y, that grin of yours is really ominous, if you weren too handsome, that grin would be very eerie]

Tina commented.

”Big sis. Tina really does love to joke around~ he-he, he-he ” (Kanzen)

He replied giggling and laughing eerily copying Tinas behavior when shes having fun or when she teases him.

Seeing this response Tina smack her astral spirit head in frustration blaming Starlight for giving her a strange personally.

Now her master/partner is trying to emulate and copy her behavior and actions, a route that is a big no good.

Shes supposed to help him mentally and spiritually not guide him in a strange direction far from the supposed befitting route.

Kanzen was waiting idly atop the tree in a relax manner for a few minutes now, with nothing to do he closed his eyes before joining his detach thoughts in their work.

One hour later his ears twitch noticing the disturbance outside his territorial domain, he could hear noises coming from the nearby shrubbery to his south.

Opening his eyes, he turned toward the source of the noise trying to figure out what creature had entered his detection sphere, then a minute later the creature finally revealed itself, Kanzen grin widened considerably.

Standing around 99 meters away from his position, there stood a small emaciated green-skinned ugly humanoid creature.

The upper half of his body is covered in a tattered and dirty leathery hide, while the bottom was covered with dense, smelly beast fur.

The creatures physique and height is similar to that of a small human child except that its a bit ugly, green skinned and have a bit muscular for a skinny monster.

The monster, which he recognized as a Forest Goblin, was wandering around aimlessly, its crimson eyes shining vibrantly in the darkness as a ferocious glint can be seen on its pupils.

”So this is a real life goblin… ” (Kanzen)

He murmured before jumping from tree to tree in clear silence then descending in a graceful display, appearing before the unsuspecting green skinned humanoid monster.

Surprised by the sudden shadowy figure that appeared out of nowhere.

The small goblin dropped to the ground butt first in panic, it tried looking up trying to recognize its assailant gripping its rusty broken dagger tightly for a counter-attack.

But to the goblins endeavor it was meet with a pair of vibrant golden eyes staring at it in intrigue like a child receiving a new toy.

Seeing this the goblin unexpectedly drop its dagger not daring to raise its head in terror.

The poor fella was scared shitless to the point that its bowels leak.

Kanzens beautiful golden eyes gave off a regal aura of majesty supersession those brave enough to stared at them with malicious intent.

In the goblins mind its like staring at a terrifying gigantic true dragon, where if it wanted to it could crush its poor existence with a thought.

Instructively, recognizing that the golden eyed being is a higher existence, the poor goblin didn hesitate immediately kowtowing low enough as it smashes its head to the ground hard causing blood to leak out in sign of submission.

He was not expecting such action from the goblin, he was prepared to end the fella the moment it attacks him because that should have been the obvious script action the monster would commit.

However, instead of attack him the monster seems to have lost its will to fight, surrendering abruptly in an instant.

This strange outcome surprised him visible intrigue can be seen on his expression.

”I thought monsters in Danmachi were brainless and emotionless except high level and those that been categorized as Xenos. ” (Kanzen)

He muttered in a silent amusement, finding the present situation somewhat interesting.

Discovering the unknown factors that he didn know really do make his blood boil in excitement.

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