Since that day, Song Mo has ignored me.
He no longer clings to me, doesn’t talk to me, and even hides when he sees me.


Aunt Jiu felt something was wrong and asked me vaguely if something happened.


I told her about breaking the flower pot, and I thought I might scare the child, so I asked her to coax me.


“So it is.” Aunt Jiu sighed, “The young master is also a poor child, don’t blame him.
Before the age of three, the young master lived with Mr.
Xia, Mr.
But since the death of Mr.
Yanchi, Mr.
Xia , has been unable to get out of the pain of bereavement, the body and spirit are getting worse year by year, Mr.
Luo is busy, so he is a little… negligent to the young master.
When the husband finds out that the young master is three years old and can’t speak, the young master took over and raised him by himself.
But the father and son have been difficult to get close to because of their personalities.
Thanks to you coming to the house, the young master has some childlike appearances.” Finally, she said that Song Mo has a sensitive personality, which must be afraid that I would blame him, just hide after seeing me, let me wait patiently for a few more days, and it will slowly heal.


She has more parenting experience than me and knows Song Mo better.
She said so, so I had to press anxiety and give Song Mo more time.


Before marrying Song Bai Lao, it was rumored on the Internet that Zhu Li was the one who married him.
I accidentally entered a report, which not only broke the details of the marriage between Zhu’s family and Xia Sheng, but also analyzed Zhu Li and Song Bai Lao’s family background, educational background, Personality, career achievements and a series of information.
Finally, it is said that the two are a match made in heaven, and they are a pair.


One of them took Song Bai Lao’s step-brother Xia Yanchi, saying that he was weak since childhood and died of illness five years ago.
Xia Qiao also became overly worried and became increasingly haggard, so he handed Xia Sheng to Song Bai Lao to take care of.
Song Bai Lao’s outstanding ability has pushed Xia Sheng to the top of the industry in just a few years, and the office building has been replaced with a more stylish one.
It can be said that without Song Bai Lao, there would be no Xia Sheng’s glory today.


At that time, I felt that Xia Qiao was pitiful.
When he was young, his lover died and was forcibly marked.
When he was old, his son died.
It was really not easy for a white-haired person to send a black-haired person.


Now I feel that Song Mo is even more pitiful than him.
He lost his mother when he was born, Song Bai Lao does not live with him, Xia Qiao indulges in his own pain all day, Luo Qinghe loves him, but he neglects him for three years.
Discover his anomaly.


The most active age, but sensitive introverted and timid.


“Okay, see you in the afternoon.”


After hanging up the phone, I put on my clothes and prepared to go out.


Han Yin said that once the last interview draft received a violent response, she wanted to record a video as a benefit for fans, and it was inconvenient to ask us.


I had no inconvenience, but I was afraid that she would bump into Song Bai Lao again, so I made an appointment at a cafe about five kilometers away from WeijingShan.


On the way out, I met Song Mo in the corridor.
He probably didn’t expect to collide with me head-on, his eyes froze there, and his face was at a loss.


“Momo…” I was about to approach him, but he took a step back in shock, turned around and ran away, I didn’t even have time to stop him.


Watching his back disappear quickly at the end of the corridor, I felt a little uncomfortable, and I didn’t know when he would be able to reconcile with me.


When we arrived at the cafe, Han Yin was already there.


“Ning Yu!” She was as enthusiastic as the last time we met.
After shaking hands with me, she sniffed the palm of her hand, “Wow, this is the smell of Ning Yu, it smells so good.”


Making cupcakes and washing my hands on the way out, that might be the smell of hand sanitizer.


After sitting down, the waiter came to order, I ordered a glass of ice mocha, Han Yin took out a tablet from the bag, swiped and clicked on a certain software and handed it to me.


“Have you read the long article I wrote last time? It’s been reposted by tens of thousands, and everyone is very enthusiastic.”


I took a look and saw some messages from her screenshots on the tab.
Some encouraged me not to give up my dream, and some praised I’m as creative as an Omega, and some comments even compliment my appearance…


“These years, Betas have been suppressed so much that a dazzling character has finally appeared, and everyone is very excited.”


“Dazzling?” I laughed a little.


Han Yin is worthy of being a media person, and this praise skills can also be called superb.
This word seems to be very far away from me from before to now.


Zhu Li and Song Bai Lao are the shining existences that attract attention wherever they go.
I am like a speck of dust, no matter how hard I try, no matter how uneven I am, it is still dust, and it cannot become a diamond in the end.
Even when I got married, the media reported that I was lucky enough to squeeze out Omega’s step-brother and climb the golden single.


In the eyes of the world, Zhu Li and Song Bai Lao are both talented and beautiful, they are the former alliance of Mu Shi, and to me… they are good cabbage called Zhu Gong.


