Ning Shi finally called and said he wanted to meet me.


Old place, old time.


I was excited, thinking that I could finally talk to YouYou, but Ning Shi threw me a cell phone and let me watch the video above.


“What do you mean?” I asked her, “Didn’t you agree to make a video call?”


Ning Shi twirled the shiny diamond ring in her hand and said indifferently, “Don’t forget that you promised me that you wouldn’t meet the child in half a year.
Yes, I’ve already shown you so many videos of him in advance, if you’re not satisfied… that’s fine.” She was about to take back the phone.


Looking at the posture, if I dare to say one more word, let alone meet, she will weigh this video before giving it to me, it is not impossible to get up and leave in the next second.


“No…” I hurriedly grabbed the other end of the phone, preventing her from continuing to move.


At this point, I know that I have been completely defeated in front of her and I have lost the right to speak.


She is like a skilled chess player.
Ever since I decided to marry Song Bai Lao, every move has been calculated with ease by her.


When I volunteered to be coerced by her for the sake of my child, I abused my own weakness and gave others a hand.
She knew very well that I would not dare to defy her, nor would I have any objection to any of her arrangements.
I’m a dog she keeps, and I’ve always had to obey orders.


Just like now, she rewarded me with a video, which is like rewarding a piece of meat and bone, and also said: “I could have given you this bone.”


I believe she can do what she says.
He has always had such ruthlessness and determination.
In her eyes, nothing is more important than being able to live in the upper class, even my son is no exception.


“I’m satisfied, I’m satisfied.” I lowered my stance, almost begging her.


She was clearly delighted by my obedience, and soon the disguised displeasure in her eyes disappeared.


“That’s right, take it.” She took her hand away and showed me the smile that always appeared on her face, like a mask.


Holding her “reward”, I couldn’t wait to click on the video on the phone.


The picture shook for a moment, and a little boy with delicate eyebrows and a light gray sweater appeared in front of me.
He stood there with his hands behind his back, looking shyly at the camera.


“Dad, are you okay?”


I could have endured it, but when I heard his voice, my nose suddenly became sore and my eyes were burning.


I’ve never felt so clearly for a moment that he’s alive, that he’s real.
I had a child and I became a father.


It was a wonderful feeling, painful and joyful.


“I’ve always missed you.” He smiled at the camera, “I want to see you earlier, but grandma said you still have important things to do.
Can you come and see me when you’re done? I want to go back to you.”


I miss you too…


I held the phone tightly, my heart throbbing, and I have never regretted my decision to be young like this.


“I’m in school now, and I can recite a lot of poems.
Can I sing a song for you?”


He tilted his head and sang the English version of “Little Star” to me.


It’s a bit out of tune, but it’s the best “Little Star” I’ve ever heard in my life.


After singing, he waved at me: “Okay, I’m going to do my homework, goodbye Dad!”


It was just five minutes before and after.
I pulled the progress bar to the front and restarted playback.


“Dad, are you alright…”


After reading it for the second time, I watched it for the third time, the fourth time, and at the end I kept repeating the song “Little Star”.


It is rare for Ning Shi to let me play it over and over again, without even a single complaint.


Half an hour later, she buttoned the table top, as if she had a timer in her heart: “Let’s be here today.” She spread her palms, her tone unbearable.


After waiting for a month, it was only half an hour in the end.


I reluctantly touched the image of YouYou on the phone and handed it back to her.


“Wait…” Just as she was about to withdraw her hand, I held her down, touching her body for the first time in seven years.


She frowned, but didn’t break free: “What’s wrong?”


Seeing that she was unhappy, I let go of my strength and said, “Madam…” After thinking about it, I changed her name to a more intimate name, “Mom , you will bring him to see me, right?”


Ning Shi stared at me for a moment, watching my heart sink, thinking she was going to go back on her word.


After a long time, just when I couldn’t help but speak again, she pulled her hand back a little bit forcefully and stuffed the phone into her small bag.


“Of course.” She got up slowly, “as long as you are obedient.”


She pushed open the door and left without saying “goodbye”.


I sat in the store for another half an hour until the coffee was completely cold before I got up to pay.


“Do you need help, sir?” The waiter came over and asked me kindly, trying to help me out the door.


I waved my hand: “No need, thank you.”


Although the swelling of the ankle disappeared, there was still some dull pain.


A coffee shop clerk could tell that I was inconvenient, but Ning Shi didn’t ask or mention it from beginning to end.
I don’t know if she really didn’t see it, or if she turned a blind eye and didn’t care at all.


On the way back, I asked the driver to go around the Xu Mei Ren store specially.
Compared with the long queue last time, the popularity of the store is obviously not as good as before.
Chang Xingze and Xiang Ping were not seen, only Xiao Zhu and the others were busy.


