Secondary Race: Primordial High Human [Venerable Progenitor] is Kanzens current race in Danmachi and the realities that followed.

Primordial high human race is said to be a higher tier existence, a unique one among every high tier race in existence, the race starts from the very bottom of the food chain building up a strong foundation as they embark towards the unknown.

Tina also said that primordial high humans are one of the ruling races in the Infinite Prime Origin Reality they are considered as royalties.

Infinite Prime Origin Reality is the most dangerous and most prosperous reality in all existence since time immemorial.

Tina warned him not to think about going into there for now as a simple insect in that place possessed the power to devour, destroy or annihilate realities on a whim.

So if he plans to go there he needs to be at least someone whove reach Tier 16 or has a power of one a realm of power thats far beyond the current him.

Tier 16 is said to possess the power to create a multitude of infinite realities in a thought.

Thankfully the current him didn have the authority to open the path there so for the moment Kanzen put aside the thought about such overpowered land.

Tinas reasoning for sharing such overwhelming information is to ensure that he wouldn get carried away becoming too overconfident because of his power.

Primordial high human races possessed the main characteristic trait of being calm no matter the circumstances but at the same time they are a battle hunger-driven race when a worthy opponent comes their way.

Every single primordial high human were classified as gods of wisdom, fertility, beauty, combat, war, blood, chaos, travel, adventure, conquer, oblivion, nihility, reality, indestructibility, and infinity when they ascend Tier 6, so Tina advised him to expect a drastic boost in power when he reaches Tier 6 in the far future.

The very race is said to exist for the purpose of reaching the limitless unknown and to why this race is granted to Kanzen, Tina pushed the blame to his overwhelmingly positive Karma.

Constitution: [Imperial Samsara Origin Body] is the constitution granted to him by Karma, his desire to reincarnate freely without any drawback and with an intact power and memories transformed into the imperial samsara origin body.

The constitution grants him the following:

[Perfect Memory]

– The power that allows the soul to reincarnate safely from for an unlimited amount of time. The user retains all their memories even if one dies.

[Imperial Origin]

– Privilege that allows the user to inherent all of the power from his previous lives. [First life isn included]

[Origin Progenitor]

– Power to emulate any species becoming the origin progenitor of said emulated species.

[Ultimate Being]

– Power to freely traverse and adapt in any environment.

[Immortal Body]

– So long energy is present the user can freely reconstruct ones body in its prime state indefinitely.

Kanzen was shocked at the scale of information provided by Tina.

His brain almost melted trying to organize all the information he just received, thankfully because of the existence of his Omniscient Genius, the information was immediately organized.

Tina didn bother explaining the Comprehended Dao Concepts because its pointless. He already knew everything about it. Comprehended Dao Concepts is a form of master that gives birth to a system of power scaling solely based on his mastery and development prowess.

”So Im literally an overpowered protagonist of a sort, aren I ”

[Nope, no-no, you aren a protagonist you
e far above a protagonist.

Protagonist is just another type of being, they
e those chosen by fate to represent its authority.

You can say they
e similar to your past self, bound unable to defy what had been programmed.

You that time is a revenged type protagonist someone who would do everything to achieve your revenge.

Now~, however, you
e something above the protagonist, reader, author, editor, singularity.

You are the someone that defines all other concepts and laws. A singularity among any other singularity, the most unique being in existence the progenitor of singularities]

”So I am such a being, didn this just add a weight in my already heavy shoulder. ” (Kanzen)

[Didn I say that you
e a being that defies everything. In simpler terms you can do whatever you want.

What weighing in your shoulders is something you put there yourself, if you want you could just disregard such weight]

”No its better if it stayed there for the moment, if disregarding everything would solve everything that wouldn be me anymore, having something that holds me back is just another form of assurance that I am still me. ”

[I couldn really understand the thoughts of mortals! But if you said so, I will follow your will]

”What about the primordial high human, you already explain its origins, but youve yet to inform me about its specifics, the very race itself possessed a special constitution of its own wasn it. ”

[Yeah, about that Primordial High Human, is higher tier existence race ”heart of reality ” is just a Tier 10 treasure, the karma is the one that granted you such race, so I don know a thing about such races constitution my own analysis ability only allowed me to see relevant information about such high tier race]

”So its like that~ its good that not everything is spoon-fed, I need to discover its secrets myself, theres also that unknown unique race of mine that I don know a thing about.

Then that irregular status in my soul.

The more mysteries I am, the more fun it is. ”

[You cheeky brat you
e enjoying your own enigmatic nature aren you]

”Of course, just imagine having all the knowledge in existence, wouldn life lose its meaning, whats there to do if you know everything. ” (Kanzen)

[Stop that…! Your smile creeps me]

”Apart from my Magic, all of my other stats are the same, except for the secondary value that appeared after receiving my true name.

Then what would happen when I joined a Familia? Wouldn my status value cause a ruckus ”

[You worry too much, when you join a Familia the only values to display would be your level, five main attributed stats and skills, and to why your magic is above other stats, its due to the nature of your existence.

Your entire body is composed of high tier energies, from source energy to primordial ruination energy, etc]

”So I am made of energy like spirit and such…? Then I couldn have a child~ ” (Kanzen)

Surprised by the unexpected question, Tinas mind blank unable to come up with a response, her thought process almost malfunctioned due to shock.

[You damn brat you
e already thinking that far ahead when you hadn even had a girlfriend not to say a wife]

Kanzen facepalm himself in realization.

e right… I completely forgot, its just that my biological mom and dad kept on bugging me for a grandchild before the apocalypse.

In our country 12 years old is the norm for legal marriage so me a 22 years old back then is already old enough that I should have a child of my own.

However, why I am very popular back then I am not really good at interacting with other people mostly when it comes to women, they were a strange creature you could never understand.

You know I have the natural ability to discern peoples innermost thoughts and emotions even before the apocalypse so finding someone who didn fancy me because of my looks is quite hard. ”

Hearing Kanzens recounting of his womanly problems, Tinas expression twitch.

[Yeah I completely forgot about that ability of yours, if my calculations were right that one might emerge as your second Trait when you reach Tier 2 so ready yourself because the moment it manifests its already potent power will surely be enhanced greatly]

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