In a blur, I heard two voices coming from my ears, intermittent, if they were distant, they seemed to be a conversation between Luo Meng Bai and Daoist Wei Jing.


“I think he…do you want to check…maybe…”


“Uncle, you mean…”


“Don’t call me uncle…I’ll take his pulse…you’d better…”


I struggled to hold the stick.
My eyes only had time to see the unfamiliar and pale ceiling.
I didn’t even know anyone around him, so I closed my eyes again consciously.


This time, the soul seemed to be dragged to a deeper place and could no longer perceive the outside world.


In the suffocating darkness, a beam of light suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, and the end was dazzling and shining, attracting me to go.


Scratching my limbs desperately, I struggled through the liquid that seemed to freeze.
Seeing that the light was getting closer and closer, I stretched out my fingers and tried my best to touch it.
The sticky vinyl restricted my movement, pulling and trying to hold me in place.


It was almost…


The fingertips stretched forward inch by inch, and when they touched the light, the body suddenly relaxed, and those things that wrapped around me and devoured me, like a dark swamp, seemed to be afraid of the light, all of them.
back off.


The eyes suddenly brightened, and it was no longer completely black.


Keep your feet on the ground and stand in the center of the building, surrounded by large dinosaur skeletons and taxidermy.
The bright environment and the quiet visitors seemed familiar to me at first, but when I saw the teenagers in dark blue school uniforms approaching from far and near, I immediately remembered where this is.


In the second half of the second semester of high school, in spring, ShangShan organized all the students to go to the Xiangtan Museum of Natural History and held an off-campus activity called “Exploring Nature”.


Zhu Li didn’t participate in the event because he was in estrus, but even if he was not in estrus, he probably wouldn’t waste his time for such a boring activity.


“Let’s move freely…”


The teacher gave an order, and the students immediately dispersed and went to the area of ​​interest.


My body suddenly sped away in one direction uncontrollably, and finally stopped in front of a person.


Fair-skinned, slender and slender eyes, when he’s not smiling, he looks a little cold and withdrawn.
It’s me when I was a teenager.


I looked at him like a magic mirror.


Seventeen-year-old Ning Yu stood in front of a row of mannequins with only skeletons and internal organs left, reading the explanations on each label with great interest.
Whenever he read something interesting, the corners of his lips would rise, bringing out some smiles, and those indifference and loneliness would disappear in an instant, making him reveal a completely different kind of softness.


“Both men and women, Beta can use the fertility sac to conceive offspring, but due to congenital absence, natural birth is impossible.
After the fetus is full-term, Beta must remove the baby and the fertility sac through caesarean section.
If the used fertility sac is not removed, there are still Pregnancy is possible, but…”


The boy whispered, slowly reciting the electronic information on the exhibits in front of him in a voice that only he could hear.


Seeing myself from another angle, it feels weird.


I stroked the boy’s hair and read the introduction with him, and was about to turn to the next page when a laughing voice suddenly sounded behind me.


“Beta’s body turns out to be like this…”


I opened my eyes and turned to look, I saw Song Bai Lao, who was younger and more maddening than now, very close to the boy, as if he was holding him in his arms from behind.
In general, the right hand moved very quickly and pressed the boy’s lower abdomen, smiling a little frivolously.


“We all came from here.”


After the boy was stunned, he struggled to push him away: “You…” Glancing around, he lowered his voice, “What are you doing?”


“Just kidding.”, raising his hand in surrender.


Looking at the mannequin standing there, he pointed to a cystic gland under the ear of a male alpha and said, “that’s where pheromones are made.
If you destroy that body, will Alpha be free from the control of pheromones?”


No one knows the sequelae of removing pheromones, and no one dares to take the risk of doing such a human experiment.


There has been a rumor that pheromone may be involved in the complete immunity of Alpha and Omega.


“You may not be out of the control of the pheromone, and you started the c20 way.” The young man looked there, and the thin red on his face and auricle was still there.


Song Bai Lao was noncommittal, shrugged and said, “Forget it, let’s not talk about that.
Can I ask you to drink a drink to make amends?”


