Because Song Mo couldn’t communicate well with others, even though he didn’t go to school at the age of five, he would have full courses on six days or seven days a week.
It’s very similar to me.

I live stream six days a week and only take one day off.
However, due to the previous live broadcast accident, I had not yet recovered, so I took two more days off with the platform administrator, so that I could get three days to relax completely.

Originally, I was lingering, and I didn’t care about being more confused.

Song Bai Lao’s collection of books is very impressive, with four or five meters of walnut bookcases surrounded by walls, neatly stacked, and the books on the top can only be accessed with the help of ladders.

In the center of the library is a hand-woven carpet with crimson patterns.
A well-crafted black leather sofa is pressed on the axis of the carpet with absolute symmetry.
A single sofa is placed at the same position on both sides, surrounded by coffee tables also made of walnut.

The layout of the entire library is comfortable, heavy, and a bit obsessive.

So many books suddenly made me a little dazzled, I looked over the walls, looking for two books and magazines that introduced dessert cakes.
But I don’t know if it’s the reason why Song Bai Lao is not interested in this aspect, but there is very little to watch.

Finally I climbed the ladder and started looking up high.

The long ladder moved between the bookshelves along the sliding rails.
I couldn’t find any books on baking, but a photo book called “The Meaning of Life” caught my attention.
I pulled it out from the bookshelf, not wanting the contents inside to fall loose and fall to the ground.

I was startled and rushed down to pick it up.
Most of them were folded in squares, and one had been unfolded.
I picked up the unfolded piece of paper and saw that it was not a postcard or poster that came with the book, but a letter.

The handwriting is immature, and there is a precocious maturity beyond the age between the lines.

[Mom, can you take me away? I don’t want to stay here, I don’t like this new home.
Dad said that Xia’s father and son are his responsibility, so what are we? Are we his victims?
Yesterday I rescued an injured bird.
Xia Yanchi fell ill at night.
Dad was very angry and threw the bird out.
I found its body this morning.
I’m so sad, I hate him so much.
Mom, please come and see me, I miss you so much…]

After reading a few paragraphs, I realized that this was a letter Song Bai Lao wrote to his mother when he was a child.
It’s not always good to peep at people’s privacy, so instead of looking down, I folded it up with a few other letters.

Opening that photobook, I found an empty envelope on a page that introduced “Red-billed Acacia.”

The envelope has turned yellow and has a sense of age, and the side with the address on which the recipient is written is covered with a huge “return” word, which should not be sent successfully.

I couldn’t help but imagine that the young Song Bai Lao was looking forward to his mother coming to pick him up every day.
After writing several letters with no response, he received his returned letter in hope.
He finally realized that the other party may have left without saying goodbye, leaving the place that once could be called “home”.
His letter could not be passed on to anyone, nor could his pain.
From then on he gave up the struggle and hid the letters until he even forgot their existence.

I don’t know if it’s because of the sudden promotion to become a father recently, even though Song Bai Lao is still a big bastard living a smart and unrestrained life, but thinking that he was so helpless and hopeless once, I feel sad and feel bad for him.

People who become a parents will look down on their children’s suffering.
It turns out that it is true.

With a sigh, I stuffed the letter back into the envelope, clipping back the original pages.
Just as he was about to climb the ladder and put the photo album back in place, Song Bai Lao’s vague voice suddenly sounded outside the door.

“Where’s Ning Yu?” He didn’t seem to know where I was going, and his tone was very bad.

“It looks like he’s in the library…”

I was apprehensive, I heard footsteps approaching, and in a panic, I shoved the photo album in my hand onto the bookshelf.

As soon as it was finished, the door of the library was pushed open, and Song Bai Lao appeared in front of me in anger.

I held on to the bookshelf and took two steps back.


Song Bai Lao was in a hurry to see me, but he didn’t speak when he saw me.
He held a tablet in his hand, looked at me with a sullen face for a moment, turned his steps to sit on the sofa, and threw the tablet on the coffee table.

The screen lit up because of his movements, and he sat there loosely, chin on one hand, index finger on the side of his face.

