Holding the toilet, I spit out all the liquid in my stomach.
Because the vomiting was so violent, the muscles all over my body tightened uncontrollably, and tears flowed.
After I had nothing to vomit, I sat down on the ground and felt a little weak.


“Hey, are you alright?”


I pressed the water button, I pulled some tissue, wiped the dirt and tears from my face, and turned to look at Song Bai Lao at the door.


He was holding the door frame, and there was something very “worried” on his face.
But in the blink of an eye, the eyebrows gradually rose, the thin lips were pressed into an inhuman straight line, and the expression on that face returned to the more familiar “impatient”.


“Speak.” He walked into the bathroom, squatted in front of me, hesitated for two seconds, raised his hand and touched my forehead.


It was dark and bright in front of me, and my skin touched the heat source of the iron.
I slightly lifted my lips and let out a barely audible sigh.


“There was a little motion sickness on the way back…”


Before I could finish speaking, Song Bai Lao retracted his palm.


What a pity…


What a pity, I don’t know why I vomited until my head was dazed, but the idea was very clear for a moment.


He stood up and stretched out his hand to me: “Can you get up?”


I hesitated for a while, looked at him for a moment, and finally determined that he really meant to help me up, so I took his hand.



My knees were numb and weak, and I swayed a bit, staggering into his arms to stabilize my body.


“Thank you.” The shoulders slammed into his strong chest, through the thin shirt, for a moment, I even felt that I could feel the heartbeat under his flesh.


He wrapped his arms around my waist, half hugging and half hugging me out of the bathroom.


“What else is wrong with you?”


“Just… dizzy and vomiting.”


Aunt Jiu Jiu, who had been waiting outside the door for a long time, saw us coming out, and hurriedly came over: “What’s the matter? Do you want to see a doctor?”


Song Bai Lao said: “Luo Meng Bai went abroad to attend a seminar, and will come back after a month.”


Aunt Jiu lost her mind: “Then…”


“No.” I interrupted the two of them, “It’s just motion sickness, just need to take a rest.”


“Then let the chef cook some porridge for you?” Aunt Jiu sent a proposal.


I shook my head: “I don’t have an appetite, just prepare me some water, nothing else.”


Aunt Jiu: “Okay, I’ll bring it to you later.”


Song Bai Lao helped me to lie down on the bed, didn’t left, but sat down on the edge of the bed.


I was still a little uncomfortable, so I ignored him.


“Do you still want to throw up?”


I sank into the soft feather pillow, and my consciousness gradually became dizzy.


“No.” I closed my eyes, “I’m just tired.”


In the dimness, a hand seemed to be stroking me all the way from the top of my hair, with gentle movements, dragging fingertips down, face, neck, shoulders, and finally across the quilt rests on the abdomen.


“Is it really motion sickness?” His voice was more erratic and gentle than his movements, approaching a murmur.


I tried my best to open my eyes to answer him, but I didn’t succeed.
I didn’t know whether to say this bed was too sleepy or I was too easy to sleep.


At night, I felt thirsty and woke up once, people are not very awake, everything is more like acting on instinct.


I may have been unconsciously thirsty or fumbled for water, and I was quickly helped to sit up, leaning my back against a warm “wall”, with rain on my lips.
I took two sips with the cup in my hand, a little anxious, and accidentally choked up.


“How come you can’t drink water?” “That wall” removed the cup, his tone displeased, as if marveling at how useless I could be.


After coughing, I rolled to the side, rolled up the quilt again and fell asleep.
Because the “wall” was annoying, I pulled up the quilt and covered my head.


The sound of the cup being lowered heavily came from my ears, revealing a deep dissatisfaction.


After a few days, my hand recovered well and I went to the hospital to have the bandage removed.
The doctor said not to lift heavy objects first, and everything else can be used freely, so I restarted the live broadcast.


It may be that the previous lawsuit aroused the curiosity of passers-by.
The number of my online viewers did not decrease because of my long-term leave, but it was more than the previous 72-hour live production of “Dragon Palace”.
I don’t know that these people are from where did it come from.


“Because the doctor told me not to use my right hand too much at once, let’s do a piping practice today.
First find a beautiful large plate from home…” I showed the camera that I found it myself, the pure white European-style embossed dinner plate, “a big plate like this.”


[I checked, five figures, can’t afford it…]


[Can’t afford +1]


Watching “can’t afford” on the screen, I was stunned for a while, and embarrassedly said: “I just found it casually, I didn’t know this plate was so expensive…” I laughed dryly, “Yes, it may be misplaced, this should be a collectible.”


