Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 7 - first dungeon exploration (1)

I slowly opened my eyes and try to look at my surroundings. There are lots of beds and some people laying on them.

So it is safe to assume that I am in the hospital maybe. I tried to get up but my body still feels heavy.

I stopped trying to get up after some attempts and lay on the bed thinking about my current situation.

At least I am not in jail or any weird place. I try to find my watch and other stuff.

They are placed on the table right side of me. I grabbed my watch and looked at what time it is.

11 pm. More than 8 hours passed since I fainted. I opened the internet and looked into the latest news.

I quickly found out about the robbery at the museum due to all media covering it. Wow, they know how to spice up things.

[ Today in the afternoon around 3 pm a robbery took place at the spring city museum. There was an event organized by the city lord. City lord victor got a mysterious painting that does not have any information about its origin or creator. City lord victor decided to set up a public display of the painting for others to look at it and enjoy this brilliant piece of art. Many praised the city lord for his generosity. All things went as planned and on the 5th of July, the event was held at the museum. City lord victor and other VIPs personally come and cut the ribbon to start the event. After that, it was open to all people to enter and look at the painting and some other historical items. The event went smoothly and many enjoyed the chance to see something new and beautiful with their own eyes. Suddenly around 3 pm as the crowd becomes less a young couple started to argue at the place where the painting is placed. Guards of the museum tried to make them stop but they did not listen to them. As guards were about to escort the couple away woman break the pearl necklace around her neck and throw them on the floor. As soon as those pearls touched the ground they exploded and released some black gas. As the guards around them quickly get into the battle position they are caught off guard by a sudden attack and due to gas they soon fainted and fell to the floor. Other guards who were rushing to help stooped and stayed away from the smoke area. As soon as the guard leader know about the situation he rushed to the scene and take command. Guards about to take action against the robbers suddenly all barriers around the displays started to lose control. It seems that robbers hacked into the main system and shut down all security functions. Helplessly leader can only order to seal the exits and try to prevent robbers from escaping. Guards tried to take civilians to the safe side then suddenly all lights went off. Taking advantage of the darkness robbers throw more gas bombs in the crowd and steal some valuable display items. The masks of the guards unable to filter the gas or some people say the gas works on skin contact instead of entering inside the body through breathing. They also take the main item of the event. The painting. Rather than escape silently they used some skills or explosions to make a hole in the museum wall and escaped through it. Due to the loss of mana supply to reinforce the walls, they were easily smashed open by robbers. After the robbers escaped through the hole in the wall Someone from their gang already waiting for them at the specific location. They used a high-speed car to escape the crime area. Guards have no idea how many robbers participated and their identity is still unknown. The data of the young couple shows they died years ago so it is assumed that the robbers used a fake identity to commit this crime. Guards and other departments are still searching for the robbers and put a huge bounty on them. City lord victor said he will not tolerate such acts and bring all the people involved in it the punishment they deserve. Fortunately, the gas was not poisonous and only used to make someone faint so all people who smelled it are not in any danger. All the victims are moved to the city hospital and they are given the best treatment available. Till now nobody is found killed or heavily injured in the whole incident. We will let you know if there is any update on this incident. Thank you]

I read the article 3 more times to make sure I do not miss anything. After making sure there is nothing about me I let out a sigh of relief.

Till now I was tense about will I get caught. Luckily for me, things work out well for me and I do not even have to use my worst plans.

After regaining some strength I get up from bed. All other patients are still sleeping. Looks like I woke up fast due to a drug I have taken before I fainted.

I walked towards the door which I assumed may be an exit to see if anyone was there. As I was about to open the door someone opened it from the other side.

A young nurse gets scared seeing me suddenly appear in front of her but she did not scream. Did she get too shocked she even forget to scream?

Luckily she did not faint or I might be in trouble. I shake her a little to bring her back to reality.

After taking some deep breaths which caused her very well-developed chest to bounce a little she relaxed a little.

” you almost scared me to death, sir. Please be more careful next time. ” ( nurse)

” Sorry I did not know someone will come just before I open the door. I just wanted to ask how I get here and what happened at the museum? ” ( David)

” First please go back to your bed as it is not good for you to move too much as there may be some drug effect left in your body. I will explain to you other things there. ” (nurse)

At the nurses nagging, I again lay on my bed. The nurse takes some devices to check my health. After confirming nothing is wrong she grabbed a stool and sit near me.

