Divorced and split with Chang Xingze.
After walking towards some of Xiang Ping’s property, plus the amount of money to be paid to me and the supplier is not a small amount, he had no choice but to auction Xu Mei Ren to collect the money.


Liang Qiu Yang finally commented: “He deserves it, he deserves it.”


After Xiang Ping’s auction of Xu Mei Ren, he also asked me about the gossip about the Zhu family and the Ruan family.


He didn’t expect that the Omega who snatched Wu Qian’s boyfriend was Zhu Li, saying that he couldn’t see that I had such a powerful step-brother.


He didn’t know, Zhu Li has always been very powerful, and his unique skill is to deceive people into circles.


I was also hurt by it.


After the gossip, Liang Qiu Yang was a little worried: “But I mentioned this to Meng Bai, she said that the Ruan family and Xia Sheng are in a competitive relationship.
Now that Zhu Li and Master Ruan have marked each other, will it be difficult for you to be here in Song Bai Lao? Right?”


It’s not difficult to do, but it’s not difficult to do, after all, it’s never been easy to do.
It’s just delaying the divorce, which leaves people clueless as to what Song Bai Lao plans to do.


I took Song Mo down the mountain, and it wasn’t easy to talk about divorce, so I could only vaguely reply to him with the word “okay”, and quickly start another conversation.


“You’re so familiar with Luo Meng Bai, so you call her ‘Meng Bai’?”


Liang Qiu Yang was flamboyant and carefree, and he didn’t realize that I was deliberately diverting the topic, and happily shared with me a little bit of getting along with Luo Meng Bai.


“Oh, it’s alright, I’m busy and she’s busy, I just chat with her occasionally on the phone…” I can imagine how he was on the other end of the phone if I could make honey in just a few words, he will smile like a flower.


“But she sent me a bottle of perfume a few days ago.
It smells of bergamot and white sandalwood.”


I couldn’t help but say “ah”, if I remember correctly…


“Bergamot is your pheromone scent, right? That white sandalwood is from Luo Meng Bai?”


The pheromone scent intertwined, this gift is really ambiguous and seductive.


Liang Qiu Yang said embarrassedly: “I just mentioned her pheromone scent to her, but I didn’t expect her to make a bottle of perfume.”


“It seems that she is also very interested in you.” I smiled, “Congratulations.”


On the phone, listening to Liang Qiu Yang talking about his love troubles, you can see the fork in the road to the Song family mansion before you know it.
Song Mo and I went down the steps and walked onto the main road.
At a glance, I saw a familiar black luxury car parked at the guard booth, which was Song Bai Lao’s car.


He said he would come back tomorrow, but he was early.


I restrained my smile and said to Liang Qiu Yang: “I have something to do here, I’ll hang up first.”


Liang Qiu Yang got excited when he said it, but got stuck: “…Okay, then next time we talk, I’ll be on the show later.
As for Xu Mei Ren, if you want to bid and you are short of money, tell me, and I will lend you.”


As expected of a seven-year old friend, I didn’t tell him, he already knew my plan.
But I shouldn’t need to borrow money from him.


Before, I never thought about using the money Ning Shi gave me.
After all, I married Song Bai Lao to get my child back, not because of the 20 million yuan.
But now that Xu Mei Ren is in such a crisis, I really can’t bear to waste my life’s hard work, so I have the idea of ​​using this money.




After hanging up the phone, I led Song Mo slowly down the mountain road to the sentry box.


“Dad’s car.” Song Mo pointed to the driveway.


“Yes.” When I passed the black car, I didn’t stop and went straight through the pedestrian passage beside the guard box.


Song Mo looked back dumbfoundedly: “Come here.”


As his voice fell, the black and bright front of the car passed me, maintaining a slow speed, and the back seat was side by side with me.


In the corner of my eye, the car window was lowered, and the person sitting in the car coldly ordered, “Get in the car.”


I ignored him and continued walking on my own.


“Did you go to the mountain?”


He probably asked when he saw the direction we were coming down from.


In fact, I am also a little curious, since he bought the hilltop to build a house, why did he leave a dilapidated Taoist temple alone as a neighbor?


The Taoist temple seems to be able to collapse when the wind blows, and there are no pilgrims on weekdays, and the only Taoist priest is still talking.



“Ning Yu.” Seeing that I didn’t respond, Song Bai Lao called my name calmly and warningly.


I didn’t want to talk to him.
Instead, I picked up Song Mo and quickened my pace, obviously doing it for him.
It wasn’t that I didn’t have any temper.


My actions annoyed Song Bai Lao, who was silent for a moment, then suddenly raised the volume.




The window was raised again, this time the car speeded up completely over us, heading towards the winding mountain road.


Song Mo never said a word during the period, but when he was about to get home, he couldn’t help but asked me carefully, “Did you quarrel?”


I opened my mouth, not knowing how to say this to the young man.


“Momo, didn’t I say before that I wanted to bring your brother to see you?”


Song Mo’s black eyes brightened slightly, his eyebrows stretched, and he nodded vigorously: “Well, it’s my mother’s secret.”


“Now your brother can’t come, I’m sorry.” I explained to him patiently, “Your brother went to a very far place, because it’s too far, we can’t go there, so we can’t go to see him.”


“How about by plane?”


