He began to inspect the uses of [Heart Of Reality] familiarizing himself to its function.



Treasure Spirit: Tina Starlight




• Primordial Singularity [Unsealed]

1. Ignores and negates any form of interference, restrictions, bindings, appraisal, curses and other concepts such as fate.

• Reality Traveler [Unsealed]

1. The power to freely travel to any chosen reality.

• Exclusive Inventory Space

1. Independent space where time didn exist, it can hold an indefinite number of things.

• Origin Synthesis

1. By sacrificing a specific number of items and products, a high possibility of a pure higher tier grade item and product can be produced.

• Enigmas Veil [Unsealed]

1. The privilege to do as you please, overseers of the chosen reality youve intruded into cannot see through you or interfere with your actions.

• Infinite Shop [Sealed]

[Unsealing Conditions]

1. Gather 100 crystallized cores from monsters. [-]

• Wheel Of Fate [Sealed]

1. 1× Uncommon Daily Ticket Draw

2. 1× Premium Weekly Ticket Draw

3. 1× Supreme Monthly Ticket Draw

4. 1× Imperial Yearly Ticket Draw

[Unsealing Conditions]

1. Hunt 100 level 1 monsters or beasts to unlock the uncommon daily ticket draw. [-]

2. Hunt 100 level 2 monsters or beasts to unlock a premium weekly ticket draw. [-]

3. Hunt 100 level 3 monsters or beasts to unlock supreme monthly ticket draw. [-]

4. Hunt 100 level 4 monsters or beasts to unlock imperial yearly ticket draw. [-]

• Zenith Path: Quest Function [Sealed]

[Unsealing Conditions]

1. Trigger a main quest [-]

2. Reach level 1 [-]

[You should also familiarize yourself with the ”beginner package ” Karma gifted, you should also check the stats and abilities of your equipments]

Tina reminded.

Nightmare Hood [Unique] [Soul Bound] [Tier 1]

+20% Power

+20% Dexterity

+25% Intelligence

+25% Magic Resistance

+30% Physical Resistance

[Item Skill]

• Reflection

Note: A powerful knock back and stunning force is targeted upon the attacker that received the reflected damage.

Magic Damage Returned: 45%

Physical Damage Returned: 50%

Duration: 5 Seconds

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

• Intangible

Note: Attacking to end the state of nothingness, you gain 150% bonus physical damage and magic damage on that attack.

Agility Bonus: +25%

Dexterity Bonus: +50%

Duration: 10 Seconds

Cooldown: 5 Seconds

Monarchs Mystic Belt [Unique] [Soul Bound] [Tier 1]

+150% Defense

+25% Endurance

+25% Dexterity

+20% Magic Resistance

+20% Physical Resistance

[Item Skill]

• Purification Field

Note: Upon activation, user will possess a 1.5 second invulnerability.

Radius: 100 Meters

Duration: 10 Seconds

Cooldown: 1 Hour

Oblivion Globes [Unique] [Soul Bound] [Tier 1]

+50% intelligence

+75% Dexterity

+100% Penetrative Damage

+50% Agility

[Item Skill]

• Creation Maestro

Note: *Caution* outside interference during the state of enlightenment is impossible.

Duration: None

Cooldown: None

• Destruction Maestro

Note: *Caution* user isn exempted to the damage the pure aura of destruction releases.

Duration: Energy Consumption Type 5% energy reserves per second.

Note: The higher the quality and quantity, the stronger the pure destructions power.

Cooldown: None

Fallen Dark God Kings Boots [Unique] [Soul Bound] [Tier 1]

+100% Agility

+75% Dexterity

+50% Evasion

[Item Skill]

• Super Speed

Duration: 5 Seconds

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

• Dimensional Step [Sealed]

[Unsealing Conditions]

1. Reach Tier 3 Soul Level: Extraordinary Soul Realm

2. Reach peak level 8 speedster assassin type movement speed prowess.

3. Reach peak level 6 tank type endurance prowess.

4. Gain the divinity [Space]

”Only four items yet each is overpowered in their own right… ” (Kanzen)

He muttered, excitement clear in his tone.

”By the way, Tina, whats does the [Soul Bound] meant? ” (Kanzen)

He asked.

[It means that only you, and you only, can use the said items]

Tina replied, emphasizing the word *You Only* again and again.

Understanding this, Kanzen closed his eyes as he began imaging using his intent to store the items in the Exclusive Inventory Space.

”Huh… why can I store them inside my inventory. ” (Kanzen)

He asked in confirmation, not expecting to be rejected by his own exclusive space.

[I forgot to explain~ soul bound items can be stored in independent spaces except ones own soul]

Tina said in an apologetic tone.

