also planned to set you up to take over Xu Mei Ren.
As a result, he not only combined outsiders to make you stumble in the game, but you hid on the Internet to open the live broadcast, and he still won’t let you go, so you can’t even do the live broadcast.
Why did he get as angry as you with your father?”

The money Ning Shi gave me will run out sooner or later, so I can’t just sit still.
By coincidence, I accidentally saw the poster of Xu Mei Ren Cake Shop recruiting apprentice bakers.
I applied for the job with the mentality of giving it a try, but I was recruited unexpectedly.
It was the owner of the cake shop who interviewed me, my future master Xiang Hong Fei.
He asked me three questions in total: Do you like to eat cake? How old are you? What is your name? After asking, he let me come to work tomorrow.
If it weren’t for Xu Mei Ren’s famous brand, and it has been open for decades, I would have thought that I had encountered a liar.

After that, I stayed at Xu Mei Ren for five years.

Xu Mei Ren is a cake shop and his wife’s name.
Everyone said that my master was an affectionate man, and when opening a cake shop, he would use the name of his deceased wife to commemorate her.

I also think he is a very good person.
He is usually kind and stern when teaching his skills.
He never favors one over another, and treats every disciple equally.
It’s just that he treat everyone equally, and often scold their own sons in front of us.

Xiang Ping is Master’s only son, and strictly speaking, I want to call him Brother.

His talent is not good, and he is unwilling to study hard.
Master often gets angry for this son.
For a while, I even came up with a bizarre and bad idea to match the two of us.
It’s just that before I could decline, Xiang Ping, who was also aware of my father’s intentions, rejected the proposal more fiercely than me.

At first I thought he didn’t like me, but later I found out that he was not interested in beta.

“Chang Xingze is even more cheap, and he dares to go to Amber for a live broadcast as the champion of the International Cake Competition! Isn’t there any reason for his first place? Don’t misunderstand the children, this green tea O!”

(Green Tea BItch is used to describe ambitious women who “pretend to be very innocent”.
They usually used milk tea bitch, black coffee bitch, and etc.)

The more unreasonable he said, the more he was afraid that he would have nowhere to go, so he interrupted him quickly: “Qiuyang, I’m getting married.”

At this moment, he blurted out in a hurry, and both of us were stunned after speaking.

Liang Qiuyang had an angry expression just now, but now he is staring at me like hell.

“You’re going to…you’re getting married??” He crossed several vocal ranges when he said this.
I was so close to him that my ears couldn’t stand it, and my body quietly leaned back.


Liang Qiu Yang twitched his brows: “Hmmm! I’ve only been away for half a year and you’re going to get married?” He said in a hurry, “Ah Yu, did you meet something bad on the Internet? People? Who are you marrying, a dead house who doesn’t go out all year?”

He was sometimes more like my mother than Ning Shi, and he was very worried.
Thanks to him over the years, I am not really alone.

It’s impossible for me to hide such a big matter of marriage from him: “Song Bai Lao.
It’s Xia Sheng’s…”

Liang Qiuyang blinked, and instantly matched the person and name: “That golden single Alpha?”

I thought about it, as if he did call him that, I nodded.

“It’s him.”

I didn’t mention Ning Shi’s persecution to him.
After all, I have received a lot of care from him in the past seven years.
Now is a critical period for his career.
I don’t want to cause him any more burdens because of my own affairs.

“How did you and him hook up?” But I didn’t mention it, it didn’t mean that Liang Qiu Yang was not suspicious.

This is really incredible, and I don’t believe it either.

I smiled at him, and I didn’t have the confidence to say anything: “It’s just… a blind date.”

Liang Qiu Yang scratched his ears: “What?”

I looked away and raised my voice: “My mother asked me to go back for a blind date a while ago, I met him at a blind date banquet.
He has a five-year-old child, and he wanted to get married as soon as possible, but I just couldn’t do it any longer, so I agreed.
I’ve been wandering outside these years, you know how tired I am.
If there is a place where I can stop and rest for a while,” At first, he lied to him, but after that, he was sincere, “If there is such a place, I really want to go.”