I shook my head: “The plane can’t reach it, it’s far away in the sky.” I suddenly thought of a suitable rhetoric, “Just like the little prince, he finally returned to his own planet, with his beloved flower.”


Song Mo looked at Me, I was caught off guard: “But the little prince is dead.”


I froze there for a while, unable to move my legs or speak.


Song Mo continued: “Dad said that the little prince is dead, and then his soul will fly to the sky.” He bit his lip and asked me, “So is my brother dead?”


He is only five years old, and I know him It wasn’t intentional, and I knew he didn’t really understand the true meaning of death.
But in the face of his outspokenness, I still felt a heart ache for a moment and it was hard to breathe.


The sudden pain, rough and direct, makes people want to live.


I smiled hard: “Well, your brother… is dead.”


“Okay.” Song Mo looked rather disappointed, “Then I can only go to my brother to play after I die…”


I hurriedly covered it.
Shut his mouth: “Don’t talk nonsense!”


He blinked twice, a little dazed.


I let go of my hand and said sternly: “The word ‘death’ is not easy to use on a living person, let alone on yourself.
Don’t you say it again in the future, okay?”


This is my first time.
Talking to him in this tone, he seemed frightened, he didn’t speak again, just nodded.


I carried Song Mo into the room, but I didn’t bump into Song Bai Lao.
Aunt Jiu said he went into the study as soon as he came back.



Aunt Jiu told me that dinner would be in the bedroom, and she was a little embarrassed.


“If it’s inconvenient, you don’t have to prepare dinner for me.” I said.


“Well, you didn’t eat dinner yesterday.” She looked at me resolutely and sighed, “I see, someone will bring food to your bedroom.”


When Song Bai Lao was at home, I hid in the room I went out after he left.
Don’t provoke him, and take the initiative to avoid arguing with him again.


For a few days after that, we were at peace with each other, like strangers under one roof, non-interfering with each other.


I started busy bidding for Xu Mei Ren.


Xiang Ping adopts the form of online bidding, and the bidders are anonymous throughout the process.
After I take Xu Mei Ren, I don’t need to meet him.
I just need to sign a contract with the auction company.


I cashed the check, registered a username on the auction site, and just waited for the auction day to come.


On the day of the auction, because the internet in my bedroom was not very good, I went to the living room with better internet speed to wait for the auction.


The auctioneer is a middle-aged man.
After bidding on three lots, it was finally “Xu Mei Ren”‘s turn.


At first, I was full of confidence and didn’t have too much pressure.
After all, Xu Mei Ren was only valuable in that store, and I had enough money to buy ten such stores.
But with the auction, I found that every time I made a bid, there was always someone quickly following the price.
It seems to be more than five million, which is completely beyond the value of the land itself.


The other party is determined to win, and he does not even hesitate to make an offer.


As the bidding got higher and higher, even the auctioneer was a little shocked.


“6.8 million, is 6.8 million still higher?” He raised the auction hammer high, and it was about to fall.


I was full of anxiety, and I added another 200,000 in one bite.


“Seven million! No.
06 bids seven million, do you want to follow on No.


Before he finished speaking, the words “10 million” rolled out on the screen, and the other party actually added 3 million directly.
I clenched my fists, and I can already be sure that he is on me.
No matter how much I pay, the other party is definitely more or less.


“Ten million times, is there any more to bid?” The auctioneer raised the auction hammer again excitedly, “Ten million one times! Ten million… three times!”


Set off fireworks, congratulations on the successful auction.


Xu Mei Ren… finally fell into someone else’s hands.


I stared at the dazzling “ten million” reluctantly, my emotions suddenly lost control, and I threw the laptop out of my hand.


The floor was covered with a thick blanket, and the notebook fell on it, not even a corner was broken, but the lid was closed, completely hiding the number that stirred my nerves.


I closed my eyes and buried my face in the palm of my hand, a huge frustration and depression swept over me.


Thinking about it carefully, I don’t seem to have accomplished a single thing…I can’t even do something as simple as protecting Xu Mei Ren.




The sudden sound of shattering porcelain pulled me back to reality from my regret.
I was shocked, raised my head from my palm, realized that the sound was coming from my room, and jumped up from the sofa.
Run to the bedroom as fast as I can.


When I reached the door of the bedroom panting anxiously, the gauze curtain was blown slightly into the room by the wind.
Song Mo stood in front of the window in a daze, with a broken pottery pot and black mud under his feet, as well as a shrunken mimosa.


There was a blank space in my mind, I rushed over to push Song Mo away, and I was at a loss for what to do with the mess.


I want to gather the soil again and plant the grass, but my mind is confused and I don’t know what to do first.


“Mom, Mom…”


Song Mo was a little frightened when I pushed him to the ground.


I closed my eyes, put my hands on the ground, and said in a low voice, “You go out first.”


I don’t have time to comfort him now.


Song Mo’s voice was choked up: “Mom, I didn’t mean to…”


I controlled the volume, but couldn’t control my emotions: “Go out!”


Song Mo was silent for a while, only dared to let out a sob or two, then got up and went out the door.



I knelt down in front of the shattered flower pot, gathered the scattered soil, and unpreparedly my eyes flooded with warmth.
I stopped, blinked, and it took a long time for the water vapor to dissipate.


Then I went to the garden and asked the gardener for new pots and replanted the mimosas.
It’s just that it may have fallen somewhere, it’s a little sluggish, and I don’t know if it can still live.

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