I saw that he couldn’t walk anymore, so I hurried up to help him.
As soon as I walked up to him, I didn’t touch his hand, and his eyes were fixed on the spot.

“Don’t touch me.”

The moonlight shone in through the glass window on the other side of the corridor, and it seemed as if frost had grown in his eyes.
I curled my fingers like I was scorched by the flames, and I took a step back involuntarily.

He staggered against the wall and continued walking, stopping after a few steps.
Breathing cautiously and laboriously, even a Beta with poor hearing, can hear it clearly.

Looking at Song Bai Lao’s stubborn back, I gritted my teeth, quickly caught up with him without looking at his face, put him up and walked to the bedroom.

“You, let go…” He wanted to break free, but suffering from the pain, he could only be reluctant to be supported by me.

Entering the bedroom, he finally gathered a little strength and struggled to push me away.

With a “Bump”, my back slammed against the door, no matter how good my temper was, it would be worn away by his ignorance.

“Can you stop getting angry with me at this time?” I said in a low voice, “How old are you, can’t you tell when and what to do?”

Song Bai Lao slowly moved his body a little bit, and his joints froze.
Like rusted gears, every time the arm is raised, there is a moment of stagnation.
After some effort, he took off his coat with difficulty and threw it on the carpet.

He turned wearily: “Go out, I don’t want to see anyone.”

Red is always shocking on a white background.
I stared at his back in shock.
I don’t know if he moved too much or just like this on the road.
There were bloodstains on the newly changed white shirt.

“Can’t you understand people’s words?” He unbuttoned his buttons, and seeing that I didn’t move, he gave the order to evict the guest again.

“You… the wound is bleeding again.” Just now, I was still a little angry.
When I saw Song Bai Lao’s injury so badly, I was a little frightened again, and I couldn’t speak smoothly.

He turned his head and glanced at his back, and said nonchalantly, “I’m not dead, isn’t it normal to bleed.” Then he took off his shirt, revealing the bandages covering his upper body.
Sure enough, the blood smeared on it even more, dyeing a large piece of bandage red.

He didn’t even look at the blood-stained shirt, he fell down on the bed, and didn’t move.

I was afraid that he would faint, so I watched closely for a while, and after confirming that he was all right, I folded the quilt on the other end to cover him below his waist.

Taking a closer look, there are many old scars on Song Bai Lao’s back that are not wrapped by bandages, and the shapes are also different.

I remember that he used to get hurt a lot, but most of them were minor injuries from fights, and a Band-Aid was enough.
There was only one particularly bad injury.
The entire back was blue and purple, and the shoulder was swollen, as if he was beaten with a stick or something.

He couldn’t reach it himself, so he forced me to help him rub the medicated oil.
At that time, I wondered what kind of expert could beat him like that, but now it seems that this expert is likely to be called “Luo Qinghe”.

Song Bai Lao owes a few beatings, but how many years has he passed through his rebellious period, will it be too late to educate him with sticks?

No matter how much Ning Shi hated me, she never beat me like this.
The most painful time was when she was drunk and scalded my arm with a cigarette butt.
At that time, there was a big bubble, which left a faint mark after holding back.
After so many years, it is almost invisible.

If it weren’t for the inappropriate time now, I would just like to ask Song Bai Lao if he was adopted.


I was so close, and I didn’t hide my eyes, it was easy for Song Bai Lao to notice.

He raised his head, very impatient, as if he was going to curse again.
But they met my face, and he swallowed the words that came to his mouth for some reason, and replaced them with a nonchalant sentence: “You go out quickly.”

I thought about what else I could do, and asked him: “Are you thirsty? Would you like me to bring you a glass of water?”

Song Bai Lao had probably never met such a tough opponent as me, he lay back on his pillow again, with the back of his head facing me, accentuating every word.

“No, you leave me alone for a while.”

If I go down, I’m going to go really crazy.

I accepted it as soon as I saw it, “Okay, I’ll sleep next door tonight, just call me if you have anything.”

He didn’t return to me, just lay there motionless.

I picked up the clothes on the ground and walked out of the room lightly.

“Emm, this… do you want to call Miss Luo?” Aunt Jiu took the dirty clothes from my hands and saw the blood stains on them, her face changed suddenly.

