Song Bai Lao glanced at my feet, squatted down and pressed my swollen part with his hand.

“Move your toes.”

I listened to his words and curled my toes in pain.

“The bones should be fine.” He turned his direction and turned his back to me, “Come up.”

I stared at his broad back, feeling a little at a loss: “But you still have injuries on your back.”

Although I’m not overweight , but I’m also an adult man, so I’m afraid that his wound will open again.
In order to carry me back and take a ride with him, this is a bit of a loss.

“In this way, I take Momo back first, and then ask someone else to pick you up…how about it?”

I thought that this idea was not bad, and it was very reasonable and reasonable, but Song Bai Lao was not happy.

“Why are you so troublesome?” He stood up and looked down at me condescendingly, looking impatient, “I’ll give you two choices, I’ll carry you back, or you can climb back by yourself.
You choose one.”

He is really hard to figure out.
And very unreasonable.

I looked at him for a moment, but finally compromised, I really didn’t want to climb back by myself: “I’ll trouble you then.”

I leaned on his back carefully, and tried to ease my movements as much as possible, but I could still feel his muscles tense.

“Does it hurt?” I was worried that I had pressed his wound.

“Take care of yourself.” He stood up holding my knees firmly, and said to Song Mo, “Follow me, don’t run around.”

Song Bai Lao has always been strict with children, Song Mo has always been a little afraid of him, and now he didn’t dare to obey his orders, he quickly nodded his head up and down, indicating that he would obey obediently.

Song Bai Lao carried me through the bushes and walked to the mountain road as if he was nothing.
Song Mo took the hem of his clothes and followed closely.
Adults have big strides, especially Song Bai Lao’s long legs, so Song Mo struggled to follow.

In order to keep up with Song Bai Lao’s footsteps, he looked serious and focused, but when he looked up at me, he would show me a sweet smile.

I saw that the sweat on his temples came out, and I couldn’t help but say: “Go slowly, Mo Mo can’t keep up.”

Song Bai Lao paused, looked down at Song Mo, and then his speed slowed down significantly.

The breeze blew through the treetops, the leaves on the mountain road swirled, and the branches and leaves rubbed against each other, making a rustling sound.

Such a comfortable atmosphere makes you feel good even if you are injured.

I leaned closer and whispered in Song Bai Lao’s ear: “Thank you…”

Thank you for coming to us, and thank you for being willing to carry me back.

Song Bai Lao’s footsteps on the steps were very steady, but the words he said were still cold arrows, which made it hard to prevent: “I’m just afraid that something will happen to Song Mo, so don’t be self-righteous.
I just want to pay back the favor you took care of me before, don’t think it’s flattering.
I’ll change my opinion of you.”

I originally controlled myself not to put all my weight on him, but when I heard him say these annoying things again, I immediately put my hands around his neck and slapped him all over.

Song Bai Lao groaned in pain, stopped on the stone steps and took a deep breath: “Don’t move around!”

I sighed inwardly, and finally I held his shoulders with both hands and backed away a little.

“It doesn’t matter, I’m nice to you, and I don’t want you to change anything.”

My words were like a fishbone, and he choked in an instant, so he didn’t vomit or swallow, and there was nothing to say there.
And I was able to achieve the effect I wanted, and finally my ears were cleansed.

Aunt Jiu saw that my feet were as swollen as steamed buns, and immediately went upstairs and knocked on Luo Meng Bai’s door.
Because Song Bai Lao’s injury requires daily dressing changes, she has been living in Song’s house for several days.

Luo Meng Bai came downstairs yawning while cleaning his glasses, with a look of lethargy on his face.

“Do you know what time I went to bed last night? Can I take care of those who stay up late to write journal papers?”

Song Bai Lao sat leisurely on the sofa, holding the Earl Grey tea that Aunt Jiu had just made for him: “Take care of you? The funding for your research lab next quarter…”

I heard Aunt Jiu say that the research project Luo Meng Bai is currently working on is unanimously recognized by their academic circles as crazy and useless, and it is only possible to continue with Song Bai Lao’s financial support.
Because of this, Luo Meng Bai was always on call, and she was willing to be the family doctor of the Song family.

“Hahahaha, just kidding, cousin.
I’m an Alpha and not an Omega, so how can you take care of me.” Luo Meng Bai changed his tone stubbornly, put on his glasses and walked towards me.

She gently turned the soles of my feet, checked them, and came to the same conclusion as Song Bai Lao—the bones were fine, but they were twisted.

“Aunt Jiu, do you still keep the medicated oil of mine? It’s what my cousin used last time, so bring it.”

Back, she quickly brought the half of the medicated oil from the bottle.

“It may be a little painful, you can bear it.” Luo Meng Bai poured some medicated oil into his palm and slowly rubbed it away.

Although I was mentally prepared, when her hand touched my swollen ankle, the pain of the broken bone and tendon made me clench my fists involuntarily, and a trembling gasping sound came from my throat.

Song Mo looked at me with a worried look.
He pressed his hands on his chest and clasped them uneasily, as if the next child in the hospital was about to get an injection.

I reluctantly moved the corners of my lips and smiled at him: “Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt.”

Song Bai Lao put the delicate bone china cup back on the table, and beckoned Song Mo to come over: “It hurts as long as it hurts, why lie to him that it doesn’t hurt?”

I don’t understand why he talk against me at this time, but I’m no longer in the mood to deal with him, so I can only turn my face aside so that Song Mo can’t see my facial features distorted by pain.