I told the driver to go down and buy something and let him wait for me in front.


Pushing open the door of Xu Mei Ren’s shop, several people in the shop said in unison, “Welcome to Xu Mei Ren!”


“Brother,” Xiao Zhu stared at me blankly, “You’re here…”


I pointed to the cake in the window and smiled, “I’m here to buy cake.”


She breathed a sigh of relief, turned around and took the plate and Food clip: “Which flavor do you want?”


I ordered a few pieces with strawberries and blueberries on them, and Xiao Zhu put them on my plate one by one.
The rest of the shop kept watching me vigilantly and silently, as if I was an unknown creature that invaded their territory.
As long as I had any change, they would unite and fork me out in one fell swoop.


A little bitter in my heart.
Some of these people I don’t know, and some are old acquaintances like Xiao Zhu.
I never thought that one day when I entered Xu Mei Ren, I would become an unwelcome person.


When paying the money, Xiao Zhu hesitated for a long time, and then asked me: “Brother, do you really want to file a lawsuit with us?”


“‘You?” I said in surprise, “No, I want to sue Xiang Ping and Chang Xingze, and You guys, have nothing to do with Xu Meiren.”


Xiao Zhu bit her lips and looked a little sad: “But they represent Xu Mei Ren.
Brother, look around, since… ever since you said you were going to file a lawsuit, senior brother and Xingze My brother is busy looking for a lawyer to run around, and he doesn’t even care about the store.
If the lawsuit is lost, it will definitely be a big blow to Xu Mei Ren.
This is master’s hard work, brother, do you really have the heart to see it close?” It can be said that it was a blow to the head, and every word was heart-wrenching, which directly made me freeze in place.


How can I bear it? Why do I want to go this far? But who gave me a way out and gave me a choice?


“Xiao Zhu, do you also believe that I copied Chang Xingze back then?”


Xiao Zhu’s eyes flickered and he didn’t dare to look at me: “I… I naturally believe in you, Brother, there must be a misunderstanding here, I can’t… I can’t… Sit down and have a good talk, don’t you need to go to the court?”


This happened not for two months, but two years.


When I looked at Xiao Zhu, I was suddenly exhausted.
I was so tired that I didn’t even want to retort or say a word about this matter.


Disappointing to the extreme, that’s about it.


“No need to look for it.” I put the money on the checkout counter, picked up the bag of cakes, turned around and left.


Xiao Zhu seemed to be calling me, but I didn’t stop.


After a circle around the city, it would take more than five o’clock to return to the mountain.
After passing the guard box halfway up the mountain, the security guard said that there was my courier.
When I took it, it was Liang Qiu Yang who sent it to me.


The way I made the statement was really high-profile, and a gossip like Liang Qiu Yang naturally got the news.
He called me immediately to praise me for doing a good job, and asked me to kill the slut couple and empty their black money.
Finally, after venting his dissatisfaction with Xiang Ping and his wife, he said that he also had good news to tell me that he had released an album.


I didn’t study the way of star debut.
I asked him if it was a debut.
He said of course, he is now the No.
1 newcomer in the limelight.
I think this is the courier.


Entering the house with courier and cake bags, the smell of the food comes out.
I just happened to be back, Song Bai Lao and the others haven’t had dinner yet.


Seeing the familiar paper bag, Song Mo immediately showed a surprised expression, jumped off the chair and rushed towards me.


“Cake!” He stretched out his hand to reach for the bag, looking eager.


I raised the bag a little higher, wanting him to have a good meal before dessert.
Before I could say anything, I heard Song Bai Lao’s low voice coming from the direction of the dining table.


“Song Mo.”


He was holding his rice bowl and didn’t look at us at all, but his tone was full of warnings, and he told Song Mo to stop moving.


Song Bailao tapped the two bowls of rice on the table with the tip of his chopsticks: “Come and eat.”


Song Mo and I stretched out our legs almost at the same time and walked towards the table obediently.


Aunt Jiu took the cake and the courier from me, and I let her put the cake in the refrigerator, and the album in the courier was taken apart and put in my room.


“Album?” Song Bai Lao stopped his chopsticks, “Whose?”


I didn’t expect him to be interested, so I was stunned: “Liang Qiu yang’s, you should have seen it during the wedding, it’s a friend of mine.”


He swallowed slowly.
Then he said again: “Anyway, there is time now, why don’t you listen to your friend’s album.”


He said so, and I had no choice but to nod.


Song Bai Lao didn’t seem to match his face and name until Aunt Jiu put the record into the player and came back again with the album case.
He stretched out his hand and said, “Show me.”


