— I found myself in a space not so dissimilar to the realm of nothingness. I looked around trying to discern my surroundings but wherever I look I could only see the same empty as pure space.

Kierby has a white, almost translucent skin, with silver blue hair that falls down his back and vibrant golden eyes that seemed to see through everything. This eyes of him radiates a dangerous feeling, something akin to a deep, bottomless abyss that could swallow everything. He wears a majestic black and white battle garment along with a synthetic combination of purple and red cape radiating a regal aura, and a strange black belt screaming majesty. His features from top to bottom is like a by-product of the combined efforts of both creation gods and sculpting gods using god and goddess of beauty as templates trying to create the most perfect features one could have desire. Features aside, Kierbys appearance is beyond breathtaking in the sense of having an image of a naïve looking young man that could easily steal the heart of every female mortals and gods.

[Synchronization achieved]

— inside my head a monotone female voice called out trying to garner my attention.


Name: Unnamed

Age: 0 Years Old

Reality: [Tier 1 – 7] [5 Realms]

Race: Unnamed [Humanoid Template] [Unknown Unique]

Soul Level: Tier 1 – Mortal Earth Realm [Irregular]

Soul Trait: [Omniscient Genius: G Rank]

-Power: 150 [I]

-Endurance: 150 [I]

-Dexterity: 150 [I]

-Agility: 150 [I]

-Magic: 1500 [I]

Constitution: [Imperial Samsara Origin Body]

Skills: [3]

[Primal Instinct: Unique: G Rank] [Void Traveler: Unique: G Rank] [Prime Predator: Unique: G]

Comprehend Dao Concepts:

[Sword: Heavenly Sword Saint: Tier 7] [Martial Arts: Heavenly Martial Arts: Tier 7] [Saber: Heavenly Saver Saint: Tier 7] [Spear: Spear Saint: Tier 6] [Archery: Archery Saint: Tier 6] [Assassination: Assassin Saint: Tier 6] [Marksmanship: Marksman Saint: Tier 6] …..!

Comprehend Law Concepts:


”Mr./Mrs. Voice, may I ask what you are? ”

— I called back trying to ask the monotone female voice as asked in a polite tone, just in case.

[*Ding dong* I am the system spirit born from the [Heart Of Reality] you can say that I am the accumulation of you and Starlights samas desire]

— She really did sound and act like Starlight-sama.

Didn Starlight-sama mention that a fragment of her will be accompanying me, she must be that fragment she mentioned.

Her previous monotone synthetic voice moments prior was nowhere, suddenly replaced by a jovial and cheerful female tone reminiscent of Starlight-sama.

”I see… I would like to thank you in advance for accompanying me. ” (Kierby)

— I replied ignoring her change monotone, inquiring about it might be rude so keeping my thoughts hidden might be for the better.

[*Sigh* You can just accept what other being said in face value.

I might be lying you know that, I might be some evil extra terrestrial parasite trying to deceive you]

— Even without a face, I could tell the frustration on her current nonexistent system spirits expression.

”You were supposed to help me, aren I right? So worry not, regardless of what you are, I trusted Starlight-sama I will readily accept you. ”

— I said in a resolute voice brimming with confidence. That should be enough to satisfy her, right?

[You dumb oaf… *sigh* jokes aside, I am a part of Starlight-sama, so you can also call me Starlight if it pleases you, or you can also choose a name for me.

If you choose the second option, better choose a short, simple and good name.]

”Short, simple and good names you say, wait a moment, let me think. ”

— For the better five minutes, I just stood there blankly trying to come up with a good name thats short, simple at the same time good.

[Hey… master~ you still with me, aren you taking so long for a name.]

”Um, then how about Tina, its a name from another system spirit of an anime that Ive enjoyed, shes a spirit that came from the far future sacrificing herself to guide and support the younger version of her deceased lover.

Sadly, I hadn finished the series because of the sudden apocalypse. ”

[For real, bruh… thats copyright!]

”Not good? Not to your liking? ”

— I asked if it seems like my naming sense sucked.

Seeing this reaction, the system spirit immediately reached out.

[No… no, no, I like it, Tina it is. Its a good name]

Hearing the system spirit accepting the name he had given, Kierbys previous solemn aura vanished, replaced by a radiating and warm aura.

