He kissed me, stuck his tongue in my mouth and fiddled, his teeth biting my lips.


“Ummhh..” I felt a pain in my mouth and couldn’t help pushing him.


The canine teeth are sharp, biting my lower lip without much force.
The pain spread from his continuous kissing, not intense, but distinct.


He picked me up in his arms and strode over to the bed.
In terms of posture, I can only wrap my hands around his neck to keep my body balanced.


“Did he just bump into you?” He fell down on the bed with me, his face very close.


I stared at him breathlessly, my mind blank.


He couldn’t wait for my answer, so he tutted softly and licked my neck from bottom to top with his wet tongue across my face.


I lifted my waist and arched my body, shaking uncontrollably.
Maybe he inhaled less, so he didn’t completely lose his mind like the previous alpha, but he was still rude and eager, and he didn’t even have time to take safety measures.


“…You still have a tattoo in front of you.” He licked his canine teeth, sweat dripping from his body, and his forehead hair was wet and scattered, looking a little “irregular”.


He said that he was going to touch the tattoo, and I suddenly became nervous and covered it with both hands so that he would not touch it.


“Don’t touch…”


He just looked at the scar, and my heart seemed to be clenched and breathless.
If I touched it, I didn’t know what would happen to me.
The right hand is wearing a fixed bandage, and the layers of white wrapped are really very eye-catching.


He paused for a while, but didn’t force my hand, and his fingers changed direction halfway, moved to a slightly lower position, and circled them like a play.


I bit my lip and let out a shaky moan, my body shaking more and more.


“Why do you want to get a tattoo here?” He choked on it tightly, his tone swaying and fluctuating with the rhythm, showing a little bit of gnashing of teeth, “Who do you want to show such a dirty place?”


He increased his strength harshly, my teeth loosened, and an uncontrollable moan burst out.


“No… don’t…let go…” My injured hand was still clutching the tattoo, and the other hand refused to push his waist and abdomen, and when I found that I couldn’t shake him at all, I went to break his evil one.


His movements were getting faster and faster, and my mind was in chaos.
My fingers went from digging between his fingers to clasping his hand.


Suddenly, my body reached the threshold, I raised my neck, my lips were slightly opened, my fingertips were stiff and taut, and my whole body was like a bow drawn to the extreme.


Wanted to scream, but couldn’t make any sound.


After a while, he suddenly collapsed on the bed, feeling that every bone and every inch of flesh and blood in his body was dripping in a warm ocean, numb and pleasant.
I relaxed, and the fingers that held him gradually slipped down.
Just when he was about to break away completely, he grabbed it, squeezed his fingers between them, and buckled it on the bed.


Thoughts have not completely returned to the body, and the reaction is entirely instinctive.
I found that he was about to press down and use the other hand to block, but he also clasped his wrist and pressed it to the side of his face.


I still have a fractured wrist, which usually doesn’t hurt, but he definitely won’t be able to hold it like that.


I groaned in pain, “Mmhh…”


Song Bai Lao moved his palm up, his fingers squeezed between them, forming a posture of interlocking with me.


This time he was no longer in the way, completely covering me, and reaching a depth that had never been seen before.
Then he stood still, his messy breathing accompanied by a light hum that seemed to be relieved, his muscles as hard as a stone.


I involuntarily tightened my fingers, turned my face aside, and endured the discomfort in my body.


All of a sudden, I felt that while he kept pumping, he started to form knots.
The long-lost, unfamiliar and familiar feeling reappeared.
The old nightmare made me struggle subconsciously, desperately trying to escape.


But since the prey has been nailed to thorns, as a hunter, how could Song Bai Lao easily let me go.


He firmly suppressed me with an unbelievable terrifying force, bared his teeth and roared at me, not allowing me any resistance.


I kept begging him, staring at those red eyes eroded by lust, crying weakly in pain.


He was annoyed by me.
For a few moments, he would show that fierce look that wanted to bite through my throat, but he would quickly withdraw it all.
I was so frightened that I had to hold my voice in my stomach, only to let out two vague pain groans when I couldn’t help it.


He looked down at me, exhaling hot air, frowning tightly.


I saw a deeper desire and possessiveness in his eyes, and I realized that the knot would not satisfy him, and he wanted to “mark” me.
And just like in response to my thoughts, he suddenly opened his mouth, showing his fangs, and he couldn’t restrain his instinct and urge to gradually bully my neck.
I blinked, and I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or something else on my eyelashes, seeping into my eyes and blurring my vision.


“Song Bai Lao…” I called his name with a trembling voice.
It was my last begging, and it was also a little bit of luck.


I could even feel the wet heat of his breath on my neck, where he paused, wondering if my voice had brought him back to his senses.


“Song Bai Lao, don’t do this…” I was about to make persistent efforts, but he suddenly let go of one hand and roughly pressed my side face on the bed, exposing the back of my neck, and biting on it.


In any case, Alpha is not immune to instinct.


I gasped, my free hand pressed against his back, my fingernails grabbed his flesh, and I truthfully reflected my pain.


I don’t know how long I slept, when I woke up from the bed with pain all over my body, I opened my eyes and found that I was no longer in the hotel, but went home.


