The lawsuit between Chang Xingze, Xiang Ping and me finally came to a verdict.
As lawyer Wu expected, the two lost miserably.
Not only did the verdict constitute reputation infringement and vicious competition for me, but they also needed to compensate me for a series of expenses such as a huge amount of reputation damage.
Also publish a statement of apology to me in Amber and in the press.


After Liang Qiu Yang saw the news on social platforms, he liked it without thinking it was a big deal.
He is now the top traffic, and he can get tens of millions of retweets every day just by clockwork.
After he fermented this, he quickly entered the top ten of hot searches.


The number of followers in my live broadcast room has increased by hundreds or thousands every minute, and Chang Xingze’s apology video uploaded on Amber has even more hits than Amber’s most in history.


In the video, his face is haggard, his complexion is dull, and he holds a chapter of manuscript paper in his hand, and his tone is unwavering.
One can tell at a glance how reluctant he is and how unwilling he is.


“I solemnly express my most sincere apologies to Mr.
Ning Yu, because my own momentary mistakes have caused great damage to Mr.
Ning Yu’s reputation.
This is something I didn’t expect, and I don’t want to see it.
Two years ago The competition and the recent publicity on the Internet that Mr.
Ning Yu was a plagiarist were all done by my ex-partner Xiang Ping, and I didn’t know it at all.
Although we are divorced now, I will not shirk the responsibility.
I will still share the verdict with him.
I hope Mr.
Ning Yu can forgive us, thank you.”


After reading the manuscript, he immediately put it down, leaned back with an ugly face, and the video ended here.


The comments are all scolding him for being insincere.
To this point, he still looks like a young master, and he does not repent at all.
But I know he should be at the limit, bowing his head and apologizing to me, a former defeat, is simply grinding his self-esteem under his feet.
When watching the video, I even thought he was going to flip the table in front of him at the last second.


“Wow, I’m so happy to see green tea o eat flat.
Today I liked his apology video again! ” Liang Qiu Yang called to congratulate me and gossip with me, “but he is also really realistic.
He kicked Xiang Ping as soon as something happened.
I searched it today.
It seems that he took away all the children.”


I was unhappy when I heard it: “He is also really cruel.”


“I am not surprised that he would do this, even a little bit unexpected.
It’s okay to take it out, with parents like them, I’m worried about this child.” Liang Qiu Yang sighed in an old-fashioned manner, “Not everyone can become a qualified parent.”


His words were on the point.
Yes, it is true that neither Chang Xingze nor Xiang Ping are like people who can be good “parents”.


“That’s true.”



Liang Qiu Yang called me at eight o’clock in the morning.
He was about to go somewhere to catch an announcement, and it happened to be empty, so he didn’t care whether I was sleeping or not, a phone call woke me up.


I went to the bathroom to wash while chatting with him.
When brushing my teeth, I put my phone on the sink and turned on the speaker to listen to him.


“Do you know Wu Qian?”


I spit out the foam in my mouth: “Yes, a famous female star.”


Although I usually don’t pay attention to the entertainment industry, but posters like Wu Qian are all over the streets, and endorsement products can include All aspects of your life, as well as female stars who are constantly working in film and television, I don’t know it’s difficult.


“I want to correct you, she is not only famous now, she is one of the biggest top actresses in the industry right now.”


I wringed out the towel and was about to wipe my face, when I heard his words, I paused for a second and asked him: “So what? What happened to her?”


“She’s been green (A hot topic)!” Liang Qiu Yang lowered his voice and couldn’t hide his excitement, “She has been with her rich second-generation boyfriend for several years, and the other party’s family has always disapproved of her, but it loosened up a bit last year, this year, there was news that she was finally going to marry into a wealthy family, but on the eve of the engagement banquet, his boyfriend actually tagged another Omega.”


I didn’t expect such an explosive gossip, and I was also a little shocked: “How could… his boyfriend went somewhere and didn’t wear a bite arrestor? The other Omega didn’t wear a collar?”


Some public places are now smelling it.
Dog patrol, Omega’s collar will also send out a reminder alarm when estrus is approaching.
If it hadn’t been designed by someone like Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao, accidents like mislabeling would have been rare.


“I don’t know the specifics.
Her boyfriend’s family is said to be super rich and a giant in the energy industry.
There must be many people coveted by such a wealthy boy, and he is too complacent.
I saw Wu at an event a few days ago.
She is in a very bad state, she has lost about ten pounds in a few months.” Liang Qiu Yang sighed, “The only consolation now is that fortunately she did not admit that she had a boyfriend and wanted to get engaged because of her career, otherwise now It will be even worse.”


