While waiting for the verdict, Luo Qinghe suddenly came to the door.


When Aunt Jiu told me that the other party was about to come up from the mountain, the first thought in my mind was: I’m going to be scolded by him.


But when he entered the door, his eyes only wandered around my face, and he didn’t mention the lawsuit, nor did he say that I would start the live broadcast again.
It’s easy to ask if I was shocked that night at the charity reception.
I don’t know what he meant, but this kind of sentence is like “Have you eaten?” Sincerely.


I even said no, saying that thanks to Song Bai Lao that day, I was not frightened.


Luo Qinghe nodded, no more questions, and turned his head to let Aunt Jiu bring Song Mo down.


I was stunned and said, “Are you going to take Momo outside?”


Luo Qinghe stood there, tall and straight like a pine and cypress, with a detached and cold temperament, such an Alpha who seems to be always calm and restrained, it is hard to imagine that he would be irrational to Song Bai.


“Today is the death day of Yanchi and Ah Qiao.”


Yanchi, Ah Qiao… Xia Yanchi and Xia Qiao? They died on the same day?


It turned out that he didn’t come to visit Song Mo, but to take him to sacrifice.


Aunt Jiu quickly hugged the neatly dressed Song Mo.
When Song Mo was handed over to Luo Qinghe’s arms, he seemed very well-behaved and quiet, and he took the initiative to wrap his arms around Luo Qinghe’s neck.


But when it was time to leave, he couldn’t help showing a little anxiety when he saw that I was parked at the door with no intention of getting in the car.


“Isn’t Mom going?”


Luo Qinghe paused and frowned, “Mom?”


It’s bad, he won’t have the same paranoia as Song Bai Lao, think I’m going to plot against their family, right?


He tilted his head slightly, his eyes were sharp, I froze all over, and the hairs on my back stood up.


But he just glanced at me, then looked back, and said to Song Mo: “He won’t go.” Song Mo looked a little disappointed, but obediently didn’t make trouble, and waved at me across the car window before leaving.


Watching them leave, it took me a while to turn back into the house.


Xia Qiao chose to commit suicide on the anniversary of her son’s death.
She must have loved her child very much.


Speaking of which, I have also seen Xia Yanchi.


Song Bai Lao got into a fight and smashed the nose of an Alpha in the same grade.
The school invited the parents, but it was unknown whether Xia Qiao and Luo Qinghe were not there, but Xia Yanchi, the stepbrother, who came to lead him.


At that time, they had just come out of the principal’s office.
They went downstairs and I went upstairs.
Two groups of people almost collided at the stairs.


The young man who suddenly appeared around the corner made me cry out in surprise.
Xia Yanchi was also startled by me, stepped back and bumped into Song Bai Lao behind him.


Song Bai Lao held his shoulders and looked at me with a frown: “Look at where you walk.”


The corners of his mouth were slightly bruised, and he looked more and more “bad”.


Although I didn’t think it was because I didn’t see clearly when I was walking, I still apologized: “I’m sorry, are you all right?”


This was the first time I saw Xia Yanchi.
His skin was fair, it could even be said that he was bloodless, and he could not help but feel weak.
Unlike Xia Qiao’s cowardice who seems to have no opinion, he is a weak and lack of health.


Xia Yanchi glanced at me while covering his heart.
He didn’t know whether he didn’t accept my apology or didn’t care about my apology.
After standing up straight, he didn’t pay any attention to me.


That attitude cannot be said to be disgusting, at most it is just indifference, but it is also very uncomfortable.


The next day, while I was having dinner on the rooftop, Song Bai Lao came up.
I threw a bag of small biscuits in the face, he caught it, and when he saw that it was not a hidden weapon but a snack, he raised his eyebrows slightly.


“Why are you so angry?”


I bowed my head to eat without saying a word.


He sat down beside me and dropped the biscuits into his mouth, biting them crunching.


Suddenly, Song Bai Lao said without warning, “Are you angry with yesterday?”


I stopped chewing the food in my mouth, and lowered my head and poked the rice under my hands.




But he seemed to have decided that I was concerned about something, and went on and on.


“He’s like that.
He’s been in bad health since he was a child, he has problems with his heart and lungs, and he doesn’t have any friends, so his temper is very strange.” He sneered, “Sometimes I can’t stand him.”


Although I don’t think I’m angry, but listening to what he said, my mood was a bit clearer.


The second time I saw Xia Yanchi was a year later.


I already knew by then that I was pregnant, and panic was not enough to describe how I felt at the time.


I couldn’t find anyone to discuss it, and after thinking about it, I had to find another party to discuss this “accidental” issue.


Song Bai Lao University went to the capital and was not local in Xiangtan.
I could only wait for him to return home after his holiday and then look for him.


I remember the weather was bad that day, it was about to cool down, the sky was overcast and the air was full of humidity.


I waited for a long time at the door of Song Bai Lao’s house.
The servant said he was not there, but I didn’t believe it.
I have been waiting outside the door since it was dark in the morning, and I didn’t see anyone going out during that time.
It was just an excuse to say that no one was there.


I waited from morning to afternoon, and the wind gradually picked up, and the cold air pierced the bones.


At this moment, the door of the villa, which was always locked, slowly opened to both sides, and a black extended luxury car drove out from it.


This is the first time in a long time that I have seen someone come out of it.


I stood up immediately, and regardless of who was sitting inside, I threw myself on the door and started slapping the windows.


Soon, the car window was lowered, Song Bai Lao’s face wearing a bite stopper gradually revealed, and Xia Yanchi was sitting beside him.


