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Chapter 006 In Nigeria

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”AHHHHHH!!!- Oof! ”

She landed flat on her face, unto a dusty ground. She groaned, slowly pushing herself up in pain.

”Oh my God ”, she mumbled, staying on her knees with her eyes still shut in pain.

”Ughhhh… Something must have definitely broken ”, she slowly opened her eyes.

Scanning her environment, she realized she was in a dark underground tunnel. A crack sound from behind caused her to snap her head around, scared.

There she spotted them; her parents. Her father, Alan Edward, stood still in a black suit, with his hands held in front. Her mother was next to him, dressed in a black gown, crying.

They had their eyes looking down. Tracing the line of their sights, she realized they were looking into a grave in front of them. She heard sobs from behind her.

She turned around — They were no longer in a tunnel but a grassy graveyard; surrounded by scanty trees and shrubs. A small crowd of people dressed in black stood there behind.

They were all her family; Juliet, Jacob, her uncles and aunts, and even her cousins. They all carried sorrowful expressions—they all seemed to ignore her presence—as if her living self was invisible.

Reaching out her hand to touch her little sister, her fingers passed right through Juliet like air.

”What the? ”…

Tearing her stare away from them, she turned back to the grave her parents stood by. In a crawling posture, she slowly moved forward, looking down at the grave, gingerly.

Her brows shot up in shock.

There laid a dead body in the grave—a girl. It was her. Delia.

She was dressed in a black dress, lying lifeless and still with her eyes shut. Delia blinked her eyes in disbelief.

”Im dead? ” She exhaled, trying not to have a panic attack. Everyone around had their focus on the grave, crying for the loss of Delia. Truly, no one noticed her.

”I can be dead… ” She shook her head.

Hearing footsteps at her side, she looked up, spotting a tall man walk up to her grave. He was dressed in a long black coat and a black hat; tilted forward to completely cover his face.

He had on black shoes and black gloves, completely covering his skin from sight.

He squatted next to the grave, looking down. Delia remained still, staring at the man who she had never seen before. Unlike him, everyone else there was a family or friend she had met or interacted with.

But not him. He didn look familiar.

He slowly pulled out a rose from his coat, gingerly placing it on the corpse. Delia continued stare at him—feeling very sure he couldn see her as the others—then her eyes instantly caught sight of his wrist, when his sleeve moved up slightly.

A white man? Again!

She gave him a perplexed look. She continued to watch him stand on his feet. He thrusted his hands into his pockets staring silently at the grave. Delia took a glance around, seeing everyone crying and lamenting.

She looked back at the stranger. He then turned to her living self.

”Huh! ” She gasped. He could see her. Staring back at the man who was looking at her, she noticed him grinning.

Still quite, he squatted to her eyes level, as she was still kneeling. Delia couldn see his face; only his chin and lips were visible. He slowly raised his finger to her forehead. Her breath hitched.

”Goodnight ”, came a whisper in the air, as he gently tapped her forehead. Her body saturated into dust.

Delia snapped open her eyes, with a sheen of sweat over her face. She was back in her room.

The sun had already set and her lights were off, with only the security lights from outside lightening the room; it was gloomy and dark. Staring up at the ceiling, she watched her fan rotate slowly.

A loud thud echoed from inside her closet as if someone banged on it from inside. Lazily, she pulled her eyes to the shut closet door—having on a bored look.

Another thud sounded. Then another, then another, it was as if someone was trying to break out.

Delia remained composed and calm, watching the continuous bangs loud out. The sound began to move upwards. It entered the ceiling.

Her room then became dead silent, with only her breath being heard. There was a moment of silence—footsteps began to echo in the ceiling.

Footsteps like that of a crawling hooved animal. It continued, moving towards the ceiling above the door. Delias eyes trailed after it—It finally stopped.

Slowly, the ceiling patch above the door started to darken. The white patch was being stained by a black goo, which slowly oozed out.

Taking its time, the gue gradually dropping down unto the floor, materializing in a being.

”Quith! ” Delias tone was curt and sharp. She narrowed her eyes at the dark figure standing by her door. Two dark red eyes illuminated from the creatures head.

”Miss me? ” Its hoarsely and dehydrated voice asked.

”Never ”, Delia remained still, lying on the bed, looking relaxed.

With the creatures shape still being rigid and smoky like, it added, ”Did you? Did you see it? What pain. Agonizing pain your dear mother was in as she molded into a beast? ”

”That was nothing new ”, Delia had on a stoic look.

It was nothing new to her, as she had seen worst. The only problem was, she couldn tell what harm would come to her if she didn run from them.

”Not until it actually happens ”, Quith whispered.

”Youve been saying the same thing for so many years, aren you tired? ” Delia raised her brow.

Quith chuckled in humor. The girl was bold when it came to handling her horrors and fears. Before he could speak, Delia asked, ”Who was he? ”

Not needing to explain, Quith already knew who she was talking about. The white man.

In all her years of visions, hauntings, and nightmares, she had come across different types of people, spirits, and creatures, but something about the white man was just odd

”Him? ” Quith acted unaware. He then grinned internally, ”I can answer your question, only when you
e ready to make a deal? ” Delia rolled her eyes.

After all these years, Quith, her personal demon that haunted her dreams and sleep, still kept trying to offer her a satanic deal for her immense ability.

”You won just give up, would you? ”

”Not until I get what I want ”, Quith retorted.

”You dey craze! (You are crazy!) ”, She glowered, being too exhausted from the nightmare she just experienced. Each dream drained a minute amount of energy from her; depending on the intensity of the horror or gore.

”Leave or speak! ” She ordered with dominance. Quith remained quiet for some minutes before speaking.

”Its just a matter of time. Fate will tell you the answer. Behind every light, there is a darkness that grows. The truth of every being… Soon, that darkness will leak–– ”.

The door slowly creaked open. Juliet stood by the door with Quith behind it.

Juliet, who was sent to wake her sister up for dinner, stood by the door, not being able to see or sense anything out of the ordinary around her. The room was already too dark.

With Delias eyes still on hazy smoke behind the door. It slowly fading out of sight.

”Del? ” She turned to Juliet, ”Yes? ”

”Dinner is ready ”.

”Thanks ”. Juliet nodded, shutting the door, and walked away. Delia slowly got up, stretching her hands in the air as she yawned.

Nightmares are so exhausting, she weaned in her thoughts.

Turning to the side, she picked up her Bible, opening the bookmarks, and began to read. After her reading, she shut the holy book, and then took a few minutes to mumble her prayers.

Delia was more than used to the goresome or haunting dreams she had, and nothing affected her. But what made her alert was the appearance of Quith. The creature she had named when she was just ten.

She knew that whenever he appeared to her in the physical realm, adopting the form of a shadow or smokes, instead of his usual whispers and whims, it meant she was about to enter a life-changing phase of her life.

He was just lurking around to strike her at her most vulnerable moments.

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