Liang Qiu Yang’s voice is very recognizable, cool and cool.
The misty smell of smoke and dust is like a misty mountain forest on a late autumn morning.


His album is called “Qiu Yang”, and the first song is also called “Qiu Yang”.


“Oh, it turned out to be him.” Song Bai Lao looked back and forth at the album box, Liang Qiu Yang put on exquisite makeup on the cover, and the specially elongated eyeliner looked extra enchanting and charming, “I remember this Omega, he is the only one who came to the wedding.”


I laughed dryly: “Yes, that’s him.”


Song Bai Lao opened the lyrics book after reading the cover: “I’m surprised that you can become friends with an Omega singer.” Suddenly he paused for a moment, the tone became a little subtle, “Also, he also wrote a song for you?”


I almost choked, coughed and drank water, then looked up at Song Bai Lao inexplicably: “What?”


Song Bai Lao didn’t answer me, focused on reading that page of lyrics from top to bottom, with a sneer, he threw the lyrics in front of me.


“The eighth page.”


I opened the lyrics book and turned to the eighth page, and found a song called “Yu Yu”.
The lyrics and songwriters are all Liang Qiu Yang, and he said that the inspiration came from a friend of his…


“He is unhappy and sweet, haunting lures me to commit crimes at night.” Song Bai Lao’s emotionless voice read out one of the lyrics word for word.


I was stunned for a while, and quickly explained to him: “It’s not what you think, it’s just… We used to be roommates, and sometimes I would bring back some cookies and cakes that the store couldn’t sell at night…”


I made it after the live broadcast Liang Qiu Yang is responsible for eliminating most of the things.
He always calls me a devil and lures him to gain weight.


“Roommate? You live together?”


“Yes, we lived for several years…”


The air pressure on the dining table dropped a bit, Song Mo sat in the baby chair, looking at us uneasily, and stopped eating.


Song Bai Lao’s expression seemed to have just been enjoying a bad game.
The poor skills of the two sides made him have a lot of vicious things to say, but because it was too bad, he couldn’t start, and in the end he could only make a simple and rude summary.


“You are not allowed to interact with him in the future.”


He behaves like a dictatorial monarch.
At other times, I may have some patience to deal with it, but it is not today, I am too tired today.


I held the chopsticks in my hand tightly, endured and endured, and finally couldn’t help putting it on the table.
The chopsticks collided with the tabletop, making a slight noise.


I looked him in the eyes and said, “I said, we are just friends.”


His attitude was as if he had already grasped the evidence that Liang Qiu Yang and I were shameful, and the reason was just… a song?


“I don’t care whether you are friends or lovers.
Your current status is no longer suitable for dealing with him.
If you insist on showing a gap to attract flies to bite, don’t blame me for speaking in front of you.” Facing my “resistance”, Song Bai Lao’s attitude has not changed, and the toughness is still the same.
“If you cause trouble again, Luo Qinghe will let you go, and I will not let you go.”


I looked at him and opened my mouth.

From Ning Shi, Xiao Zhu, to Song Bai Lao, these people lined up to attack me and talk the opposite.


There was nothing covering me, but I felt like I could barely breathe.


They dragged me, attacked the renewed enthusiasm and hope in me with cold words and contempt, and made me sink into the cold mud again.


All the mouths of gold, accumulating and destroying bones.
It turned out that it didn’t take a lot, three people would be able to defeat me.


Looking at Song Bai Lao’s cold eyes, I knew that he could not give in.
He won’t back down for me, and I don’t have the ability to let him back down.


Clenching my fists tightly, I suddenly stood up and ran upstairs without saying a word.
Halfway through the run, I heard Song Mo’s kitten-like cry.
Some couldn’t bear it, but after a moment of hesitation, there was no turning back.


I locked myself in the room, didn’t turn on the light, and fell on the bed.
At first, I tried to think of happy things to keep myself from indulging in negative emotions, only to find that almost every happy episode ended up being a regrettable, sad event.


My child is under the control of my biological mother, my little junior sister said that it was a misunderstanding for two years, and my partner made me break up with my only friend…


What kind of a miserable world is this?


I rolled up the quilt and tried to fall asleep.
In a daze, I heard the low sound of a sports car engine downstairs, like a lasing cannonball, which disappeared in an instant.


After a while, there was a knock on the door, completely awakening my wandering consciousness.


Ning, you didn’t eat much just now.
Would you like me to bring you something to eat?”


I turned over and was too lazy to move: “No, I’m not hungry.”


After leaving, she stood at the door for a while and said, “Mr.
left just now.
He said he wanted to live in Xia Sheng, and he probably won’t be back in a short time.” The loud noise of the sports car driving is more aggrieved than I am, but it seems that I ran away with him in anger.


I curled up more and more and sighed: “I see.”

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