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Standing in front of the staircase, Delia exhaled, trying to compose herself. Readying herself, she stepped forward. The signboard read Department Of Biochemistry.

Gracefully, she walked up the concrete staircase, with her pink adorable timberlines padding the floor. She made it to the first floor.

Walking straight through the large corridor, students standing around, all turned at her. Her short flare skirt grazed slightly below her knees, with her long-sleeved turtle neck body-hug top, outlining her front curves.

She continued to walk forward boldly, aiming for the last door. All the boys stared at her as whispers grew.

Although her hair was cut into her usually masculine haircut, her big loop earrings brought out her feminine side, with the beautiful smile she held on her face.

Everyone in the department had never seen Delia, the famous tomboy, look so… Womanly attractive. Without a single makeup on her skin, she still looked cute and feminine.

She ignored all the eyes, pushing open the door.

As she stepped in, she was welcomed by the large pairs of eyes in the room. They were stunned.

”Delia! ” One called a boy, stepping forward. His eyes scanned her body from head to toe. He slowly reached her, with five other boys behind; staring as they had just seen a ghost.

”Oh boy oo!!! ” Another exclaimed, ”Na You be this!!! (Is this you?). Delia! ”

”See fine pikin abeg (See fine child) ”.

”You Sabi dress so!!! (You can dress like this?) ”.

”Sexy mama!!! ”

”Baby baby! ”

”Fine girl! Eyyaa! ”

The boys circled her, throwing neural, sexy, flirty, and naughty comments at her, making her smile at their surprised faces.

Other boys who knew her but weren close enough to her, stayed at their seat, whispering and gauging her once in a lifetime, visible gorgeous body.

She continued to blush, as the boys came forward, hugging and shaking her.

Despite their naughty or flirty comments, they respected her enough not to touch her inappropriately, or they might lose their fingers to the real Delia.

”Ah-ah! Delia! You shock me ooo ”, one of the guys looked at her once more. She blushed lightly.

As they continued to adore her, and her looks, she muted their voices in her head, sending her attention to the tall quiet brown skin boy at the corner of her eye.

He was seated by the window with his eyes on his phone, not acknowledging her presence like the other males in the room. She sighed internally.

”Aww, thank you guys ”, she feigned a smile at them, stepping aside.

”Ya busting my head ”, she giggled softly as they made way for her to exit.

”Ah I see… All these na for Benji abi? (All of these is for Benji, right?) ”

”Say no more! ” one of the guys said in a low tone, letting only them in the small group hear.

Delia laughed, ”Ya not serious! Abeg ooo, no ”, she lied as she stepped back.

”Hmm? Continue lying to yourself ”, another added. She laughed, turning away from them to Benjamin. She walked to his seat.

”See wastage fah. The idiot sef no go appreciate her sef (The Idiot won appreciate her anyways) ”, one of the guys whispered to the rest, making sure Del couldn hear.

She reached his desk.

He continued to tap his phone with his earpiece on. Delia pulled a seat in front of him, ”Heyyy ”, she smiled. He didn look up.

”Hey! ” She slapped the table, smiling. Without looking up, he pulled out one of his earpieces.

”What? ” his voice came out bored. His eyes didn even move to her.

”Good afternoon ”, she added politely.

”Hm ”.

Delia felt a part of her heart break- but her stupid heart glued it back together without thinking.

”So, how are you? I know you missed me so… ”, she said playfully, not expecting an answer.

”Nah ”.

She snapped her eyes to him. ”Ouch! Liar! I know you missed me ”.

Benjamin continued to click on his phone with a stoic expression, ”Nah, I don do that shit ”.

Ouch… her fragile feelings were hurt. Lying to herself as always, she masked her hurt with a smile, ”Some bestie you are ”. She looked out the window holding her chin, whilst pretending to be bored.

Benjamin remained quiet.

”Ugh! Im hungry! ” She held her belly trying to remember the last time she ate.

She had been so busy focusing on how to surprise her dear best friend with her rare feminine side; she had ditched her friends and lunch, just to meet him.

Her hopes had been high that, he would at least notice her dressing. Unfortunately for her, nothing was going as planned.