“Look.” He looked at me, and then his eyes fell on the tablet.

I walked uneasy to the coffee table, bent down and picked up the tablet, looking a little shocked at first glance.

“Surprised, the newlywed wife of Song Bai Lao, president of Xia Sheng Group, is actually Ning Yu, the anchor of Amber plagiarism.” Song Bai Lao read out the title of the report I was reading without hesitation, “Not only are they shocked, I am also surprised.”

I Carefully put down the tablet, not sure what his current situation is, whether he is asking for guilt or simply expressing his dissatisfaction that has been kept in the dark.

“I’ve been livestreaming for two years, and you didn’t say before that I can’t have a job…”

He interrupted me with a sneer: “For two years of livestreaming, I haven’t shown my face before, but I suddenly showed up two days ago and told them you are married to an Alpha, you have a lot of ideas.”

My heart tightened, and I realized that he thought I was using him to hype himself.

I… It was an accident, and it was Song Mo who suddenly ran over…”

Song Bai Lao frowned suddenly: “Don’t talk to Song Mo.”

His tone was so severe and cold that I couldn’t help shivering, the sound of the re-export should be a little weaker.

“I’m a live-streamer making cakes, not an entertainment anchor, so there’s no need for hype…”

This is actually not true, Xiang Ping and the others just use me to hype themselves? Now their live broadcast is hot, and Xu Mei Ren’s business is booming, and the military medals are half of mine.

“Then what happened to plagiarizing the anchor? It’s better to tell all the stupid things you’ve done today.” He kicked the coffee table and tilted the coffee table by two points.

I took a step back in fright, followed by Song Bai Lao’s unstoppable command.

“Sit down!”

My eyelids jumped, I took a big step, and sat down on the single sofa next to me.
The butt only dares to take a side, or jump up and escape anytime, anywhere.

“That’s it…” With my hands on my knees, I lowered my eyes and stared at the nails of my thumbs, recalling what happened two years ago.

Xiang Ping would hate me, but now that I think about it, it’s already obvious.

As the only son of his master, he was not recognized by his master.
Master compares me with him all day long, reprimands him for not being as good as me, and even wants to hand over Xu Mei Ren to me by matching us.

Being a Beta is already hard enough, and he has to be rubbed under my feet by me, who is also a Beta.
Instead of bursting out in depression, he will pervert in depression.

So he perverted.

At that time, during the registration period for the French International Cake Contest, Master suddenly lost his health and was sent to the hospital to find out that he had advanced liver cancer.
He was unwilling to be cured, saying that he had enough to live, and that he was going to find his wife.
The only people who couldn’t be relieved were our disciples.


I sat beside his hospital bed, held his hand, and said that I must bring the trophy back, honor my teacher, and help my brother manage Xu Mei Ren, so that he can rest assured.

At the beginning, I swore that I could always do it, but who would have thought that all these promises would be broken in the end.

There are two contestants in one group, one main and one auxiliary.
Xiang Ping and I will go to France to compete.
After getting the question on the first day, the organizing committee asked all the contestants to go back to prepare.
It took two days to complete the initial conception and general components, and on the third day, they went to the competition site to assemble.

It is said that it is a cake contest, but it is not the taste, but the shape and creativity.
The contestants showed their magical powers and applied their skills, just to make the works appear more perfect and vivid, to impress the judges, and to come out on top in the competition.

I spent a day thinking about the shape of the cake, the theme was “Ocean”, I told Xiang Ping that I wanted to make a dragon palace, inspired by traditional famous books.

Xiang Ping was surprised for a moment, and quickly asked me for a specific idea, and also asked me to draw a sketch.

“That’s it… the main body is this, the dragon head.
Then the dragon head is broken in half, and at the broken horn, the Great Sage Monkey King in armor and holding a golden hoop is sitting there majestic… Under his feet, where the dragon head is broken Exquisite pavilions and pavilions are exposed, shrimp, soldiers and crabs will flee everywhere, coral and seaweed drift with the waves…”

His uncharacteristically positive attitude made me think that it was Master’s impending danger that stimulated him, but I never imagined that it was Chang Xingze’s beauty who stimulated him.