After he finished speaking, he walked out of the arena, then returned after a while, tilted his head and asked the young man : “Are you coming?”


The boy stared at him, hesitated for a moment, and finally walked towards him.


The corners of Song Bai Lao’s mouth became wider, revealing his white teeth silently.


The two went outside the venue, in front of the vending machine, Song Bai Lao pressed the button, and soon a can of pink-packaged drink dropped from the outlet.
He bent down and took it out, and handed it to the boy beside him.


“…” The boy frowned, “I don’t like strawberry milk.” He said so, but he still took it.


Song Bai Lao’s expression was calm: “I know, but I like it.”


The boy unscrewed the bottle cap for a while, then turned his eyes to the glass hut not far away and said, “You can go to the Alpha rest area to drink water.”


The unmarked Alphas are not allowed to take off the bite stopper at will, but after all, they are also normal human beings, and there will always be times of hunger and thirst.
So just like the outdoor smoking area, there is an Alpha rest area.
In the rest area, Alphas can take off their bite stoppers, drink water, eat, smoke and kiss, and do everything they can’t do with their bite stoppers on.


“No, it’s too much trouble.” Song Bai Lao directly vetoed.


It’s just a few steps away, what is he bothering about? I remember thinking that way at the time.


“Whatever you want.” The boy opened the easy-open can, raised his neck and started drinking.


Song Bai Lao leaned against the vending machine, his eyes lowered, his eyes fell on the other’s rolling Adam’s apple, and he didn’t deviate for a long time.


The boy took out the easy-opening can, sighed contentedly, and met Song Bai Lao’s eyes, he was slightly taken aback: “If you really want to drink, I… I’ll bring you a can tomorrow at noon?”


Song Bai Lao looked at him , was silent for a moment, and hooked his lips: “Okay.”


At this time, a loud horn sounded from the direction of the museum gate.
The boy and Song Bai Lao looked over together, and saw a red supercar parked on the side of the road.
A mature woman with long wavy hair came down, wearing a leather anti-bite collar on her neck, red lips and snowy skin, with a variety of styles.


“Little Bai Lao, I’m here to pick you up.” When she got close, the air was filled with the strong scent of her perfume.


Song Bai Lao glanced at her, put his hands in his pockets, stood up and said, “Let’s go.”


Obviously the two were acquainted.


“Ah, this little Beta is also very cute, do you want to take him with you…” The woman smiled and reached out, trying to touch the boy’s cheek.


There was a hint of confusion on the boy’s face, and he just stayed there, watching the hand getting closer and closer to him.


Suddenly Song Bai Lao grabbed the woman’s arm from behind and pulled her hand back.
The other arm firmly wrapped around the woman’s waist and took her completely into his arms.


“Isn’t it enough to have me?” He said in a low voice in the woman’s ear, “What’s the point of Beta?”


The woman immediately blushed and her eyes blurred: “Okay, okay, only you, only you.
How domineering, he even eats the jealousy of his friends…”


Song Bai Lao hugged the woman and turned to leave, a faint chuckle from the air: “Friend? It’s not…”


Not only did he think it was ridiculous, but I also thought it was ridiculous.


Friend? how can that be possible.


I looked in the direction they were leaving until I could no longer see it, and when I looked down, I found myself holding the can of strawberry milk in my hand.


There was a sweet and sticky texture left in my mouth, and I felt a little nauseated, so I turned around and threw the easy-open can into the trash can.


When I opened my eyes, my consciousness stayed on the previous picture for a short time, and there was only one thought in my mind – I really hate strawberry milk.


The fingertips moved slightly, and there was a dull pain in the palm immediately.


“Don’t move.” My wrist was held down, I was taken aback, and turned my head to look at the bedside.


There was a sofa chair by the head of the bed, and Song Bai Lao was sitting there, making me a little confused between dreams and reality for a while.


“Xiang Ping attacked you, do you remember?” He looked at me confused and thought I was still awake, so he took the initiative to help me recall, “Xia Weijing saved you.”


