k break.
When the live broadcast resumed, the number of subscribers had dropped from 3,000 to 2,000 to more than 100.
In the past two weeks while I waited for the public opinion to subside, Chang Xingze started a high-profile live broadcast on Amber as the champion of the international competition.
With his good looks and superb skills, he quickly climbed to the top three of the weekly popularity list, and completely ranked me as a Reservoir dogs.

This is really too coincidental.
From picking up my identity as a “plagiarist” to increase the topic, to Chang Xingze entering Amber as a benevolent victim, one after another, the time points are closely connected, and I am stupid no matter how stupid I am.

I’m already like this, and they still don’t want to let me go.
They want to squeeze my last bit of value.
It’s a pity to be a baker.

“And then, you just let them go?”

I was startled and looked up at Song Bai Lao.
His posture was no different from the previous one, and his expression was still the same cold and angry look, but the frown between his brows was tighter.

“I have no evidence…” The draft was also stolen by Xiang Ping.
Even if I plead guilty for myself, with no evidence, who would believe me?

Song Bai Lao stared directly at me, closed his eyes for a long time, and let out a long breath from his nose.

“You’re really as bad as before.”

The fingertips trembled uncontrollably, as if someone had poured a bucket of ice water over my head, and for a moment I was almost breathless.

Compared to this, my voice was calm: “I also tried to resist, but unfortunately I failed.”


Whether it’s as a Beta, trying to make some achievements, or being framed for plagiarism…

Song Bai Lao “Haha.
With a sound, the corners of his lips lifted, forming a warm smile: “It’s not a complete failure.
Didn’t you marry me? You drugged me and forced me into estrus in the equipment room, didn’t you? For this?”

My eyes suddenly widened a bit, and I tightened my fingers suddenly, trying to make a sound, but my throat seemed to be blocked, and I couldn’t utter a word.

“I…” After finally uttering a syllable, it got stuck again.

“What are you?” Song Bai Lao slowly restrained his smile, “Have you never done it?”

At this moment, Song Bai Lao overlapped with those who were clamoring for me to get out of the field, and who found me guilty from the bottom of their hearts.

“Haven’t you done it yet?”

“I haven’t done it.”

“So how do you prove it?”


“So how do you prove innocence?”

“But I haven’t done it.”

“You have to prove.”

“I haven’t done it, why should I prove it?’

“I didn’t …”

The words were pale and weak, and I didn’t know what else to say.

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside the door, and the sound of footsteps came hurriedly.

“Sir, the young master is sick!” Aunt Jiu knocked on the door, standing outside the door and not coming in.

Before I regained my senses, Song Bai Lao stood up and walked out without looking at me.

Thinking that something might have happened to Song Mo, I didn’t care about anything else and went after Song Bai Lao.

Song Mo was originally taking piano lessons.
According to the female teacher who taught him, he suddenly began to cough and was panting very badly.
When she saw that it was not good, she immediately went downstairs to find other people.

The servants of the Song family knew about Song Mo’s physical condition.
Aunt Jiu ordered someone to bring a paper bag as soon as possible, and opened the doors and windows.
When Song Mo’s cough was no longer so bad, she went to find Song Bai Lao again.

When we arrived, Song Mo had already been carried to the bed, his face was pale and he looked very weak.

Song Bai Lao sat beside the bed, put his palm against his forehead to measure the temperature on his forehead, and asked, “Is it still uncomfortable?”

Song Mo shook his head gently.

“Luo Meng Bai has been notified, she will be here soon.” Facing his sick son, Song Bai Lao’s tone was only a little milder than usual.

Song Mo pursed his lips and pulled up the quilt to cover the area below his eyes, looking very reluctant.

I stood behind Song Bai Lao, probably at the end of the bed, and didn’t dare to rush over without Song Bai Lao’s peremission.
Seeing Song Mo turn his eyes to me, thinking that the child needs to be appeased at this time, he hurriedly wrinkled his nose at him, showing a somewhat funny expression.

His eyes were slightly curved, as if smiling.

I also laughed silently, and was about to make another face when Song Bai Lao suddenly turned his head to look at me.

I froze there for a moment, and at a loss, I let the five senses return to their original positions, and then moved to the side with a light cough, and stood directly at the corner of the wall.

The “Luo Meng Bai” Song Bai Lao called arrived quickly, wearing a white lab coat and carrying a medicine box, as I thought it was a doctor.

She wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on her face, a thin dangling chain that stretches down the back of his neck, and a bite-stop in the style of a dust mask.

“What’s wrong, let me take a look…” She took out the stethoscope and quietly listened to Song Mo’s heartbeat, and then performed a series of basic examinations for him.

In the end, she put the quilt back on Song Mo, stood up straight and said to Song Bai Lao, “It’s not a big problem.
Spring is always easier to induce asthma.
If you’re worried, I’ll stay here for one night and observe again.”

Song Bai Lao glanced at Song Mo, who couldn’t keep his eyes open on the bed, nodded and said, “Okay.” Then he looked at me again, and his attitude changed sharply, “Let Aunt Jiu prepare the guest room.

Aunt Jiu was also very happy when she heard that Luo Meng Bai was going to stay, and said that she felt relieved when she was there.
Only after she said it did I know that Luo Meng Bai was already an authority on the research on ABO type 3 blood and c20 virus at a young age.
And she is also Song Bai Lao’s cousin, a direct descendant of the Luo family.

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