Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 7 - first dungeon exploration (1)

n a message popped out to show the results.

[ would you like to use 2 skill points to raise intermediate swordsmanship to the elite level? Yes/no]

[ would you like to use 4 skill points to raise the intermediate herb gathering to the master level? Yes/no]

system why the points required by herb gathering more than swordsmanship when both of them are intermediate skills? ( David)


[ points required to raise the level of the professional skills is double that of combat-related skills.]

I decided not to use any skill points now as I am about to get perfection in both basic footwork and martial arts. I will try to learn intermediate skills of them on my own.

I will also try to raise the swordsmanship level by myself and if I do not get the desired effect some days later I will use skill points.

Now lets start the training.


10 days later.

I am holding a sword and trying to gather all my concentration. After staying still like this for some time I started to swing my sword in a specific manner and slowly but steadily increased the speed of each swing.

As speed gets increases wind cutting sound can be heard as my sword slashed the wind itself due to fast movements. After performing these moves repeatedly for some minutes a notification rang in my head.

[ ding]

[ congratulation your intermediate swordsmanship has reached the elite level. Keep up the good work.]

After reading the message I stopped my practice and sit on the floor to get some rest.

Finally, after days of effort, I raised my swordsmanship to the elite level. Status (David)


Name – David Adam ( lv 0)

Age – 16

Title – Soul of another world

Rank – F

Potential – C

Affinity – shadow ( 60 %)

Talent – shadow Domain ( locked), < not selected yet>

Class –

Strength – F +

Agility – F +

Stamina – F +

Mana – F

Mana recovery – F

—–> Class skills

< class is not selected yet>

——> Manual Skills

Intermediate swordsmanship ( elite) (+)

Set of intermediate sword moves.

intermediate footwork ( beginner) (+)

Set of intermediate footwork.

Intermediate martial arts ( beginner) (+)

Set of intermediate martial arts moves.

Intermediate herb gathering technique ( expert) (+)

——>Skills – (0/2)

< none>

——->Special skills- (0/2)

< none>

Skill points – 10

Quest (2) –

break the seal of talent ( in progress)

info gathering ( completed)

Status – healthy


I managed to learn all skills to the intermediate level and my swordsmanship to an elite level in 10 days without using skill points. All my stats are increased by a small level and I can become anytime I want.

I also completed the info-gathering quest but have yet to claim the reward. I will do it after I break to rank to have double happiness.

I calmed my breathing and started to run my mana from my core to my body. Mana flowed in every part of the body after that it formed a cycle.

As the speed of the cycle increased the wall around the mana veins also started to expand slowly. They increased by half of their previous size and stopped expanding further.

Mana strengthened the expanded area so the speed and quantity also get increased more than before.

[ Ding]

[ congratulation host has reached rank.]

I opened my eyes and took a deep breath and released it. I repeated this process couple of times.

I clenched my hand and feel the power running through my body. Sadly I did not get any boost in any stat but I can feel I am stronger than before.

Party is not over yet. I opened the system and claimed the reward for the info-gathering quest.

[ info gathering ( completed)

Description – knowing about your surroundings and world can increase your chances of survival by a big margin.

Condition –

read 10 history books. (10/10)

read 10 geographical books. (10/10)

read 10 technology and biology books. (10/10)

read 10 general knowledge books. (10/10)

reward – a special skill.

Time limit – 1 month

Punishment – none]


[ you have completed the info-gathering quest do you wish to claim the reward? Yes/no]

It was hard to finish reading all those books in 10 days but I somehow managed to pull it off. I selected yes.

[ ding]

[ drawing the reward…..]

[ special skill scan is obtained]

[ scan (EX) – scan any dead object, monsters, and mutants in eyesight to get their information. You can get full information about any dead object regardless of its rank or level. For mutants and monsters, you can see their full information only if they are the same or 1 rank higher than you. If they are 2 ranks higher than you only their name and stats will be displayed other information will not be given. If the target is 3 ranks higher than you then only their name and status will be given. Will not work on any other living beings like humans, elves, demons, and other races.]

[Does the host like to learn this skill? Yes/no]

What an overpowered skill. No way I am not learning this skill. I selected yes and felt something get added to my mana core. Rankers are very sensitive about their core and any tiny difference can not escape their sense.

With this, no treasure can escape my eyes. Now I have reached the peak of rank I need to get some practical experience and the best place for it is in dungeons.

I opened the list of nearest low-level dungeons on my watch. I try to find any dungeon explained or mentioned in the story.

After some searching, I found a rank dungeon. It is the lowest level in rank and the strongest monster here is only level elite.

It is an undead type of dungeon filled with skeletons and ghosts. But nobody knows there is a Boss monster hidden in a special place. There is also some valuable treasure after beating that boss.

In the novel that place finds by the original mc and he also gets those treasures. But this time I want to get it before him.

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