“Xia Weijing?” The name was familiar and unfamiliar.
I just woke up, and I still can’t turn a corner.


“That’s… that Taoist priest.” Song Bai Lao thought for a while and said, “He belongs to the Xia family.
According to his seniority, I would also call him ‘uncle’.”


I pressed my forehead with my uninjured hand.
Jing Daoist is not a nail household, but the land rich owner himself.


This whole mountain is named after him, what is he afraid of Song Bai Lao?


“Is the Daoist okay?”


Song Bai Lao leaned back in his chair and said, “it’s a little bit to the waist.
Nothing else.
He’s already gone back.”


I felt relieved: “That’s good.”


I wanted to sit up, but unfortunately my body was weak and I had no strength, held it up halfway and fell back.


“You…” Song Bai Lao hurriedly came over to help me, with a dark face, he seemed to want to scold me, but he might suddenly remembered that I was a patient, and he held back, “Be careful.”


If possible, I would rather change my mind.
Aunt Jiu is here.
This eldest young master doesn’t seem to be here to take care of people, but rather like he was punished to work as a coolie after losing the whole game.


I leaned against the head of the bed and glanced at my right hand, which was bandaged and held in place by the protective gear.


“My hand…”


“Two tendons were broken, but they have been reattached.
As long as the stitches are removed, the flexibility will not be affected.” As if afraid that I would not believe it, he added, “Yes.
The best doctor in the country performed the operation on you, don’t worry, you will be fine.”


It seems that I will be unable to use my hands for a while, and last year obviously passed the year of birth, why is the bad luck still lingering? I don’t know if there is a dojo with good luck there, I really should go and get rid of bad luck.


The conversation was over, it was quiet, and neither of us spoke anymore.


In the embarrassing silence, every second was hard.


“By the way, how is Xiang Ping?” I asked.


Song Bai Lao’s face suddenly darkened, the corners of his lips pursed into a straight line, and his voice became a little colder unconsciously.


“He’s still alive, and he’s in this hospital.” He smiled at me without a smile.
“You can rest assured, I have treated him well.”


Shaking uncontrollably.


Later I learned that the hospital I was in was the property of Luo Meng Bai’s family, which meant that it was too easy for Song Bai Lao to make Xiang Ping feel uncomfortable.


“He… did he attack someone else?” I remember when I met Xiang Ping, he had blood stains on his body.
Where did he go before he came to find me? Who did you find again?


Song Bai Lao handed me a glass of water and said casually: “Well, that’s his ex-partner, what’s it called, that Omega?”


I was shocked: “Chang Xingze?”


“Ah yes.”


According to Song Bai Lao, before looking for me, he invited Chang Xingze out on the grounds of discussing the details of property division, took him to Weijing Mountain, stabbed him at the foot of the mountain, and then ran up the mountain to find me.


It was also my fate that I should have this catastrophe.
He didn’t come early or late, but he had to come today when I was going down the mountain alone.


But on the other hand, I might be lucky.
After all, Xiang Ping is in the dark and I am in the bright.
If you change the location and the time, maybe I can’t escape.


Chang Xingze was stabbed five or six times by Xiang Ping, and with one breath left, he called the police.
So not long after I passed out, the police rushed up the hill and found us.


I drank two sips of water from the water cup and coughed accidentally.


Song Bai Lao clicked his tongue and patted my back: “I tell you to be careful.”


I coughed in a low voice, and my stomach suddenly made a series of humming sounds.
I looked down at my lower abdomen, and when I looked up again, I found that Song Bai Lao was also staring at me in a trance.
My belly, the expression is complicated and indescribable.


“I’m… hungry.”


He looked back at once: “You wait.” He stood up and walked out.


I touched my lower abdomen, and I always felt that Song Bai Lao was a little strange today.


Thinking of the unexplained abdominal pain when avoiding Xiang Ping’s pursuit, I thought it was running too fast, and now combined with Song Bai Lao’s reaction, could it be…


Am I suffering from some incurable disease?

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