~ ” (Kierby)

He screamed in terror but to his dismay, in response, Starlight giggled like a little girl.

”Stop being a brat, my child, and listen. This is a precious item called [Heart Of Reality] its a Tier 10 – EX Grade Treasure. This item allows you access to other realities of your choosing, a sample of these were the various anime, novel, or manga you loved when you were young. This will also protect and guide you while fulfilling your hidden and deepest desires that you might not know yourself. ” (Starlight)

”Wait, but isn that your heart? ” (Kierby)

He felt conflicted receiving the heart of someone who treated him kindly like her own child, whether its a treasure or whatnot.

Knowing whats running through Kierbys somewhat chaotic mind, Starlight shrugged as a melancholic smile replace her always teasing yet caring face.

”You for real did you really forget… didn I say before I am nearing my complete annihilation, I am already dying whats the matter why were you ignoring my heart. This might be what they called rejection, the worst rejection even in near death, I am really a hopeless woman. ” (Starlight)

”Did I cause your slow destruction? ” (Kierby)

”No dummy, you aren the cause, didn I tell you to stop jumping into bullets.

You should stop repeating such behavior always blaming yourself for every little thing thats happening.

Now I started feeling bad for my fragment, shell surely be stressed out because of you.

Just accept my heart, you moron, consider it to be a parting gift or a memento of the sort it will help you greatly. ” (Starlight)

”… but… ” (Kierby)

”No, but, you moron. What kind of idiot would refuse a Tier 10 EX Grade Treasure, that can produce a limitless amount of source energy, and can be used as a conductor of sorts for Ultimate Karmic.

The hell child were you an idiot or what?

e supposed to be a genius above others but here you are denying a precious treasure that could have caused prime reality wars.

Just accept my heart, Id rather give my heart to one of my children than to leave it floating about in the chaotic boundary before some random monster or whatnot getting their hands on it. ” (Starlight)

In the end, Kierby gave up accepting Starlights [Heart Of Reality] thereafter the moment the [Heart Of Reality] got near him, it turned into molds of cloud like sparkling nebula dust that went straight into his soul bypassing any defenses he had. Before he could react whatsoever the [Heart Of Reality] promptly fused with his soul becoming one with him.

He then felt a strange sensation similar to something being complete, like a puzzle that had been neglected for a long time being complete, as the energy known as source energy began nourishing both soul and spirit. This development also triggered something dormant and hidden deep within him, he momentarily sensed dozens of unique energies stronger and more dangerous than that of source energy surging inside him nourishing his already being nourished soul and spirit.

”Is everything ok? ” (Starlight)

”Yeah, everything is alright~ ” (Kierby)

He replied with a gentle smile on his already breathtakingly handsome at the same time cute face that now radiated a beaming vibrant shine combined with his innocent smile.

”You should often smile… now your time is almost up, you better ready yourself for a journey. Its better for you to choose a reality you wanted to be in. ” (Starlight)

”Ok… I choose… wait, I don know where to go! Can you choose one for me as a parting wish~ ” (Kierby)

”You sure about me choosing a reality for you. ” (Starlight)

Starlight embraced him for the second time, but this time she also began petting his head treating him like a puppy, smiling kindly now acting more like a mother figure than a mischievous horny teenager. She paused for a few seconds as she began contemplating something in her head before a mischievous smile overshadowed her motherly act.

”Bye, bye, my cute handsome child, I wish you luck and happiness in your journey. ” (Starlight)

[Target reality has been confirmed [Danmachi] would you like to continue] {Yes} {No}

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