Chapter 23 – If Life Is Composed Of Catastrophe, Then My Catastrophe Must Be Like Dominoes.

Song Bai Lao drove over from the city in only half an hour.
The car drove all the way to the gate, and the braking sound was so loud that it could be heard upstairs.


He ran into my room panting and said, “Where’s the stuff?”


I quickly took out the flash memory disk and handed it to him, “Here.”


Slowly reach out and hold slowly.


“Have you seen it?” he asked me.


I felt a little guilty when asked by him, so I shrank my neck and said, “I just looked at the front a little bit.
The courier didn’t write the recipient’s name.
I thought it was sent to me at first…”


Song Bai Lao looked around in my room, saw the laptop on my bed, walked a few steps and plugged the flash memory disk into the computer.


“Get out.”


He was working on my computer, taking up my room, killing me like a dog.
Stand tall and ignore others.
He didn’t even know how similar his details were to Luo Qinghe, although he would never admit it.


Perhaps seeing that I didn’t move, he raised his head and pointed his finger in the direction of the balcony: “Go and stay there.”


Since the content of the video is private, it is indeed not suitable for my presence, so I finally chose to go to the balcony.


The weather is getting warmer, and the mountains are also bringing a touch of heat.



I held my chin, rested my elbows on the railings, and looked at the endless blue sky in the distance.
My thoughts uncontrollably returned to the video just now, back to what Xia Qiao said.


I was finally freed…


I don’t have any pheromones, and I don’t know what the real mark looks like, but it is said that it is a wonderful feeling that both body and mind have found a home and let the missing self be complete.


The pheromones exchanged by AO have some kind of magical chemical effect, which will cause them to develop uncontrollable love and desire for each other.
Therefore, even if some AO’s marking behavior is involuntary, just like Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao, even if they don’t petition, they can’t do anything to hurt each other.


The Alpha’s bite stopper and the Omega’s bite-proof ring are a sign of identity and the shackles of their lives.


The law can limit the possibility of mislabeling, but it is no match for the tragedies created by human beings.


I was outside with the wind blowing for half an hour, which made me feel sleepy.
Suddenly, the balcony door was pushed open, and Song Bai Lao came out of the house.


“…Watch it?” I looked at the bed, the computer was closed, and the flash memory disk on the side was unplugged.


Song Bai Lao came back in a hurry, and he didn’t have time to take off the bite stopper.


“Yeah.” He put his hand behind his head, so I could observe the details of his removal of the bite stopper up close.


The bite arrester, like the bite collar, requires the wearer to pass a specific sequence of fingerprint codes to unlock.
As for why it is so complicated, there is a funny saying that the inventor believes that once involuntarily into estrus, neither Omega nor Alpha have enough intelligence to unlock such a complicated fingerprint lock.


For example, alphas can also take off their bite stoppers on certain occasions, while Omegas have been required to wear them all day because of their anti-bite collars and estrus warning functions.
In some countries, unmarried Omegas may even violate criminal law by removing their collars without permission.


Song Bai Lao removed the metal bite stopper, as if he had finally removed the torture device that bound him, twisted his neck from side to side, and let out a long breath.


“Hold it for me.” He threw the bite stopper into my arms without saying a word, and then took out a cigarette case and lighter from his trouser pocket.


It was the first time in the months of marriage that I had never seen him smoke a cigarette.


He flipped out a cigarette, put it between his fingers, and lowered his head to light it.
A white haze spewed out from between his lips and teeth, like a mist in the mountains when the sky was about to dawn.


“He committed suicide.”


My eyelids trembled, somewhat expected, but more shocked.


The outside world has always said that the head of the Xia family died of illness, but I didn’t expect that there were hidden secrets.


“After Xia Yanchi’s death, Luo Qinghe was afraid that Xia Qiao couldn’t think about it, so he always stayed by his side.
But it’s impossible to prevent the person beside him from taking medicine,” Song Bai Lao said with some cold mockery, “Xia Qiao gave him the medicine.
The sleeping pills made him sleep soundly all night.
When he woke up the next day, he couldn’t find Xia Qiao anywhere, and finally found a pair of shoes by the lake.”


“Xia Qiao left a suicide note to Luo Qinghe, his legacy after the allocation, I thought it was over, but I didn’t expect him to leave a last word for me.” He took out the flash memory disk from his pocket, put it in front of his eyes for a while, and suddenly threw it viciously into the distance, “Who is he? Damn it!”


He roared, the blue veins on his neck appearing from the tension in his body.


