My outstretched hand was directly ignored by Song Bai Lao.

With his hands in his trouser pockets, he was very arrogant: “What are you doing here? There should be two months before our wedding.”

I was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.
Going to the first floor, I will jump in without hesitation, even if my body is broken.

“I…” I looked at him stupidly, my throat tightened, hesitating.

Sometimes I really hate myself, I know so much bullshit in my heart, why do I become clumsy when I want to say it.

Suddenly, Song Bai Lao’s eyes narrowed and he saw the little boy behind me.

“Song Mo? Why are you here alone, where is your nanny?” He frowned, his expression is a little bad.

Song Mo seemed to be very afraid of him.
He didn’t have any affection from his son when he saw his father.
Instead, he squeezed behind me even more.

“I found him in the mall next door…” I took out my phone and hurriedly called up the call log, “He gave me a phone number, but after calling, the other party thought I was a liar and hung the call.
Also I didn’t mean to appear in front of you.” The last sentence became softer and softer, until it was almost inaudible by the end.

“Aaa…!” A woman dressed as a secretary who had been following Song Bai Lao, wearing thin-rimmed glasses, suddenly exclaimed, “I did receive a call just now.
Sorry, Mr.

The female secretary’s words verified my statement.

“Okay, shut up.” Song Bai Lao frowned and interrupted her.

The other party immediately closed his mouth and lowered his eyebrows in uneasiness.

Song Bai Lao’s temper was not good before, and it seems that he has not improved after so many years.

“Since it’s delivered, then I’ll leave.” After saying this in a hurry, I was about to press the elevator door.
But Song Mo was still pulling at the hem of my clothes, preventing me from walking freely.
This made me a little embarrassed.

“Little young master, come to me.” But soon, the secretary quickly walked over with a wink and picked him up, allowing me to escape.

I nodded gratefully at her and turned to the elevator.

“Aren’t you very proud that after all these years you have finally succeeded?”

I just touched the elevator button with my index finger when Song Bai Lao’s indifferent and sarcastic voice came from behind.

With no response, I closed my eyes and pressed the button hard.

His voice continued: “don’t be complacent too early.
All I want is to marry the Zhu family.
It doesn’t make any difference to me whether I marry you or Zhu Li.
I won’t let him have my child, and naturally I won’t let you have it.”

No wonder he was willing to switch from omega to beta, and no wonder Mrs.
Ning found me.
There is no difference between omega and beta for him, and there is no difference for the Zhu family.
What they want is not “the prince and princess live happily ever after”, but only the interests of the two families, a form.
When you think about it, it all makes sense.

But he doesn’t have to worry about it.
Even if he asks me to give birth, I can’t.
I don’t have that ability for a long time.



The elevator finally arrived after I kept praying in my heart.
I couldn’t wait to go inside, but a young girl rushed out of it and almost collided with me.
She was very young, in her early twenties, wearing a fitted brown dress, her coat draped between her elbows, and a vinyl bite collar around her neck.
She was an omega.

“It’s not good, Mr.
Song, Mo Mo is lost!” She panicked and was about to pounce on Song Bai Lao, with a hint of crying in her voice, but just halfway through, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Song Mo in the secretary’s arms out of the corner of her eyes, and it was like seeing a ghost.
Her eyes widened.

“Mo Mo, why are you here? I’ve been looking for you, did you find it yourself?”

I remember her skirt.
At the entrance of the mall, the doorman held an umbrella for her.

It turns out that the first time I met with Song Mo was not in the toilet.

The presence of the girl interrupted my pace, but only for a moment, and then I stepped into the elevator faster.
Because I couldn’t bear the slow closing speed, I even reached out and pressed the close button continuously, hoping it would close instantly.

I didn’t raise my head to look at Song Bai Lao, but I could always feel a fierce and unkind gaze staring at me.
Like a beast, it makes people tremble.

Finally, the elevator door gradually closed, blocking that line of sight.

“Originally, Song Mo asked you to be his nanny if he liked you.
Since you can’t do it, you don’t have to do it.” Song Bai Lao’s voice was shut out of the door, and he came in stuffy before the elevator went down.

As soon as the elevator reached the first floor, I almost trotted out the door.
After going to the mall to get back the repaired computer, I took the subway home without stopping.

Inside the gently swaying bus, holding the armrest, I stared at the reflection projected on the black window, and my thoughts gradually returned to ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I followed Ning Shi into the Zhu family.
The Zhu family started out in the wood industry.
When Zhu Yunsheng’s generation set foot in the investment circle, he has precise vision and outstanding skills.
He made a lot of money and became a famous luxury family in Xiang Tan in just a few years.
Zhu Yunsheng has many assets and is also one of the school directors of Shangshan, a famous private high school.

This high school tuition is expensive, and it only accepts excellent alphas and omegas.
I can’t get in.
I don’t know what kind of wind Mrs.
Ning blew, and I was unexpectedly admitted.

However, even if beta is squeezed into the upper circle, it became the laughing stock of noble people.
Ning Shi is like this, so am I.

They see me as an alien, a germ, that has invaded their territory.
My existence is like a joke, defying the rules of this society and breaking the strict hierarchy of ABO.

A lowly beta, even delusional to join the ranks of AO.

I often couldn’t find my textbooks, and they were either thrown in the bush downstairs or in the trash.
And no one wants to sit and eat with me, as if my germs would pass to them through the table benches, and just eating at a table would turn them into stupid betas.

