The conversation with Song Bai Lao ended in a very unpleasant atmosphere.
He did not agree to the divorce, which made me completely dismiss my thoughts, and even asked Aunt Jiu to take my ID card.


Maybe I shouldn’t take the initiative to mention divorce.
With his character, how could he allow me to be the one who “first”? I won’t mention that sooner or later he will end our marriage too.
But now that I mentioned it, I mentioned it on the day when the news of Zhu Li and the Ruan family’s marriage broke out.


As a noble and excellent Alpha, how could he be willing to be played by me like this? For nothing else, just to breathe a sigh of relief, he would not agree to a divorce.
Even if he sees me really disgusting.


I called Ning Shi persistently for two days, and on the third day, she finally answered.
I asked her if she knew that the Alpha who marked Zhu Li was Ruan Linghe, and that’s why she called me to steal the file.
In the face of my questioning, she has no guilt, and generously admitted her concealment from me.


“Don’t blame me, I just found out about it two weeks ago.” She sounded indifferent, but she was actually mean, “It’s lucky that Zhu Li is a little bitch, but he was marked by the young master of the Ruan family, and it’s considered salted fish to turn around, soaring into the sky.
Yun Sheng has been extremely happy these past two days, and he is busy with the Ruan family.
It is the prospective father-in-law.” At the end, she sneered.


Although this matter was under Zhu Li’s control from beginning to end, for Zhu Yun Sheng, it was no different from winning the first prize of the lottery.
It was a happy event from heaven, how could he be unhappy.


“Have you never thought about how embarrassing this matter will make my situation?”


Song Bai Lao and I were originally a commercial marriage, and the marriage was based on cooperation between the two.
Now that the Zhu family has abandoned the covenant and turned to the Ruan family, my identity has suddenly become embarrassing.
It was like a carefully prepared birthday party, only to find out that the date was wrong at the end, and everything became ironic in an instant.
Even the cakes bought at a high price were tasteless and a pity to abandon.


I am that cake with the wrong date.
Even if nothing is done, existence itself is already a mistake.


Ning Shi said, “I’ve thought about it, but I’m not afraid if I think about it.
Luo Qinghe is going to run for parliament, so he must be careful, even if Song Bai Lao angered you, what would he do? The Zhu family and Xia Sheng haven’t signed an agreement, so it’s not a breach of contract, at most, is untrustworthy.
But if there are no profiteers, no businessmen, who is not treacherous in business? You give him a few months of free sleep, and he won’t get it until the divorce, so what does he care about as an alpha?”


She thought quite a bit.


If she knew that Song Bai Lao would not divorce me, she might think that I made the money.


I don’t want to entangle with her about who is right and who is wrong: “Since I’m useless to you, can Youyou return it to me in advance?”


As long as the child can come back to me, everything, Song Bai Lao, Zhu Li, the Ruan family is fine, let them fight how they want.
I will take Youyou out of Xiangtan, and I will never get involved in this commercial drama again.


After I left, even if they turned upside down.


“Well…” Ning Shi pondered for a while, “I’ve been busy with Zhu Li’s wedding recently.
I can’t find time.
I’ll talk about it when he gets married.”


More than ten days…


I bit my lip and tried to negotiate with her: “You can send me the address and I’ll pick him up by myself…”


“I said,” Ning Shi interrupted me with a strong tone, ” We have to wait for Zhu Li to get married.
It’s not completely settled yet, who knows if something goes wrong? Just wait for my call.”


She warned: “Don’t disobey me, Ning Yu.”


A phone call came from the receiver.
When I was hung up, I sat on the bed in a daze, took off my phone for a long time, and closed my eyes as I looked at the desktop returning to normal.




I followed the sound and turned around.
Song Mo was lying behind the door and looked at me quietly.
After making eye contact with me, he quickly ran over and threw himself into my arms.




I quickly cleaned up my emotions, touched his head and asked softly, “What’s wrong? You are so clingy today, you keep calling me.”


Song Mo raised his head: “I’m sick.”


I didn’t react at first, he probably saw my daze, and reminded me in a low voice, “…Amusement park.”


