Using her unique means, Starlight found multiple characteristic personalities.

A genius, this characteristic finds anything new, as something intriguing and needed to be studied thoroughly to uncover its secrets.

This personality of Kanzen deems the wonders and secrets of the world as something that needed to be thoroughly understood.

A battle hungry characteristic, someone who enjoys intense combat fighting against worthy opponents.

This personality is a perfect battle maniac, not backing down against any challenge that comes his way.

This personalitys downside is his occasion careless, underestimating enemies, not going all out unless necessary.

The caution one, this personality plans ahead in the far future, but has a flaw of ignoring other things that weren related to his cause.

A bloody righteous one, someone who lives in the shadows all his life, bringing forth retribution and justice upon the irredeemable. The personality prefers being a solitary vigilante saving those that can be saved, killing those that must be killed.

Lastly Kanzens main characteristics is a naïve innocent child, this personality is the very definition of a young child, except for the fact that the young child possessed knowledge and experience of an ancient being.

The objective-driven one, someone who regards circumstances and reasoning as nothing but excuses.

This personality is responsible for taking care of things on his hand without regard whatsoever to the consequences of his action, as long as the desired aim is met.

This characteristic didn care whether one is good or evil, as in this personalitys eyes everything is but codes and the same.

[This is troublesome]

Starlight couldn help but let out a deep *sigh* of exaggeration.

The anomaly seems to be Kierbys naturally built up defensive system after having his ego imprisoned for hundreds of years.

”Everything that the soul had experience in their life results in the accumulation of the so-called Karma, an ultimate tier law that has been derived from the laws of fate, life, death, luck, misfortune, kindness, evil, light, and darkness.

The decisions one made in their life results in the accumulation of either positive or negative karma, its primary objective is to quantify the true good and true evil one had committed in their lifetime in their incarnation. ” (Starlight)

”Then didn I carrier far too much negative Karma, I have slaughtered, killed, destroyed and annihilated numerous planets, stars, solar systems, galactic systems, and numerous races back in my days. ” (Kierby)

He clenched his fist not due to guilt, but through acceptance.

”Now…! Now you don need to jump into the bullets while I am yet to be done explaining.

While its true that you have committed heinous actions in your heyday, that doesn really mean that those actions resulted in you accumulating negative karma.

The view of mortals and gods of true good and true evil is biased and doesn have a proper basis to begin with.

No matter what action youve committed, ones intent is the primal and main point of every action that would result in either gaining positive/good karma or negative/evil karma. ” (Starlight)

”Here~ Let me show you. ” (Starlight)

She raises her right hand as her left hands index finger was pointed onto Kierbys head.


[Positive Karma: 9,880,170,905,800

Negative Karma: 22]

”The positive karma you possessed exceeds whats supposed to be the common norm of quantitative karma, I know.

The only negative karma you have in you is when you were just a child, an example of this is when you steal your parentsmoney, when you lie about attending school and when you watch adult videos with nefarious dark thoughts in your head. ” (Starlight)

She explained in a teasing tone, biting her red lips in a seductive motion, her motherly demeanor was replaced by a seductive vixen.

Kierby on the other hand just nods, scratching the back of his head, not affected in the slightest by Starlights remarks and seductive actions.

e no fun. That innocence and naivety of yours is really something… ” (Starlight)

”Um… lady no mother Starlight how did I gain such an amount of positive karma, and what uses do they represent. ” (Kierby)

He asked, ignoring the pouting expression of his self-proclaimed mother.

”Ugh… about that, I don really know myself, the only plausible explanation I can deduce with the highest possibility in mind is when you kill others or cause mass genocide. ” (Starlight)

She nodded, agreeing to the word. In her point of view, killing isn really that bad, as death is just but a common cycle of life. To her, killing is more like a form of mercy. Because instead of going as far as torturing, causing more unnecessary pain to the recipient killing them is more like a relief, their souls would just go back to the circle of reincarnation being born anew in another reality.

”While killing might sound ominous and evil to your worlds flawed common sense, the truth of the matter, killing is more like a form of mercy.

I don have the specifics but if my speculations were right, killing someone who has too much negative Karma would grant one the equivalent value of its counterpart that is positive karma.

The races you annihilated brought devastating destruction to the weaker races similar to your human race, they subjugate, enslave, torture, destroy and annihilate numerous races far greater than you could imagine.

They probably accumulated too much negative karma that when you killed them, you gained positive karma. ” (Starlight)

”On the other hand, for your second question… he-he, he-he…! Thats where the fun begins. ” (Starlight)

Thereafter, Starlight went on to explain the things she knew about the concept of Karma being a balancing factor that supports both infinite realities and the beings that lived within.

The explanations range from simple benefits like great fortune in their next life, unique powers like systems similar to the stuff one reads in novels, then there are the wishes being granted the moment one reincarnates.

Listening to starlights short yet detailed explanation, Kierby couldn help but for the first time show a specific emotion as a frown developed in his face.

”I thought I wouldn die…*Sigh* death is probably inevitable, isn it. ”

Starlight shrugged after hearing Kierbys words before replying with a simple nod of affirmation.

Kierby just sighed, a melancholic glimmer in his eyes.

”Worry not my child, while dying is inevitable, you need not need to worry about losing your memories.

I know what you were worried about, you
e worried that you couldn take responsibility for your actions.

While your actions are indeed foolish in my perspective, its your life your choice. ”

She proclaimed, giving Kierby a wink.

”You mean to say, I am able to reincarnate while keeping my memories? ” (Kierby)

”Indeed, my child, so worry not. ” (Starlight)

”Starting over, huh… its like a dream. When I am but a normal student Ive kept wishing and dreaming to be reincarnated with all my memories intact, but now such an opportunity is close by its like… I don know what term to use… Hmm…! Yeah… I felt blessed. ” (Kierby)

”Haha, haha, thats it, my child. Now lets sort out everything, tell me child what do you wish? ” (Starlight)

Unprepared by the expected question, his mind blank for a second before seriously considering his options.

He thought about a system of sorts similar to the novels he read where the protagonist was able to grow faster then face slapping arrogant young masters then their ancestors and finally, their guardian gods.

He also considered having a peaceful life in some countryside, but thinking back things he determined that to have a peaceful life, one needs strength.

Moreover, living like a hermit isn really his thing, he loved going on journeys, trying different food here and there, then fighting strong and worthy opponents so living as a hermit is a big no-go.

Time passed, Kierby continued to contemplate the thing he desired the most, the thing that would allow him to enjoy his next life to the fullest.

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