s, “I am that Omega.”


Even if I guessed the truth, he admitted it so generously.
Now, I don’t know what to do.


“I lost my child and my lover overnight.
I’ve been depressed for two years, just like you are now.
One day after two years, I wrote my suicide note to go up the mountain to commit suicide.
This Taoist temple.
At that time, there was an old Taoist priest, my master, with poisonous eyes.
At a glance, I saw that I was looking for death.
He explained me and told me the big truth for a day.
After that… I saw through the world and became a monk.
For the sake of the Tao.” He said a lot of words, his mouth was dry, and he took a long sip of tea.


“…Condolences.” The words were too pale, other than these two words, I didn’t know how to comfort him.


With a big wave of his hand, he said indifferently, “What kind of mourning is it? I have long since stopped mourning.
It happened decades ago.
After I became a monk in Weijing Mountain, I scattered their ashes into the mountain.
This tree, every inch of the land here is them, as soon as I open my eyes, there are their shadows everywhere.
I have already put it down, the flesh is just the skin of the human world, and this is the most important.” He pointed to his chest, “If they are here, they will always be there.”


No wonder Song Bai Lao couldn’t move him.
There was his home in this mountain, and there were people he loved, how could he be willing to leave.


He was able to speak to me, and I am grateful to him.
After all, we are not related and not related, so he can solve me without digging his own wounds.
And he did so, and of course I couldn’t live up to his painstaking efforts.


I got up to say goodbye and bowed to him: “I understand the Taoist priest, the man has passed away, the past is over, and all that should be put down must be put down.”


In the past seven years, I have actually put it down a long time ago.
A deception by Ningshi turned the past of my pages back and set it on the most unforgettable page.


I have made too many assumptions and plans for this dream, and even fantasized for a while… I can also have a happy home.
When the illusion was disillusioned and all the presuppositions were empty, the huge mourning that poured out of the heart at that moment was not simply the pain for the children who did not survive.


Unwilling, depressed, self-deprecating, thinking “It’s impossible for a person like me to be happy easily”, sinking deeper and deeper into the dark emotions.


Maybe one day I can really let go, a month, a year, a decade… It could be right now, or it could be a long time later, but not now.


Song Mo’s injuries were serious and he would stay in the hospital for a few days for observation.
The doctor said that if there was no problem, he would be discharged next week.


I go to accompany him every afternoon and bring him some snacks that I make myself.
Eat a cake, play a few games of flying chess, and I’ll read him a storybook for a while, and the afternoon will quickly pass.
At about seven o’clock in the evening, he had eaten and was going to bed, and I could go too.


Song Bai Lao seemed to be busier and busier.
Zhu Ruan’s marriage and employees leaking secrets were a big blow to Xia Sheng.
He came to the hospital to see Song Mo several times, but he came and went in a hurry, without any communication with me, and he didn’t even look at me.


Li Xun came here often, he would tease Song Mo for a while, and would chat with me for a while.


“The wedding of Zhu Li and Ruan Linghe is scheduled for the 18th of next month.” After Li Xun coaxed Song Mo to sleep, he tucked the quilt and whispered to me, “They invited a lot of people this time, as if they were going to make a mess.
A wedding of the century.
They also sent invitations to President Song and Mr.
Luo, I really don’t know what they think.”


Don’t think about it, this must be Zhu Li’s idea.


He just wants everyone to see his victory, admire his glory, and hate him.
In this way, he can derive great joy from it.


“Will they go?” I asked Li Xun.


Luo probably won’t go, Ruan Linghe’s wedding still won’t invite him, his father’s can be considered.” Li Xun’s tone was full of disdain for the Ruan family, “Mr.
Song didn’t say whether to go or not, but the invitation was accepted.
He also asked me to prepare a red envelope, I don’t know if I should go there myself or send someone to send a red envelope.”


“He will go by himself.”


Li Xun was puzzled: “Mr.
Song told you?”


He said he didn’t, but I can imagine the expression on his face when he received the invitation.


“How could someone like him tolerate such provocative behavior.” Not only would he go, but he would go with great fanfare.
I doubt whether he would throw the red envelope directly on Ruan Linghe’s face.


“You know me very well.” The voice fell, and a low male voice came from the direction of the door.


Li Xun and I looked over at the same time.
Song Bai Lao was leaning against the door, holding the doorknob in his hand.
He pushed open the door halfway through, apparently overhearing our conversation.


When he walked into the ward, Li Xun stood up consciously, nodded at him, and quietly retreated.


I didn’t know where he came from.
He casually held his coat in his hand, unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt, and sweated profusely from his temples and neck.


He slumped down beside me and exhaled a long breath, seemingly exhausted.


He casually brushed his forehead hair, his fingers were soaked with sweat, maybe he felt that the bite stopper was in the way, he pulled the mask-like device and let out an impatient tsk.




In public places, all marked Alphas and Omegas are required to consciously wear bite stoppers and collars.


I stared at a storybook by the bed, picked it up and turned over a few pages, when I suddenly heard the man beside me say, “You’re not leaving yet?”


I looked at him and didn’t understand what he meant.


“Don’t you want to stay with me?” He leaned over, his eyes drooped slightly, and his eyes landed on my nose and mouth, “I’m so disgusting, living under the same roof with you, breathing a piece of air, what are you doing? Can you stand it?” He deliberately blew at me.


The nose is the salty smell of sweat, and it seems to have a faint scent of sweet-scented osmanthus.


I turned my face away, put down the book and stood up from the sofa chair, without saying a word to him, and left the ward without looking back.


After getting on the car at the gate of the building, the driver started slowly.
And at this moment, very coincidentally, a black Phantom came from the opposite side, we went out, they entered, and the two missed each other.


I knew the car, and I looked at it involuntarily, but with the curtains drawn in the back row, it was impossible to see if Luo Qinghe was sitting in it.


The next day, Li Xun called and said that Luo Qinghe was furious when he heard the news of Song Mo’s injury, and quarreled with Song Bai Lao directly in the hospital.
After Song Mo is discharged from the hospital in the afternoon, he will be sent directly to Luo Qinghe to be taken care of by him until he recovers.

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