Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 9 - hidden boss

The dungeons name is skeletons den. I do not want to steal the original MCs chance but those treasures are not that important to him.

They are more like some extra help for mc. Even if I take it the story will not change much because of it.

This dungeon is best for me. So training and rewards at the same time. For this dungeon, I need to gather some special things, especially for the boss monster.

Elite-level intermediate swordsmanship is not enough for it. I least need an expert level or master level.

I raised my swordsmanship to the expert level and footwork to the elite level.

[ 2 skill points used. Intermediate Swordsmanship raised to expert level.]

[ 2 skill points used. Intermediate footwork raised to elite level.]


Skill points – 6


Suddenly lots of information appeared in my mind. I feel I practiced these skills for a long time.

Keep the remaining points for an emergency. I will go to the union and the black market to buy some things later or I will order them online.

First, practice my leveled skills to get more familiar with them.


I spend a lot of time yesterday preparing a lot of things and the city guards also left or they may have temporarily stopped paying any attention to me.

Good for me. No disturbance during the journey. I left the home at 9.00 am and headed to the train station. Portals cost are way expensive so I will take other option.

Trains are the second most popular way of transportation after portals due to their safety, speed, and low cost.

Planes have high risk due to lots of things, the sky constantly has mana whirlpool and some flying mutants, and some strange events. So planes are not used as public transportation.

The only limitation of the train is that it can not be used for long distances due to various reasons. But that limitation is also overcome by using a portal but those train rides are expensive and have fixed schedules.

Fortunately, my destination is close just a few kilometers distances from the city as this dungeon is located in the beginner area.

I arrived at the train station at 9.15 am. There are lots of people coming and going on different trains.

Train does not have wheels as it uses mana to levitate from the ground and can go as fast as the speed of sound.

Well, that is its maximum speed, not regular speed but still, it is a lot faster than my world trains.

I boarded my train as I already booked my ticket last night so no need to buy it from the counter.

Luckily I got the window seat so I can enjoy the view along the road. Trains travel both underground and on the surface route. I choose the surface one as the path is not that dangerous and I want to see places outside the city.

After some time train started with almost no sound and quickly started to take speed. It left the station and soon get out of the city too.

Despite the high speed I was able to see the outside view clearly and was amazed by the different senary. Various plants come into my view. Some are familiar while some are different.

As I enjoyed the ride my destination came and I has to get off the train. After leaving the station I took a cab to the dungeon.

There are lots of low-level dungeons here, especially for young and low-level rankers. It is more like a training ground for rankers.

After looking at the map I head to my selected dungeon.

Due to my normal clothing and some old gear that I wear on purpose, I did not get any attention from the crowd. All my important stuff is in the system space.

I paid the entry fee at the counter and entered the dungeon for the first time.

The entrance of the dungeon gate looks like some shiny whirlpool. It sucks the person in when you go close to it.

After I get close to the gate a strong suction force came and I get sucked into the gate.

I feel like my mind is numb and I am in a washing machine. Suddenly I get thrown outside and crash-landed on the ground.

I was somehow able to resist the urge to vomit and looked around my surrounding. The ground and sky both are a red and black color mixture and some old fallen buildings structures.

Nobody knows who made these buildings and what happened to them or who lived in those buildings.

There is the red sun in the sky but the sunlight is not bright rather it gives the coldness.

Luckily the location of entry is random if the location is not selected in advance.

With this, I avoided contact with fellow rankers. In the dungeon addition to the monsters and traps, rankers are also needed to guard against other rankers. Human greed has no limits.

Finding nobody around I started to change my gear. I wear my shadow hunter set and took out the night fury. After putting on everything I started my first dungeon exploration.

My mask changed my eye and hair color so nobody can recognize me.

After searching for some distance I found my first target a legendary skeleton. Just kidding it is a normal skeleton. I hid behind the rock and used scan for the first time on it.

scan ( David)

[ scanning ……. Scan completed]


Name – skeleton guard

Rank – < E-> ( common)

Race – undead

Affinity – darkness ( 20%), undead ( 30%)

Talent – none


Stg – E-

Agl – F+

Stm – E-

Mana – F+

Mana capacity – F

Skills –

No skills

Weakness- head, neck, joints, light element skills.

Status – healthy


Wow, this skill is a bug.