”Me too ”, Benjamin finally looked up, letting their brown eyes meet.

”Do you wanna eat? ” Delia asked, hoping hed agree, so they could have lunch together.

”Nah, nevermind ”.

”Oh okay ”, she turned away, pretending to be staring at something.

With the atmosphere quiet between them, Benjamin finally spoke, ”What are you wearing? ”

Delias heart pumped with joy, ”Oh you noticed. Well, I just felt like doing something different– ”

”You look like shit ”, he had on a bored look.

”What? ”, Her smile fell.

”I said skirts doesn suit you. You look like a **ing grandmother, and besides. Who the ** wears Timberlines and skirt? ”, he looked back at his phone, watching whatever.

Delia stared at him, surprised. Benjamin wasn always the type to give cheesy loving compliments, but she least expected him to be that harsh; especially after putting all that effort to impress him.

Not wanting him to read her hurt emotions, she pulled up a smile, rolling her eyes as if it were a joke, ”Bad belle (Evil eye) ”.

”Whatever makes you sleep at night ”, he retorted without looking up at her.

What happened to him? Delia asked herself. She and Benjamin had been friends since high school, he was a blunt person, yes, but suddenly for the last few weeks, he changed into something else.

Delia decides to remain quiet, with her naïve heart telling her it wasn anything serious. Maybe hes just in a bad mood, her deceiving heart lied, not wanting to let go.

Delia pulled out her phone, pretending to be busy. She then looked up.

”Benji, I wanted to ask you, would you be in school tomorrow, I wanted you to hel- ”.

”No ”.

”You won be in school tomorrow? ”.

”I will. I just would be available to help you ”, his eyes didn shift from his screen.

”Oh… But I thought you guys don have classes on Saturdays ”.

”Who said anything about classes? ” He finally looked up at her, ”I said I won be available, not that Ill be busy. I just don want to ”.

She felt something clench in her heart. ”Oh… ”, She trailed her eyes away, biting her lips. She couldn believe that he got colder than the previous days.

She couldn understand why, but the sudden change in her friend frightened her, she began to worry if he was going through something personal, but whenever she tried to ask, he shut her up.

But her heart pushed her again. ”Benjamin whats wrong? ”

”Asin how? ”

”I know something is wrong. You
e usually not like that ”.

”Then how am I? ” He twisted his lips in disgust, like her questions were sour.

”Guy! I know you. We
e best friends, I know when something is wrong. You
e changing- ”.

”How? ” He cocked a brow.

She sighed, rubbing her forehead, ”You
e becoming colder. every day. You behave as if– ”.

”I don remember asking you to come here, if not, you wouldn have had the chance to see me and conclude that Im getting becoming colder ”, he said nonchalantly.

”Oh Woah ”, she rose her brows. ”Really? Benjamin, Im trying to be supportive and talk to you. If you have any problems I am here– ”.

”And how is that your problem? Its my problem, not yours. Besides, Im not suicidal so don worry about being supportive, I can take care of my shit! ”

”So there is a problem! ”

”No. I just said that to make you shut up. So is that why you came here? ”

Delia shook her head in disbelief. This wasn the first time he made her feel stupid for coming here, but every time the pain still ached.

Her friends also told her not to make herself look stupid by chasing Benjamin, but a part of her told her to push harder, maybe he might need help.

She exhaled, shutting her eyes and opening. ”Okay Benjamin, why are you pushing me away? ”

”If I wanted to push you away I don think I would even be sitting here with you. If I was pushing you away, I wouldn even talk. So what the ** are you trying to say? ” His look got bored.

Delia sighed, palming her face. Every time he hurt her ego and heart, but yet she kept repeating the same mistake by saying.

”Im sorry. Nevermind. I just thought something was wrong ”.

”Well its not ”.

She exhaled deeply, ”Okay na, can we forget I said anything? ”

”Sure ”, he looked back at his phone.

Delia grinned sheepishly, ”Thanks… ”.

They remained quiet for a few moments before Delia spoke, ”Would you eat suya? ”

Benjamin didn reply immediately, but he then looked up, ”Sure ”.

Delia smiled internally, thinking it was just a phase. Maybe things would change… He just needed time.

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