ed not ignore the things that resulted due to my actions. How can I live a free life if I escape such responsibility, even if you were to erase my memories I know deep in me that the burdens wouldn just vanish?

I would rather not be hunted by such images without knowing what Ive done to deserve them. So instead of choosing to escape the responsibility, I want to embrace it head on. Call me naïve, idiot or whatnot I care not as its my life me decision.

Me now is freer than ever whether I live or die the next moment, I care not, as being free is more than enough for me. ” (Kierby)


The moment Kierby was done releasing the pent-up suppressed thoughts and emotions he had into words, a loud cracking sound reverberated, issuing a surprise on Starlights face.

Starlight, knowing what the sudden sound meant, was shocked and overjoyed for the troubled child.

”You really are one peculiar child. While you aren my biological child, to me, you are my most precious child.

Facing such forced upon burdens and responsibilities head-on even though you didn commit them yourself needs more than just any simple commitments to push forward through.

You, on the other hand, didn even bother hesitating, even though you are still in the process of recovering.

Your true nature that has been imprisoned for a long time is slowly but surely blossoming. ” (Starlight)

Shes really proud of him, in her almost eternal life span she never once encountered such a peculiar child. Most people when put in the same situation would snap out of control, becoming mad. There were even some that didn know their place and would start cursing; unfairness and injustice, using the excuse of what theyve been put through as justification when they began asking for compensation. Even the so-called heroes, saints, and gods are no exception to these things, as most of the people that encounter the mother origin of realities egos were those that committed unbelievable deeds during their life.

”Youve even broken through the limitations of your origin. Such a thing that shouldn have been possible when one is in the realm of nothingness. I don really know the details myself, but expect a great boon and fortune from this. ” (Starlight)

”You mean that sound that resembles a glass shattering. ” (Kierby)

He looked up, gazing straight at Starlights mystical eyes in anticipation as he asked back.

Starlight chimed as she nodded.

This childs innocence and naivety is beginning to surface.

Starlight thought in a troubled and weary smile. While innocence and naivety aren terrible qualities, it isn really good either.

Imagine an innocent and naïve child in possession of a nuclear weapon that with one simple press can be triggered, what do you think would happen. This caused Starlight to have a weary and troubled expression. Because if Kierby developed into that direction, she could only apologize in advance to her fragmented ego that would be assigned to look after him when he reincarnated in another reality. She could already imagine her fragmented ego cursing her restlessly. Knowing that her ego would surely possess the same characteristics, behavior, and knowledge as her, such a thing will surely happen.

Looking up above the endless nothingness, Starlight continued.

”Kierby, from now on, you have to listen carefully to what I am going to share with you. ” (Starlight)

The two stared at each other, the previous innocent glimmer in Kierbys eyes was immediately replaced by a serious and profound one.

Noticing the sudden change in his aura, a glimmer of surprise flashes through Starlights eyes. She didn expect that he could easily transition between his innocent child-like naïve behavior and into a profound serious one without any prior or drastic aftereffects. Her surprise was justifiable. Because of Kierbys strange circumstances, he had developed split personalities, but whats strange about this is the fact he is in perfect control over all of them.

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