Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 6 - exposed?

3 days later.

A total of 3 days have passed since I come to this world. Well, it is a very short time to make great progress but I did what I can.

status ( David) { A/N- will be used when a character is speaking or thinking in their mind}


Name – David Adam ( lv 0)

Age – 16

Title – Soul of another world

Rank – F

Potential – C

Affinity – shadow ( 60 %)

Talent – shadow Domain ( locked), < not selected yet>

Bloodline – ????

Class –

Strength – F +

Agility – F

Stamina – F

Mana – F –

Mana recovery – F –

—–> Class skills

< class is not selected yet>

——> Manual Skills

Intermediate swordsmanship ( beginner)

Set of intermediate sword moves.

Basic footwork ( master)

Basic martial arts ( master)

The intermediate herb-gathering technique ( expert)

——>Skills – (0/2)

< none>

——->Special skills- (0/2)

< none>

Skill points – 0

Quest (2) –

break the seal of talent ( in progress)

info gathering ( in progress)

Status – healthy


Well, except I learned intermediate swordsmanship and a minor increase in strength stat everything is the same.

I find out that due to the fusion of two souls my learning speed increased compared to before. If it was old David it will take a week or 2 to get into beginner in intermediate swordsmanship but I was able to get it in 3 days.

But even this can not compare to the main characters whose talent is unrivaled in the sword but still, I am better than the average person.

Today is the day when the painting will be displayed in the museum. They will open the gate at 10 am and close it at 6 pm. So I have to get inside at noon maybe after 11 or 12.

Going too early will get caught in the crowd and staying there for too long can cause suspicion from others so going after 12 is the best choice.

I will waste some time outside the museum to observe more and then get in at right time.

At 9.30 pm I get out of my apartment and headed to the museum. after some minutes I arrived near the museum which is already crowded with people and media.

They are waiting for the event to start. At exactly 10 am city lord arrived at the museum in his car accompanied by various VIPs of the city.

City lord is ranker and looks like someone around 40 to 50 years old but if you think he is old and easy to bully you will not know how you even died. ranker Is no joke. They are monsters in human skin.

The city lord is named victor smith and has some fame in rankers too. After giving some small words and bragging about himself and his deeds for the city victor cut the ribbon to officially start the exhibition.

After staying around for some time and answering questions from the media victor left with most of the other VIPs. Now only other peoples truly start to enter the museum.

After waiting till 12 pm I did not see anything unusual that I even started to suspect will robbery happen today. With doubts in my head, I finally entered the museum.

Guards scanned me fully to see if I am carrying anything dangerous or did I have any space items on me. After finding nothing wrong they let me walk inside.

Inside is full of people looking at various art and other historical stuff. Pretending to look at art and other stuff I moved to the main attraction of today.

In a corner, a brilliant display is made and in it is the painting displayed. Two guards are on both sides of the painting and there is a divider at some distance from the painting to keep people away from the display.

You can only look from some distance. I somehow managed to get in front of the display through the crowd and looked at the painting.

Well, I who does not know art can not tell much about this painting but I must say it is a beautiful painting. Information, it is said that they still do not know when or who made this painting yet.

After admiring and taking some pictures of the painting I left the place to others to fill. Wow, people are pretty crazy to go this high to see the painting. Guess some love art not like me come here to steal something.

After moving away from the main spot I wandered around the museum.

Till now nothing unusual has happened and now it is 1.30 pm. Lets hope robbery did happen or else I am screwed.

As time passed the crowd also become a lot smaller than it was in the morning.

My worries also started to increase as staying here for too long is not good for me.

I get close to the display of the metal plate I need to steal and start acting like I am searching or doing something on my watch.

At random intervals, I changed my position to avoid misunderstanding.

It is 3 pm now. Most of the people have left only some newcomers and others are still wandering around the museum.

Looks like my luck is not that good or has something changed due to my arrival?

As I am deciding whether to stay or return an argument takes place near the painting display.

It may be boyfriend and girlfriend is arguing over something. As their quarrel started to get worse one of the guards near the painting goes near the couple and tries to stop them.

”Visitors, Please stop fighting. You are disturbing others with your behavior. ” ( guard)

The couple did not listen to the guard and dragged him in by asking according to him who is right.

