Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 5- stealing the class clue

At 6.30 pm I arrived home. After putting glossaries in the kitchen and washing my face and hands I sit down on the sofa in the hall. I placed my watch on the table in front of me and turned on the 3D projection mode.

While strolling around inside the museum I take a video of everything with my watch. It is not a suspicious thing to do as many tourists were doing the same and if anybody asked me why I was doing it I will say I want to show this to my classmates at the dawn academy.

Perfect excuse but I hope that situation will not come. I started the video and began to note down the number of guards and the security cameras location.

After spending an hour I got the full info on the security and camera angle at the museum. There is a total of 15 guards present in the museum at different locations and the rest may be in the security and monitoring room.

I think they will double the guards number on the event day to be foolproof. So it means at least 30 guards will be stationed at the museum on the event day. Just looking at the number of guards made my back sweaty.

The guard head will be in the security and monitoring room and additional masters at rank will be staying with the rest of the guards in the museum. All this is my imagination but I think I got most of the things right. Plan for the worst.

In the novel, there is no information on who were the robbers and how they steal the painting.

It was just some gossip author created. The fallen who originally get the clue steal it the second time the robbery happened at the museum.

It will be like 6 months later after the first robbery so I can not wait till then I must take grab this chance or I will lose everything.

I again studied the map of the museum and draw a plan but rather than calling it a plan it is more appropriate to call it a guess. I imagined a different sense of the robbery and made different plans to deal with it.

I need to get some technical stuff and some drugs. I need to buy them secretly and I know where. More like David knows it and before you ask even I don know how he knows it. blank spaces remember?

I get up from the sofa and cracked my back which has gone stiff. I am feeling hungry from all the training in the afternoon and the planning till now. Time to grab something to eat.

I get to the kitchen and take out some food ingredients to cook myself some simple dishes.

Why not just use the cooking machine? I like making my food. It is the most relaxing and joyful time for me. Fortunately, the ingredients are mostly the same as in my world just some have different colors but no major change.

The major difference can be that due to mana the food is now even tastier and has more nutrients than in past. I searched for some cooking videos and started cooking.

Once I got the link I started to speed up and soon a bowl of simple fried rice and some other side dishes were completed in minutes.

Fried rice is easy to make and you can make it in large portions also. Should I try curry and rice tomorrow? Lets think about it later and enjoy dinner now.

I put the dishes on the dining table in the hall. After getting water and some snacks too I sit on the chair facing the big tv. Till Now I have not turned on the tv yet so first time watching shows and movies from a different world.

I used my watch to turn on the tv and set the setting as 2D. watching 3D from the start might be too much for me so take things slowly.

The first channel is the news channel named world news the most famous and seen news channel. Every news on this channel is up to date and they do not waste time by showing ads or other stuff. You only get raw news and nothing else.

Oh, they have so much interesting news. Like some guilds claimed the first clearance of a certain dungeon, someone breaks through the rank, a new dungeon is discovered in XYZ place, etc. if you are from my world all this news may look insane or a joke to you but here they are daily appearance.

I watched some news and other stuff while eating my dinner. After finishing my dinner I put plates in the dishwasher and turned off my tv. It is 8 pm now and the sun has set an hour ago.

A beautiful moon is in the sky with lots of shiny stars. Since humans started using mana as a source of power pollution is decreased dramatically and the sky become clear as a mirror.

The beautiful night view made me forget all my worries for some time and relaxed my mind. Spending some time in this relaxing mood I feel more cheerful. The scientist said due to mana the moonlight has some soothing effect on the mind and spirit.

Wake up David you have work tonight. Till 9 pm I spend my time looking at various sites to download all quest-related books. It cost me some money but some hundreds of mana coins can not match the value of the special skill.

As the clock hit 9 pm I get into my room and opened the closet. In the closet, there are many clothes but I am not here for them.

I slide all these clothes to one side and pressed my palm against the back of the closet. After keeping my palm there for 5 minutes a scanner appeared and scanned my palm for fingerprints. After that, I feel something sharp pressed against my palm, and disappeared in sec.

it takes my blood for DNA checking. After some seconds the inside of the closet lit up with bright light and the inner backside of the closet slid to one side like a curtain to show a hidden compartment inside the closet.

Inside that compartment are the most important things of David and now mine. There is a set of equipment David brought for him. < D> rank excellent set and a rank rare sword.


Name- Shadow hunter coat

Rank – D rank ( excellent)

Description- the part of the shadow hunter set. It has the power of shadow which protect the one wearing it from harm.

Buff- increase defense by 75% against the skills and attacks of rank or below.


Shadow throne (D) – fire the throne made by shadow energy in all directions to attack or defend from the enemy. Increase attack power by 60%.

Shadow armor (E) – make the armor of shadow around the body to protect against attack. Increase the defense by 40%.


Name – shadow hunter pants

Rank – D rank ( excellent)

Description- the part of the shadow hunter set. It has the power of shadow which helps the user to overcome all troubles.