The mark is irreversible, valid for life, and there is no other way but to swallow the pain with tears.


“The giants of the energy world?” Facing the mirror, I slightly tidied my sleepy hair and glanced at the scabbed wound at the corner of my mouth, and my fingertips couldn’t help but gently caress it.


As if pressing a memory switch, many pictures flashed in my mind instantly.
The hot kiss, the firm chest, the rolling Adam’s apple, and the irrepressible, messy, wet breath.


“It looks like the surname is Ruan.”


Liang Qiu Yang’s voice suddenly woke me up, I put down my fingers in a panic, didn’t dare to look at the reflection in the mirror again, and went out the door listening to the phone.
When I came to the corner, I almost collided with a servant.


“I’m sorry, Mr.


I waved at her, indicating that it was okay.
When I passed by Song Bai Lao’s study, I had already passed by, and I went back, looking at the door that was slightly open, and fell into deep thought.


Song Bai Lao’s study has always been locked with fingerprint locks.
Usually, servants are not allowed to clean it at all.
Why is it open today?


“I have something to do here, I’ll talk later.” I said to Liang Qiu Yang and hung up the phone.


Gently pushing the door open, the curtains in the study were drawn to both sides, and the sun shone in, making the room bright.


Song Bai Lao’s laptop was not on the table, he should have taken it to Xia Sheng with him.


The windows were clear and there seemed to be nothing wrong, but I had an indescribable strange feeling that another person had been here before me.


The more I thought about it, the more wrong I became, so I closed the study door again and called Ning Shi.


“Did you send someone to steal something?”


Ning Shi seemed to have just woken up from her sleep, and was robbed by me for a while, and she was a little unhappy: “Why did you call so early in the morning?”


I continued to ask: “It was your last time.
You see, you don’t want to do what I said, so I found someone else to do it, right?”


The servant who bumped into the corner was probably bought by Ning Shi.
She might have searched the study room but couldn’t find anything useful.
She was about to come out when she heard my phone call and hurriedly didn’t close the door, which is why she revealed her fault.


“I don’t know what you said.” She didn’t admit it.
She yawned and said lazily, “Have you been under too much stress recently and lost your mind?”


I held the phone tightly, knowing that she was beaten to death and would not admit it, gritted my teeth and hung up the phone.


I asked Aunt Jiu to fire the servant.


Aunt Jiu was astonished and asked me if the other party did something wrong.


“I don’t think she’s suitable to stay here.”


I didn’t say anything else, just gave her a reason that wasn’t a reason.


Aunt Jiu choked and nodded at me helplessly: “I see.”


She was neat and tidy.
After I said it was done, she went to do it immediately, and the servant went down the mountain at noon.


Song Mo sneezed several times during lunch, and coughed a little.
It must be a cold.
I asked Aunt Jiu to closely monitor his temperature, and if he had a fever, he would go to the doctor.


After dinner in the evening, I went upstairs to take a shower.
When I came out again, Aunt Jiu told me that Song Bai Lao was back.


Song Bai Lao won’t be home until 9 o’clock in the evening these days.
As soon as he entered the door, he went straight to the study, looking very busy.
He came back at seven o’clock today, which is rare.


“Where’s Momo?” After looking around, I couldn’t find Song Mo.
I thought Aunt Jiu had coaxed him to sleep early because he was not in good health today, but Aunt Jiu quietly pointed to the location of the study and said that Song Bai Lao would take Song Mo as soon as he came back.
Pulled into the study, to test his homework.


“Test his homework?”


I thought Song Bai Lao could at most test addition and subtraction within 100, memorize the alphabet, play a simple piano piece, etc.
But Aunt Jiu shook her head and whispered, “Mr.
is very demanding of the young master.
If the young master can’t answer the questions he asked, he will be punished by standing in the corner.”


I was a little worried when I heard it.
Originally, he was in a bad state.
Song Bai Lao had a quick temper and a stinky face.
I didn’t know if something would happen.


Just thinking about this, a loud cry broke out in the study, and it was Song Mo’s.


I was in a hurry, so I hurried upstairs in three and two steps, and knocked on the study door.


After a while, Song Bai Lao came over to open the door, revealing half of his body and blocking the door, so that I couldn’t see what was inside.


“What’s the matter?”


Without the barrier, Song Mo’s cry became clearer, but it was no longer loud, just sobbing.
Very sad, and very pitiful.


My heart was pulled up by his crying: “Don’t take the test today, let Momo rest.”


I pushed his chest, trying to tell him to move away, but he didn’t move.


“Are you taking care too much?” He grabbed my wrist and let go.