I remembered it all at once, and indeed agreed.
After recovering from his illness, he was going to take him to the amusement park.
There were too many troubles these days, so I forgot about it.


“I’m sorry, I’ve been too busy lately to forget about this.
Tomorrow… tomorrow, shall we go?” I pinched his little face.


“Tomorrow! Okay, okay.” His drooping eyebrows stretched out at once, and his pouting mouth quickly elongated to the sides, forming a bright smile.


“Amusement park, amusement park…” He jumped up and down happily in the room, constantly muttering, “Go to the amusement park!”


Seeing him so happy, the annoyance in my heart seemed to have subsided.


During dinner, Song Bai Lao was not there.
Aunt Jiu told me about taking Song Mo to the amusement park tomorrow and asked her to arrange the car.


“There are so many people in the amusement park.
I’m afraid it will be inconvenient for you to take the young master alone.
I’ll go with you.
We can help you with anything.”


She said these words so gracefully and beautifully that people couldn’t tell who she came from.
Sincerely, still beware of me running away.


I frowned and asked her, “Will someone follow me wherever I go in the future?”


Aunt Jiu was stunned, then waved her hands again and again: “Where did you want to go, Mr.
didn’t let us monitor you, you can go wherever you want, we won’t stop you.
There are many people in the playground, and it’s been hot recently.
It’s the first time you take the young master there.
I’m really afraid that you won’t be able to handle it.”


From this point of view, it is my villain’s heart.


“It’s my fault.”


It’s fine if you don’t follow, and it’s easy to escape if you don’t follow.
If they keep staring at me and follow me wherever they go, I’m afraid it will be difficult to leave.


The next morning, as soon as I got up, Song Mo was already dressed and knocked on the door.


He kept urging me to brush my teeth quickly, go downstairs quickly, eat breakfast quickly, and even when I got into the car, he asked the driver to drive quickly.


If there was a tail, he would have been wagging long ago.


Aunt Jiu was really experienced, she put everything Song Mo might use into a big backpack, and even brought a small fan.


The weather is really hot, and the children’s physical strength is limited.
Excited to visit the entire park, the consumption is almost the same.


Under the scorching heat, the excitement turned into sweat, which evaporated from the body little by little.
He was too young to play many projects, so he could only look up at a carload of people screaming with envy.


Fortunately, in addition to exciting rides, this amusement park also has many song and dance shows that children can watch.


“Hasn’t it started yet?” Song Mo was holding the newly bought plush toy in his arms and twisting his butt on the seat.


I glanced at the time: “There are still five minutes, don’t worry.”


The seats in the small theater were not full, and people continued to enter.
I told Aunt Jiu I want to go to the toilet, then stood up and walked towards the exit.


There are many people in the corridor, all adults and children, chatting and arguing.


It’s incredible.
A few months ago, I was full of resistance and fear of crowds.
Now, I no longer fear them and can walk freely in the flow of people.


When I came out after using the toilet, there was no one left in the corridor.
It might be because the performance was approaching and no admission was allowed.


“It’s about to start, Mom, hurry up!”


I stopped walking back, my whole body froze, my heart suddenly lost its rhythm and beat wildly.


I turned around holding my breath, and by the glass door not far away, a little boy with a paper crown on his head and a plastic sword in his hand caught my eye.


He has slender and bright eyes, a small and delicate nose, and has begun to lose his teeth.
When he smiles, I can see that there is one missing front tooth, but he is still very good-looking and very cute.


I was suddenly in a dream, and I moved mechanically and stopped in front of him.


It was so sudden and so surprising that I didn’t know how to face him.
Even without a mirror, I can imagine how tangled my facial features are, they are in a dilemma between joy and sorrow, unable to reach unity.


“I’m not waiting for you!”


He didn’t see me and kept walking.


“Youyou…” I hurriedly stopped him.


He stopped in doubt when he heard the name, and when he saw it was me, he instantly showed a clear look.


“It’s you.”


“Yes, it’s me.” I squatted down in front of him, raised my hand and touched his cheek with nostalgia, “I finally see you.”