”I can store them in you? Then how do I store them in my soul. ” (Kanzen)

He inquired.

[Did you recall the feeling when we fused, try repeating the same feeling and do the same thing for these four fellas]

Tina suggested.

”Ok~ ” (Kanzen)

Nodding as he closed his eyes, trying to recall the said feeling [Heart Of Reality] gave off when it fused with his very soul.

”I succeed… ” (Kanzen)

He scream jovially.

[Congratulations now I am not alone anymore, haha~]

Tina said giggling while laughing to the child like reaction he displays.

”Can those items also awaken their egos? ” (Kanzen)

He asked after deducing the words Tina had said.

e brilliant when you use that head of yours~ he-he…]

Tina complimented teasingly in a condescending tone, while still laughing.

”Is that supposed to be a compliment~ ” (Kanzen)

He shrugged, a pouting expression apparent in his face.

e overthinking things~ Ey… by the way, are going to just stand there naked. I didn know you had that kind of hobby in you, becoming an exhibitionist now aren we~]

Tina said while giggling, teasing him again.

”Ops, I completely forgot… sorry but I don have that kind of hobby. ” (Kanzen)

He replied feeling embarrassed.

[Why are you apologizing dummy, you make it sound like Im the pervert here]

Tina screamed her expression inside his mindscape was like a tomato.

”… ” (Kanzen)

His mind blank unable to process the words Tina had said.

Seeing his reaction, Tina just shrugged in his minds cape, forgetting again that the master and partner she had is a bit naïve and clueless in some things.

[Cough, cough…]

Changing the topic, clearing the lingerie awkwardness Tina issued as coughing distraction.

But unexpectedly instead of going with the flow, Kanzen was instead surprised by the sudden coughing in his mind as he immediately inquired Tina why shes coughing in a worried tone.

”Hey, Tina, are you ok, are you sick or something? ” (Kanzen)

Not expecting this development Tina wanted to scream her lungs out, thankfully she managed to hold it as she just sighed replying.

[Treasure Spirits don get sick, dummy]

She forgot ones again how naïve her master was.

”Then why are you coughing? ” (Kanzen)

He didn take chances as he pressed the issue he thought exist.

[*Sigh* ignore that, remember your priorities. Presently, it is around 5 pm, so you need to begin looking for shelter, you don need to worry about the food for the moment, surely your racial constitutions and the constitution Karma gave you wouldn fail because of a lack of food]

lacking the energy to continue the strange conversation Tina promptly change the subject forcibly.

”Yes I forgot, thank you for your reminder, why are you worried what happens when the sun sets? ” (Kanzen)

He inquired while looking at the now red orange sky up above.

[When the sun sets, its when dangerous, nocturnal creatures begin hunting for food]

She then began to explain the cycle of the day and night, monster and beast and other possible dangers lurking around when darkness descends.

”Thank you for the information~ ” (Kanzen)

He appreciate the detailed information Tina provided, a wide smirk creeping in his face, giving anyone who sees goosebumps.

[Hey, whats on your mind, whats with that creepy smile]

”Don worry, its nothing. Ill be looking for shelter immediately~ hehehe. ” (Kanzen)

Learning about Kanzens emotions and intentions due to their shared hive mind, Tina eyes almost jump out from their sockets in surprised disbelieve, she couldn fathom how a naïve and clueless boy could come up with such complicated assumptions and plans after receiving the little bit of information she had shared.

(*A genius is still a genius, no matter how naïve or clueless they are*)

Knowing that she shouldn interfere too much in his life because such action would be counterintuitive to her purpose of existence, Tina just let him do as he pleased.

[You better be careful… you should also know that overconfidence is a weakness]

Knowing that she couldn change the exited boys intentions, she could only remind her to be cautious.

”Don worry, Ill be careful. True in me ” (Kanzen)

He said, the wide grin in his face still apartment.

[You better should~ ah I need to inform you that you entered this world without designating a point and time of entry you are presently a couple of years or maybe a decade before the start of events in the main story]

”Thats more like it~ I don really know how to interact with the characters of the story. Moreover, my power is still weak, it is dangerous if I were to be put in a spot where I died and be forced out pf the reality. I want to avoid leaving before achieving something here in this new reality I found myself into. Maybe being a hermit for a couple of years isn a bad thing~ ” (Kanzen)

He said in a resolute and serious tone of voice, both anxiety and anticipation boiling up hidden in him.

Tina just nodded before reminding him again about what priorities he must first do before jumping ahead in the future.

Doing so, he began to look around the area once again, this time spreading a territorial domain that encircled him in a spherical orb like manner, encompassing the nearby 100 meters around him in an invisible dome like intent.

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