Chang Xingze’s parents are well-known gourmets in China, and his grandfather is a five-star pastry chef who has won numerous awards.
He inherited his ancestral business and has always attracted much attention.

When we were in China, the two of us also participated in the competition together.
One of the judges was an old friend of Grandpa Chang Xingze, who gave Chang Xingze almost full marks for every result.
In the end he got the gold medal and I got the silver medal.

At the awards ceremony, another judge presented him with the award, saying that his score was inflated and he should not have won the gold, but for Teacher Chang’s sake, he still gave it to the champion.
I hope he will hone his skills well in the future.
Don’t disappoint everyone’s expectations.
When I arrived, the other party patted me on the shoulder and said I was a pity.

The judge may have wanted to beat Chang Xingze at first, hoping that he would not be arrogant, but he beat him so hard that his face was swollen.
After stepping down from the stage, Chang Xingze threw the medal and left with a stinky face.


I don’t have much interaction with him, and the only thing that can make him hate me is this opportunity.

On the third day, we did the final assembly and detailing on the ring stage, and the giant screen overhead broadcasted the completion of each contestant in real time.

I had nothing else to do, I just wanted to complete my “Dragon Palace” as soon as possible, ignoring the increasingly noisy auditorium.

Finally, even I couldn’t ignore the boos.
The judges stepped onto the stage and asked me to step down first to cooperate with the investigation.

“Cooperating with the investigation? What’s wrong?” I was at a loss, completely unaware that a catastrophe was imminent.

The judges frowned, looking at my expression full of regret and disappointment.

“A contestant reported that you plagiarized his work.”

My mind went blank, and there was no response for a few seconds, and I had no idea what the other party was talking about.

Until the judge pointed to the other side and made me look back.

I turned around, staring blankly in the direction he was pointing.
I saw my “Dragon Palace” at a glance, and the degree of completion is higher than the one I have on hand.
Standing behind that perfect work, Chang Xingze stared at me with cold and disgust, as if he were watching a shameless thief.

I turned around for a while and looked at Xiang Ping next to me in disbelief.

My ideas, I only told him about my ideas from beginning to end.
Now Chang Xingze also has a “Dragon Palace”, and the degree of completion is higher than mine.
It is self-evident who leaked the secret.

“Junior brother, turn back to the shore…” Xiang Ping may also have a guilty conscience, not turn his eyes away from me, and play the drama of remorse and senior brother there, “I know you want to win, but you can’t use this crooked method.”

He actually still has face to teach me.

“Why?” I asked him in a husky voice.

He not only failed my trust in him, but also failed Master’s years of teaching.
Master is still lying in the hospital waiting for us to return home, but what has he done?

He teamed up with others to steal my ideas and then framed me in turn?

I don’t understand, I really don’t understand why he does this.

In the face of my questioning, Xiang Ping never answered or looked at me.

Ning, please step down first.” Seeing that I didn’t move, the judges urged me, and the security guard on the side stepped forward and pulled my arm.

I was forcibly taken off the stage by them, Xiang Ping finally looked at me, but he remained indifferent and watched from the sidelines.

I opened my mouth and wanted to ask him again, but he took a step away from me, took a deep breath, and suddenly bowed solemnly to the audience.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

Like I’m really guilty, like I’m the shameful copycat.

Why is he apologizing?

This act completely tore the string of reason in my mind.

I broke free from the shackles of the judges, rushed up and punched Xiang Ping, knocking him to the ground.

I wanted to throw a second punch, but the deafening boos from the audience stumbled on my hands and feet.
They told me to fuck off and called me a “copycat”.
Without judgment, I am already a sinner.

I looked at the crowded audience under the stage, exhausted physically and mentally, unable to advance or retreat.

The arguments were drowned out in the noise, and no one believed that I was innocent.
I became a rubbish that everyone shouted, and I was disqualified from the competition and expelled from the competition venue.

Chang Xingze won the final championship with my work.

Not long after returning to China, I received a penalty letter from the Bakers Association.
They regret to inform me that my baker license has been revoked due to the bad influence I have had at international events.

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