I read it the day before yesterday .
WhenAunt Jiu used it to serve fish, I remembered that Song Mo had accidentally smashed a similar-looking bowl…


“I made the buttercream in advance and just took it out of the refrigerator.
Now you can mix in the desired coloring.” I dipped a toothpick into the purple pigment and added it to the buttercream, and stirred it twice quickly without stirring.
“It’s summer, let’s teach you how to make hydrangea.”


Flower bag, hold the piping pin with your left hand, and squeeze out the buttercream evenly with your right hand while rotating the base.


“Momo? He’s in class…yes, he’s going to school at home.” After making a few hydrangea, I adjusted the colors and made some Austin roses.


Speaking of which, there seem to be two Austin roses planted in the yard.
On the sunny side, the flower climbing frame blooms spectacularly.
The pink cabbage-like flowers have withstood the test of the scorching sun and continue to bloom in this summer.


[I apologize for scolding the anchor in the past, and it turns out that Chang Xingze is not a good thing, and even sells cakes made with expired ingredients! Rubbish!]


My hand paused, lost because of this comment: “Expired raw materials?”


I thought it must not be what I thought, but the answer given on the screen was the opposite.


The lawsuit against me for the right of reputation is not optimistic.
Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping broke the scandal of making pastries with expired ingredients.
Although it is said that the law of heaven is going back in circles and the retribution is unhappy, I have a deep affection for Xu Mei Ren, and I don’t want to see it go to an end because of such a thing.


Its birth is full of gentle colors, and the curtain should not be so stained.


After the live broadcast, I was a little absent-minded.
After finishing the plate mounting, I hurriedly stopped the live broadcast and asked the driver to take me to Xu Mei Ren.


Halfway through, I received an email from Amber’s backstage, saying that a food circle self-media with millions of fans wanted to interview me and asked me if I would like it.


I thought there was nothing I couldn’t agree to, so I replied yes.


The driver took me to the front of Xu Mei Ren’s store, but within a month, there was a long queue at the entrance to the door, and now it’s even affixed with a seal.


Looking at the huge cross on the door, I was in a complicated mood, heartache and frustration.
I just wanted to ask Xiang Ping out to fight again to see if there was any brain in his head, and if it was empty.


“Senior brother?”


Hearing the familiar voice, I turned my head quickly, and sure enough, I saw Xiao Zhu standing not far behind me with a box of sundries.


She was wearing a regular dress and had a ponytail.
The bright smile on her face was all gone, and her whole person was very gray and gloomy.


I saw a lot of personal belongings in her box and asked her, “What’s going on?”


Xiao Zhu lowered her eyes and said, “After the store was closed, Brother Xingze left, and Senior Brother couldn’t be contacted.
My parents wanted me to go back to my hometown.
I came here today to get something, and I may not be back in the future.”


“I didn’t ask you this, I asked you…why does Xu Mei Ren use expired raw materials?” I stared at her sternly, not letting go of her every expression.


Xiao Zhu lowered her head even lower: “It’s none of my business, it’s all about Senior Brother… He said it doesn’t matter if it’s a day or two overdue, and he also said that everyone does this.”


“You forgot how Master taught us back then.
Is it?” I also searched for those reports in the car, and it didn’t look like what she said was about a day or two overdue.
Some ingredients even had worms, and some mildew spots had grown.
When I thought that I once bought such a problem cake for Song Mo to eat, I felt a pain in my chest, and I was so angry that I couldn’t breathe, and I regretted why I didn’t beat Xiang Ping to death that day.


“People can’t stand without faith, and industry can’t thrive without faith.
He has only been gone for two years, and you swallowed his words into a dog’s stomach?” I rarely say such heavy words, but today I can’t bear it.


Xiao Zhu seemed to be frightened by me, and even started crying intermittently.


“I’m sorry senior brother…” She looked up at me, her eyes filled with tears, “I’m not worthy of being a master’s disciple… I don’t have the face to see him… We lost Xu Mei Ren, what should I do… Xu Mei Ren Woo…Woo…Ugh…”


My words completely overwhelmed her psychological defense line, and she crouched down to the ground with a box in her arms and burst into tears.
People on the road were all looking at us, with curious eyes and surprised expressions.
I didn’t say anything to comfort her, and I didn’t want to comfort her.
I stared at her for a while, clenched my fists, and turned away without turning my head.


When I got back to the mountain by car, it was getting late.


The crows in the forest let out a hoarse cry, and the cloudless sky showed a beautiful transition, from purple to orange, and gradually extended to the horizon.