” Congratulations to Mr. David for safely recovering. All tests are normal and nothing to worry about. The gas you smelled just caused you to faint and does not carry any harmful stuff. I think due to being a ranker you can wake up early as most of the normal patients are still asleep. You and other victims moved here to get the proper care. You can find more information on the internet regarding robbery. Also please do not leave this room as in the morning city guards may come to take your and others statement about the robbery. Please stay in the hospital and cooperate with us. Would you like us to inform any of your family members to come here? ” ( Nurse)

” Thanks for explaining. You do not have to call anybody cause I do not have any family members. So except for leaving this room, I am free to do anything, right? ” ( David)

The nurses eyes show sympathy hearing about my family. she replies to me with a smile.

” as long as Mr. David does not disturb other patients and the facility and leaves this room anything is fine. ” ( nurse)

The nurse give me some medicine and asked if I am hungry. I replied no and the nurse left the room.

I continued to lay on the bed and tried to find anything important in the nurses words.

They suspect maybe someone from the victims may be related to the robbers so they keep them all in the same room. They will question everyone to try to find some clue or accomplices of the robbers.

The nurse may have already informed the guards about me. I did not have to worry they will find anything on me as all evidence is in system space.

I got tons of excuses to give them if they asked me about the situation. Truthfully I was prepared to face interrogation from the start so I practiced hours for it.

I opened my watch and pretended to see the news regarding the robbery. I first checked whether the metal plate was in my storage space or not and thankfully it is with some other stuff I stuffed in hurry. Now is not the time to check it.

I opened my status to see if anything is changed.

status (David)


Name – David Adam ( lv 0)

Age – 16

Title – Soul of another world

Rank – F

Potential – C

Affinity – shadow ( 60 %)

Talent – shadow Domain ( locked), < not selected yet>

Bloodline – ????

Class –

Strength – F +

Agility – F

Stamina – F

Mana – F –

Mana recovery – F –

—–> Class skills

< class is not selected yet>

——> Manual Skills

Intermediate swordsmanship ( beginner)

Set of intermediate sword moves.

Basic footwork ( master)

Basic martial arts ( master)

Intermediate herb-gathering technique ( expert)

——>Skills – (0/2)

< none>

——->Special skills- (0/2)

< none>

Skill points – 0

Quest (2) –

break the seal of talent ( in progress)

info gathering ( in progress)

first steal ( completed)

Status – healthy


Everything same but why is there an extra quest and it is completed too? I tried to remember where this quest come from and then quickly realized when I put everything in the space system prompt rang but I do not have time to look carefully at it.

I looked into old notifications in the system and found the one I wanted.

[ ding]

[ quest is generated ….]

[ first steal ( completed)

Description – host has stolen for the first time after coming to this world. A special reward will be given according to the completion and quality of the stolen stuff.]

[ calculating the reward…….]

[ congratulation host gets 10 skill points as a reward.]

[Does the host like to claim the reward? Yes/No]

This is a pleasant surprise for me. This is the first time I get skill points so no idea if the amount is good or not. I mentally selected yes.


[ 10 skill points are added]


Skill points – 10


After confirming nothing is wrong I go back to sleep.


I wake up in the morning and take shower to clean myself.

I changed my hospital gown and wear the clothes I had worn yesterday. They were cleaned by hospital staff I guess. I collected all my other personal items and left the room to get myself breakfast.

Outside the room, guards are stationed but they let me go as a canteen in the hospital and exits may be also guarded so they are not worried I will escape or try anything funny.

I think they want someone to act so they caught the culprit or robbers accomplices more easily. I calmly made my way to the canteen after asking the guards where it is.

You have to act as calmly as you can to not get in trouble and not overdo things. Act natural.

The canteen has various healthy dishes though I prefer to make my food by myself. I ordered some normal sets and sat down at any random empty table.

I eat in silence and try not to talk to anybody about anything. After finishing my breakfast I asked for the bill but they said all food and other medical bills are paid already for all victims.

So I accepted their kindness and returned to the room where I stayed last night. Many people wake up at night but nurses and doctors calm them down and make them fall asleep again.

Now many are waking up and some have their family members come to see them. The bed next to me belongs to a boy the same age as me.

