If crying represents the baby’s first impression of the world, then the name is the first gift they get when they come to this world.

Some openings are good wishes, some are mischievous surprises, and some… are a piece of shit.

I’m not saying my name is shit.
Ning Yu, Yu Beilin, Yu Cangcang, all have good meanings, although I don’t have to think about it when naming me, Mrs.
Ning must be “unhappy and unwilling”.

It is said that the name was still on the day of the account registration, and she had no choice but to take two seconds to get it.
I’m glad she didn’t give me names like “Ning Wuwu” and “Ning Trash”, otherwise it might be more difficult for me to walk in society.

And the reason why she hates me so much has to start a hundred years ago.

One day a hundred years ago, the world was suddenly invaded by a new deadly virus.

Darwin certainly could not have imagined that it took humans millions of years to evolve from apes to Homo sapiens, and it took only a hundred years for them to be disrupted by a virus called “c20”.
Because of the orderly evolution of human beings, c20 suddenly avoided the clear road and embarked on an unknown and rugged dangerous road.

The c20 virus is good at latent and has excellent drug resistance.
It has swept the world in just a few months, and even the most advanced vaccine research laboratories in developed countries have nothing to do with it.
After the rapid outbreak period, it kills humans with a strange law, during the infection by c20, A and O blood types have complete immunity, blood type B has a certain degree of immunity, and other blood types are completely immune to failure.

A large number of people with the AB blood type and special blood types died, and now this world ravaged by C20 only has three blood types left.
And the virus is accompanied by mutation, and a series of atavistic beastization phenomena such as canine teeth, gonads, vaginas, and estrus have appeared in humans of each corresponding blood type.

So far, in addition to using chromosomes and sex organs to distinguish gender, under the evolution of c20, humans have produced a set of ABO gender systems.

In order to distinguish it from traditional blood types, the ABO gender system is given the names “alpha”, “beta”, and “omega” for the only three remaining blood types.

My chromosomes show that I am a male.
My body has complete male organs on the outside, and I have a not-so-sound fertility sac inside.

This has stimulated Mrs.
Ning a lot.
Blood type not only determines my social status, but also hers.

The mutation makes beta both male and female have the ability to give birth to life, but this ability is very limited.
After the fertility sac is used once, it is like a burst balloon, and it is difficult to persist until the next use.
Therefore, we usually have only one child in our life as a mother.

My father is said to be a rich alpha, and according to the laws of inheritance, there is a certain chance that I will be any of the four blood types.
At that time, Mrs.
Ning reached an agreement with the other party to let her in when she gave birth to A or O.
Ning bet on her only chance to have children, the possibility of her future comeback, and she longed to have a precious son.

But she lost the bet, and I was a jerk.

There is a 25% chance that if you give birth to an AB, you will die, but I am the child she least expects to be born.

To say that everything has its own chain of contempt, B men should be the lowest level of discrimination against ABO blood type, mediocre, useless, and lackluster.

She has reason to hate me.

But I always thought she wouldn’t hate me.

I am naive.

“You say it again, I…I didn’t understand.”

I raised my head in shock, and the silver spoon fell into the coffee cup, making a harsh knock.
Ning Shi looked at me calmly, and repeated what she had just said as I asked.

“Marry Song Bai Lao.”

I stared at her blankly, but didn’t respond for a long time.

“Ten million.” She didn’t think there was anything wrong with what she said.
“The price can be negotiated.”

I opened my mouth, a little speechless for a while.
After many years of no contact, she suddenly offered to meet me today, I thought this time would be different, I thought we would meet as a simple mother and a son, I thought she just wanted to catch up with me.

In the end, what I thought didn’t happen.
She asked me to marry as soon as she opened her mouth.
The object was actually Song Bai Lao…

“It’s not about the price.
You can find someone else, I’m not interested.”

Without delay, he added again: “Do you remember that child? You marry, and I will tell you where the child is.”

I stopped because of her words.
No matter how we fall out, I know my son Mo Ruomu, she really knows how to take my weakness and know how to poke people at pain points.
For the past seven years, I have blurred all memories of the past, and I dare not even look at my body when I take a shower.
With just one word from her, all my efforts were in vain.

I looked at her and she looked at me, and we had a stalemate for a while before I sat back.

I dragged the chair and asked her in a low voice, “You…you can clarify, which child?”