No longer through the phone, but real.
Yes, I can see and touch the man standing in front of me.
My eyes were hot, and my fingertips were shaking uncontrollably.


He tilted his head, frowning gradually.


It didn’t look like a happy expression, and after the ecstasy, I started to panic again.


Was he upset that I suddenly appeared in front of him? Do you still blame me for ignoring him for the past seven years? Or did Ning Shi transmit some misconceptions to him that caused him to misunderstand me?


“Youyou…” The female voice stopped abruptly, and the next second it sounded sharply, “What are you doing?”


Youyou heard the voice and immediately turned around and ran to the other party: “Mom, this person is so strange.”


It was a white floral dress.
The woman, with her hair tied at will, her temples wet with sweat, no collar and no bite marks, is a Beta.


I stood up and introduced myself with a smirk: “Hello, you…you should be Youyou’s adoptive mother, right? I’m his biological father, Ning Yu.
Ning Shi, my mother, should have mentioned me to you?”


He looked at my outstretched hand, and then looked at me with a neurotic look.


She pulled Youyou behind her: “Don’t talk nonsense, I have nothing to do with you.
I have a husband, and my husband is Youyou’s biological father! How can you touch the porcelain in such a bright day?”


I didn’t expect her to react like this, and she was a little confused: “No, do you know Ning Shi? She handed the child over to you seven years ago and asked you to raise it on her behalf, right? That day…that day I even made a video with Youyou.
Yes, do you remember?”


The woman stared at me hesitantly: “Video?” She suddenly thought of something, “You mean that rich lady? I don’t know her name, what seven years ago, We’ve only known her for a few months.
I’m not Youyou’s adoptive mother, I’m her biological mother, do you understand? He was born from my womb and is related to me.”


I don’t understand.


What did her words mean? If Youyou was born to her, then what am I?


No, if Youyou is her child, where is my child?


I opened my mouth, and my voice was hoarse and hoarse: “Since he is your child, why is he called me father, and why is he called Ning Shi’s grandma?”


And deliberately lied to my hope.


Even though I’m already cold all over, I’ve already prepared for the worst.


“Isn’t that filming? She sees that Youyou looks good and wants him to play a child who has never met his biological father and grew up in an orphanage.” The woman protected Youyou and gradually moved away from me, “She gave a lot of money, but It’s not for selling children.
Don’t mess around, in broad daylight, if you harass us again, I’ll call the police.”


I was dizzy, and I stumbled against the wall next to me, panting hard, but it seemed It didn’t take in much oxygen at all.


The woman pulled Youyou to the door, and Youyou looked at the entrance of the theater, which was just a short distance away.


“No more?”


The woman pulled him vigorously, followed my movements vigilantly, and whispered, “What are you looking at, go away!”


It’s like I’m a pervert, and I’ll rush over to the street and snatch hers anytime, anywhere.


The strength in my body recovered a little, and my head was no longer so dizzy.
I walked out of the stadium, found a place to sit at the door, and called Ning Shi on the phone.


After more than ten rings, I thought she would not answer.
I was about to broadcast the second one, but the phone got through.


“Didn’t I tell you that I’m very busy…”


“Where is my child?” I asked her calmly, “Youyou is not my child at all, you just brought it to show me, right? You don’t know whether I have a child with Alpha or Beta, so you say he is Beta.
In order to win my trust, you even found a child with eyes like mine to pretend to be him.”


The last few words, I said very hard.
This scam deceived me so hard, even more lethal than Zhu Li and Xiang Ping combined.


Again and again, again and again, as the saying goes, there are only three things, and many things are limited there, and there will be no fourth time, because there is simply no more.


I’ve reached my limit and I can’t take it any longer.


“Where the hell is he? Where is my child? Please, give him back to me…” I covered my face in pain, my spine bent, my forehead almost touching my knees.
It was so hot outside, but I was shaking all over.


Ning Shi was also a little caught off guard, she didn’t make a sound for a while, only her shallow breathing beside her ears.


After a long time, she seemed to sigh very lightly: “Give me a little time, I will meet you in the former tea room at two o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow, and then I will bring him to see you.”

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