“You’re so dazzling.” Han Yin was a little worried when she saw that I didn’t believe it, “I’m also a Beta, and I understand how serious this society’s discrimination against us is.
My profession is hidden on the Internet, and it stands to reason that there won’t be so many of them.
Not equal, but as soon as I make a different voice from the mainstream, those who are on the opposite side of me will still blame me for being a ‘Beta’.
They will say: ‘I thought you were fine, but it seems that Beta is always a Beta, it’s just a small format’.” She rolled her eyes, “Oh.”


I laughed, which sounded like a frantic Alpha.


Han Yin said: “You have been misunderstood and betrayed.
I don’t know how you came here for the past two years.
But you are still not discouraged, haven’t you given up? You are like your ‘Dragon Palace’, breaking the rules and never yielding, I know that you think you are not as bright and shining as A and O, and think that I am exaggerating, but the ‘dazzling’ I said is not the existence of the sun in the billions of stars.
You are the North Star, although it cannot be compared with the sun and the moon, But no one can deny your brilliance.”


She was so talkative, I only thought of diamonds, she even compared me to the North Star, which made me blush.


After the video interview, she set up the camera, chatted like a friend, and asked me about future career plans and so on.


“Before the punishment that the association issued to me was not only the revocation of the license, but also a five-year ban on entering the industry, but it may be related to winning the lawsuit recently.
The association sent me an email a few days ago, saying that in view of the special circumstances at that time, it understood me.
With sympathy, I have withdrawn the penalty of being banned for five years.” This also means that I can get back the baker’s license at any time and operate legally.
“In the future, I may open a cake shop of my own.”


Han Yin’s whole face lit up: “That’s great!”


After recording the video, I stood up to say goodbye to her, she held my hand, she said she hoped I could do more live broadcasts, and complained that I was too Buddhist, and fans couldn’t find a way to spend money for me.


“I really appreciate you, remember to notify me when the cake shop has eyes on me, I can’t wait to advertise for you every day.” She released her hand and smiled, revealing her dimples, “Also, the last time I asked you if you would get a divorce was just a matter of time.
Just kidding, don’t take it seriously, you are a good match with Mr.


Do I match up with Song Bai Lao?


Sitting in the car on the way back, I don’t know how many times I sighed that Han Yin really can speak.
Her eloquence, even if she doesn’t do self-media she can shine in any industry.
She is the dazzling existence in the real Beta, confident, outstanding, and capable.


Sure enough, no one’s success is accidental.


Five kilometers is not too long, and the suburban road is easy to walk, but it takes ten minutes to return to the mountain.


As soon as I entered the door, I felt strange that there was not a single servant in the room, not even Aunt Jiu.


The mansion was quiet, the lights were dimmed, and no sound was heard.


I turned on the light all the way, walked up the stairs, called Aunt Jiu and Song Mo, but no one responded.


“Aunt Jiu?” Walking to the door of the bedroom, I suddenly found that the door was half-open, I held the handle and pushed it in.


At six o’clock in the summer, the sun has not yet completely set, and there is still a little peripheral light in the house.
When I saw a tall figure standing in front of the window, I was startled at first, but I quickly realized that it was Song Bai Lao.


“Where did you go?”


I had an intuition that his tone was wrong, but these days we are always arguing, so his tone is normal.


“Go see a friend.
What about the others? Why are you the only one here?” I flipped the switch by the door, and the room lit up.


Song Bai Lao leaned on the windowsill half-sideways, fiddling with my listless pot of mimosas with his fingers.


“Don’t…” My heart tightened, and I hurried forward two steps to stop him.


He glanced at me and directly picked up the flower pot: “Why, is this grass important? Or, was it given by someone important?”


I was afraid that he would mess up, so I stopped immediately and didn’t dare to go forward again.


“No, it’s not important.”


“Isn’t it important?” His brows and eyes were cold and his words were mocking, “Then why were you so angry when Song Mo knocked over this unimportant pot of grass a few days ago?”


“Because… “I murmured, my eyes fixed on the flower pot in his hand, and I didn’t know how to get back to him for a while.


Because it’s my son’s ashes?


“Song Mo secretly sneaked out this afternoon and entered the woods.” He rotated the flowerpot in his hand and looked at the lines on it.
It seemed that he was full of interest, but his words made people jump.
“When Aunt Jiu found him, he fell to the bottom of the hillside and was seriously injured.
He grabbed a flower in his hand and said he wanted to compensate you.”


I never imagined that something like this would happen to Song Mo when I went out for an afternoon.


It turns out that these days, Song Mo didn’t avoid me because he was afraid of me.
He just felt guilty for breaking my things and didn’t dare to face me.


He’s been trying to make up for me, but I didn’t notice his abnormal mood, thinking he was still mad at me.


I should have explained it to him earlier…


“He… How is Mo Mo now?” I was a little incoherent, “Is it serious? Is there any danger to his life?”


Song Bai Lao looked at me: “In the hospital, he had multiple broken bones and a broken head.”


I suddenly felt a little blurry in front of me, and I stumbled against the wall behind me.
After a while, the dizziness disappeared again.