I looked him straight in the eyes and didn’t give in: “He’s not feeling well today.”


Song Bai Lao didn’t give in at all: “He wasn’t born for comfort and pleasure.”


What he said was very unreasonable.


“No one is born to endure hardship.
Strictness is good, but you are too strict with him.
He is your son, not your employee.”


A sneer sneered at the corner of his lips: “What the hell are you? In what capacity are you teaching me? He was not born by you, what kind of love are you pretending to be? I told you, don’t do superfluous things.”


It started again.
What he wants to reveal every once in a while is his malice towards me.


It’s almost like there is a cycle that is invisible and incomprehensible but does exist, or a certain “thunder point”.
I stepped on it on this “special day”, and I need to be prepared to be blown to pieces.


Whether I can get along well depends not only on his mood, but also on whether I am sensible enough.
If I follow him and just be a submissive marriage partner, he can still talk to me calmly.
But whenever I showed a little bit of disobedience, he would rage and show offended displeasure.


In general, I don’t have the right to say “no” to him.


He’s completely dictatorial, he’s aloof, and I can only obey him, cling to him, just like the other Alphas and their Betas.
Not even as good as them.
After all, those Betas don’t have any stains that can’t be washed away, but I have a huge sin in Song Bai Lao’s mind.


“I’m your legal partner, isn’t this status enough?”


He was unmoved: “No, he can’t sleep until he finishes the test today.”


I saw him close the door again and hurriedly said, “what’s the difference between what you do and Luo Qinghe?”


Song Bailao was stunned when he heard the words, and his face quickly turned blue: “What did you say.”


I also didn’t want to quarrel with him in front of Song Mo at the door of the study, but maybe it was too long.
I couldn’t even take it if I wanted to.


“Don’t you realize that you are sometimes exactly like Luo Qinghe? What you hate about his indifference, violence, and extreme strictness towards you, you accept them all and put them on your own children.
You feel that you have grown up so much, That’s how he should grow up.
If you don’t have a good father, you won’t give him a good father.”


Out of the corner of his eye, I could see Song Bai Lao’s hand holding the door frame gradually tightening, revealing his distinct knuckles.
Although I was very scared, I had to say something, even if I was punched to the ground by him the next moment, I would recognize it.


Song Bai Lao didn’t throw a fist at me, but what he said was “violence” in another sense.


He leaned over to my ear, his voice cold and harsh: “It sounds like you are a good father, but unfortunately I will never let you have a child of your own.”


My heart felt like a clock rod hit hard, the dull pain emanating from that point swept through the whole body in an instant, not severe, but still gave the illusion of difficulty breathing.


He has said this many times, and I have listened to it many times, but only this time made me feel a kind of “disappointment”.
This kind of emotion is not directed at the matter of “not being able to give birth to Song Bai Lao’s child”, but directly at Song Bai Lao himself.


I twitched my eyelashes: “If…if you and I really had a child, would you not love him because you hate me?”


“Yes.” Song Bai Lao looked at me and said without hesitation.


I took a step back and looked at him speechless.


At this moment, behind Song Bai Lao, Song Mo’s voice whimpered.


“Dad, I’ll do it, I’ll do it, don’t quarrel.”


Song Bai Lao turned around, revealing a narrow slit, I saw Song Mo pulling his trousers, crying so much that his face was full of tears, even his neck was red.


One of them lowered their eyes, the other raised their heads, and looked at each other for a long time.


In the end, Song Bai Lao closed his eyes and opened the door further.


“I will test you tomorrow, if you still can’t memorize it…” He paused abruptly, “you will be fined ten times.”


Song Mo hiccupped and nodded: “Okay…Okay.”


Song Bai Lao looked at me, it seemed that he had made a big concession: “Are you satisfied now?”


Song Mo timidly loosened his pants and ran towards me at a trot.


I squatted down and hugged him into my arms, he buried his face in my shoulder, and his body was still crying.


“Don’t cry, don’t cry anymore, let’s go back to sleep.” I coaxed him softly, looked at Song Bai Lao who was leaning on the door frame, didn’t speak to him again, turned around and left.


I put Song Mo on the bed and covered him with the quilt.
Although he stopped crying, his eyes were still red and his nasal voice was heavy.


“Mom, are you going to get a divorce?” He nestled in the pillow, holding his quilt tightly with both hands, looking very uneasy.


I didn’t expect him to ask such a question, and I was a little caught off guard.


“…No.” I stroked his hair.






To distract him, I quickly changed the subject.


“When you’re healthy, I’ll take you to the amusement park, okay?”


“Okay.” Song Mo finally smiled.

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