After eating with my left hand awkwardly, not long after, Luo Meng Bai, wearing a spotless white lab coat, entered the ward to examine me.


She took out the stethoscope and said to Song Bai Lao, “Cousin, a few police officers came down and said they wanted to ask Ning Yu a few questions.
I stopped them for the time being and didn’t let them come up.
Do you want to see them?”


“Let them come tomorrow.” Song Bai Lao put down his arms around his chest, a little impatient, “I’ll be back.”


Then he left the ward.


Luo Meng Bai did a careful examination for me, glared at my eyeballs with a flashlight, and asked if I was dizzy.


“No, except for a little pain in my hand, I don’t feel anything else.”


Luo Meng Bai looked at my hand when he heard the words: “Cousin told you, your hand tendon is broken, but it has been reconnected to you, as long as after the sutures are removed, I insist on reconstruction, and you will soon be as flexible as before.”


After she finished the examination, she put down my hand and looked at my lower abdomen.


The eyes of these two are too weird.
I stretched out my hand and pressed it there, worried: “What’s wrong?”




“You and Song Bai Lao are very strange today.”


Luo Meng Bai wore a dust mask-like bite stopper, It was difficult for me to see her expression clearly, so I could only guess through her slightly narrowed eyes that she was smiling.


“Because my cousin and I are very concerned about you.”


Her words didn’t make me feel relieved, I hesitated and asked: “I don’t have something… a terminal cancer or something? You can tell me directly, really , I have a strong psychological tolerance.”


Luo Meng Bai was stunned for a moment, her eyes softened: “No.” Her eyes moved to my lower abdomen, and her voice was a little lower, “Of course not.”


She reassured me and said what was wrong with me.
I don’t have to worry, I’m in a good health.
After I’m done, tell me to take a good rest and don’t think wildly.


Although I was skeptical of her words, I could eat and sleep, and I had no other symptoms.
Gradually, I felt that it should not be a big problem, so I put this aside for the time being.


I stayed in the hospital for four days, and Luo Meng Bai would do a physical examination for me almost every day during these four days.
Song Bai Lao hadn’t come back since the first day.
Luo Meng Bai said that Xia Sheng was going to have a lawsuit with the Ruan family, so he was very busy recently.


On the day of Zhu Li’s wedding, a few people were in good spirits.
The uncle came to visit the nephew, and when he left, he made an appointment to continue the chat next time.
In a blink of an eye, a lawsuit started.
The shopping mall is like a battlefield.
One second is allies and the next is enemies.


The night before I was discharged from the hospital, I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night and saw a tall figure sitting on the sofa beside my bed in the dim light.


I was terrified, my heart was beating wildly, and I almost rolled under the bed in fright, but luckily I could tell who it was at a second glance.


“You, why are you here…” I sat up, picked up the water glass bedside the table and took two sips of water.


Song Bai Lao sat there, staring at me quietly and fascinatedly, constantly flipping between his fingers to play with something, I looked closely and found that it was a snow-white slender cigarette.


“We talked about children before, do you remember?”


His question was so sudden that I couldn’t react for a while, and was very at a loss.


He paused and made a small prompt: “If you were pregnant, what would you do.
Do you remember how you answered me?”


It turned out that he was talking about the child.


“Remember.” I said, “knock it out.”


After use, the fertility sac will be removed from the Beta body along with the child.
There is no container in my body that can breed life.
How can I get pregnant again? His hypothesis didn’t hold right from the start.


Song Bai Lao stopped the movement between his fingers and said calmly: “Yes, knock out, kill our child…”


The last two words were almost murmured from his lips and teeth.
The cruel and gentle tone made people feel Creepy.


I clenched the quilt on my body uncomfortably: “Why did you mention this all of a sudden?”


He already knew my physical condition, what’s the point of mentioning this?


“It’s nothing.” He stood up and went to the balcony outside with a cigarette in his hand.


The door was gently closed, and through the transparent glass, I could only see that the dimly lit outside suddenly lit up a little orange-red, which was shrouded in mist in the dark night, disappearing and appearing from time to time.


Sometimes I feel like I know him very well, and sometimes I just can’t figure out what he’s thinking.



