Chapter 25 – If Only Omega Is Enough, Why Give Beta The Possibility Of Giving Birth To Life? Is This The Kindness Or Cruelty Of The C20?

Everything after that is like a sudden catastrophe, a disaster that no one can predict.


The fire was wrapped, the pain swept through, the limbs and bones seemed to be crushed into debris in the wind, duckweed in the waves.
Under the absolute power of Alpha, my struggles are useless and ridiculous, as if I want to refuse and welcome.


In the swaying sight, the light coming in through the transom became more and more dim, until it fell into complete darkness.


Song Bai Lao has completely turned into a ferocious, lust-chasing beast.
He leaned close to my neck, opened his mouth and seemed to want to bite down, but was blocked by the bite stopper, so he could only growl in annoyance while gripping my wrist harder.


The air is filled with a strong fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, as if to drown people in this fragrant aroma.


In the past two years, although Song Bai Lao and I have only been able to interact with each other on the rooftop, our relationship has not always been so pleasant.
But it is undeniable that there is some kind of connection between us, a kind of friendship.
To say that friendship is too heavy, and to say that they cherish each other is also disgusting.
After thinking about it, it can probably be called “friends of gentlemen”.
Cool as water, a trickle, and illuminated by the bright afternoon sun, it can also give birth to a fleeting eagerness.


Such a handful of cold water suddenly boiled without any preparation, it was so hot that I couldn’t stop crying, and I was about to die.
What’s more terrifying is that after the seemingly endless conquest and plunder, I ushered in the real pain of hell – he ended up.


Alpha will only form knots in estrus, which is conducive to better Omega conception.
But I’m not an Omega, and my body doesn’t have the flexibility of an Omega.
Although Beta also has a fertility sac in its body, we are actually not suitable for childbearing.
After the fetus is full-term, Beta must choose a caesarean section to give birth to a child.
Our body has no way to give birth naturally.


In that long process, every minute was suffering, as if a hammer was hitting my internal organs and scraping my flesh and blood, which made me so painful that I just wanted to escape.
But whenever I climb out shivering and try to throw off the hammer, I will be grabbed by song Bai Lao and dragged back mercilessly.


Tears covered my face, begging for mercy didn’t work.
Immersed in fear, I had no way to think about why the other party would suddenly go crazy.


Finally, I didn’t even know when I fainted.
When I woke up again, the chilling pain had disappeared and was replaced by the deadly pain in my muscles.


I summoned my eyes and sat up hard from the ground.
At one glance, I saw song Bai Lao sitting cross legged at my feet, holding the letter Zhu Li gave me in his hand, reading it carefully line by line.


He seemed to notice that I woke up, word by word, The tone read out the content of the letter without fluctuation: “… I like you.
Even though I know it’s wrong to do so, I also want to try to express my love to you.
I once said to you: ‘as long as I work hard, I can always change my fate and harvest love’.
Unfortunately, I can only think of such a humble way to work hard.
Please forgive me and give me a chance.
Because I just… Love you too much.”


At last, he grabbed the letter in his wrinkled hand unbearably and looked up at me.


Like just now, his eyes also have fire, but the nature is very different.
This time it is anger that wants to kill.


I just suffered from his inhuman abuse, and I was all afraid of him.
All of a sudden, I put my hands on the ground and couldn’t help moving back.


Suddenly, he grabbed my ankle and dragged me back.
He rushed over and grabbed my neck.


“Ning Yu, do you think I’m an idiot who only thinks on my lower body?” He knelt on both sides of my body, pressed me with his upper body strength, and his drooping eyes were covered with a layer of terrible blood.


I hurriedly broke his hand, but under his overwhelming power, it was still useless.

I don’t know what he’s talking about.
Obviously, there’s something wrong with this face.
I try to explain and squeeze a voice from my throat: “I… didn’t…”


The strength on his hands was getting heavier and heavier, and black patches even started to appear in front of my eyes.
My every move challenged his nerves that were about to explode, and he vented all the hatred for being fooled on me.


“Do you think that as long as you do it with me, you can become special and change your damn fate? Stop dreaming, if you are a Omega, it might be possible.” He stared at me for a moment, “But you are a Beta.
You are always trash, only a Beta that deserves to be treated as trash!”


He was like a dragon whose tail was caught by a beast, spraying venom everywhere in his rage.
I can’t wait to trample everything around me and destroy it, including me, the unfortunate ghost who was used as a clip to hold him.


At that time, I was only one foot away from death.
I was breathing less and less air, my consciousness gradually faded away, despair and fear filled my soul.



I dig his fingers in pain, tears streaming down the corners of my eyes uncontrollably.


If I had died at the time, it would be comforting except that I didn’t have to be a virgin until I died, and the rest was really a series of inexplicable things.


I don’t know if it was my desire to survive that brought back Song Bai Lao’s conscience.
I didn’t care about anything else, and took the opportunity to take a deep breath and let the air fill my lungs again.


The fierce fist wind swept across my cheeks, and Song Bai Lao smashed the ground beside my head with a punch, so frightened that I didn’t dare to move.
After a long while, he withdrew his hand tiredly and got up slowly.