“Ah…” I couldn’t help exclaiming, and my eyes fell to the grass in the distance following the parabola formed by the flash memory disk.


Those are the relics of the deceased, can they be discarded so casually? !


“He and Luo Qinghe originally had a child.
Knowing that he was pregnant, Xia Qiao cried all night, and Xia Yanchi locked herself in the room for a day without eating.
It seemed that it was not a child, but a terrible alien.”


My attention was quickly drawn to Song Bai Lao’s words again.
Unlike Beta, Omega has no birth limit as a mother, and I have always wondered why Xia Qiao and Luo Qinghe would not have children of their own.


“It didn’t take long for Xia Qiao to fall down the stairs very coincidentally.
The child was gone, and he could no longer have children.
A life should be a gift from God, a pleasant gift, but the strange thing is that this child’s arrival did not bring us joy, but his departure made everyone feel relieved.”


Song Bai Lao’s words made me unconsciously caress my stomach and tighten the clothes there.


“It’s him…”


Song Bai Lao let out a sneer after the white smoke: “At that time, there were only him and Xia Yanchi in the family.
Who knows who moved his hand?”


He used a very ambiguous and creepy statement.
Like a detective novel, the murderer is among them.


“In this twisted world, it would be better if he didn’t give birth to save one more person from suffering.
He said he was finally able to get out and find his lover and child.
Ha, in the end, they were a family of three reunited.”


“You know.
What’s the funniest thing about this? It’s that the old guys who locked them in a room more than ten years ago still don’t think they did anything wrong, even Luo Qinghe and Xia Qiao themselves…” Song Bai Lao became angrier the more he spoke, and there were almost sparks in his eyes.


He looked at me with an extremely unkind look, which gave me a bad premonition.
I realized his anger had somehow shifted to me, and I stepped back, trying to get away from him, but he grabbed my hair first and tugged me roughly towards him.


“And you, once did the same stupid things as them.” He held a cigarette in his other hand, and the hot cigarette butt surveyed the contours of my cheeks, as if looking for a suitable place to land, “Every time I see you, I’ll be reminded of who I was that day.
Losing dignity, driven by desire like a beast, drooling, crazily trying to mark someone I don’t want to mark in a cramped equipment room.”


Every time he said a word, my heart skipped a beat.
He puffed tight, and at the same time, he had to be careful when breathing because of the smoke on his cheeks.


“Why do you still have the face to say that you like me?” He approached me, his canine teeth looming, as if he was about to pounce on my throat in the next second, “Why do you do such a disgusting thing if you like it?”


I was speechless.


Did Zhu Lis do some research before he fell into the trap, otherwise how could he hit Song Bai Luo’s explosive point so well?


Did you put a bug on him too?


“I’m sorry…” He didn’t believe me when I explained it like that seven years ago, let alone now.
He is so irritable, and I say something that seems to him to be sophistry to stimulate him, it is tantamount to making him angry and asking for trouble.
It’s better to be honest and admit my guilt, so that he has nowhere to attack.


The strength in my hair increased a little bit, and I narrowed one side of my eyes in pain.


Song Bai Lao glared at me, as if he wanted to eat people.


I thought he was going to say something, or scold me a few more times.
Suddenly, the smoke on the cheeks moved away, and the hair was loosened.
He took a step back, threw the cigarette butt under his feet and stomped it out, then grabbed the bite stopper from my hand and walked towards the door while wearing it.
All the movements were done in one go, and when I came to my senses, he had disappeared around the corner.


I was standing on the balcony, and it didn’t take long to see him striding out the door and driving his car away.


Unwelcome child…


the tattoo on the abdomen is throbbing under the palm of the hand.
Song Bai Lao hates me so much.
If he knew that he and I still have a child, I don’t know what would happen.


Do you also think that it would be fine if he was not born?


The completion of “Dragon Palace” took a lot of energy.
I rested for a few days before I recovered.
During this period, I didn’t live broadcast or surf the Internet, so I played mud with Song Mo at home.


Playing with mud means literally, his tutor hoped that he could experience the life of ancient human beings, make some daily utensils with mud, and write about his experiences.


“I think this bowl is not bad this time, it’s worth at least two pieces of meat.” Rubbing the mud on my hands, I wiped the sweat from my temples with my shoulders, and gave a satisfied smile to the row of mud bowls and cups in the sun.


Song Mo was carrying a small shovel in his hand, with a piece of mud on the left and right on his face, and started laughing while squatting beside me.


“One for you, one for me.”


