it into my arms.

I opened it and saw that there was a box of cake platters in it.
There were about five or six different flavors, and the cheesecake that Song Mo liked was among them.

I wanted to give her the money, but she refused to accept it.

“You don’t need to give it, just treat it as I invited you.” Xiao Zhu smiled shyly, “Next time, please remember to drink together, invite me back, I have a lot to tell you.”

Xiao Zhu loves drinking, and she can drink very well, and it may be one of the reasons why Master prefers her.

After I left Xu Mei Ren, it seemed that Xiang Ping didn’t embarrass them, but still remembered some old friendships.
That’s fine, so that Master won’t be too worried.

I held Song Mo to say goodbye to her, and as soon as I turned around, the smile was still on my face, and I saw Chang Xingze staring at me coldly with his arms around his chest, like a spirit behind him.

To him, I have nothing more to say than Xiang Ping, I just want to stay far away.

“You’re amazing, you’re so good at pretending.”

I wiped him and walked forward, stopped when I heard his words, and his voice continued behind me.

“It’s like being bullied so badly by us.
It turns out that the young master has come to experience the suffering of the world.”

I turned around, and Chang Xingze had a sarcastic smile on his lips.
Seeing me looking at him, he was not to be outdone.
He stared: “What are you doing here today, a demonstration? Don’t think that you can step on my head if you fly on a high branch, don’t dream!”

My life goal has never had anything to do with him, and I have never set anything to step on.
The ultimate ideal in his head, he said this a bit self-righteous.

“Brother Xingze, stop arguing…” Xiao Zhu looked at us embarrassedly.

Chang Xingze glanced at her: “You go back!”

Xiao Zhu didn’t dare to speak immediately.
Now that the Beta job is not easy to find, she works in Xu Mei Ren, so she has to take into account the face of the “boss”.
Xiao Zhu walked helplessly into the store, and while Chang Xingze was not paying attention, he winked at me and folded his palms and bowed, as if to tell me not to take it seriously.

There were already customers in the queue who noticed this.
I didn’t want to get entangled with Chang Xingze, so I wanted to leave, but when I caught sight of his indomitable appearance, I felt a little sullen.

When I made cakes, he made me unable to get along in the baking industry, and when I did live broadcasts, he made me unable to get along in the live broadcast circle.
What do I want to do now, separate me and Song Bai Lao?

“This shop is the master’s hard work, you have to do it well, don’t screw it up.
As for my business… I have nothing to do with you whether I am a young master or a little beggar, and I don’t need to explain it to you.
You follow Xiang Ping.
Have a good life.” After saying that, I picked up Song Mo and walked away from Xu Mei Ren’s store without looking back.

When I got back to the car, my heart was still beating wildly.
I regretted not looking back at Chang Xingze.
I wonder if his face was ugly.

When we arrived at Xia Sheng, Li Xun personally picked us up from the bottom, saying that Song Bai Lao had something to do at the moment, so he might have to wait in the waiting room first.

As soon as the elevator opened, Song Bai Lao’s anger resounded through the entire floor, and even Song Mo clenched my hand consciously, and I finally knew what the “thing” Li Xun was talking about.

Song Mo and I sat down on the sofa outside, while Song Bai Lao reprimand his subordinates.
The smart glass was switched to invisible mode, but the sound was still transmitted faithfully.

“I invited you to do research and development, not to write a paper.
I want results, success, and no useless materials!”

“I’m really sorry Mr.
Song! Please give me a little more time, and I will definitely produce results…”

“One month, if I don’t see any new possibilities in a month, you will get out with your team!”

After a while, the middle-aged scientific researcher who was reprimanded by Song Bai Lao with a pale face and could not lift his head from the office pushing the door and coming out, seeing Song Mo and I waiting outside, he was stunned for a while, then nodded at us embarrassedly, and quickly took the elevator and left.

Li Xun looked at his back and sighed: “Old Zhang is actually a good person, but the research project at hand has not been progressing.
It has been two or three years, and the money has been burning.
No wonder Song is angry.”

“It’s a difficult research?” I asked casually.

“Research on extending the service life of new energy batteries is difficult to say, and it is indeed difficult.”

I nodded vaguely.
She told me how to prolong the shelf life of the cake.
I still know something.
The energy battery is really my knowledge blind spot, which is about the same level as Song Mo.

Li Xun ran into the room and told Song Bai Lao that we had come.
Two minutes later, Song Bai Lao came out of the office and saw Song Mo holding a plate and eating cake, his brows instantly wrinkled.

“You give him these things again.” He came to my way.

Immediately, I moved my butt uneasily: “He’s sick… I only give him food as a reward.”

The folds between Song Bai Lao’s brows did not loosen because of this, obviously he didn’t agree with my “reward system” very much.
But he ate it all, and he couldn’t pick Song Mo’s mouth out again.
He didn’t say anything.
After taking off the bite stopper, he opened the cake box with one finger and took a critical look at the contents.

“Why is this store…”

I asked in surprise, “You know this store?”

He sat down across from me, fiddled with his bite stopper, opened and closed it: “Aunt Jiu bought it a few years ago, it was good at first, but suddenly it became unpalatable, so I told Aunt Jiu to stop bought it.”

A few years ago, when I was still in Xu Mei Ren, Song Bai Lao said that he might have accidentally eaten the cake I made.

If he knew that he had eaten something made by someone he hated, and thought it was delicious, he didn’t know what his expression would have been like…

“This is what Aunt Jiu asked me to give to you.” I gave him the Beef Sauce of Aunt Jiu.

Song Bai Lao was just like Song Mo when I said I was going to buy a cake for Song Mo, his eyes lit up: “It’s better to take advantage of my heart.” As he spoke, he glanced at Song Mo who was eating sweetly beside him, Suddenly, he picked up a huge strawberry on the other party’s cake, put it in his mouth, and commented while eating, “The strawberry is not bad.”

“Aaah…” Song Mo originally kept the strawberry for the last.
Yes, after being snatched by Song Bai Lao mercilessly, he immediately looked at me with a pouting face.

I secretly scolded Song Bai Lao for being naive, and found another whole strawberry for Song Mo on another cake.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, look, there’s more here.”

Song Mo’s brows stretched, and he became happy again.
He put the red strawberry on his plate, inserted it and ate it.

He puffed out his cheeks, his eyes were squinted together when he ate, and the look of happiness on his face made people smile involuntarily.

He hadn’t swallowed what was in his mouth.
Seeing me looking at him, he smiled at me and said in a soft voice, “Thank you, Mom.”

For a moment, Song Bai Lao and I were stunned.

Song Bai Lao looked at me without words: “You asked him to call you mother?”

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