Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 2 - extra system


[ manual skills are those skills learned or acquired by continuous practice of manuals written by rankers to pass the skill to others. Manual skills can not be learned directly like dungeon skill books. The user has to practice a technique or skill written in the manual to successfully learn it. Manual skills are divided from tier 1 to tier 9. Tier 1 is the lowest while tier 9 is the highest. Some manual skills are sorted into basic, intermediate, and advanced sets]

[ skills are those skills learned by using skills books found in dungeons. They can be learned directly without any practice or knowledge but some skill books have conditions to learn them. There are two types of skills learned by using the skill books. fixed rank skill and growth rank skill. Fixed rank skills are fixed at the rank they had found or learned and can not be raised in rank by any method and growth rank skills are those that grow along with the ranker. Rankers can only learn skills 2 ranks higher than their own rank using the skill books and there is a limit to how many skills rankers can learn using skills books. At each rank rankers get 1 skill slot.]

[ special skills are those skills above or different than normal ranked skills. mostly Only system users can have these skills as the only system can produce them. But there can be an exception to it too as this is not absolute that only the system has special skills.]

[ skill points can be obtained by completing the quest. Skill points can be used to increase the learning progress of manual and class skills.]

For the first time system explained everything in detail without raising authority issues. I am not stupid enough to ask what is the special reason for talent and bloodline to get locked cause I know the system will not tell me so why bother?

First look into the title thing.


Title – the soul of another world.

Effect – (passive)

The soul does not belong to this world so it is free from the fate of this world. All fate or soul-related skills are useless against the title holder.


Well, not that awesome but pretty useful title. Hope it will come in handy in the future. Now lets go to the main topic of my talent and bloodline.

” system can you give me a quest to unlock my talent and bloodline? ”

[ Ding]

[ quest appeared]

[ break the seal of talent

Description – due to special reasons your talent is sealed. To unlock the seal you have to overcome some difficulties and prove your determination.

Condition – get gold or a unique ranked class crystal.

Reward – talent unlocking, chance to draw the second talent, ????.

Time limit – none

Punishment – none]

[ do you accept the quest?]

[ Yes/ no]

[ quest appeared ]

[ info gathering

Description – knowing about your surroundings and world can increase your chances of survival by a big margin.

Condition –

read 10 history books. (0/10)

read 10 geographical books. (0/10)

read 10 technology and biology books. (0/10)

read 10 general knowledge books. (0/10)

reward – a special skill.

Time limit – 1 month

Punishment – none]

[ do you accept the quest?]

[ Yes/ no]

I asked for one but got two. Lucky for me. But why no quest for bloodline? I dare not ask the system as I know it will not tell me.

I selected yes on both quests. Now I got things settled temporarily time to look into Davids and my novel memories carefully.

< after 2 hours>

I looked carefully into both Davids the previous owner of the body and my novel-related memories. Well, I must say Davids memories are strange. There are many blank areas and till he gets to 5 there is no memory of them. Blank like someone sealed it on purpose.

The behavior of David is also not like a normal persons or I say like a kids. After getting admitted to an orphanage in the spring city by an unknown person at 5 David has not made a single friend till now. After getting into the orphanage David started to do part-time jobs at age of 5.

The orphanage is capable enough to give proper food and shelter to all children so there is not any reason for David to do part-time jobs that early. Even after the dean of the orphanage talked to David he did not stop. Till he become 10 David continuously did part-time jobs for 5 years.

People long stopped caring about his behavior and nobody in the orphanage also cared about it after pursuing or advising David sometimes. All childrens inside and outside of the orphanage considered David a freak and avoided even talking to him. Due to that David has not a single friend inside or outside of the orphanage.

After David become 10 he officially started to train to become a ranker. He brought necessary stuff like a wooden sword, basic manuals, and other important things from the money he earned by working for years. He joined the gym too to train his body muscles.

after 1 year of training, David gets familiar with all basic manual and sword moves. At 11 he starts doing risky jobs on Saturday and Sunday when there is no school. like becoming a porter for some mercenaries and gathering herbs in the shadow forest. Shadow Forest is a dangerous area near spring city where mutants live. It is also the main income source for city rankers and mercenaries.

Many times David gets into trouble at his job. Arguments with mercenaries or running into mutants during herb gatherings but David survived all these troubles. Sometimes he gets badly injured by some mercenaries or mutants but after getting healed he once again gets back to work.

David gets a new nickname ” Freak of the spring city ” due to his behavior. Some People admired David for his efforts while some called him crazy but David did not pay any attention to them. David gets into the top 10 in every ranking at school. Many children look up to him as a role model especially those from the same orphanage as David.

David fully focused on his goal to become a ranker so much that he did not make any friends or any girlfriend. At 15 while gathering herbs David found a high-level herb that gets sold for 10 million mana coins.

David buys himself a 2 BHK apartment with an extra training room for 2 million mana coins. The area around the apartment building is the most expensive and safe in spring city. David left the orphanage at age of 15 as he has enough money and a place to live. David gives 1 million mana coins to the orphanage as a gift for taking care of him for years.

It is many times more amount the orphanage spend on David till now. After moving into his apartment David stopped being a porter and only did part-time jobs and herb gathering jobs which are less dangerous.

After turning 16 David becomes the few lucky humans who can awaken their mana core which is a must thing for a ranker. Generation after generation it is confirmed that only after the age of 16 one can awaken their mana cores. It is the best and safe age to have mana in the body without causing any damage to the body.

David did not get prideful and continued his training every day with more passion even after he awakened his mana core. months later, At the entrance exam of dawn Acadamy David was able to get 407th rank in the combat section. David gets selected in the 1st ranked academy in the whole human territory.

Davids story is no different than an mc of the novel who overcomes all difficulties and achieved success through hard work. But this story is giving me strange vibes like something is wrong.

This David is way too mature for his age. I was an orphan from birth and know the hardships of orphans but even to me, this David is strange. It is more like someone reborn as David with the experience of the past life.

This theory can be true as the most important areas of Davids memories are blank. What happened to the original David when I take over this body? What is missing before David becomes 5? Who are his parents and where is he from? Despite my birthday is passed why is that status showing my age as 16 instead of 17? Is my birth date not the true one? Too many questions but not a single answer. Looks like David has a story of his own. Things started to become interesting and mysterious too.


Oh, my stomach is making noise. Due to all these things I have not eaten anything yet. First, grab something to fill my stomach.

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