“Which child is there?” Ning Shi faintly revealed a smile on the corner of her lips, as if she was winning, “You got pregnant seven years ago.
That wild bastard.”

Her words were like a giant hand, tearing open the scabbed wound in my heart, poking in each word, turning it into sand in the flesh, causing every heartbeat to give birth a constant excruciating pain.

I stared into her eyes, trying to see the lies.
Ning Shi’s acting skills are superb, and she has always been a good player in manipulating people’s hearts.
I can’t easily see through it.

“That’s impossible…” I unconsciously stroked my lower abdomen, and through the fabric, the scar burned my skin, as if it was about to burst open again and blood flowed out.

I did have a baby seven years ago, but the baby was only five months old when I left his body.
According to today’s medical standards, a five-month-old child is not incapable of survival, but he did not leave my body due to premature birth.
Ning Shi and I are very clear about this.

“Nothing is impossible,” Ning Shi said with the corners of his lips hooked, “I kept him back then, it was as simple as that.
If you want to see him, just do as I say, if you don’t want to see him, just treat it as if I didn’t say it.
We can talk about it separately.”

The context of this statement is to say that even if I am not impressed with the child, she will try to get me to nod.

She threatened me like this and said something that I don’t know if it was true or not.
If I was cruel, I should get up and leave immediately.
But she really knew me very well, and knew that it was more than enough to deal with me if she only grasped this point.

How could her scheming and shrewdness be right for her son, she simply regarded me as an enemy.

I took a deep breath, and my voice was trembling

“Madam, I’m your son, and we haven’t seen each other for seven years.
Is this the only thing you can tell me when we meet?”

“If you don’t like this opening, let’s do it again.
How have you been recently?”

I don’t like this opening either.

I forced myself to laugh: “It’s good.”

“Really?” She showed a playful expression, “But I heard that your baker’s license was revoked two years ago, is this considered good? ? I don’t quite understand your definition of ‘good.”

She was wearing a particularly dazzling look today, with her long hair up and a necklace of broken diamonds adorned with huge drop-shaped diamonds on her slender, white neck.
She stroked the necklace habitually, so that others could notice her neck, and if they noticed her neck, they could find the hideous bite marks on the back of her neck.

She always spends her energy on this useless thing, obsessed with pretending to be an Omega.
But in the upper circles she cared about, those A and O with a keen sense of smell would not be deceived by her at all, they would only pretend to talk to her, turn around and laugh at her and imitate her.

But she did learn the Omega’s lofty tone well.

“You investigate me.”

The gradually tense atmosphere of the conversation made both of us stop laughing at the same time.

“You plagiarized other Omega’s work, you were disqualified from the International Cake Competition, and then your baker’s qualification certificate was revoked for beating the contestants in the competition.
Still I need to investigate such a big thing? The day you came back from France, you’re like a bereaved dog.
Zhu Li took your personal leave to ‘care’ me.
Thanks to you, I couldn’t keep my head up all day in Zhu’s house for the past few months, and I was almost ashamed!”

I curled my fingers: “I didn’t plagiarize, I…”

“So what?” She interrupted me with a sneer, “No one cares about the process, adults only look at the results.
Ning Yu, I have worked hard to raise you since you was a child, and I asked myself I’m sorry for not doing it.
Even if you are a beta, I will still nurture you carefully, send you to a famous school, hire a famous teacher for you, and wipe your ass when you are pregnant with a wild species, what are you dissatisfied with?”

The last sentence can be said to be deafening.
The shock made my internal organs feel dull pain, and even a little nauseated.

Fragments of memory flashed through my mind.
She dressed up every day, went out in various alpha cars, and then came home drunk; she cried and burned me with cigarette butts, and asked me why I was beta; she pushed me in front of Zhu Li and asked me to call him brother; She threw a stack of money in my face, said that I had lost all her face, and wanted me to go as far as possible…

Now, she asked me what I was dissatisfied with.

“No, I don’t have any dissatisfaction.” I dig my fingernails into my palm, “I’m very grateful to you for raising me.”

“Since there is no dissatisfaction, don’t always show me your face.” Ning Shi frowned slightly, she lightly Leaning on the back of the chair, she returned to today’s theme, “I raised you so much and spent so much energy, now it’s time for you to repay me.
You marry Song Bailao, and I will give you 20 million as a dowry, and tell you where that child is.