Song Bai Lao’s warning words sounded in his ears: “Look, if you twist your foot, it will hurt a lot.
So you have to be careful when you walk in the future, or Luo Meng Bai will press your leg with that unpleasant smell.
More It’s worse, if your bones are broken, you might have to have an operation.
Do you know what an operation is? It’s just…”

I finally understand why Song Mo is afraid of him, this kind of education is for a five-year-old child , isn’t it too shocking?

I looked back, enduring the pain, and saw Song Mo wringing his hands on his chest, looking at Song Bai Lao timidly from bottom to top, shivering under his shadow.

“Don’t talk about it.” I turned to Aunt Jiu, “The young master just touched a lot of dirty things outside, wash his hands for him, and then take out the pudding in the refrigerator for him to eat.”


Aunt Jiu looked at Song Bai Lao’s, seeing that he didn’t allow it, she went over and led Song Mo out of the living room.

In this family, Song Bailao was always the absolute “master”, and no one dared to disobey his words.
Even though I am his nominal partner, in fact everyone knows that I am nothing to him at all.

“Cousin, you have such a bad character.
In fairy tales, you are either a vicious queen or a man-eating devil.” Luo Meng Bai stopped to make up some medicated oil.
So painful to sweat.

“He was born to fulfill his responsibilities, not to be a little prince.” Song Bai Lao was noncommittal about his evaluation of his character, but said such a mindless remark.

I was a little inexplicable, but obviously Luo Meng Bai understood: “Hey, you…”

A thought flashed through my mind, but before I could catch it, Luo Meng Bai’s hand came up again, condensing me with great difficulty.
His attention was dissipated with a stick, and he couldn’t find it again.

My leg was injured, Song Bai Lao’s back was injured, and we can be regarded as a couple in need.

Luo Meng Bai put a fixed bandage on me, and told me to use the injured leg less before the swelling and stay in bed as much as possible.
But the next day Song Bai Lao asked Aunt Jiu to help me to the study and threw me a manuscript.

“Come down.”

I picked up the A4 paper in confusion and looked at it, and couldn’t help being stunned.

That is a statement, a statement that I am about to take up legal weapons to defend my rights and interests.

“This…” I looked up from the A4 paper with free and easy handwriting, “Memorize it, then what?”

Song Bai Lao spun the pen on his fingertips and said in a natural tone: “Then just use your Amber account number.
Make a statement.”

I thought all this would be done in a low-key manner under Song Bai Lao’s arrangement, after all, he always cared about his reputation, and I thought he didn’t want to attract too much attention.
I didn’t expect that he would ask me to make a statement on the public platform, which was so high-profile from the beginning.

“Could it be…too arrogant?”

Song Bai Lao seemed surprised, raised his eyebrows and said, “Ning Yu, look at how humble you are now? The Beta who wanted to change his fate no matter what he said in front of me in the past, Don’t you dare to make a statement in front of the public now?”

My heart trembled, and the pressure on my fingertips suddenly increased, and the paper in my hand immediately wrinkled ugly.

“Have you been kneeling for a long time and can’t stand up?”

His words were indifferent, but his eyes were not disgust, but something that I hated even more, pity.

Now I’m petitioning him to hate me.

“But I have violated the contract for a long time, and I don’t know whether the account is still in…” Amber should be thankful if she doesn’t send a lawyer’s letter to me.
In this way, I don’t close my account.
I almost doubt whether their high-level is a collective believer and the Virgin possessed.

Song Bai Lao sneered disdainfully when he heard the words: “Do you know Amber’s largest shareholder, who is the largest shareholder behind it?” Seeing me at a loss, he smiled even more, “It’s Xia Sheng.”

So I didn’t receive a lawyer’s letter .
It’s not because of luck, nor because of the kindness of Amber’s top executives… If you have money, you can really do whatever you want.

Since he said so, I have no reason to refuse… and the right.

Song Bai Lao stared at me for half an hour, correcting my tone word by word.
When I was almost back, I suddenly remembered something important.

“Um… do I need to show my face?”

He leaned against the desk and looked left and right with my chin.

“It’s not embarrassing, why don’t you show your face?” He said, rubbing his thumb on my lips, “it’s just a little lighter.”

I let him look back and forth as if evaluating the goods, and when I heard him say that he was going to show my face, I panicked.

“I… No, I can’t speak when I show my face, and I’ll be nervous.” Before he could move his fingers, I fell between my lips as soon as I spoke, and was bitten by an ambiguity.

He and I were stunned on the spot at the same time because of this change.
Before I could react, he withdrew his finger in annoyance.

“Are you trying to seduce me again?” He also made vexatious accusations against me.

Based on my experience, I should generously admit that yes, I just wanted to seduce him, and then he would leave with a “I really saw you right” expression on his face.
But today, I vaguely felt that it was a bit inappropriate to do so, so my words became: “No… I’m not!” I almost bit my tongue after saying that.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously: “It’s not that you want to seduce me, you mean I forced you to seduce me? Or…you can’t control yourself?”

“I… can’t control myself.” In the end, I chose an option that was less prone to lightning strikes.

His fingers stroked my cheek again, only this time with a distinctly different meaning.
It was a softer and more chilling touch, the back of the hand pressed against the skin, from the cheek down to the chin.

“Oh?” His voice was a little lower, and he put his thumb into my mouth again, “Then your self-control is quite poor.
It’s a pity that I have an injury and can’t satisfy you…”

I also have an injury, and I don’t want to be bitten on the neck again.

“But I can reward you with something else.” Song Bai Lao said, leaning back more and more, resting one hand on the desk, his fingertips against the tip of my tongue, with a strong hint, “Like what you saw on the rooftop in the past Is that possible?”

I held his fingers and stared at him blankly, feeling like a bolt from the blue.

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