ecently set up a fan group dedicated to you, and there are all your die-hard fans…” She added in a low voice “And Yanfen.”


She put down the camera, looked at the screen, nodding her head in satisfaction and saying to herself, “Ah, this is a good one… wow, this one looks good too… ”

She said while laughing, that look, how can there be restraint and restraint at the beginning.


She looked up and saw me looking at her, she seemed a little embarrassed and blushed.


“I’m actually your fangirl…” She scratched her head, leaned over, and showed me the photo she took, “Can you take a look at it?”


The camera image was clear and completely captured my stiff expression.


I glanced at it and looked away: “Cough, it’s good.”


She happily put away the camera, and then asked a few more questions, thinking that the content was almost the same, so she put away the recorder.


“Next, it’s my personal problem.”


Seeing her serious face, the smile on her face faded, I couldn’t help sitting up straight.


“You ask.”


She slammed my hand again and raised it to her chest: “Are you going to get a divorce?”


I looked at her for a long time and didn’t respond.
I always wondered if I was hallucinating just now, and I listened to other words “divorce”.


“Uh, you…” I wanted her to say it again, but there was a noise outside the living room, but in the direction of the hall.


I turned my head to look reflexively, and saw Song Bai Lao holding Song Mo in his arms, walking in slowly from the outside, and his eyes fell on me and Han Yin.


I also looked over and saw a hand that was tightly held.


“…” I realized that something was wrong, and let go of my hand suddenly, obviously not doing anything, but with a guilty conscience, I couldn’t even look directly at Song Bai Lao.


“You have quite a lot of guests.” His eyes seemed to have a layer of frost, not too cold, but very cool.


In front of the powerful Alpha, Han Yin, who jumped out of the way, obediently put aside his hands and feet, stood up prudently and bowed slightly to Song Bai Lao.


“Hello, I’m Han Yin, it’s… an online we-media who came to interview Ning Yu.”


Song Bai Lao glanced at her casually, not caring who she was.


“Is there anything else you can do?”


Han Yin was startled, he was half a reporter anyway, so there was always a wink.
She immediately took her things and said hurriedly: “No, no, I’ll go now!”


Walking behind Song Bai Lao, he secretly made a gesture of “call me” at me.


Before I could say anything, Song Bai Lao looked back with a gloomy face as if he felt something.
Han Yin smeared oil on the soles of his feet a second before he completely turned around and slipped quickly.


I got into trouble and, I crushed my toes, and I wanted to run away.


“Take the young master to play.” Song Bai Lao handed Song Mo to the servant beside him, and shot me with a knife, “Come with me.”


I swallowed and followed him upstairs and into the room.


He heard the door closing and turned around with a cold face.


“She, she’s my…” I explained to him, using newly learned vocabulary, “die loyal fan.”


His brows became even tighter: “In the future, you are not allowed to call anyone into your house without my consent.”

After losing the right to make friends again, I lost the right to meet guests again.
However, this is his house, his home, and he has the final say.


I stared at my toes, and said “Oh” in a low voice: “Okay, I will change to meet guests outside.”


The sound of footsteps stomping on the carpet sounded in my ears, and soon, a pair of bright lights appeared in my field of vision.
leather shoes.


“Are you trying to make me angry on purpose?” Song Bai grabbed my wrist sluggishly and pulled me towards him with a bad expression, “Men and women, I don’t let you go, what are you trying to do?”


I looked at him blankly, not understanding what he meant.


We were so close that our chests were almost touching.
My wrist hurt a little, I struggled and said, “Let go of me first, I’ll just listen to you.”


He pressed my stamina, not too heavy, but not too light, that feeling was very lame, as if he was about to break my neck in the next moment.


I put my other hand on his chest, trying to distance himself.
He sensed my intention and suddenly increased his strength.
The pain in the back of my neck and wrist made me suffocate.


“Look at your appearance…” he said through gritted teeth, his eyes gradually darkened, and the sound disappeared in the movement of leaning down.


What am I like?


He bit my lower lip and kissed me fiercely as if he was going to eat me up.


The five fingers resting on the chest slowly tightened, changing from resisting to grasping.
His attack was so fast that I couldn’t resist, and I was gradually defeated, and I couldn’t breathe.


“Umm…” I was speechless and had to make a series of meaningless syllables to show weakness.


He let go of me and finally licked the corner of my lips as he left, causing a tingling pain that must have caused him to bite again.


My chest was heaving up and down, breathing heavily.


“Take away your ability to attract bees and butterflies.” He wiped the fluid from my lips and said bluntly, “If I find you messing around behind my back, I will definitely not let you go.”


He was rude, rubbing the wound on the corner of my lips: “Remember your identity.”


I hissed in pain.


What the hell is he talking about? What attracts bees and butterflies, what is chaos?


Did he start to use his imagination again, thinking that I was not only a scheming, but also a seductive coquette?


It’s really wrong.


I can always scold him in my heart, but it’s not like that when I say it out loud.


“I won’t.” I said obediently, “Don’t worry, I know that I am ‘Mrs.
Song’, and I know who I belong to.”


He narrowed his eyes and asked knowingly, “Who?”


I sighed inwardly.



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