I was in a trance as if I was back when I was a child, when Ning Shi always told me to call her “Mrs.” when someone was around, so that she would tell me later to buy me candy.
Even if I don’t want to, I will still do it stupidly for the sweetness.
Ning Shi has mastered the candy, and he has mastered me.

I once thought that Ning Shi had lost her candy cane, and I would not rub it with her again.

But time has passed, and nothing has changed.

“About the child, there is no evidence, how do you want me to believe you?” I said silently for a while.

She sneered and took out her phone, fiddling around for a while, and turned the screen towards me.
When I saw a photo of a seven- or eight-year-old boy on it, I leaned over excitedly to grab her phone, but she took it back first.

She put the phone back in her bag: “It only takes half a year, and I will bring him to see you in half a year.
You are a beta, and you have nothing to lose by marrying an alpha.
A wedding that does not harm anything, then you can get unparalleled money and fame, and even reunite with your child.
Ning Yu, if I were you, I agreed half an hour ago.”

I bit my lip and my palms were sweaty, thinking about that child figure.
He was about the same age, and although I couldn’t see his face clearly, he seemed to be a beautiful boy.
Could it be that… Ning Shi really didn’t deal with the child back then?

I took a sip of the cold coffee in front of me, and it took me a long time to calm down: “Why me? Isn’t Zhu Li a better choice?”

Ten years ago, I followed Ning Shi to Zhu’s house.
When I saw Zhu Li, I thought I saw a fairy, the most beautiful omega I’ve ever seen.

Zhu family’s serious son-in-law is also an Omega, why did they choose me instead of him? Could it be that Song Bailao still remembered the grudges in his student days and vowed not to marry Zhu Li?

Then he should look down on me even more, after all, I have more time with him.

“Zhu Li?” Ning Shi’s face suddenly turned ugly, it was hard to imagine that she could spit out such mean words from her elegant red lips, “After the engagement with the Xia family, that little slut went to the bar for a revel, and ended up in estrus.
The deadline came early, and when he was confused in the toilet, he was marked by other alphas.
He usually pretend to be decent, but in the end, he’s just a bitch.”

It seems that the war between the two of them is still fierce during the years when I was away from the Zhu family.
It’s hard for me to imagine that the beautiful and smart Zhu Li could make such a low-level mistake.

“But I’m not even surnamed Zhu.”

Ning Shi disagreed: “Song Bai Lao is also not surnamed Xia.”

“He is the stepson of the Xia family.
I am not.”

Ning has a good appearance and a good conversation, and is very popular among the upper class.
In the end, it took a lot of effort for her to find Zhu Yun Sheng’s home.
It’s a pity that Zhu Yun Sheng, like many alphas, gives everything, just doesn’t give credit.
Therefore, she is still famous and untitled, just Zhu Yun Sheng’s lover.

The son of a lover of mine is going to marry on behalf of the Zhu family, so where is the qualification?

Ning Shi stroked her necklace naturally and smiled brightly: “If you agree, Yun Sheng will marry me.”

I understood, I was her passport to marry into a wealthy family.

She has been in the camp for more than ten years, and she has worked hard for so long, and it is absolutely impossible to give up this hard-won opportunity.
She will do anything to get me to agree to this marriage, threats and inducements are just her appetizers.

“If… I don’t agree, what will you do?” I asked her tentatively.

Ning Shi raised her eyebrows, obviously smiling, but her eyes were cold: “Ning Yu, since you asked, I won’t go around in circles with you.
Because of you, I have already missed an opportunity.
If you screw up again this time, Don’t blame me for being ruthless in Zhu’s house.
You don’t want to know what I’m going to do to you and your child.”


“Don’t….Don’t touch him!” In just ten minutes, I was completely believe her rhetoric about the child.

I was terrified.
I am afraid that Ning Shi has not treated him properly in the past seven years, and I am even more afraid that he will become the second me in the future.

“Of course, you’re good, none of this will happen.” Ning Shi saw my face was wrong, and quickly softened her tone, “What’s wrong with Song Bai Lao? He doesn’t mind that you are a beta, he is something that no amount of omega can ask for, you should feel lucky and know how to be content.”

I clenched my hands, and the violent agitation of my heart almost broke through my chest.

“He won’t marry me.”

Ning Shi said, “But he agreed.”

I widened my eyes in astonishment, completely stunned.

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