I sat up with difficulty, my body aches and my neck hurts, but I have taken medicine again, and I can feel the slightest coolness in the pain.


Glancing at the clock on the bedside, I realized that it was not only the second day, but eight o’clock in the evening the next day.
That is, I slept the whole day.


No, it should be more accurate to use stun.


I leaned against the head of the bed, my stomach making a series of hungry hums as I regained consciousness.


There was a sofa chair beside the bed.
I don’t know which servant looked after me here before, but the other party obviously left now, and I don’t know when he will come back.


Just when I was hesitating whether or not to call someone, the door of the room so coincidentally leaked at this moment, and Song Mo held on to the door to reveal a small face.


He was visibly stunned when he saw me awake.


“Momo…” Just as I was about to greet him to enter the room, he turned around and ran without warning, and the sound of footsteps from near to far disappeared at the end of the corridor.


After a while, another hurried footsteps came, and Aunt Jiu opened the door with a happy face.
Seeing that I was awake, she seemed greatly relieved.


Ning, you’re awake.” She came to my bed and pressed her dry and warm palm to my forehead, “It’s also gone, that’s great.”


No wonder I didn’t have any strength, and there was a faint growth in the crevices of my bones.
Pain, it turned out to be a fever.


I said, “Is there anything to eat? I’m hungry.”


“I have something, I’ll go down and serve it up.” Aunt Jiu said as she walked out the door quickly.


“Little Master? Why don’t you go in?” Her voice came from outside the door, “It’s alright, Mr.
Ning has recovered from his illness now and won’t be disturbed by you.
Go in and find him.”


Song Mo was gently pushed Coming in, he stood at the door for a moment.


“Come here.” I waved at him.


He was like a suffocated puppy, he got the order and sprinted towards me, calling “Mom”, and kept coquettish.


I patted his head and teased: “Why are you more clingy if you haven’t seen me for a day?”


Song Mo leaned on me and looked up at me: “Because I was worried about you.”


I touched him gently and asked him, “What are you worried about me?”


“I’m worried that you’ll be mad at me and Dad, and you’ll never wake up again.”


I smiled: “No, I just have a fever, I’m just sick, I’m not angry with you and Dad, why do you think that I won’t wake up?”


Song Mo frowned and thought for a moment: “Because Dad said…”


“Song Mo.”


Song Mo and I looked at the door at the same time, and Song Bai Lao’s tall and straight figure appeared there at an unknown time.


He walked towards me, and as soon as I saw him, I remembered the tragic last night, tightened my arms around Song Mo, and shrank into the bed.


Song Bai Lao’s footsteps paused slightly, and then approached again.


“How do you feel?”


Nothing but pain.


“It’s okay.” I looked up at him and smiled.


Then we were speechless.
Maybe Song Bai Lao also consciously felt guilty, or maybe he took into account the presence of children, so it’s hard to say too much about last night.


Song Mo sticked to me and talked for a while, and then Aunt Jiu came in with a small table, followed by two servants, holding a clay pot and a set of tableware.


Aunt Jiu put the table on my bed, and the other two servants put the porridge in the pot into bowls and put it on the small table.


This is a pot of porridge that you can’t tell how many ingredients are added, but the smell is absolutely delicious and fragrant.


I was eating porridge, and Song Bai Lao asked Aunt Jiu to take Song Mo to bed.
I saw that it was almost 8:30, and it was time for the child to go to bed.


Song Mo didn’t want to leave at first, Song Bai Lao’s face sank, and he was about to get angry.
I hurried in front of him and said, “Be good, otherwise mom doesn’t like you anymore.”


Song Mo’s face turned pale, as if he was hurt by me.


I was so distressed that I just wanted to comfort him, but he lowered his head, walked silently to Aunt Jiu, and held her hand, which meant compromise.


Aunt Jiupicked him up and coaxed, “Don’t be sad, young master.
Ning has to rest, and you have to rest too.
Let’s come back tomorrow, shall we?” The old woman and the young man went out together with two servants.


Song Bai Lao sat on the sofa chair beside the bed, staring at my profile without saying a word.


I ate a few mouthfuls of porridge, but I couldn’t hold back, and turned my head to look at him.


After staring at each other for a few seconds, Song Bai Lao said, “It’s easy for you to come to your mother now.”


As soon as I choked, the delicious food in my mouth was a little hard to swallow.




“Do you want children?”


I looked at him in shock, unable to react for a moment.


His eyes fell on my stomach, and he quickly moved away: “Even if you want, I can’t let you give birth to my child.”


Well, now the taste in my mouth is not only hard to swallow, but even bitter.


I said dryly: “I know.”


“Yesterday, I didn’t have time to wear a condom.” He paused, “If you have a child because of this…”


I interrupted him and said lightly: “No, there will be no children.”


Even if he is reluctant, I have already given birth to the child, he can put it back if he has the ability.


He frowned: “I mean ‘if’, although Beta is not so easy to get pregnant, but who can say this kind of thing? In case you have a child…”


In order to show my sense of current affairs, I quickly answered: ” Then don’t, destroy it.”


Anyway, this is impossible.


Song Bai Lao loosened his brows and looked at me for a while.
He leaned back in the chair and looked a little gloomy under the light.


“Very good,” he said softly, and then again, “very good.”

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