It seemed that he was stunned, and after being stunned for a long time, he chose to believe my words.
I also sighed that Ning Shi, a good mother, was not bad at home.
After many years, I found out that I finally knew that I was thinking about my life-long event.

But he still has concerns.
He is worried that Song Bai Lao will force me to have a child, so that the secret of my infertility will be discovered.

“It’s alright, he…” The disgust Song Bai Lao said that day when he said that I would not give birth to his child flashed through my mind, and the smile on his face was almost unbearable, “He doesn’t mind, male beta birth is not easy, he understands.”

Liang Qiuyang breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good.
These should be made clear before marriage, lest he trouble you with these trivial matters.”

He sat for a while, then was urged back by a phone call from his manager.
His debut is imminent, his training class is full every day, and today he skipped class.

He put on his sunglasses, got up and walked out: “I’m bored, I’m in class all day long!”

I took him to the door, and just as the door was about to close, he suddenly turned around.

“Remember to send me an invitation.” He looked at me, stood on tiptoe without warning, reached out and rubbed my head, “Wei Niang was worried about you at first, but now that you know that you are going to marry into a wealthy family, it is considered not a worry.
Let’s ignore that pair of sluts, they have their own way, so you can wait in peace and wait for your marriage.”

He was so easy to deceive, I almost felt guilty.

I nodded and said, “Well, be careful yourself.”

After Liang Qiu Yang left, the room became quiet again.

“Girl’s First Love” was still placed on the piping table.
I wiped off the cream on it and placed it into the kitchen sink, and smashed the foam cake embryo used for practice and threw it into the trash can.
Afterwards, wash the used piping tips and cooking bowls one by one, drain them and store them in the cupboard.
By the time all this was done, it was already an hour later.

The sky changed a little from bright orange to deep black, and the aroma of various cooking meals began to drift in from the window.

Since Liang Qiu Yang moved out, I haven’t been a big cook.
I usually order takeout.
Occasionally I make some simple food myself, such as quick-frozen dumplings or vegetable noodle soup.

I just went to the supermarket to buy a few veggies yesterday, and today I’m going to simply cook a bowl of noodles for dinner.

The hot plain noodles are out of the pot, and then two green vegetables are boiled to cover the noodles, and a bowl of “white jade” is ready.

I took a big mouthful of the pungent fragrance with satisfaction, and was about to pick up the chopsticks to start eating when the phone in the living room suddenly rang.

After looking at the face that was caught in front of me, after struggling, I could only regret putting them back in the bowl, and hurried to the living room to answer the phone.

An unfamiliar female voice came from the other end of the phone: “Hello, Mr.
Ning, I’m Li Xun, Mr.
Song’s secretary.
We met before, do you remember?”

Of course I remember it, even for a lifetime.

“I remember, I called you…”

Li Xun smiled awkwardly and said, “Yes, I saved your phone number at that time.” She didn’t beat around the bush with me.
“Well, Mr.
Song hopes you can come here now.”

“Now?” I looked at the sky outside and checked again, “Is it right now?”

“Because the wedding dress has arrived, he wants you to come and try it on.”

“The date is already fixed?” Ning Shi may have been busy with her marriage certificate recently, so she didn’t have time to talk to me, and I didn’t even know the date of the wedding.

The other party was dumbfounded by my question: “Uh… the 15th of next month will be an auspicious day.”

Next month, the time will be quite rushed.

I pursed my lips: “Okay, then I’ll go there now, the address is…”

“It’s in Xia Sheng, just come in directly, and I’ll ask the front desk to bring you up.”

After hanging up, I put on my clothes and hurried out.
It was already eight o’clock in the evening when I arrived downstairs in Xia Sheng.
There are still many lights on in the building, including the one on the top.

I went directly to the front desk to express my intention.
The girl who took me upstairs last time still knew me and said with a smile that Secretary Li had already asked me to go directly to the 28th floor.

I followed her to swipe the card again to enter the elevator, quickly and smoothly reached the top floor.