After Daoist Weijing’s death dojo is finished, I will find a way to leave him and leave Xiangtan.


I can’t spend any more time with him, it’s pointless.


On the day I was discharged from the hospital, Aunt Jiu came to pick me up and returned to Weijing Mountain.
As soon as I entered the door, I smelled a strong aroma of food.
Aunt Jiu said that she specially stewed pork bone soup for me to replenish my body, hoping that my hands would grow well soon.


I don’t know if it’s because of my injury recently.
I’m always gluttonous, and it seems that my body is eager to replenish the lost energy.
It was clear that I had already eaten lunch, and I couldn’t help drooling when I smelled the bone broth.
I asked Aunt Jiu to fill me with soup and a big bowl of rice.
When the rice soup was all over my head, my eyelids began to sink uncontrollably.


“I’ll go upstairs to go to sleep first.” After I informed Aunt Jiu, I went upstairs alone.


When I opened the bedroom door, the circulating air suddenly moved the white gauze in front of the window.
I caught a glimpse of the greenery on the window sill.
After a moment of daze, I walked over quickly.


Lifting the gauze curtain, there is a pot of Mimosa that grows very sturdy and lush on the window sill.


I touched the green leaf with my fingertips, just like its name, the whole leaf immediately curled up shyly after being touched.


It wasn’t until the leaves stretched out again that I put down the gauze, turned and sat on the bed, and started to undress.


What’s the use of giving me a better pot, it’s not the original pot anymore.


Lying on the bed, looking at the looming pot of mimosa on the windowsill, I closed my eyes sleepily.


During dinner, Aunt Jiu knocked on the door directly to wake me up and brought the food to me on a small table.


A table of dishes, meat and vegetables, fish and meat, and a small plate of fresh fruit, even the orange juice is freshly squeezed.
On weekdays, the Song family ate well enough, which was simply another upgrade.


The last time Song Bai Lao was ill, he didn’t get this treatment.
What happened today? Could it be that there was a new cook at home in just a few days?


While eating, there was the sound of a car engine downstairs.
Aunt Jiu went to the window and looked down, and said in surprise, “It’s Mr.
Luo’s car.”


Hearing the name, my hands trembled, and the rice in the spoon fell back the same way.


“Did he bring Momo back?”


Aunt Jiu looked downstairs and looked at the array, then shook her head and said, “There is no young master, just Mr.
Luo alone.”


Song Bai Lao has not returned yet, Song Mo is in Luo’s house, Luo Qinghe are going up the mountain alone at night is not always a sight to behold.
After thinking about it, the most likely thing is to come to me.


A few minutes later, Luo Qinghe sat on the edge of the bed and stared at me silently, making it hard for me to swallow.


I simply put down the spoon, smiled at him and said: “Dad, you… do you have something to tell me?”


Luo Qinghe said calmly: “It’s okay, I can wait for you to finish eating.”


He still looked like this.
How do people eat…


“It doesn’t matter, tell me, I’ve already eaten it.”


Luo Qinghe crossed his legs gracefully and looked like a gentleman, but his words were very rude: “I hope you and my son can dissolve the marriage.” He said slowly, “Since you married him, there have been incidents in your family, and Song Mo almost lost his life because of you.
The Zhu family has betrayed their trust, I don’t know how much you did, and I’m not interested in knowing.
You are not a qualified partner, and Song Mo doesn’t need a ‘mother’ like you.
I have prepared the divorce agreement for you, you just need to sign it.”


Even if I was mentally prepared, I was still stunned by his words.
Chest tightness, uncomfortable.


But no matter what, it did what I wanted.
I am not used to or agree with Luo Qinghe’s many practices, but today, I want to applaud him.


Having him come forward to preside over the divorce would save me a lot of trouble.


“And the child you are carrying.
After all, this is the flesh and blood of Bai Lao.
If you remove it, I will compensate you with another sum of money.
You don’t have to worry about this.”


The… child?”


Which child? Did he already know what happened seven years ago?


