My words were like a handful of water poured into hot oil, Song Bai Lao was instantly furious and rushed towards me.


He put his hands on my shoulders and held me firmly.


“Has he ever kissed you?”


I lay there on my back, looking at his icy face, feeling amused.


“What do you want to know? What do you want to know?”


His hand gradually increased, which made me feel a little bit hurt.
I held back and said nothing.
“He kissed me, fucked me, and asked me to give it to him.
Are you satisfied that I have given birth to a child?”


It was the first time I had spoken to him like this since we got married, no, since we reunited with him.
No longer cautious, no longer thinking about left and right, as presumptuous as having ten lives.


The force on my shoulders was so great that it was about to crush my bones.
I couldn’t help it any longer, and I frowned in pain.


“So, you love him.”


For a moment, I even ignored the pain in my body.
I stared at him blankly, wondering how he came to this conclusion.


I wanted to deny it, but I realized a second before I spoke that I was lying.


“Love.” In order for the lie to continue, more lies must be told, “otherwise, why would I give him a child?”


Song Bai Lao looked down at me, his expression between outburst and forbearance: “What about the child?”


“Dead, he died as soon as he was born, it’s blood.”


He glared at me, sneered suddenly, and raised the corners of his lips: “Ha, the other party is still an Alpha, why, he won’t marry you?”


When I answered, he freed a hand and stroked my cheek with a softness that made me creepy.


“I knew you couldn’t give birth, why would I be so troublesome.”


I turned my face away: “Let go…”


He squeezed my chin and asked me to face him again: “He refused to marry you, so you turned around and chose me.” Houndstooth, “You liar…”


“I’m a liar, you’re a bastard.”


A big bastard who doesn’t stop talking.


He looked as if he was completely irritated by me, and the next moment seemed to be about to pounce on my throat and tear my flesh.


But I guessed wrong, he did pounce, but it was right in my mouth.


He ran his tongue down my throat, ripped my lower lip with his teeth, and soon the kiss tasted like blood.


I struggled instinctively, even using my feet.


In order to prevent me from struggling, he released me, quickly turned me over, and put one hand on my shoulder and neck, making me lie on the bed and unable to move.


He sneered: “Bastard? Oh, then let’s see how bastard I am.”


After speaking, he roughly pulled off the clothes that were blocking him, but his actions became gentler than ever before.


He kneaded the back of my neck, dropped continuous kisses on my back, and even licked the hollow of my spine, biting the skin there.


I clasped the sheets with my fingers, trembling unbearably, and wanted to hunker down to avoid it.
He released the palm of his hand that was pinching the back of my neck, and his fingers went down the spine, all the way down to the lumbar spine, where the tattoo was.


I froze suddenly and struggled even more violently.


“You’ve twisted so hard,” he added, pressing my waist back, “Is this your sensitive spot?” He rubbed it with his thumb, and it was as if an electric current was rushing into my limbs.
Hundred bones, I couldn’t help but let out a shameful moan from between my clenched lips and teeth.


“Did he do this to you?”


Before I could answer, he moved his fingers away, and before I could breathe a sigh of relief, a scorching, heavy human body was immediately covered on my back.
His breath spit on the side of my neck, his soft tongue licked the bite marks on my neck, and licked my earlobe from time to time.


I pressed my forehead against the bed and closed my eyes, unable to control the trembling of my body.


I would rather he be rough, let me beg for mercy in pain, and fear the sex he gives, rather than let him paralyze me with pleasure like this, and let me indulge in a false tenderness.


“Can he bring you more happiness than me?”


Maybe he didn’t realize that he was competing with a fictional Alpha that didn’t exist at all.


For this reason, he paid attention to my reaction throughout the whole process, speculated on my preferences, and let me rise and fall in the sea of ​​desire, constantly climbing higher waves and falling into deeper seas.


He’s going to make me crazy for him and make me submit to him.


Every inch of bone was like an overbaked cookie, as if it would crumble to pieces at the touch.


In the swaying vision, suddenly, the small pot of mimosa on the windowsill came into view.


The muscles all over my body tensed up in an instant, and were thrown to the high waves again.


“Don’t…” I grabbed the fabric under my hands suddenly, pulled out the messy folds of the sheets, tried my best to lift my upper body, and collapsed suddenly after a while.


He stopped, waited for me to calm down, and kissed the back of my neck.


I shuddered.
I don’t know if it was sweat or something else on my eyelashes.
In a blink of an eye, it rolled down the end of my eyes and dipped into my temples.


I half-closed my eyes, I didn’t have much strength, my body was as soft as a snake with its bones taken out, and I could only lie there weakly, unable to move a finger.


“Is he…doing well with you?” He gasped, as if he was having a hard time enduring it.


It is also difficult for him to be so suffocated by an Alpha.
It should be known that after human beings are beastized because of c20, not only their physical structure is beastized, but their character is also affected to some extent.
Especially on the bed, this kind of animal nature contained in the genes is particularly distinct.
The Omega’s femininity and the Alpha’s strength are all related to this.


Alpha instinctively suppresses bed partners for better sperm injection and offspring.


They are not only the kings of the world, but also the absolute masters of the bed.
Let them suppress their instincts and endure the impulse to please another person.
Maybe I have too little knowledge, but I have never heard of it.
However, since the parties involved will not publicize this kind of thing, it cannot be done.


I felt something in my body move again, as if startled, I pushed his lower abdomen with a backhand: “Enough, enough…”


He was not afraid of my strength at all, and still deepened the stimulation to me at an unshakable rate.


“Why didn’t he marry you? Because you’re a Beta, or because you didn’t give birth to a child?”


Hot sweat dripped from the tail vertebra, which made me shudder.


Song Bai Lao took my hand away and pressed it all up, reaching an incredible depth.


“If you were an Omega, would you have married him long ago?” Song Bai Lao’s determination to win or lose was unbearable.
He kept asking all sorts of inexplicable and inexplicable questions, unable to answer a single word.
I buried my face in the quilt, biting the sheets, venting the joy that I didn’t know what to do, but also blocking those embarrassing roars and moans.


“Unfortunately, you’re a Beta, you can’t be marked as a Beta…” He opened his mouth and scratched the back of my neck dangerously with his canine teeth, as if trying to figure out what angle to bite at.


I closed my eyes and waited for the familiar pain to strike, but he just nibbled at it lightly, and even the movements behind him stopped.


His lips rested on my bite mark, still suspiciously still, as if he had suddenly turned into a statue with body temperature.
But the next second, he “woke up” without warning, completely released his instincts, no longer suppressed, and completely completed his possession fiercely.


“Mmhhh…” I was like a fish with a strong desire to survive under him.
I bounced a few times and was suppressed by him.


Exhausted, I loosened the sheets wet with saliva, stretched out my limbs groggy, and lay on the bed.


Song Bai Lao’s arm inserted into the gap between me and the bed, and hugged me tightly, causing my sternum to ache, almost suffocating.


I was so tired, this hand-to-hand fight on the bed, I was completely overwhelmed from the start.
My heart insist to never give in, but my body quickly sank.


After all, I’m also a layman, and I can’t be ruthless.


The thoughts gradually drifted away until they fell into darkness.
On the edge of being lethargic and awake, there was still a little bit of consciousness left when I heard Song Bai Lao seem to call my name.


I tried my best to open my eyes, but my eyelids seemed to be stuck and couldn’t be separated.


“It’s you first…it’s not that easy…don’t think about it…”


His voice was sombre, as if it contained hatred, so it shouldn’t be a good word.
That’s what I thought before I lost consciousness completely.

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