I became an “invisible person” in school, no one communicated with me, not even a glance.

I begged Ning Shi more than once to let me transfer to a school suitable for beta, but she mercilessly rejected it.
She doesn’t care if I’m having a good time or not at school, she just needs me to dress her up.

It was an accident to meet Song Bai Lao.
He and Zhu Li are both one year older than me.
Normally, they are not in the same building, so it should be difficult to meet each other.
But I am bullied every day, and I am a weird person who likes to walk alone on a remote path.

That day, I went to the chemistry laboratory alone, and walked around the back of the teaching building with my textbooks in my arms.
When I was halfway there, there was a noise from outside the fence.
Not long after, a tall figure came in from the top of the wall and landed firmly in front of me.
This person was Song Bai Lao, who had skipped two classes in the morning and didn’t knew whether to fool around or simply oversleep.

As now, he wears a bite stop made of black metal on his face, which means he is a fully developed alpha.
Alphas are almost synonymous with power, power and dominance in this society, and in my memory, they are my mother’s constantly changing “lover”.
Even if I don’t get ostracized by the whole school, I would never want to get involved with an alpha.

So I stepped back cautiously, instinctively trying to get away from him.

He threw the school uniform jacket for a while, but he noticed me because of it.


I don’t know if he was simply surprised that a beta appeared in Shangshan, or just like everyone else, there was a sense of unhappiness about the territory being violated.
Or both.

I lowered my face and said very consciously that I didn’t see anything.

The rustling of clothes came from my ears, and after a while, the shoulder was hit hard, and the other party’s lazy voice sounded like he didn’t wake up again.

“Get out of the way, don’t get in the way.”

He bumped my shoulder and left in the opposite direction, without even giving me an extra look.
Beta is called the cornerstone of society, but a lot of times, in AO’s eyes, we are no different from the roadblock.

I stood there for a while, and when I lifted my foot again and walked forward, I suddenly found a shiny collar button that reflected the sunlight at the place where the other party had just jumped off.

The silver collar button is very special.
It consists of two crossed swords and a white dove with outstretched wings.
I have not seen it on my coat, but I have seen it on Zhu Li.
I once asked him why there are different collars.
He said that this is an “honor collar” that only the top three of the grade can have every year.
Only those who are good enough can get it.
The sword and the white dove represent the school motto – advocating Peaceful, but with self-preservation.

Although Song Bai Lao is addicted to skipping classes and likes to mess around in school, he can indeed be regarded as an outstanding Alpha.

I thought it was something important and picked it up.
I gave it to Zhu Li at night, and wanted him to return it to the other party on his behalf.

As someone who also has a collar, I subconsciously think that the two of them should know each other, and the relationship might be good.
In hindsight, I was naive again.

At that time, when Zhu Li saw the collar button, and listened to me repeating the situation of the day, her expression became a little subtle.

“It should be Song Bai Lao.
He is the only Alpha with a badge who will skip class.”

He suddenly asked me, “Do you know the Shrike?”

I was taken aback and shook my head.

He played with the silver clasp in his hand: “Lao in his name refers to this kind of bird.
Shrike is a very ferocious predator.
It likes to hang its prey on thorns to eat, and sometimes prey on its own kind.
If I say he is not named well, it is too fierce to break his parents.”

Zhu Li told me that Song Bai Lao’s father was Luo Qinghe, a male Alpha, while his mother was a male Beta.
His “Song” surname should come from his mother.

Like many famous families, the Luo family, as a wealthy family in Xiangtan, does not look down on a beta daughter-in-law at all.
Luo Qinghe finally united with his lover by falling out with his family.
After their marriage, they soon had Song Bai Lao, which was considered a happy family.

But the good times didn’t last long.
Luo Qinghe’s family didn’t want to let them go at all.

They tricked Luo Qinghe into going home and locked him up with an Omega in heat.

That Omega was the only son of the big chaebol Xia family.
His name was Xia Qiao.
He had some similarities with Luo Qinghe.
He was married and had a child, and the other half was also beta.
It’s just that the other party died young and was gone many years ago.

Alphas are all passive estrus physiques, an Omega in estrus, a cramped room, full of pheromone enough to drive Luo Qinghe to estrus along with him.
The two were locked up for three days and three nights, and when they were released, they had already marked each other irrevocably.

Luo Qinghe’s canine teeth and Xia Qiao’s gonad exchanged their respective pheromones.
From then on, they took on each other’s breath, and they would never have sex with others again.
This is a contract concluded between AO, protected by law, on top of Beta’s rights and interests.
In-depth speaking, it can also be called one of the reasons why the marriage of AB and BO is always unsustainable.

In this world, no one takes the pain of Beta to heart.

Luo Qinghe soon divorced that beta and married his own Omega.
Song Bai Lao has since lost his mother and lived under the same roof with his father, stepmother, and an unrelated omega stepbrother.

Zhu Li blamed all this on Song Bai Lao’s name, which is probably where there is a huge difference between omega and beta thinking.
If it wasn’t for their arrogance in their bones, they couldn’t accept Luo Qinghe’s union with a beta, Song Bai Lao wouldn’t have to lose his mother, and that beta wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of losing his lover and son.

But one thing Zhu Li was right, Song Bai Lao was indeed a ferocious shrike.
In more than a year since then, I have verified this view countless times.

The author has something to say: The bite stopper looks like the one worn by dogs, and there are other styles, but Song Bai Lao is the basic one.

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