Facing my puzzlement, he seemed to have his own understanding, and sneered: “You still want to hide from me, and don’t think about whose property the Sanatorium and Hospital belong.
If you don’t tell me, won’t others tell me?”


Wait, what he means is… am I pregnant now?


I am pregnant? how can that be? ?


A lot of images flashed through my mind, suddenly sharpened sense of smell, Luo Meng Bai’s strange attitude, and Song Bai Lao’s inexplicable conversation last night.


It wasn’t an unfounded assumption that he asked me what to do if I was pregnant.


That’s what he really thinks, he’s going to… kill our children.


I covered my lower abdomen, my hands and feet became cold and numb within a minute, and my voice trembled uncontrollably: “Divorce agreement…Did you bring it?”


The agreement was over 20 pages long.
I glanced at it, and the words on it were dense.
Before getting married, Ning Shi signed a series of prenuptial agreements for me.
I already felt it was very troublesome, and divorce could be even more troublesome.


The above detailed a series of monetary compensations such as consolation money and convalescence fees that I can get after the divorce, and strictly restrict me from making any remarks that damage the reputation of Song Bai Lao and Xia Sheng, otherwise I will be held legally responsible.


I didn’t read it all, and hurriedly turned to the last page, signed my name, and placed the divorce agreement on the small table by the window, which was a more prominent place.


I didn’t bring anything, just my own diary, for fear of causing Aunt Jiu suspicion.


Putting on my coat, I went downstairs and told Aunt Jiu that I was going out.


She glanced at the sky outside the house and said in amazement: “Where did you go down the mountain so late?”


“Go out to meet a friend, he happened to pass by Xiangtan.” I made up nonsense, “Just ask the driver to take me to the city, I’ll take a taxi and come back later.”


“Well, sir will be angry.” Aunt Jiu called the driver, but she was still not very at ease, and even wanted to go with me.


I heard cold sweat on my palms.
If Aunt Jiu insists on following me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to leave.


“Then let the driver wait for me in the parking lot nearby.
I’m really fine by myself.” I smiled and said, “Xiang Ping has been arrested, how can there be so many bad guys?”


Auint Jiu hesitated for a while, but she was considered to have been arrested.
I reluctantly persuaded: “Well, I must be careful.” She took me to the door, and told me to pay attention to safety and come back early.


I found a random cafe in the city and asked the driver to stop at the door, pushed the door in in front of him, watched the car go away from the inside, and pushed the door out again.


There happened to be a convenience store near the coffee shop.
I hurriedly bought a pregnancy test stick, wrapped a windbreaker and stopped a taxi on the street.
Half an hour later, I arrived in front of the old apartment named by Liang Qiu Yang.


When I married Song Bai Lao, I didn’t actually take anything of my own, so I still kept a lot of clothes and daily necessities in the old house.


The door was opened with the key, the room was dark, and the air was dull and stagnant for a long time.


Turning on the light, I took off my coat and threw it on the sofa.
The plastic box I just bought fell out of my pocket.


I looked at it for a long time, went over to pick it up, turned around and went into the bathroom.


The first time I used this thing, I fumbled with the manual for a long time.
The waiting process was extremely torturous.
Sitting on the toilet lid, I held my forehead with my palm, and my mind went blank for five minutes.


Five minutes later, the instrument trembled, and I picked it up and looked at it with great anxiety, only to see a line of small words appearing on the display.


[Congratulations on being pregnant, predicting 7 weeks of pregnancy]


Luo Qinghe’s words are completely true.
I closed my eyes and the pregnancy test stick slipped from my fingers to the ground, making a “pop” sound.


The body leaned back, the back of the head against the cold tiles.
I have clearly thought about where I want to go and what kind of life I want to live after leaving Song Bai Lao, but now because of this child, all plans are not mentioned in advance, and some of them are no longer applicable to my current situation.


In the end, where to go, I suddenly had no idea.


More than a month, is the day I brought back the mimosa.


It was the day I confirmed that Ning Shi lied to me and that my child died long ago.
It was me who said “it’s not you anyway” to Song Bai Lao…that day.


In the empty bathroom, I raised my arm to cover my eyes and suddenly wanted to laugh.


Destiny, it’s too tricky.

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