-Magic: I-1500(1000)

-Luck: [SS]

Constitution: [Imperial Samsara Origin Body]

Skills: [3]

[Primal Instinct: Unique: G Rank] [Void Traveler: Unique: G Rank] [Prime Predator: Unique: G] [Origin Tongue: Innate: G]

Karma: (Sealed)

Comprehend Dao Concepts: [7] [Sword: Heavenly Sword Saint: Tier 7] [Martial Arts: Heavenly Martial Arts: Tier 7] [Saber: Heavenly Saver Saint: Tier 7] [Spear: Spear Saint: Tier 6] [Archery: Archery Saint: Tier 6] [Assassination: Assassin Saint: Tier 6] [Marksmanship: Marksman Saint: Tier 6]

Comprehend Law Concepts: (Sealed)

[Bruh…! What a blunder]

Tina said in an annoyed tone.

Hearing Tinas tone of voice, Kanzen begun to worry.

”What happened… is something wrong? ”

[Don worry its nothing drastic it was more of a blessing, I was caught off guard there… I didn expect your soul would immediately recognize the name we come up in a whim as a true name]

”Now that you said it, the display in my status screen change from
ame to rue name theres also this additional (1000) status attributes in my every stat, theres also an additional Luck stat that wasn there before. ”

[*Sigh* name is recognition given to lesser beings by the world after the said being given the name accepted it in their heart and soul.

On the other hand, true names are the acknowledgement given by the ——— its a form of recognition and acceptance for high beings after choosing a true name, such name will then be integrated in ones very soul, record, and existence that would last for eternity.

Just remember true names held tremendous power and authority such power should be used with caution, you now can access this power freely so for now, put the matter of true name aside.

You better focus in the present and not the future.

What frustrated me is that you gained; [Origin Tongue: Innate: G] while receiving skill isn bad because they
e powerful and useful, an overpowered skill that affects the concepts and reality is very dangerous to the user when used without restraints

While you did possess concept and reality altering abilities due to your trait a skill and a trait are two different things.

When using traits you need not worry too much about the consequences because traits are part or your very being through and through such power wouldn being hard to you.

On the other hand, skill mostly innate type skill while also part of your being this ones wasn really concerned about the users well-being, there were even innates that completely changes the holders nature and mentality.

These fellas are a dangerous bunch, thats the reason I am very frustrated.

Moreover, this innate skill is too powerful and useful when you
e in dire situations.

What I advised you is to slowly study it in a sure moderate manner, we can just leave it there, its better if you understand and master it before using it in combat]

”Ok, big sis Tina, I understand~ ”

— I guess innate skills were really dangerous for Tina to be this worried.

Tina continued explaining things about his current circumstances, things that he should pay attention to, the sealed functions of the [Heart Of Reality] and the arrangements needed to be done to unlock such functions.

Prime Race: Unnamed [Humanoid Template] [Unknown Unique] is an unknown factor Tina herself and her origin Starlight didn have an answer to, she possessed all of starlights memories, so she can also be considered as another version of Starlight. Her not having the answer to it means that Prime Race: Unnamed [Humanoid Template] [Unknown Unique] is something beyond Tier 10. But Tina reassure Kanzen that while this Prime Race isn sealed, he still couldn use its power until he reaches Tier 6.

Tina said that Tier 6 is considered to be the starting point of most powerful unique higher tier existence races, except for a few.

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