The straight upward passage, the end of which is blue.


The closer you get, the more you can feel the scorching air waves and the noisy cicada.


In the scorching summer sun, only a small part of the stairwell can be shaded on the roof, and the rest are exposed to the dazzling sun.
I took my bento to the side, and saw Song Bai Lao, shirtless, sitting cross-legged in the shadows.


The bite stopper was casually thrown on the ground, his back turned to me, revealing his bruised flesh, and he was turning around and smearing something on his shoulders with difficulty.


Noticing me, he raised his eyelids.
Although there was no expression on his face, I could clearly feel his displeasure.


He glanced at me, then lowered his eyes and continued to apply medicine to his swollen shoulders, as if I didn’t exist.


In the past, when he was in a good mood, he would say a few words to me, praising the desserts I made, and chatting about some things.
When I’m in a bad mood, I just don’t say anything to be a wallflower, and he will find it annoying.


He is now like a stranger who should not be approached, obviously it is not easy to provoke him.


I wisely put the paper bag containing the biscuits at the base of the wall a few steps away from him, preparing to find another place to eat.
Just standing up, Song Bai Lao’s voice behind me sounded lazily and slowly.


“Come and smear the medicine for me.”


I stared at the gray wall in front of me, sighed inwardly, glanced at the lunch box in my arms, and placed it in the corner as well.


Song Bai Lao was notoriously ruthless in fights, and many of his men were defeated both inside and outside the school.
Although the school has a headache, because of his rich family background and good grades, he always chooses to turn a blind eye.
In the end, there were a lot of warnings, but there was no more severe punishment.


He walked alone, covered in thorns, and no one dared to provoke him.


I thought he would always sit high on his throne, with ease and loneliness seeking defeat.


As a result, he was beaten so badly.
If I hadn’t dared to ask, I really wanted to know if he was sacked by someone in the dark alley.


The medicated oil smelled acrid and pungent, poured it on my hands and rubbed it open, making it impossible to deal with his injuries.


“It might be a little painful.”


He laughed out loud: “Why, are you afraid I’ll cry? Wipe you.”


This man has such a stinky temper…


I put both hands on him in a fit of anger and landed on his swollen shoulder.


He shivered instantly, his muscles stretched, showing a clear outline.


I stopped there, and after a while, I saw that he didn’t stop, and then I started rubbing vigorously.


After rubbing his shoulders, he didn’t gnaw at all, but a layer of sweat dripped from his neck, and the ends of his hair were wet, and I couldn’t tell whether it was painful or hot.


Pour some more medicated oil and start rubbing other places.
Shoulder, back, and waist.



Since the lower back was too low, it was not easy to use both hands, so I had to support his uninjured shoulder with one hand, straighten the part above the knee, be next to him, and work hard from top to bottom.


After rubbing it twice, the person who was still a tough guy before suddenly groaned and quickly grabbed my wrist.


He looked back at me with sweat on his face: “…It hurts.” His voice was different from before, very hoarse.


My heart trembled, and I let go of his shoulder: “Hold, sorry.”


He let go of my hand and turned back: “Take it easy.”


If you know the pain, don’t fight all the time.
My heart was full of scolding, but I still let go of my actions.


For a few minutes, neither of us spoke.


He propped his chin, his elbows on his knees, his eyes were straight ahead, and he didn’t know what to say.


“What kind of person do you like?”


The hand on Song Bai Lao’s shoulder suddenly tightened, he took a deep breath and turned his head in dissatisfaction: “What are you doing?”


What are you doing right!


I looked away and took out a tissue to wipe the medicated oil on my hands.


“It’s done.”


Song Bai worked his shoulders and let out a long sigh of relief: “I feel better.”


I silently walked to the corner of the wall, picked up my lunch, and sat there to start a late meal.


“Give me the dessert.” Song Bai Lao stretched out his hand unceremoniously.


I picked up the paper bag aside and threw it in his arms.
After opening it, he curled his lips: “It’s a cookie again, you’ve always been making cookies lately.”


Because I haven’t made any new desserts at all, “recently” these cookies were all baked a week ago, it’s just me It took several days to bring it.


Complaining is complaining, Song Bai Lao still eats it with relish.


“You haven’t answered my previous question, do you like Alpha, bBeta, or Omega?”


I don’t know why he suddenly asked such a question, considering my relationship with him, it’s a bit out of line.


But I was afraid that he would get angry, so I still replied: “I didn’t think about it, just let it happen.”


If I had to choose, I would definitely choose Beta, but I like this kind of thing.
If it always suits my heart, why would there be so many requests? Must not.


“Are you the stepson of the Zhu family?”



I poked the blueberries in the box with a fork and shook my head: “No, my mother didn’t marry Uncle Zhu.”


My mother was at most a mistress, and I was the mistress’s son.


“It’s good.”


I looked up at him and found that there was no sneer on his face, it seemed that he really felt good.


“Where is it?”


He held a cookie at the tip of his finger and asked incredulously, “Marriage is just a bargaining chip for a big family.
To be honest, I don’t want to marry anyone, whether it’s an Omega or a Beta… But I know very well, one day I will succumb to the power and take the road paved for me by my family.
I will marry an Omega who I have not met a few times but is suitable for me, and have a good child, because of the information factor for him and her Full of love until death.” He said with a disgusted expression and took a bite of half a cookie, “It’s disgusting.”