I got out of the car and saw a figure sitting on a swing in the yard.


There are children at home, and a children’s play area has been specially opened in the yard, which can be reached through the archway that climbs the full moon.
In addition to the slide sand pool, there is also a white double swing chair.


I stand under the arch, my nose is full of the aroma of roses.
In the setting sun, Song Bai Lao hugged Song Mo and pushed the swing with his toes reluctantly.


“It’s been five minutes, can you come in?”


Song Mo may not be so close to him often, his face is full of apprehension, and every time the swing swings, he will be excited again, and this cycle is really funny.


“Five more minutes?” He discussed with Song Bai Lao.


Song Bai Lao looked down at him, and finally exhaled heavily and said, “Two minutes.”


How could this person be so impatient in parent-child time?


“I’ll play with him.” At the same time as I said, I walked towards them.


Song Mo’s eyes lit up, and he stretched out his arms to me: “Mom!”


I took him into my arms and sat next to Song Bai Lao.


“It’s supposed to be dinner in half an hour.
We won’t play until then, okay?”


Song Mo sat facing me, and I could only see the top of his thick hair.


He nodded slightly: “Okay.”


As long as you reason with him, he is always very obedient.


I rocked the swing, but Song Bai Lao didn’t walk aside.
Instead, he slightly raised his long legs and enjoyed the fun of swinging.


“You…” Didn’t you just get impatient to enter the room?


“I also liked swinging when I was a child, but it’s not like this, it’s a single person, the kind that can fly very high.” He stretched his arms on the back of the chair, looking up at the sunset in the sky, “Luo Qinghe pushed behind me, my mother is right in front to protect me from falling.”


The “mother” in his mouth should be Song Xiao.
In this way, his childhood can be said to be very happy.


I wanted to ask him if he had ever approached Song Xiao later, and whether he was blaming her, but I was afraid of touching his back.


Some things he said he could, I asked, he may not be happy to talk about it.


“I didn’t swing when I was a kid.” He looked over, and I continued, “My mother never took me to play with them.”


Ning Shi was busy dealing with various Alphas all day, so how could she spend some personal time with me when she was free?


Song Bai Lao smiled lightly when he heard the words: “Then you are miserable too.”


After ten minutes of swinging, he answered a call and went in.
I held Song Mo and swinging for a while, and the phone rang.


When I saw it was Ning Shi, I was afraid that something was wrong with Youyou, so I quickly picked it up.




“Go to a place where there is no one to answer the phone.”


I was taken aback, looked around, then looked at Song Mo in my arms, and said, “Tell me, there is no one around me.”


“You, Is it possible to do everything for the sake of the child?” Ning Shi’s voice was calm and contained an inexplicable ruthlessness.


I clenched my phone tightly: “What do you mean?”


“You help me do something, and I will give you another 10 million after it’s done.
With this money, you can live well with Youyou.”


She gave me 20,000,000 to let me marry Song Bai Lao, and now she uses 10,000,000 yuan to let me do something for her, which must not be a good thing.


“What are you going to do?”


“Yun Sheng wants some information.
You just need to open Song Bai Lao’s computer, plug in the flash memory disk I gave you, and then you can get ten million.
How, it’s simple, right? ”


She said it so lightly that I almost believed it.


“This is a commercial espionage.” I asked her in a low voice, “Isn’t the Zhu family ready to sign a strategic agreement with Xia Sheng? Why did you do this?”


Ning Shi was silent for a moment, and then his tone became colder when he spoke again: ” It’s better to rely on yourself.
Do you really think they will share their core technology? What you give to the Zhu family is just some of the waste they use, which is worthless.
You have no nostalgia for Song Bai Lao anyway, and doing so is a complete win-win.
Why don’t you do it? Don’t forget that the Zhu family is your backing, without us you are nothing.”


The words “it is better to rely on yourself” came out of her mouth and she didn’t even feel a pain in her face.


They did everything possible for me to marry Song Bai Lao, but to build an alliance and become stronger together, and now they want me to be a commercial spy.
Could it be that they had this idea in the first place? Why did Ning Shi only say it now?


My mind was in a mess, I couldn’t figure it out, and I always felt that I had missed some details.


“What if, if I don’t do it?”


This time she was silent for a longer time: “I’ll give you a few days to think about it, you don’t have to reply me so quickly.
If you don’t do it, I won’t do anything to you, after all.
It’s my son, can I still eat you?”


After hearing her last sentence, I couldn’t help shivering, and I felt a chill down on my spine.

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