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Chapter 4 - unique rank clue (2)

There is some food in the refrigerator so I do not have to cook anything cause I am in no mode to cook.

After filling my stomach I take a good at the apartment which is my home now. It is a big apartment for a single person.

David uses 1 bedroom and another one is not in use but David keeps it clean so there is no dust or any other dirty stuff.

House has a cleaning robot that cleans the whole house in an hour no matter how much dirty it gets.

There is a dishwasher, clothes washer, and even a cooking machine. Now I feel I am truly in a future where technology has grown beyond limits due to mana.

All these machines are powered by mana so they do not make any pollution and no need to charge them regularly.

On a single battery, they can work non-stop for years. I can use my smartwatch to control all these devices. They also have voice control too.

Now take a look into the training room.

I opened the door of the training room and get in. there is lots of space in the room to practice all types of skills.

There are some weights and some gym machines too. There is a treadmill that can go up to 100km/hr speed. Wow, the only thing missing is the gravity room but it is way too expensive so forget about it for now.

I changed my clothes to gym clothes and started the exercise.

At first, I did well but after half an hour it got hard to do more but I kept on going as this is not the limit of this body. After 1 hour of intense workout, I get fully drenched in sweat. I grabbed an energy drink and drink some of it.

” I can not believe I did all of those workouts. Truly rankers have crossed human limits. if rankers are this strong already then what about high-ranking people? How much power do they have? ” ( David)

I feel a fire of desire burning in me. Desire to become strong. After getting a 10 min break I again start my training but this time I grabbed the sword. A real sword.


A practice sword ( F) ( common)

A sword made to practice only. It Is advised not to use it in real combat only use it for practice and sparring.


The window pops up if you pick up things you own or not too much on the level. It also depends upon the mana levels sometimes as some high-level items require a high amount of mana and skills to know their specific information. It is the common ability all rankers have.

Well, it is a practice sword but still, it is a sword.

There is a better sword too but it is for combat only. Practice dummy can handle practice sword only if a better sword is used it will destroy the dummy.

For some time I practiced basic swordsmanship to make sure I get used to it. After half an hour I can now use all basic moves perfectly.

David reached the limit of basic swordsmanship a week ago but he still decided to keep practicing to make sure he reached perfection in basic style.

Now I get familiar with it time to use it on the dummy.

I take a basic stance in front of the dummy and then performed all basic moves on it.

At first, it was hard but as time passed I got better soon all my moves started to get better. After hundreds of attacks I finally fully mastered basic swordsmanship to perfection.

It is truly fun for me. All these things which I never imagined that I will do in my life. After putting away the sword I take look at time.

It is 4 pm. I have trained for at least 2 hours now. Enough for now I will train later tonight.

I take off my clothes and take a hot water shower. After changing into some comfy clothes I sat on the sofa in the hall.

Its time that I plan for the future.

Currently, I have 2 quests that I have to complete. Info gathering quest is easy but I have to do it in time. I will download some books from the internet tonight.

The tricky quest is the class quest. Classes are divided into bronze, silver, gold, and unique rank. Bronze is the lowest rank while unique rank is the highest.

Though the quest has no time limit, soon I have to go dawn academy where all things start in the novel. The main stage for the whole novel.

I have to get every bit of power so I can get to survive the dangers there or else I will not know how I died.

The problem is classes are way too rare and expensive. Even the bronze class get into million much less silver.

Gold Is priceless and unique rank can cause war between guilds. So I can not get gold or a unique rank in the normal way.

There is some location for gold and unique classes but they are way too dangerous for me. I have to find the class I can get now but where is it? Think David thinks is there any special class hidden in the novel that I can get from my current capabilities?

After spending some time thinking hard I found it. Look at the fate it belongs in this city. Well, it only is a clue for now but at least I have something to start.

It is a clue to a unique rank class which later acquired by the fallen member. Fallen are those who signed contracts with demons for their benefit.

In the novel, it is described as how a talented low-level member got into this class due to pure luck and was raised in power quickly thanks to a unique class. Later that fallen person becomes a big enemy for mc in the future and also a key figure in many things.

If I remember correctly that clue is at the museum. How do I get it though? The museum is strictly guarded by powerful rankers up to rank.

The head of security is a ranker. It is impossible to steal it from there without getting caught. Argh, I need to find a way soon.

As I am thinking a piece of memory comes to my mind. It is Davids memory from about a week ago I guess.

Spring city lord got a mysterious painting. Nobody knows who made it or how old it is.

On 5th July it will be put on display in the museum for 1 day after that it will go back to the city lords private collection. Every news channel praised the city lord for his kindness and a big heart for allowing the painting to be put on public display for everybody to see.

I sneered at the so-called kindness of the city lord. In a month there are elections so this is nothing but fame gaining stunt. That greedy city lord will rather die than let anything of his belongings be put in danger.

This news reminded me that a robbery happened on the day of the event and thieves stole that painting too.

It was in the headlines for a week and was still discussed among many students in the academy. They made a joke about the city lord of spring city by saying ”lost fortune for fame ”.

” what date is today? ” ( David)

I looked at my watch and it is 1st July 517 RD. So I have about 3 more days to prepare to steal that class clue from the museum.

I have to prepare some stuff and luckily I have system space which made many things simple. I just have to put it in space and be done.

Portable and without a time limit Space items are rare and expensive. Current technology can make space storing devices but they are luxury only for rich and powerful peoples as it is also a symbol of status.