His “good” originally meant this, and he envy me that I don’t have to contribute to the family and become a living being.
A child’s stallion?


“Can’t you resist?”


“Resist?” He rubbed his shoulders and hooked his lips, with a complex expression of sarcasm and sadness on his face that I couldn’t understand.
“Resistance will lead to worse things.”


I Suddenly remembering the rumors about his parents, I obediently shut my mouth.


Under the power, they are all pigs and dogs.


When I opened my eyes, I heard the loud cicadas chirping into the room through the window.


I suddenly felt like I was still in a dream just now.
I blinked and my memory came back.
I sat up from the bed, but Song Bai Lao was not seen in the room.


With a sigh of relief, I lifted the quilt and got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up.
There is no discomfort in the body, just some weak legs.
Touching the position of my waist and eyes, I looked in the mirror and felt that my eyes were dull, my face was pale, and I looked overindulgent.


With hickey marks all over my neck, Song Bai Lao showed his mighty power last night and tried his best to compete with a non-existent person.
Immortal Desire.
Death is a bit exaggerated, but it is indeed the best between me and him.


Also, I turned my neck and didn’t bite me.


I filled a toothbrush cup with water and watered the mimosas on the windowsill.
Fingers touched its delicate leaves, and saw it slowly shrinking, smiling unconsciously.


But when I thought of yesterday’s absurdity, the short-lived peace and comfort quickly disappeared, and I felt irritable.
I sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I let you see us quarreling.”


Also saw a lot of things children should not see.


Putting back the toothbrush cup, I went downstairs.
The servant had already prepared breakfast.
There was only Song Mo on the table, and Song Bai Lao was still not there.


“Sir went to the company early in the morning.” Aunt Jiu set the dishes for me, and reported Song Bai Lao’s whereabouts to me, “He said he would be back tomorrow.”


I nodded, and I was glad that I won’t be able to see him again until tomorrow.


After breakfast, I took Song Mo to the mountains for an “exploration”, but it was actually a walk.


After walking up the mountain road for another half an hour, I suddenly saw half of the roof tiles exposed in the depths of the jungle.


Thinking that Aunt Jiu had said that there is an ancient temple on Weijing Mountain, out of curiosity, I took Song Mo to the somewhat desolate building.


The courtyard door is open, and unlike the outdated appearance, the courtyard is very tidy, and the weeds and leaves are cleaned up.


There is a plaque on the door, with three faded characters written on it, and the writing is strong and strong.


“Gym.” Song Mo said softly.


This is not a temple, but a gym.


I picked Song Mo up and stepped into the courtyard: “Is there anyone?”


I called out a few times and no one answered.
I thought there was no one, and was about to turn to leave when the door behind me suddenly opened, and a hurried middle-aged male voice came.


“Fifty fortune-telling, 100 incense burners, 3,000 in the dojo!”


I stopped and turned around to see a thin middle-aged man with a bun and a robe hurriedly running towards me.


“What does the donor serve?” He should have just got up from the bed, the moustache on his lips swayed.


He turned over his collar, and I accidentally glanced at him.
He has a scar on the back of his neck and has a handsome face.
He should be an Omega.


“I just… accidentally passed by, come in and have a look.”


“Passing by?” He looked at me, and then at Song Mo in my arms, “Oh, you are the family at the foot of the mountain.”


I nodded at him: “Yes.
I have always heard that there is a temple on the mountain… Taoist temple, but I didn’t have a chance to see it.
I didn’t expect that today I just walked around and found it.”, it was Tian Zun who guided you to come to me.
I see that your face is not very good, do you want to buy some talismans to get rid of bad luck?”


He took out a stack of yellow triangle talismans from his arms.


I hurriedly declined: “I didn’t bring any money.”


The Taoist waved his hand: “It doesn’t matter, you can pay by mobile phone.”


“I…don’t bring a mobile phone either.”


“How can you not bring a mobile phone!”


I laughed dryly, and I already felt that this dilapidated Taoist temple was not very reliable, maybe the Taoist priest in front of me was not a Taoist priest at all, but a liar who sold talismans and fortune-telling.


“Next time, next time I’ll buy a Taoist talisman.”


I said as I backed out the door, and when I was approaching the door, the Taoist priest stopped me again.


He caught up and shoved something into my arms.


“Forget it, no money, no money.
This is a disaster relief talisman.” He raised two fingers together and drew a circle on my face, “you are too worried and depressed, and you will easily become ill after a long time.
Be open-minded, don’t frown, your blessing will be frowned off.” He looked at Song Mo again.
“The child is a good child.
Take good care of it after birth, and it will grow up healthily.”



I was stunned.
When I reacted, I asked, “The name?”


He followed his mustache with a deep smile: “Taoist Wei Jing.”




The phone in my pocket trembled, and I was a little stiff.
At the same time, the corner of the Taoist priest’s mouth twitched twice.


I coughed twice, went to touch my phone, and saw that Liang Qiu Yang was calling.


As soon as it was connected, his loud voice came from the opposite side: “Fuck, Ning Yu, Xiang Ping is going to auction Xu Mei Ren!”

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