“For this pot of broken grass, you almost killed my son.” He leisurely held the flower pot in one hand and approached me.
About two meters away, he stopped, raised the flower pot in front of me, and let go abruptly.


I replaced the flowerpot with resin, but this time it didn’t break, but the soil overturned and fell on the carpet, forming a black stain.


“Since it’s not important, it doesn’t matter if you die.” He raised his foot and slammed the wilting mimosa tree into the ground.




I opened my mouth, and there was a strange “cluck” sound in my throat, like the screams that came out of my mouth were all blocked by the cartilage, and flowed back into my chest, tearing my heart.




Don’t do this to him…


I want Song Bai Lao to stop and push him away, but my body seems to be rusted, completely frozen in place by this scene, unable to move.


My soul seemed to be annihilated at this moment, leaving a body in the air, watching him in a daze, watching him crush the things I cared about a little bit, there was no way.


In the end, Song Bai Lao seemed satisfied, lifted the soles of his shoes, and rubbed the soil on the clean carpet beside him.


“Are you…are you afraid that your son is gone, or are you afraid that your golden key to reasonably control Xia Sheng is gone?” I heard a voice asking, the tone was like a dead ghost, and it took a long while to react.
That was me.


Song Bai Lao raised his head and squinted his eyes: “What did you say?”


“You keep saying that I designed you to be disgusting, that I deceived you to be disgusting, and you didn’t have children with your step-brother for power and money? How did Song Mo come here? You should know better than me.”


When he was exposed by me, he was stunned, and his face turned white: “Who told you…”


“Song Bai Lao, you are really disgusting.
You are not only disgusting, you are also hypocritical.” I looked at him, my voice cut my throat, and my throat was sweet, “Please, divorce me, I will never again want to be in a marriage with someone like you.”


He hurried towards me, I thought he was going to hit me in a fit of rage, and I shrank back.


He paused for a moment, and was about an arm away from me, staring at me with bloodshot eyes.


“Don’t even think about it.” He gritted his teeth and pointed his index finger at me, as if to dig into my bones, “Don’t even think about it for the rest of your life.”


After speaking, he angrily wiped me away, and it didn’t take long.
Soon, there was a loud slamming of the door downstairs.


I looked at the puddle of dirt on the ground, leaned over slowly, not very neatly, knelt on the carpet, and put them back into the pot again with my hands little by little.


The mimosa was crumpled into several parts and mixed with the soil.
This time, even Daluo Jinxian (immortal executioner) couldn’t save it.


I slowly cleaned the dirt from the carpet, lay there, collected as much as I could, and put it back into the pot.


Ning…” Aunt Jiu came back at some unknown time, standing at the door, looking a little uneasy, “Mr.
Bai Lao chased away all the servants when he came back and didn’t let us enter the main house.
You…Are you all right?”


I sucked .
After sniffing, I stood up holding the flowerpot, shaking dizzily, and almost lost my footing.


Aunt Jiu hurriedly came over to support me: “What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?”


I shook my head and broke free from her support: “It’s okay.
Prepare the car, I want to go see Momo.”


Aunt Jiu didn’t say anything, left quietly.


After Song Mo was injured, he was immediately sent to the hospital under the mountain.
Fortunately, it was discovered in time.
Although he had fractures in his hands and feet to varying degrees and his forehead was broken, it was not life-threatening.


He was sleeping when I went to the ward.
His head was wrapped in layers of bandages, his left hand exposed outside the quilt was in plaster, a pillow was placed under his right foot, and his calf to toe was also in plaster.


I even made cupcakes before I went out and wanted to go home and coax him to eat them, but now it seems that they can only be broken in the refrigerator.


Let the accompanying maid leave first, and I sat down on the chair by the bed.
I took the uninjured right hand and put it in the palm of my hand.
He probably felt it, and Momo opened his eyes.




“Well, are you okay?”


“I’m sorry mom.” His voice was weak, like a sick kitten, “I just wanted to take it to the sun…I didn’t mean to break it.
I know, flowers are all unique, the little prince’s flower is, and so is my mother’s flower… I can’t find the exact same one, so I want to find the most beautiful one to pay you… But I, but I accidentally fell.
When I fell, my head was broken, and the flowers were gone…” He sobbed softly, “I’m sorry mom, can you forgive me?”


This was the first time I heard him say such a long sentence, but it was for the sake of Ask for my forgiveness.


I’ve always wanted to be a good father, but I’m not a good father.


I couldn’t take it any longer, resting my forehead on the back of my hand, shaking my shoulders, and crying silently.
I tried my best to restrain myself, but I couldn’t stop the tears of pain and guilt from getting worse and worse.


“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” I choked and kept repeating these words, to my two children, and to my two roses.


The author has something to say: The rose stem comes from the little prince.
The little prince has a unique rose.
He loves her very much.
Even if the roses in the rose garden are very similar to his, they are not his roses.

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