Nerd In A Paranormal Condom

Chapter 009 Benjamin -2

Song Recommendation: Desperado by Rihanna

The calm rays of sunlight basked the black Honda vehicle, driving smoothly into the G.R.A residence at the side of town.

Dilens eyes remained shut with his head resting back on his seat. His fingers tapping gently on the car door, with his legs crossed like a king.

Roberts foot suddenly slammed the brake; causing his body to almost push off his seat. Dilen remained glued to his seat. He slowly opened his eyes, taking a lazy glance through the windshield.

A stray dog was seated on the road in front of their vehicle, panting. It seemed very unbothered by the car it caused to stop.

Unhurriedly, the brown colored dog got up, crawling to the other side of the road.

”Sorry master ”, Robert turned to the cold silent man.

”Drive ”, Dilen ordered. Robert turned back to the road, sighting the car of Usman, directing them to their new house.

Robert began to drive.

With the car slowly moving forward, Dilens eyes glanced at the window, sighting the stray dog sitting on the roadside, undisturbed. Dilen returned his head up, pushing back his glasses from the bridge of his nose.

• • •

The sun had set and the bright lights in the mansion shun everywhere. Dilens room was designed with gold-colored wallpapers and expensive woody designer pieces of furniture.

Dilen stood in the center of his room, looking down calmly. Dilen exhaled deeply, thrusting his bloody fingers through his hair, staining his blonde strands. He huffed, refolding back the sleeves of his white shirt.

His shirt was covered with dispatched stains of blood. Pushing his glasses upward, he masked out a composed unbothered look.

There was a knock on the door. ”Come in Robert ”.

The lean timid man slowly pushed the door, walking in slowly. His eyes widened at the scene in his masters bedroom.

Dilen remained quiet, staring down at the limbs and pieces of the animal he ripped with his bare hands. Blood, fur, organs, and chunks were scattered everywhere in the room. From the walls to the floor, it was a goresome scenery.

”Master?… ” Robert tried to hold up a composed look, as his eye slowly trailed to the animals half smashed head. He confirmed it was a dog.

He wasn so certain but, he could swear that the dog looked a lot like the one that crossed in front of their car earlier that afternoon, causing him to pull a sudden brake.

”Master? ” He looked back at his masters face, who had blood on it as well. Dilens lips were pressed in a straight line.

”Clean it up ”, was all he said, before walking forward towards the bathroom, leaving Robert by the door.

As soon as he closed the bathroom door, Robert exhaled in relief, gasping for fresh none poisoned from his masters presence.

Robert shook his head, palming his face, ”Just when I thought it was all over ”.

Robert had been working for Dilen for more than eleven years.

He signed up as a driver and not as a cleaner, but unfortunately, when it came to his master, he was made to do more than that. And he had no right to reject.

• • •

The next day…

”Guy!!! I swear when I watched that movie, I was like, damn! My heart! ”, Yusuf shouted. ”The movie is damn scary! Like what! ”

Eboh laughed, ”Wallahi! (I swear!), I felt my heart was going to leave me while watching it ”. They laughed.

The four friends were seated on a rounded table in their usual canteen. They had their lunch in front of them with drinks.

”Swears, that film is true horror ”, Beatrice agreed. Delia chuckled.

They find a movie scary? Then they probably can handle half of what I see daily. Delia grinned, amused by her friends definition of horror. Her life itself was a horror movie.

”Why are you looking like that? Didn you watch the movie? ” Yusuf turned to Delia.

”I did, its overrated. I first thought it was even romance ”.

”Romance? ”, Eboh widened her eyes, ”Girl, the boys girlfrien was chopped and diced alive and you call that romance!? ”

Delias smile widened as she shrugged, ”Eh na? It was obvious they were going to die. Besides, it was cute how he sacrificed his life for her, and she still ended up getting killed after accidentally having sex with the demon ”.

”The demon is my favorite character. I loved the sense of humor of the storyline. Although I do wish their child didn survive. I wish the creature ripped it out of the girls womb before it was born ”.

Her friends were taken aback by her love for dark romance and humor. Their brows quirked.

Wallahi ya mad! Ya messed up! ” Yusuf retorted.

”Its a gift ”, she sipped her drink.

”Oh my God! You
e making me lose my appetite biko. If you were the one that wrote the script, Im sure no one can make it through it without vomiting ”, Eboh shook her head.

”Obviously. Whats fun with normal sane movies? ” Delia took another bite of her food.

”May God deliver you ”, Beatrice snapped.

”Amen! ”

Delia grinned wider, slowly chewing her food. She felt a sudden weight plummet on her heart. She became uneasy.

Shooting her eyes around, she looked at the entrance, then the seats around, as if she were searching for something.

”What happened? ” Yusuf who noticed asked.

Delia felt like someone was watching her. It couldn be Quith, she knew his presence when she felt it.

It was a humans instead.

Taking one more glance around, she instantly noticed a swift movement outside the shed, beside a buildings pillar. Someone was hiding.

”Del? ” Eboh called out.

”Hmm? ” She turned.

”What happened? ” Delia turned back to the entrance, not seeing anything else. She pushed out a warm smile to her friends, ”I thought I saw someone I know ”.

Delia rested back on her seat, taking a sip.

”Who? ” Eboh inquired.

”Ya ex-husband, Michael ”, Del taunted. Instantly Eboh dropped her brows, giving her a bored look.

”Really, Del? Really!? ” Eboh chuckled.

”I do it because I care ”, Del responded in a romantic voice.

”Lie lie ”, Beatrice laughed.

”Well, I can wait to see him though, my fist has a crush on his cheek and shes been planning to ask him out ”, Delia smiled.

Ah! I trust you na, you no dey carry last for beating persons son (Ah! I trust you, you don hesitate to beat someones son) ”, Yusuf laughed.

”Please! ”, Del rose her palm to his face, ”I don beat boys… I just pamper then roughly, but its rather unfortunate their bodies are too fragile to take it as harmless ”.

They laughed. Delia continued grinning, pulling up her drink back to her lips. The sound of numerous footsteps walked into the canteen through the back entrance, alongside masculine chattering.

Delia lazily pulled her eyes to the side, catching a glimpse of the boys that walked in.

Her hand froze in the air at the sight of the group of five boys that walked in smiling and chatting.

One of them being Benjamin.

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