“What are you doing?” He scolded me in a low voice with a dark face, “I said I didn’t want to see you again, right? How long will you be stalking?”


I slammed the window to prevent him from rising again: “I have something to tell to you, just five minutes, give me five minutes!”


He stared at me, and after a few seconds, I felt the door opening, and I hurriedly stepped aside.
In the next instant, Song Bai Lao pushed open the car door angrily and stepped out of the car.


“Two minutes for you.” He walked to the side of the road, about five or six meters away from the car, stopped and mercifully gave me two minutes.


“That day…that pheromone, and that letter, I didn’t do it.” I clenched the hem of my clothes tightly, “I don’t know either, I didn’t mean to design you.”


Song Bai Lao stared at me, and suddenly smiled.
When I raise my head up, my heart sank to the bottom.
This smile was all too familiar to me.
It was contempt and disdain.
It was not an expression of “trust”.


Sure enough, his words are not good words.


“The letter is in your handwriting, and the words above are what you once told me.
You asked me to go to the equipment room and put the letter into my hand.
Now if it’s not you, Why, you’re looking at this trick.
It’s useless for me, do you want to find another way to say that someone forced you?”


I opened my mouth, not knowing how to respond to him for a while.
He has already decided that I am full of scheming, dirty and lowly, how can I convince him that all this is Zhu Li’s calculations with just one mouth?


“That’s why you don’t trust me.” I gradually loosened my fingers, and the nervousness in my heart calmed down in these two short sentences.


That cluster of flames with small expectations was finally extinguished by Song Bai Lao indifferently and violently.


“Trust you? Do you think I’m an idiot?” Every word he spat out was like a knife, stabbing me with precision.
It was painful at first, and then became numb.


“The tactics you used against me are what I hate the most.
You should be thankful that I didn’t kill you on the spot.
How can you still have the face to make me believe you?”


I was actually mentally prepared, but when he said these words, the feeling of suffocation, the feeling of all the blood freezing, still made me feel uncomfortable.


Now that he no longer trusts me, I don’t want to continue to struggle with this.


“If you don’t believe it, it’s more important for me to find you.”


I pursed my lips, thinking about how to say this to make him less disgusting.




“Are you okay? Dad is urging.” At this moment, a voice came from the direction of the car.


Some things are really destined.
When Xia Yanchi makes a bad voice, it happens at this time.


He lowered the car window, revealing half of his face, and his expression was not too impatient, but this sentence was enough.


Song Bai Lao was urged by him, and said, “Okay.” He stopped looking at me, turned around and was about to get back into the car.


In a hurry, I stretched out a hand and hurriedly grabbed his arm.
The flesh under the palm of the other hand seemed to be throbbing, and I gripped the fabric of my abdomen even tighter.


“Wait, I seem to be…”


“Don’t touch me!” He reacted violently, shaking my hand away, his expression instantly becoming extremely terrifying.


I froze there in horror, daring not to stop me, I could only let him go away.


He hated me so much that I deeply realized that in his eyes, I had completely turned into a disgusting garbage, a shameless villain with a lot of lies.
The way he looked at me became exactly the same as those A and O in the school.


I stood on the side of the road for a while, until I shivered from the cold wind, and then I started to walk down the mountain.


It was so hard to die that it started to rain halfway through.
Song Bai Lao and his family lived in a remote place, and there were very few taxis on the road.
Even if there was a rare empty car, they would stop and drive because they didn’t want to take me, a jerk.


I took shelter from the rain on the bus platform and waited for a bus.


In desperation, I got on the bus, and it took me a while to get home.


I dragged in exhausted and walked in.
Ning Shi happened to come downstairs and was a little surprised to see me soaking wet.


“Why are you so wet?” She looked at me with disgust, “Don’t stand stupidly, go take a shower.”


The room was very quiet, Zhu Yun Sheng was not there, and Zhu Li went abroad.
It’s a servant, so they should all be staying in their own room in the basement now.


There was water dripping from my fingertips, and there was no heat in my body, and I felt like I would fall to the ground in the next moment.


I looked at her and didn’t move.


“I seem to be pregnant.”


Faced with this shocking thunder, Ning Shi was stunned for two seconds, and suddenly her face became very gloomy and terrifying.


She rudely pulled me into the room, lifted my soaked blouse, and gasped when she saw my slightly protruding belly.




I said without hesitation, “I don’t know.”


Ning Shi slapped me mercilessly, my ears buzzing, and my face turned to one side.


Everything after that was another nightmare.


Song Mo returned to the mountain with Song Bai Lao in the evening, but Luo Qinghe didn’t follow, so he must have separated from Song Bai Lao and his son after the sacrifice.


After the meal, Song Bai Lao went to the library and asked people not to disturb him.


He didn’t seem to be in a good mood when I looked at him.
He wondered if it was because of the sacrifice to the Xia family that reminded him of the tragedy of his parents again.


He locked himself in the library, sent wine twice from Aunt Jiu, and didn’t come out until ten o’clock.


In the middle of the night, I fell into a daze when I was suddenly hugged from behind by a scorching human body that smelled of alcohol.


I was so frightened that I almost jumped out of bed, but the people behind me couldn’t let me struggle and locked me tightly in their arms.


“Don’t move, go to sleep.”


Song Bai Lao’s vague voice rang in my ear, and I shivered uncontrollably, but didn’t move.


He was injured and I was injured before, and we haven’t slept in the same bed for a long time.


I don’t know what happened to him, what kind of stimulation he got, but I didn’t ask, just let him hug him all night.


He slept soundly, but I slept very painfully.

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