Buff- increase the leg strength by 60% for rankers or below.


Shadow enchantment (D) – increase the defense by 70% by using shadow energy for some time.

Shadow enforce(E)- enforce shadow energy into legs to run, kick or jump faster. The increase leg strength by 30% for rank or below


Name – shadow boots

Rank – D rank (Excellent)

Description- the part of the shadow hunter set. It has the power of shadows to assist the user.

Buff – increase the agility by 70% for or below rankers.

Skills –

Shadow kick (D)- infuse shadow energy into the foot to kick. Increase the attacking power by 70%.

Shadow escape(E)- increase agility by 40% for some time using shadow energy.


Name – shadow hunter mask

Rank – D rank (Excellent)

Description – the part of the shadow hunter set. It has the power to assist the user to overcome all troubles.

Skills –

Shadow mind (D)- increase the metal skills resistance by 80% for some time. Only against D rank or below skills.

Disguise (E)- change the eye and hair colors. Change voice too. If the opponent has higher-level skills or power it is possible to see through the disguise.


Set effect (3/4) – increase all functions by 10%.

Set effect (4/4) – skill – shadow boost (D) – increase all stats for some time by 60% for or below rankers.


This is the set of excellent quality rank equipment. This is all more than 2 million and there is another baby.


Name – Nightfury

Rank – D rank (Rare)

Description – made by using the fangs of the nightowl monster. It has the power to cut anything in rank or below. Can also cause damage to < C> rankers.

Buff – increase strength by 85% for rankers or below.

Skills –

Shadow slash (D) – reinforce the sword with shadow energy to slash at the enemy to cause high damage. Increase the attacking power by 80% for rankers or below.

Shadow block (D) – completely block or below rank skill or attack without taking any damage.


This sword alone cost 1 million coins. There are some high-quality potions too and some other necessary stuff to explore the dungeon or any other place.

David planned for any possible situation. Rather than making me happy, it is making me more worried about Davids origin. This much future planning is not possible for a 16-year-old boy.

Whatever I will find about it when I have sufficient strength and authority will then do what I can to get stronger.

Aside from these, there are some clocks and different style masks. They are the costumes necessary to visit the black market.

Yes, David knows the black market, and all this stuff also comes from there. I have no idea how he found it cause that area is also blank.

I stuffed the set and sword along with some other stuff in system storage. Now they are 100% secure unless the system takes them from me. You will not fall that low for some rank stuff right system.

I changed into some loose clothes and get out of the apartment. I covered my head with the hood of the jacket and put on a simple face mask and wear glasses. My stop is the black market where buy some stuff to use on the event day.

I arrived at the north side of the city where less development is done compared to other areas in the city.

After getting into the dark alley I put on the black cloak and a white mask that covered my full face. Mask has no drawings or pictures. It is a plain mask. Mask and cloak are special items that completely hide my true identity. Too bad it can not be used outside the black market.

After making sure I hide all my stuff completely and covered my body with a cloak I walked toward a certain building.

This is the location of the entrance to the black market in spring city. Most of the big wings in the city know about it but choose to ignore it as they also get some profit from it.

Well, where is light there is darkness too. I knocked on the door in a special rhythm then a voice come asking what is password.

” if light rejects me I will embrace darkness ” (David)

I find this password creepy and a thing fallen would say. The door opened after confirming the password is okay.

A well-built man leads me to a passage and warns me to follow rules. At the end of the passage is a portal that leads to the true location of the market. Only a few know where the real location of the black market is.

I feel some discomfort after passing through the portal but due to my ranker body, I was soon able to get in a good state.

This is my first time passing a portal and I must say it is not so good experience. Artificial Portal technology is the core of human development.

There are many people dressed like me visiting various stores. Nobody knows who is who so it is safe to buy or sell on the black market but if your thing is too precious and you do not possess the power to protect it then this place is your grave.

Rules are only applied here if you get caught. I wonder how David was able to sell that high-level herb here without getting robbed or killed.

Once again checking everything is okay I started to stroll in the market to find the stuff I wanted.

After visiting some stores I was able to gather almost all things I need. I hope I do not has to use some of them but I can not be sure.

After spending some more time in the market and not finding anything special I decided to go back.

I returned from the market but the exit is different from the entrance. After getting into a good spot I take off the cloak and mask. I put the stuff I brought into the space from the bag.

I am not stupid enough to show those shopkeepers that I have a storage device or I would not able to get out of there.

It is crime for an innocent man to hold a diamond. After making sure no one is following me I go back home.

I lay on the sofa to relieve the tension and stress. It looked like an easy thing but only I know how much pressure I was under. it was a tiger den and I am only a rabbit so one mistake and I will be prey to others.

After laying for some more time I get up. I changed my clothes for the gym and headed to the training room. I must become stronger to overcome the difficulties in the future.

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