Should I go outside and take a look at the environment and city? It is saying ”know you
e surrounding more to survive better ”.

I put on shoes and get out of the apartment. I get to the down floor using the lift and stepped outside of the building.

Again I am awed by the level of growth of human civilization due to mana. There are flying cars, flying bikes, cool-looking buildings which look like they are fully made of metal, and many other things.

I walked on the footpath admiring all the new things. Many peoples are walking on the footpath. Some are couples, some are having fun with their friends, some are walking with their pets while some lonely souls like me are all by themselves.

The trees and plants around me are different than my world. It is said that all pets and plants are mutants or have some mutant genes in their DNA.

From revolution day till now there is no living or dead thing that did not have mana. Everything has mana in it.

I walked around the city admiring all the new things. After wandering here and there I finally arrived at the museum. This is where the key to my future lies.

After paying ticket fees at the counter through my watch I get into the museum.

Nowadays currency is fully digitalized now. As for hard currency, they are mana crystals or other valuable mana-filled items.

There are 2 guards at the entrance of the museum and I think they are at least rank.

There are many things on display here. Those are before and after revolution day.

Prices of each item here can easily reach millions which is why there is tight security here. After looking at many items I came in front of a display table.

There are some things placed in it but my goal is only one thing. A piece of a metal plate filled with shadow energy and some mysterious letters or engraving.

Till now nobody able to understand what are these letters or engravings on this metal plate. Due to that, it is displayed here at the museum as a showpiece item.

Only if people knew its true value. If the true value of this metal plate is revealed it will cause a bloodbath between all parties.

The clue to unique rank class is way too important for anybody no matter their rank or status cause unique rank class is the definition of power.

It is unrivaled in support to let someone become a more powerful ranker in the future.

I am not a fool to shout ” hey this plate contains a secret to a unique rank class ”.

The display table is fully covered with a special barrier that can withstand a full blow of a rank ranker so breaking it with my power is impossible.

I can get it only if the barrier is removed or broken. After memorizing all the details around it, I moved toward other display items.

After spending some more time at the museum memorizing all the important places I left the museum.

It is going to be tough to steal that plate from the museum but I got no other option. Hope things will go well for me. After leaving the museum I decided to go to union to get myself some intermediate skill manuals.

For now, only my sword skill has reached perfection and meets the condition to start training in the intermediate skill. Since I am going in why not buy other skills too I will soon be able to reach perfection for them too and I have money too.

I arrived at the union building after walking some distance from the museum. It is the huge and tallest building in the whole city.

Union is short for the ”UNION OF MERCHANTS ”. It is an organization made by many powerful families and companies to keep themselves safe and do business all over the world.

Some companies or families are not part of the union but still do business but the major business is still in the hands of the union.

I scanned my watch at the device located at the entrance. After getting the green signal I entered in building.

There are many peoples on the ground floor strolling around casually or taking the lift to the floor they wanted to go. I looked at the map to know the location of the manual skills floor.

The manual skills section starts on the 10th floor and ends on the 14th. The whole five floors are for just manual skills but it is reasonable also as most rankers power comes from manual skills cause skills books are rare and they have a limit too.

I grabbed the lift to the 11th floor where intermediate manuals are and the lift take off. In some seconds I get to the 11th floor.

Wow, I did not even feel that slight shake that you usually feel when a lift takes off. After getting out of the lift I headed to the sword-type manual skill section.

The 10th floor has basic and tier 1 to 2 manual skills, the 11th floor has intermediate and tier 3 to 4 manual skills, 12th floor has advanced and tier 5 skills. Tier 5 is the limit of the manual skills the spring city union branch has.

The 13th and 14th floors have training rooms for people to train their skills. The room has a mana enchantment circuit which can increase the mana concentration in the room so the user can feel mana more easily. It helps to learn manual skills more quickly.

As I said the union has everything you want as long as you can pay for it. There are multiple screens where you can see the different sword manuals and their short description.

They also have a short video of an expert performing the skill to show what the skill looks like after you learned it.

After seeing some manual skills I lost interest. I can easily get tier 6 and higher manuals with my knowledge of the future and story so wasting my time after some tier 3 or 4 manuals is waste of time.

I directly go to the reception desk and asked them for the intermediate swordsmanship manual.

” Hello, can I get the intermediate swordsmanship manual? ” ( David)

The pretty young woman around 25 smiled at me and replied in a sweet voice.

” yes sir you can get it. It will be 100k mana coins. Would you like anything else also? ” (female employee)

” Can I buy intermediate footwork and martial arts manuals too. Can I buy them here? ” (David)

” Sorry sir we only sell sword manuals here but if you can wait we can ask them to be delivered here. ” (a female employee)

” I can wait so you can ask them to bring them here. ” ( David)

” as you wish sir. Those manuals will be here shortly till then you can see other sword manuals here. We added some new manuals recently. ” ( female employee)

I declined the offer to look at other sword manuals. I sit on the chair near the reception desk to wait for my manuals to arrive.

After 5 minutes female employee called me. Looks like my manuals are here.

” here are your intermediate swordsmanship, footwork, and martial arts manuals. Your total bill is 300k mana coins. ( female employee)

I paid the bill and take the manuals. They are chips you just have to add to your watch to download the skill in it. They are one-time use and get dissolved after one use.

After looking around some more time I grabbed some glossaries and left for home.

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