The elevator door opened slowly, I thanked the front desk, and walked out alone.

Seeing me coming, Li Xun quickly got up from the leather chair to meet me.

Song is waiting for you inside.” She guided me and pushed open the glass door of Song Bai Lao’s office.

It was a little dark inside, and only a small floor lamp was turned on.

I looked at her suspiciously, and it really didn’t look like anyone inside.

“There is a door in the corner of the office.
When you open it, it’s Mr.
Song’s living room.” Li Xun obviously knew what I was wondering, “Mr.
Song sometimes stays up late to work and live in the company, which will make it easier for him to rest.”

I nodded, and went in alone.

I walked through the large darkness of the office almost in the dark, and walked towards the small floor lamp in the corner.
When I walked there, I saw a secret door there.

The door was unlocked, leaving a gap, and with a slight push it leaked open silently.

Unprepared, a tall and strong figure appeared in front of me.

I gasped for breath, and wanted to turn around and run away.

Song Bai Lao turned his back to me, tidied up the collar of his shirt, and casually dropped a black suit on the casual sofa beside him.

He seemed to sense the slight change in the airflow, or smelled my breath, and turned to look over.
The wide open shirt was still unbuttoned, revealing a sturdy and good flesh.

“Aren’t you going to knock on the door when you come in?” In the private space without Omega, he took off the bite stopper on his face, and his hair was no longer meticulous.

“I…” I wanted to explain that the door wasn’t closed at all, but as soon as I met his cold gaze, I couldn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry.” Finally, I apologized to him.

He snorted lightly and looked away: “The one on the bed is yours, try it quickly, and let me go as soon as you finish it.”

This hidden living room is more than ten square meters, with beds, wardrobes, and single sofas.
But like the office outside, the light inside is dim, with only a warm yellow reading light lit by the sofa.

Such light may be sufficient for the alpha, but for the beta it is much harder to see.

I picked up the suit from the bed and looked around, but couldn’t find a place where I could change alone.

It’s not good to go outside with a dress to change it, it’s too hypocritical…

As soon as I gritted my teeth, I turned my back to Song Bai Lao and started to undress.

It is no exaggeration to say that this whole process is like a thorn in the back.
I always felt a gaze staring at my back, lingering on my lumbar spine, like a feather made of iron, constantly scratching my skin, causing goose bumps and tingling that was hard to ignore.
But I didn’t dare to look back, and I didn’t dare to have any eye contact with the owner of those eyes.

I had a hard time putting on my shirt, but when it came time to tie my tie, I had a hard time.

I don’t have much opportunity to go to formal occasions, I can tie a bow tie indiscriminately, but a tie is too embarrassing for me.

I tossed there by myself for a long time, until the eyes behind me became more and more piercing, and I became more and more flustered.
Finally, the other party couldn’t take it any longer, and he couldn’t bear to tut heavily, as if he didn’t understand why there is such a stupid person in the world.

“Come here.”

The stern tone made me shudder, I turned around quickly, and didn’t dare to walk towards him without hesitation.
But the room was too dark, and I accidentally stumbled on the seam of the carpet under my feet.
I stumbled up and down, and almost fell into Song Bai Lao’s arms.

All previous relationships aside, it was like an intimate hug.

We were so close that I could even smell the perfume he smeared on his neck.
It was as if the cold rosin in the forest after the snow matched his complexion.

This is not the taste of his pheromone.
It is different from his mad beast-like words and deeds.
Song Bai Lao’s pheromone is very… unexpected.
It is a sweet-scented osmanthus (a medium-sized evergreen shrub or small tree of upright oval to columnar habit, prized for the powerful fragrance of its flowers.)

Betas don’t usually smell alpha and omega pheromones unless they’re strong enough.
Usually only during the estrus period, they will emit such a strong pheromone, which represents their crazy desire to mark each other.

I know about Song Bai Lao’s private affairs because I have seen him in passive estrus.
Although it was an accident, the scent that filled the small equipment room at that time was enough to etch in my heart and remember it for a lifetime.

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