“No need.” Song Bai Lao was like a beast licking his wounds alone.
He had a big temper and was highly vigilant.
“It’s late today, so it’s not convenient to pick her up the mountain.
Let’s ask her to change his dressing tomorrow.”

I asked Aunt Jiu for some antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs, and then went upstairs again with warm water.

When I put the water glass on the head of the bed, Song Bai Lao had already fallen asleep.
I reached out to probe his forehead, the temperature of that piece of skin was okay, not burning, and there should be no fever.

Looking at his sleeping face for a moment, I found that he didn’t even loosen his brows when he fell asleep, still frowned.

Pointing my index finger on the crease between his brows, I said in a voice that only I could hear: “Does it hurt? This is the end of the mess.”

Song Bai Lao suddenly frowned and rubbed his face against the pillow.
I was so frightened that I quickly retracted my hand.
Seeing that he hadn’t woken up for a long time, I breathed a long sigh of relief against the beating heart.

I couldn’t sleep for a while, so I decided to go to the library to find a book to read.
I also remembered that I accidentally dropped the photo album that contained Song Bai Lao’s “secret” last time, and I haven’t had time to return to its original place.
He doesn’t even allow others to see his weak side.
If he finds out that I was peeking at his privacy, he might kill me.

Unconsciously shivering, I was determined to find it and put it back in its place.

Based on my memory, my index finger crossed the spine of the book one by one, and after looking for it for about five minutes, I finally found it.

Only now did I find out that the author of the photo album was also named Song.
With some hunch, I opened the page, took out the yellowed envelope, and matched the recipient’s name to the two words on the cover:

Song Xiao is the same person.
No wonder Song Bai Lao chose this photobook to collect letters.

Looking at the publication information, the book was published fifteen years ago, and the postmark on the envelope was sixteen years ago.

The mother, who had never heard from him, suddenly learned of the other party’s news one day, and found that he was still living his life well, and he even published a photo album called “The Meaning of Life”.
When Song Bai Lao discovered this book, he must have been so happy and saddened.

“The Meaning of Life”… I flipped through it and found that this is an observation photo album of birds.
Falcons are all available, each of which is dazzling and beautiful, as if it will jump out of the picture in the next second.

To collect so many birds, she must have traveled a lot.

Alone, but understand the meaning of life? Ironic.

Holding the slightly thick envelope, my heart was at war between heaven and hell.

After a while, the angel said on the right: “It’s not good to see people’s privacy, so let’s put it back.”

After a while, the devil said on the left: “You saw Song Bai Lao you don’t know.
Look, you saw a little bit last time anyway.”

The angel retorted : “Last time was an accident, not intentional.”

Demon: “Then treat this time as an accident.”

The angel wanted to say something, but was stabbed to death by the demon.

Forget it, I’ve already seen it for a while, and it’s not bad to watch more.

I sat on the sofa, turned on the floor reading lamp beside me, and started to read Song Bai Lao’s letters one by one.
There are five letters in total, adding up to about three or four thousand words, and it is not difficult to look at.
And although Song Bai Lao’s words are immature, they are quite upright.

The theme of every letter can’t be escaped – wanting Song Xiao to pick him up.

Luo Qinghe’s attitude towards Song Bai Lao seems to have changed a lot after his remarriage.
He is strict and distant, and he is very indulgent towards his stepson, Xia Yanchi.
Such differential treatment made Song Bai Lao confused and felt that he was not needed and was a superfluous person.

Luo Qinghe not only threw the bird he rescued out of the house without caring about Song Bai Lao’s feelings, but also punished him without asking the reason when he had a dispute with his stepson.

In his opinion, Xia Qiao was a cowardly and incompetent, who would only cry when encountering troubles, a useless Omega without any opinion, and could not be compared with Song Xiao at all.

By and large, he decried his “new home” as worthless.

In the last letter, the content is shorter than any of the previous ones.

[Dad said you don’t want me anymore.
It’s you who left me, it’s not that he wants to keep me, is it true?

I thought you didn’t let me go with you because the Luo family prevented me from following you.

It turns out that no one needs me at all…]

Finally, after reading it all, I let go of the letter in my hand and let it fall freely onto my lap.