”Then from now on youll be Tina Starlight, you said your Starlights fragment or something like that~ ” (Kierby)

[*Sigh* you
e a handful, you know that… Just so you know I can read your thoughts as clearly as day]


[Yeah, I can hear them as clearly as day]

— I guess its understandable that she could read my thoughts, we were now one and the same, the only that that separates us from each other is our characteristics genders and ego.

[Lets get back to the topic now~. I am Tina Starlight, you personally system spirit, you can consider me to be a part of your very soul, my duty is to guide and watch over you helping you recover and grow.

You can call out to me using your mind, you don need to shout here and there to garner my attention.

We share a deep and inseparable connection similar to that of a hive mind, so whenever you think about me, I will know it immediately, and for me hearing your thoughts if you want I can ignore them]

”Then, can I ask something? ” (Kierby)

[You can call me with no worries, just ask what you want, Ill be sure to satisfy your curiosity]

”Isn my so-called [Origin Status] a bit too overpowered? ” (Kierby)

He said with a weary and cheeky grin.

[ complaining about your status being overpowered, if others were to see those, they might gang up and slap you to death.]

”No…no, you misunderstand something Sis. Tina, the thing I am worried about is when others were to see my overpowered status, mostly when it comes to gods of this world. ”

[Oh its about that, its good that you are cautious but worry not even Tier 10 and above beings and not to say gods of a lower Tier reality. They surely couldn see through your [Origin Status] so relax except if you let them, and by the way, we haven yet arrived in the world of danmachi]

”Eh…~ ”

— I thought I was already in the world of Danmachi.

[Be patient you little oaf don rush things, the [Heart Of Reality] my body is still in the process of converting your remaining excess Karma into its system, empowering it and creating additional functions, wait there as I prepare things]

Soul Trait: [Omniscient Genius: G Rank]

– Analysis: The users analytical capabilities are enhanced by a factor of ×2.

– Thought Acceleration: Increase the speed of the users senses and thought by a thousand times.

– Simulated Prediction: This allows the user to predict the possible future path via high speed virtual complex calculations.

– Origin Appraisal: The ability to analyze and appraise any target, deconstructing them in your vision to their origin form.

– Parallel Processing: The ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomena, at the same time creating a system akin to a hive mind where information transfer between detach thoughts is being process in an instant. [Parallel thoughts are also under the effects of thought acceleration]

– Unparalleled Wisdom: The ability to comprehend any form of phenomenon, concepts, laws, and any form of order in every reality one visits.

– Infinite Library: The privilege to store and organized an infinite amount of knowledge without any prior side effect on the users mind.

– Origin Alteration: The ability to freely modify, create, and evolve skills, magic, techniques and sometimes concepts.

– – Mirror Character: The power to detach a part of ones consciousness and soul, creating another body that can be controlled using the detach consciousness and soul as a spark. [Limited to 1 Mirror Character for the moment]

– …

– …


– (A/N: The skills here were skill the MC already possessed before reincarnating.)

– [Primal Instinct: Unique: G Rank] – The users power to intuit the most optimal course of reaction when in combat or during dire situations where the users life is in peril.

– Extra ability: Future Treat Seeker – this power allows the user to sense possible treats in advance.

– …

– [Void Traveler: Unique: G Rank] – The power to move between spaces, either through instantaneous teleportation or creating a spatial gateway where the user can bring people.

– Extra ability: Void Territory – summons a special restricted domain where the user held near absolute authority within the surrounding space.

– …

– [Prime Predator: Unique: G] – The power to suppress any being in existence that has a weaker will power, mental force, spiritual power and soul origin. [The effect of this skill depends on the difference between the user and the marked target]

– Extra ability: True Nightmare – By partially or fully releasing the users killing intent, causes an intangible suppressive aura that inflicts [True Fear] on specified targets depending on the degree of killing intent being released, which can result in paralysis, combat power reduction, mental damage, corrosive nightmare, spirit corruption, life force drain and possible soul damage. [The effect of this skill depends on the difference between the killing intent, overall power of the user and the target]

– Extra ability: Venerable Aura – You passively release a deadly, murderous, bloody, death, slaughter, chaotic, nightmare, fear, pain and destructive aura, which could lead to other beings distancing themselves from you. [The extra ability can be freely turned on and off manually]

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