u shouldn just focus on monsters and humans, theres the beast, spirits, and other conceptual creatures that gain an ego wandering around possessing prowess above the norm.

You shouldn also forget about the gods and goddesses.

While they did seal their Arcanums this didn stop them from using it, a single second used for destructive combat gods and goddesses before they are force back to heaven is more than enough to destroy an entire city in a blink of an eye]

— So there were that many opponents in Danmachi, the story only focuses on Orario, to think that the world is so wide that a random super strong monsters or other being could have wiped out Orario. This world is astonishing, I can wait to confront such beings. Uh, my blood boils in excitement.

”I guess the reason Im thrown in this land is because of its balance nature, where both strong and average level creatures exist at the same time.

I can use them to adapt to my current prowess before going to a journey. ”

[*Ding Dong* you hit the nail there, its your desire to have a carefree life and be able to fight without restraints that this place is chosen as your starting point.

While you
e at level 0 presently, the battle prowess you possessed is that of a peak level 4, you might be able to defeat a level 5 if push comes to shove]

”Thats acceptable~ ” (Kierby)

He agreed to Tinas calculated speculation.

Danmachi is a reality where almost everyone relied on too much to the blessings they received from the various gods that lived among them because of this, no mortal have ever achieved godhood in their life.

When in comes to status, Kierbys attributes were lower compared to that of an average level 1 and above people, but in terms of combat mastery, fighting experience, refined techniques, and control Kierby surpassed everyone in this reality even gods themselves were no exception.

[Now lets review your reconstructed status, after being sent here your status should have changed considerably.

Karma should have granted you numerous benefits]

Name: Unnamed

Age: 0 Years Old

Reality: [Tier 1 – 7] [5 Realms]

Prime Race: Unnamed [Humanoid Template] [Unknown Unique]

Secondary Race: Primordial High Human [Venerable Progenitor]

Soul Level: Tier 1 – Mortal Earth Realm [Irregular]

Soul Trait: [Omniscient Genius: G Rank]

-Level: 0

-Power: I-150(0)

-Endurance: I-150(0)

-Dexterity: I-150(0)

-Agility: I-150(0)

-Magic: I-1500(0)

Constitution: [Imperial Samsara Origin Body]

Skills: [3]

[Primal Instinct: Unique: G Rank] [Void Traveler: Unique: G Rank] [Prime Predator: Unique: G]

Karma: (Sealed)

Comprehend Dao Concepts: [7] [Sword: Heavenly Sword Saint: Tier 7] [Martial Arts: Heavenly Martial Arts: Tier 7] [Saber: Heavenly Saver Saint: Tier 7] [Spear: Spear Saint: Tier 6] [Archery: Archery Saint: Tier 6] [Assassination: Assassin Saint: Tier 6] [Marksmanship: Marksman Saint: Tier 6]

Comprehend Law Concepts: (Sealed)

[Some were missing, others are sealed for good, there were also new ones]

”Unnamed…? ” (Kierby)

He murmured, confused.

[Ugh… about that~ its because every time you reincarnate your previous name vanishes from the record except if you
e a reality travel, or you possessed a true name]

”Can I just use my former name? ” (Kierby)

[Sorry but no, while it might look like nothing much names are one of the most power orders in every reality, the name given to you represents your very existence in every reality, this also the reason your age regressed back to zero]

— after listening to Tinas explanation, I finally got the gest of the situation.

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