As the commotion got bigger other guards arrived at the scene to maintain order. The couple seems to be hell-bent on proving each other wrong.

As guards decided to take the couple away the unexpected thing happened.


The woman grabbed the pearl necklace around her neck and break it forcefully. She throw all pearls to the floor and as soon as the pearls touched the floor they exploded and released some black gas.

The gas quickly covered the guards and a couple. It also covered the area near the painting. Nothing can be seen due to gas. Nobody expected this to happen except some people.

As the guards inside the black gas realized something is wrong they get into a battle stance but soon they find out that their body is becoming heavy.

Soon all those guards in the range of the gas fall to the ground and fainted. Others guards who were rushing toward the gas stopped and backed away.

They made the ring around the area to stop robbers from escaping and waited till their leader came and give further instructions.

Soon a man along with a small team entered the site.

” rats can not help themselves from stealing. But they should know their limit. Blow this gas away and capture those robbers. ” ( guard leader)

At the order of the head guard, some with wind elements come forward and make a strong wind to blow away the gas. While some made barriers around others to stop gas and other attacks.

David observed all this from some distance. Luckily the main display and his position have some distance or else he would also come in contact with that gas. David moved closer to the display of the metal plate pretending to run away from the chaos.

As the wind was about to disperse the gas all barriers around display items started to flicker.

This made the guard leader frown and take a device around his waist. As soon as the device get in front of his face he started to yell.

” What is happening with barrier idiots? You better stop it or say goodbye to your job ” (guard leader)

Soon a panicked voice come from that device.

[sorry leader but looks like someone hacked into our system. We lost control over all functions here. All cameras and other security devices are out of service. We are trying our best… ] ( ?????)

The leader cut off the connection before that person finish his sentence. You can see how angry he is by looking at the bulging veins around his neck.

** it they are useless when you need them most. I did send a signal for help and they will arrive shortly but I need to hold it till then. ( leader)

Leder again held the device and started to give orders.

” Attention all guards and other security staff. seal off all exits and guard them properly. Do not let anyone enter or escape. I repeat do not let anyone enter or escape. If you fail this task you know what will happen to you so guard the exits as your life depends on it. ” ( leader)

After giving various orders leader once again looked toward the gas area.

” quickly move civilians to the safe side first then disperse this gas and remember to look out for any other attack. If someone tried to resist use all you can to control them. I give you full permission to use weapons and your skills freely. ” ( leader)

After hearing the leaders instructions those who prepared the wind skills dispersed it and joined others behind the barrier. all guards put on the air filter mask to prevent themselves from smelling that gas.

Some guards approached panicking bystanders and told them to get to the opposite side of the gas area.

As the guard was about to approach David all lights went out and total darkness covered the whole place.

As soon as the lights went off David take an anti-poison potion out and drink it in one go. It will help someone to stay conscious even if they smelled some poisonous or other stuff.

Just after David drinks that potion various explosions are heard throughout the whole museum. Soon the sound of bodies falling on the floor comes to my ear.

Some people started to move as their footsteps rang clearly in this environment.

Other guards formed the circle to protect themselves from possible danger. Strangely the guards also started to fall even though they wear a mask.

The only leader able to resist the effect of gas due to his high rank but it can not change his situation. The leader has no idea who and how many enemies he is dealing with.


Crack ( glass shattering sound)

Soon glass smashing and breaking started. I realized this is my chance.

I take out a special glove and put it on my right hand. I smashed the metal plate display which is close to me and smashed some other display cases too. First by guessing I tried finding that metal plate and soon I found it.

I put it in the system space and also grabbed other things on other displays near it too and put them in space too.

If only one item got stolen it will cause suspicion so I did some extra work to be sure.

After that, I put that glove in space too. After I am done I also started to feel my body and mind getting heavy.


[ new quest generated…..]

I ignored the system notification as my vision started to get foggy.

Looks like the gas is the high quality only because of the antidote I can stay awake to perform my steal.

Before I faint I put some distance between myself and the display stands to avoid some trouble.

As my mind got shut I heard someone yelling and a big explosion sounds at the last moment.

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