“Don’t let me see you again, Ning Yu.” He looked down at me condescendingly, blood dripping from the knuckle of his right finger, “You really make me feel sick.”


He stepped over my body indifferently and twisted the heavy iron door that could not be opened before, left the equipment room without looking back.


I paused on the ground for a long time, covered my neck and sat up again, trembling to pick up the letter.


The handwriting on the letter was very familiar, and the hypoxic brain even became confused for a moment, almost thinking that I had written such a letter when.


The more I look at it, the colder I get.
This is not Zhu Li’s confession letter, it’s mine.


The handwriting is mine, the signature at the end of the letter is mine, and even the words in it… are what I once said.


How could this be?


I tried to console myself that there must be some misunderstanding here.
But then, I found a small timer sprayer in the corner of the equipment room.
The reservoir was empty, but I could still smell a faint weird smell from the spout.
I quickly realized that it belonged to the Omega.


Although the sale of Omega pheromones is strictly prohibited in China, there are still many Alphas who use it as a prop for fun, relying on it to induce their “potential” in bed, and it is not difficult to buy it.


In order to end this brother game that he had carefully designed for two years before he left, Zhu Li had done his best.
He carefully arranged a game and told me to step into it stupidly.
The depth of the city and the good patience, he really deserves to be an excellent Omega that is on a par with Song Bai Lao.


His scheming is unbelievably vicious, but it works great.


I returned home with a complete set of injuries, it was late at night, and there was a lamp left in the room, but it was not Ning Shi who lit it for me.


Zhu Li leaned against the door of my room, and when he saw me walking towards him, he turned sideways to let me in.


I dragged my footsteps, every step was very difficult, and when I passed him, I saw him as if nothing had happened, and still looked at me with such a smile, a lot of emotions went straight to the top of my head.


I pressed him sideways against the door frame, pulled out the crumpled letter and asked him, “What’s going on here?”


At the time, foolish as it was, I still had hope.


I don’t want to believe that my brother has suddenly turned into a devil, and I don’t want to think that his goodness to me may be in disguise.


The human body has its own set of stress protection systems that operate silently after sudden bad luck.
Compared to being confused by Song Bai Lao, I wanted to know why Zhu Li did this.


“What’s the matter?” Zhu Li showed a look of “what are you talking about”, and the corners of her lips did not diminish, “Isn’t it obvious? I designed everything you suffered tonight.
Strictly speaking, all the bullying you encountered in Shangshan was under my acquiescence.”


He pushed me away, stepped into my room gracefully, and stroked my furniture along the wall with his fingertips.


“Do you think I really take you as a younger brother? A Beta whose mother is a f*cker and whose father doesn’t even know who, wants to be my brother?” The more beautiful the smile on his face, the stronger the words in his mouth spiteful.


I was trembling all over, and that hope was finally shattered and disillusioned.


“I never… I didn’t ask you to treat me as a younger brother, it’s you…” At first, he clearly asked me to call him “big brother”, but in his mouth, it turned out that I was shameless to post it backwards.


“Ning Yu, no matter how mean your mother is, in front of outsiders, she still pretends to be a lady.
Similarly, no matter how much I hate you, I must pretend to be amiable, like a kind and perfect Omega.
This is skills that human beings have to have, you have to learn one day.” He leaned against my desk and pulled out a pen in the pen holder to play with.


I watched him take out a small piece of metal device from the cap of the pen, a flash of light flashed in my mind, and I dared not say anything : “You pressed the bug on me?” If so, it will appear in the letter.


“Yeah, I know your eloquent talk in front of Song Bai Lao, saying that you want to change your destiny and that you can adapt to ShangShan.” He released his fingers, threw the micro bug on the ground, and trampled it with his feet.
Like trampling my self-esteem and beliefs.


“Stop dreaming, Ning Yu.” He almost said the same thing as Song Bai Lao.


I opened my eyes, clenched my fists, rushed up and grabbed his shirt, his arms were raised, but he was not afraid at all: “Believe it or not, as long as you dare to do it, I can tell you and your mother to get out of Zhu’s house tomorrow.”


I was stiff there, and the hand holding his shirt went from trembling to calm, and then put it down.


He stroked the clothes on his chest and said in an understated tone, “What does it matter? You are Beta anyway, so you won’t get pregnant again.”


I clenched my fists tightly, my fingernails digging into my palm: “Go out.”


Zhu Li shrugged indifferently, and quickly left my room.


I was the only one left, I tore up the love letter and threw it in the trash, then took off my clothes and went into the bathroom.


When the bruises all over my body were reflected in the mirror, it was like pressing a switch, and the stress lost its effect in an instant.
I began to whimper in pain, my fingernails scratched at my skin, I knelt and huddled against the cold tiles in a self-deceiving defensive posture.


Zhu Li is a very strong perfectionist.
He framed me because I was the unpleasant presence in his life.
He designed Song Bai Lao, which I understand later when I think about it.
Although they all have the badges representing the best three, Song Bai Lao’s three-year high school career has really crushed him, making him unwilling to rank second, unable to become ShangShan’s most perfect No.1.


He hates us, so we should be his toys.

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