Luo Qinghe, if he posted his deeds on social networking sites, would definitely be popular.
Thinking that Song Bai Lao was no older than YouYou at that time, would YouYou also have this idea, thinking that no one needs him at all?

After wiping my face, I folded the letter and stuffed it back into the envelope, then got up from the sofa and put the photobook and Song Bai Lao’s “secret” back on the top shelf of the bookshelf.

I picked up the magazine and went back, and when I passed by Song Bai Lao’s bedroom, I happened to hear the sound of a glass shattering.

Afraid that something might happen to the other party, I pushed open the door and rushed in.

Song Bai Lao leaned out of the bed, looking at his posture, he should have wanted to drink water, but accidentally knocked over the glass.

He seemed to be startled by me, his arms were hanging in the air, and his whole body froze there.
When he saw that it was me who coming in, he suddenly relaxed his muscles and lowered his arms.

“You came quite fast…”

“Just happened to pass by.”

I squatted down to pick up the shards of glass, and Song Bai Lao’s voice sounded in my ears again: “Go pour water, what kind of rubbish are you picking up?”

I had to stand up again: “You wait a moment.”

I went downstairs and poured a glass of warm water, I also found Song Bai Lao a straw that Song Mo usually use to drink yogurt.
He drank a large glass of water through a straw.
I saw that his face was a little flushed, and something was wrong in his heart.
When I reached out to touch it, he really had a fever.

“Give me the medicine, I’ll just take the medicine and get some sleep.” Song Bai Lao shook off my hand and went to look for the medicine on the cabinet.

I stopped him and pressed him back to the bed: “Don’t move, I’ll get it for you.”

After taking the antipyretic, he lay down and quickly became quiet again.
I covered the quilt for him, sat down on the single sofa by the window with a magazine in hand, and read it.

Song Bai Lao had a fever and sweating, and even talked nonsense in the middle of the night.
I went to wipe him, he didn’t know who I was, grabbed my hand and asked me why I did such a despicable thing, and then asked me why I left him.

“I’m sorry.” I coaxed him to let go, “I’m sorry, forgive me, okay?”

Song Bai Lao stared at me for a while with red eyes, his eyelashes fluttered twice, and finally let go.

“How is that possible, dreaming…” He lowered his voice a little, and fell into a drowsiness after a while.

Early the next morning, with a bad face of staying up all night, I asked Aunt Jiu to call Luo Meng Bai.

Luo Meng Bai came quickly and appeared in front of Song Bai Lao in less than an hour.

“Why did uncle put such a heavy hand suddenly? What did you do to make him angry?”

Song Bai Lao sat cross-legged on the bed with his back to Luo Meng Bai, the bandages on his body had been untied, revealing his mottled and hideous back.
Luo Meng Bai carefully cleaned his wound with tweezers and cotton wool.
I stood by and held the medical tray as an assistant, handing over various tools and instruments in time.

“A half-sized star swallowed a few sleeping pills for me, and forced me to see him after washing his stomach.
As a result, he was dug up by a caring person and almost became the headline today.” The spirit is not good either.

Luo Meng Bai laughed when he heard the words: “This little star is so noisy, you are really a disaster.
Then, uncle beat you?”

“You also know what he is preparing recently.” Song Bai Lao every word ending sound was very long and seemed weak.
“He said that if he lost votes for this matter, he would slap me with a whip until the votes were made up.
I told him not to wait, if he wanted to hit me, hit me directly, you don’t need to make so many excuses.”

I couldn’t help frowning beside.
This father and son are really… too hard.
The mouth is tough, the bones are tough, and the temper is tougher.
Things that can be explained simply with the mouth have to be troubled.

Luo Meng Bai started to stand up and wrap him in bandages: “There should be a lot of fans, both big and small, so they all gave up voting for my uncle.
How could he have to lose thousands of votes? This matter is indeed dangerous and dangerous, cousin, no wonder uncle is angry.”

“You really are a family…”

Song Bai Lao didn’t say more, but this was not a good thing to hear, Luo Meng paused, sighed softly and continued.

“You are also part of this family, cousin.”

Song Bai Lao sat there, his back slightly arched, and he was silent and did not reply.

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