From night till now his parents are staying beside him and taking care of him. I can see how worried they are about their son. I feel sadness and some jealousy towards that boy as I am an orphan now and also in my world.

Guess this is why I can feel close to David as we both were orphans. I buried these emotions deep in my heart as there is nothing I can do about it.

At 10 AM all patients are awake and chatting with family members or doing something to kill the time before any new instruction is given.

A nurse from last night entered the room with some city guards and shouted twice to gather everyones attention. As all eyes gathered on her nurse started to talk.

” good morning everyone. I hope you are feeling well. If anyone having any trouble they can talk to me and the staff after I complete my talk. As you know all of you fainted due to some gas at the museum. Do not worry gas was not poisonous so you are not in any danger. We hope you will cooperate with city guards and provide some information and your experience on the scene so they can find the culprit. After your name is called follow one of the guards and they will take you to a specific location. Please cooperate with us so we can quickly catch the robbers. Also, I repeat if anybody is feeling pain or other problem please tell me. Thank you. ” ( Nurse)

Nobody said anything. Looks like all are healthy and normal. After getting no response from anybody nurse take out the list and started to call the names.

One by one people whose names are called get up and left the room with a guard leading them away.

Soon all people left the room and I am the only one left. Despite this strange situation, I did not show any fear or nervousness. Finally, the nurse called my name.

I left my seat and head toward the guard at a normal speed. Giving me a couple of glances one of the guards said follow me and left the room.

After nodding in the direction of the nurse I left the room and followed the guard. After some turns, I come in front of the room where 2 guards are already guarding it and have weapons too.

After checking me with some device they opened the door and I get in. there is nothing in the room except the table and a man in a suit sitting on one of the chairs beside the table.

” Hello, Mr. David Adam. Good morning. Please take a seat. I am officer ross and I will be asking you some questions regarding the incident. I hope you will answer them truthfully. You can take your time to answer no need to answer quickly. ” ( officer ross)

I sit on the chair opposite him.

” First I would like to ask was there any specific reason you decided to go to the museum yesterday? ” ( officer ross)

” to be honest I have some reason to go there. You may know some days later I will be going to dawn academy so past few days I have been filming some popular and special places in the city to make short videos to show to my soon-be friends or classmates at the academy. I go to the museum 4 days ago too. but I forgot about the event so I decided to come again to record the event and also see that mysterious painting with my own eyes. ” ( David)

” Planning for college this early. You must be an energetic one but the files say different till now you do not make a single friend so why are you showing this much excitement. I am curious is any special reason? ” ( officer ross)

” People change officer. If you look carefully at my record you see I do not have any financial support so I have to plan for myself. Till now all I just do to support myself and my dreams. Becoming a ranker may be an easy thing for those who have resources or money but for someone like me, we only work hard. Also, dawn academy is a famous college ranked first in ranking so students there will also have a good background and potential. If I can make some connections there my future will be more secure right? This is how society works you either have talent or backing. I do not have high talent so I can only go for the second option. My plans may change after I got there but I prepared some stuff just in case. ” ( David)

” impressive thinking you got Mr. David. I am genuinely impressed you think that far. Now to my second question did you see anything special or suspicious after you arrived and stayed at the museum? Think carefully and answer. ” ( officer ross)

After thinking for some seconds I replied in a playful tone.

” I did not see anything special or suspicious but I did see my neighbor with some other women than his wife. Did it count as something special. ” ( David)

Officer ross also smiled at my answer and replied.

” well, polygamy is legal now so more than 1 wife is allowed but that is their personal matter though you may tell his wife about it if you wish. Now my third question after that fake couple caused commotion did you see anybody acting suspicious or strange? Like moving somewhere or looking around in a hurry or any other weird thing. ”

” I did not pay much attention to others as I also looked at the commotion. ” ( David)

”its okay I can understand. Now, my fourth question before you faint did you see anybody or hear something close to you? Display items near your location were also destroyed and some items in them were stolen so try to think did you see or hear anything? ” ( officer ross)

” Before I fainted I heard some glass shattering sounds, some people yelling, someone running, and a big explosion sound at the end. This is all I heard at the end. Due to the darkness, I was not able to see anything around me. ” ( David)

” now to my last question Mr. David. did you know any of the robbers or part of their team? Did you know anything about them like their identity or plan? ” ( officer ross)

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