There was no meat, he had already figured out how to divide it.


“Momo can talk more and more recently, and it’s no longer a stuffy bug.” I scratched his nose with my dirty hands, but he couldn’t dodge the muddy nose I scratched, so he stood up angrily and rushed at me raising two small mud hands, they are about to pounce.


I hurriedly dodged, and I played chasing in the yard.


Ning!” Aunt Jiu stood at the door and waved to me.


I ran towards her and stopped in front of her, Song Mo bumped into me and was picked up by me and clasped his two little hands.


“A truce, okay?” I tilted him down, discussing on the surface, but threatening in reality.


“Okay!” Song Mo giggled, but he was very obedient, saying that the truce was really motionless.


I held him upright, panting and asked Aunt Jiu, “What’s wrong?”


Aunt Jiu said, “Mr.
Xiang Ping came up to the mountain, clamoring to see you.
Do you think I should invite him up or just drive him away?”


Although I thought that Xiang Ping would come sooner or later, I didn’t expect him to come so soon.


“Please invvite him.” I handed Song Mo to Aunt Jiu and asked her to take Song Mo into the house.


Thinking that Xiang Ping was not here to be a guest, I met him directly outside.


Compared with the last time at the cemetery, he looked a lot haggard, with a shaggy beard on his chin, and he seemed to be several years older all of a sudden.


Aunt Jiu asked other servants to bring me clean wet towels, and I rushed to Ping while wiping my hands: “I’m sorry to see the guest like this.” , I’ve come to the door, don’t pretend to be confused.
What are you doing?”


I carefully wiped the mud on my hands, and wiped the snow-white towel into a cloud of gray and black.


At such a time, he even returned an attitude that I owe him five million.
Is it because I have been fooling around for a long time that prompted him to be so unscrupulous, or is he stupid and fearless?


“I want to wash away the stigma and let everyone know that I didn’t plagiarize and I didn’t do anything against my conscience.” I looked at him, “It’s as simple as that.”


“We won’t pay the compensation you asked for.
Now, do you want me to sell Xu Mei Ren to pay you?” He glared at me angrily, “That’s my dad’s hard work.
Ning Yu, are you worthy of my dad for doing this?”


When he mention Master, I can’t help but punch him in the face again.


I clenched the towel in my hand tightly and asked him, “Are you worthy of your father for doing this?”


His expression was blank for a moment, and then he quickly revealed the embarrassment and anger of being stabbed in the foot.


“You couldn’t have won the first place even without Xingze! Why would a jury composed of Omegas and Alphas award to a Beta who is nothing?” You have good talent, you can surpass Omega, but what is the use of talent? You are not good at business, you are taciturn, you don’t know what is trending now, how do you manage a store well? When Xu Mei Ren is handed over to you, you are seeking death!”


So you teamed up with Chang Xingze to frame me so that I don’t have the ability to compete with you for Xu Mei Ren?”


I never thought about taking power from him.
I promised my master to help him manage Xu Mei Ren, but it was only a matter of time.
As an old buddy and employee, he felt that I was going to steal his property, and he was very wary of me.


“Xu Meiren’s turnover in the past two years and one month has exceeded the previous half a year.
Who among the young people in Xiangtan doesn’t know about Xu Mei Ren? My father’s business model in the past is too old and can’t adapt to the new era.
Xingze can bring Xu Mei Ren a better future, he is more suitable for running Xu Mei Ren than you or even me.” Xiang Ping avoided talking about my question, or simply tacitly agreed.


When I looked at him, I just felt very sad.
It is sad for Master, and it is also sad for Xu Mei Ren.


No speculation, I have nothing to say with him.
He seemed to have forgotten who Master founded Xu Mei Ren for, and why he could last for decades.


He and Chang Xingze have no “love” for Xu Mei Ren at all, and they have no respect for their profession.


“That’s all I have to say, I have nothing to say to you.
You go, I can’t make peace with you.” I said to the servant waiting by the side, “Send him off.”


Xiang Ping didn’t expect me to be so heartless.
He was slammed out before he could talk about it, and immediately his eyes were red: “Ning Yu, don’t go too far!”


He approached me angrily, as if he was about to do something.



“What are you doing?” The servant tried to stop him, but he opened it up.


I didn’t see the situation well, and when he was still an arm’s length away from me, I threw the towel in his hand to his face.


He was unprepared, he covered his eyes, I took advantage of this gap and kicked him hard.


Xiang Ping screamed and fell backwards, and I also fell because of inertia.

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