Enough the skill admiring and get ready to battle. I make a plan in mind and take an attacking position. As the skeleton got closer my heartbeat also started to speed up.

I calmed down my nerves and took the best-attacking position. As soon as the skeleton got in my attacking range I strike with all my strength.

Poor skeleton before it realized anything a sharp sword cut off its head. Without stopping I swing my sword again at the fallen skull and crushed it. Fire in the skull went out and the remaining body of the skeleton fell to the ground and become a pile of bones.

I can win easily due to my equipment and sneak attack. I need to get more combat experience. The bones and skull fragments started to fade in mana particles and left behind a single bone.

scan ( David)

[ scanning ………. Scan completed]


Name – broken bone

Rank – ( common)

Description – a low-quality drop of skeleton-type monsters.

Use – used for forging, food for other undead monsters.


What do you expect from this level of monster? I am not a protagonist who gets good stuff after killing the mobs.

I put the bone in space and continued to find more targets to kill.


2 days later

A figure moving silently between rocks without giving any clue of its presence. It stooped behind a rock and observed its surroundings.

Quickly it found its target a skeleton twice the size of the common skeleton and has a sword and armor.

Skeleton walks in a certain pattern like it is patrolling the area. The figure hiding behind the rock observed the skeleton more and then moved closer to the path of the skeleton slowly.

After gaining enough distance from the target figure suddenly launched the attack. The skeleton was able to react to the attack and dodged it but seems like the figure already know its move and suddenly increased its own speed and get behind the skeleton.

A sword glowed with a purple glow and cut off the head of the skeleton. The figure again attacked the head and crushed it. Flames went out and bones fell like their string got cut off.

The figure sat down and started to pant. This figure is none other than David.


Phew, finally I defeated the elite monster. But still, I have to use some skills so it is still not my solo kill.

For 2 days I have been killing the monsters almost non-stop. First I kill common monsters then I started to kill elites.

At first, it was very hard but soon I was able to get enough experience to kill these monsters as fast as possible. Thanks to the scan I can locate their weakness of them and strike it to cause more damage to the monsters.

Now I am very close to my destination as that hidden boss is somewhere close. I put the drop in space and take a potion to recover the mana.

After mana get full I started to search for the hidden boss. Soon I find the place I had been looking for.

An ordinary-looking wall and a dried tree next to it. If anybody sees this wall they will assume it is a normal wall but it is a passage that led to that hidden room.

The tree may look like an ordinary tree but if you look closely its shape resembles the word death in the mana language. After the discovery of the dungeon, a new language is also found along with it.

It is called mana language. It is used in many ways and is now commonly used by all humanity as a universal language. Other races also use this language along with their native language so it also helped humanity to communicate with other races.

To open the secret blood has to be sprayed on the wall. The original protagonist accidentally shed some blood on the wall while fighting a monster and discovered the passage.

Well, I bring some blood with me as I do not want to mascot and cut myself and there is another reason not to use my blood.

I take out the blood-filled bottle and throw it on the wall. Eat as much as you want.

Wall get covered in blood and soon it started to shake. A weird symbol formed on the wall and a portion of the wall sink into the ground to show the hidden passage.

I took a flashlight and walked into the passage. I walked some distance in the tunnel a door appeared in front of me. A solid metal door.

This is why I used someone else blood as the path has an array to cast an illusion on the person whose blood gets on the wall. I do not want to waste my time on those things. who wants the hard way when you can get the smart way?

I once again checked my gear and other stuff. I placed my hand on the door and pushed it. It opened easily much to my surprise. I carefully looked inside with a flashlight to if there is any danger.

Assured that there is no visible danger I entered through the door.

As soon as I stepped inside the whole area got illuminated with lights and I can see everything now. It is a laboratory filled with lots of machines and chemical instruments.

Yup you heard right it is a laboratory built in the dungeon. In the center of the lab, a big pod is placed and a computer is beside it. I moved closer to the computer still checking the area to avoid any sneak attack.

Soon I arrived in front of the pod. It is not transparent so nothing can be seen but I know what is inside it. I tried to start the computer and it get turned on. I checked if is there any data on it but everything except a video is locked by code.

I also do not know the code as the author did not write it in the novel. So I can only click on the video and play it.

In the video, a man in a lab coat appeared and started to talk.

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