Nerd In A Paranormal Condom

Chapter 001 Alan Delia Ada

Song Recommendation: Forever by Gyakie

Northern Nigeria.

Delia wrapping on her white robe, then stretched her arms in the air. She padded sneeringly to the glass wall, taking a clear view of the ocean waters.

The yatch remained slow and steady, letting her enjoy the soft rays of the setting sun. She sighed, relaxing her shoulder.

She held her hands together, letting her brown skinned melanin fingers rub on the diamond wedding ring on her right hand. She smiled internally.

The door of her room pushed open. She looked over her shoulder, sighting the a gorgeous tall man in suit. He padded towards the large heart shape bed she rose from, dropping his brief case whilst talking to someone on the phone.

”Yes, Jim. I know. I still disagree with the terms and I wouldn … ”

As he was engulfed in his phone conversation while standing, Delia cooed at him, watching his muscular frame then his black raven hair and pale white skin. She strode seductively up to him.

She stood next to him with a smile, having him turn to her while on the call. He immediately smiled at the sight of her.

He stepped closer, coiling her waist with his free hand-having the other hand hold his phone to his ear-he pulled her to his chest, placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

Delia smirked, pushing her head forward so to extend the kiss; being more passionate and more deeper.

”Sir? Sir? Sir? Sir? Are you there? ” The person on the phone call shuttered, making her realise how she was preventing him from responding to his call. She pulled away, holding his shoulders as he cleared his throat to respond to the person on the other side.

”Yes, Yes. Now like I was saying… ” He continued his call. Delia stepped away from him, picking up his brief case and padding to his desk to drop it.

She returned back to her husbands side, who was still lost in his call. She stood in front of him, gesturing for him to sit on the bed. He obeyed with a nod.

”Exactly, Jim, I don want what happened in years ago to repeat itself to my company! ” He said sternly.

Delia stretched her hands to his suits jacket, assisting him to take it off.

Afterwards, she began to unbutton his white shirt. He then frowned deeply at the conversation on the phone, ”Do not make me repeat myself, Jim! Forward the documents to the headquarters now! ” He rose his voice slightly.

Delia realized he was too engulfed in the phone to let her pull off his shirt at the moment, so she decided to leave it till after his call. She turned around, aiming to walk to the door.

She felt her husband grasp her wrist, pulling her back; immediately landing her on his lap. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his neck so not to lose balance.

She looked up at him with a surprised look. He wasn looking at her but at the window, scowling at the words of Jim on the phone.

”Didn I already pay that bastard!? ” He shouted, pulling himself back on the bed, dragging Delia with him, to sit between his legs.

He rested his back on the headboard, tightening his grip on Delias waist. Delia gasped lightly, chuckling at his clingy actions.

”Jim! If you repeat that shit again Ill have your head on my wifes kitchen counter! ”

Delia snapped her eyes wide at him. He glanced at her, instantly flashing her a playful grin, placing a peck on her short spongy hair. She blushed.

”Yes, you have just ten **ing hours! ” He snapped. Delia then turned away from him, attempting to escape his grip and walk to the door.

He suddenly tugged her back against his chest, shooting her a stare before returning back to insulting Jimmy.

Delia chuckled, shaking her head as she attempted once more to step down from the bed. He pulled her back harder, wrapping his legs over hers so to trap her.

He gazed at her, narrowing his eyes. ”Jim, do as I told you. Get back to me later ”. He then ended the call, throwing his expensive Iphone across the room like it was trash.

He furrowed his brows at her, not looking away from her big brown doe eyes, ”What do you think you
e doing? ”

”I need to go make dinner. I don want to cook late ”.

He held his frown, locking his two arms around her waist, ”And so? How many times do I have to warn you never to think of leaving my arms, huh? ”

Delia chuckled, ”Babe, Im going downstairs to cook for you ”.

”Let the maids do it ”, his face loosened but he began to grimace like a spoilt child.

Delia dropped her brows, ”Really!? You banned all maids from cooking because you claim it is only my food that deserves to stain your pots ”.

”Well, thats because it is. But still! I hate it when you try to escape my arms for anything. Let the country burn down for all I care, don attempt to move once my arms are around you ”, he turned her around to face him, still holding her waist.

”It makes me feel like you want to escape from my life ”, he scrunched his face into a sad look, ”And you know that is biggest fear in this world. Its even worst than death ”, he jerked her closer to him, forcing her to hold his shoulders for support.

She smiled warmly at him, ”Aw… Babe, how many times have I told you not to say that? ” She moved one of her hands to his soft black hair.

He pushed out his lips, ”I know, but I can help it! ” He weaned, falling the side of his head on her bosom under her robe. He then mumbled, ”I can help over worry about anything connected to you ”. He snuggled his head on her chest.

Delia cooed, ”My cute baby ”. She ran her fingers through his hair.

He rose his head to look at her, ”My Goddess. Don play with me ”. He buried his face back in her chest.

She giggled, rubbing his head as he didn lessen his tight grip on her waist.

Staring down at her overbearing clingy husband, her smile went wider. He was just the cutest when he wanted to be pampered by just her presence and touch.

As she continued to rub his hair, she felt his fingers slide from her waist, down to her buttocks. She yelped, feeling him squeeze her tightly.

She giggled, pulling his hair back, so to raise his head up, ”Naughty hubby, aren you? ”

He grinned at her, biting his lips. ”What can I say? Its my job. As a good husband, I have to please my sensual queen ”.

Delia giggled, pushing her face close to his, ”Not to forget, I am also your one and only VIP exclusive personal Putain (slut) ”. She grinned.

Damien spanked her behind, gaining a yelp from her. He chuckled, ”Oh really? ” He slowly pushed her to lie on her back om the bed.

She smiled, coiling her toes as he mounted

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