Nameless Extras journey

Chapter 2 - extra system

(???? Pov)

I opened my eyes slowly but due to my headache, every action make my head more painful. I must have drunk way too much last night and this is the worse hangover I have had till now. Well, I kinda deserved it. last night I completed all my work and projects. I planned a long vacation for at least 2 months so I did drink some more than my capacity but who cares I am a free man now.

”argh ” (????)

lets do something about this headache first. I get up from my bed and walked to the bathroom but I suddenly realized this is not my room. Well, no light but some sunlight is coming from the slightly opened window enough to show a rough outline of the room. It is way too much different than my room.

I searched for my phone or any other belonging in my pocket but I found nothing. Now I realized my hands and clothes are also different than I have before I passed out last night. I need a mirror now.

I tried searching for a mirror but there is not much light in the room to see everything. How do I turn on the light? Well, lets open a window, for now, that will do the thing. I opened the window completely. Strong sunlight made me close my eyes. After getting used to the light I opened my eyes and then closed them again. I opened my eyes, again and closed them again. I repeated this process a couple of times.

I have not gone blind or something but the senary before me is just too unbelievable. My eyes still do not believe in it or I do not want them to believe in it.

” I am still dreaming I guess ” (????)

I pinched my hand hard till my skin become red. It hurts a lot. My headache and pain in my arm destroyed my dream excuse which I want to be true. If this is not a dream then what the hell is this?

The huge metal tower-like buildings, weird-looking trees and animals, and flying cars give a full science-fiction feel. This is impossible to achieve with current earth technology or do I come to the future?

Shit. I forget the reason I opened the window. with enough light, I can finally see the whole room. Now, where is the bloody damn mirror? Oh found it.

I stood in front of the full-body-size wall-attached mirror.

” Fuck it ” (????)

As soon as I looked in the mirror a curse come out. This is not me or precisely this is not my body. The image in the mirror belongs to a young man between 18 to 19 age. He has dark black hair and red eyes which look more like blood rubies than eyes. An above-average face with no pimples or any other scars on the face. A clean face you say which I want to have too.

His skin is healthy white with a slight tan. Well-built body mussels in all parts. Wow, now I am jealous of it. This body is way better than mine in appearance when I was young.

” what am I doing? This is not the time to get jealous of something. ” (????)

I snapped out of my strange thoughts and carefully examined my reflection. As I moved my body the image in the mirror did the same.

After doing some stupid stuff for a couple of minutes I confirmed that my body and mirror image is the same. The question is how do I get here in this creepy situation? As I am doing my best to understand my situation my headache gets more intense. I grabbed my head with my hands and sit on the floor. As the pain got worse I suddenly started to see some fast-forwarding images.

Due to pain, I can not concentrate on those images. After the pain reached where I feel like my head would explode all things go blank. I lost consciousness and passed out.

I did not know how much time passed since I passed out. I slowly opened my eyes but did not get up from the floor. As I lay on the floor I looked at the new set of memories in my head.

The name of the body I possed is named David Adam. An orphan boy with no family or any other guardian from birth. Well, the memories of David are strange though. He has no memories till he become 5 and was admitted to a silver orphanage in spring city. There is more area that Is blank as someone hides it on purpose. Also, the strange part is that I can not remember my original name.

Aside from David, this world is also different than my world. There are mana, mutants, monsters, other races, and dungeons in this world like some sort of fantasy world that exists in the novel and games. I did read some novels with this setting in my free time so I am not completely clueless about these things.

According to history About 500 years ago this world was pretty much the same as my world with no mana and other stuff. 500 years ago a strange Metroid hit the earths surface on 23 August 2000. The satellite did not discover it till it hit the surface of the earth like it suddenly teleported directly near-earth out of nowhere.

Governments of different nations send a team to look into the crash area but found nothing but a big hole. There was nothing in that hole too. Scientists decided that the meteoroid probably vapourised due to atmospheric friction during the fall and only some parts landed on earth which also shattered and mixed with the ground.

This quickly get forgotten by all but things were not over. After a year of the Metroid crash, new energy started to appear in the atmosphere from that crash location. First, only some surrounding small animals and plants get infected by energy and show signs of changes.

As time passed energy soon started to spread all over the earths surface. All animals and plants started to get mutated due to this energy. Some grow up in size while some get strange mutations. Their nature also becomes more aggressive and violent.

Humanity also find about these changes but till then it was too late. A large number of animals and plants started to attack human territories and habitats.

Facing these new dangers humans fought bravely with everything they got. guns, missiles, planes, and even nuclear weapons were used to hunt down mutated animals and plants. But soon the situation becomes worse as major changes start to appear all over the world.

The land area started to move towards each other. America, Australia, Japan, Antarctica, etc. all these island countries and continents started to move towards Europe, Asia, and Africa. All land areas began to merge which caused many disasters. Humanity suffered the most due to the loss of communication, natural disasters due to land moving, and constant attacks of mutated animals and plants.

Day by day situation got worse as humans lost 30% of their population in natural disasters and attacks by mutated animals and plants.

As they thought this is the end of humanity a ray of hope appeared. Dungeon portals and gates started to appear all over the world. A place filled with lots of dangers and fortunes.

Due to less density of mana the spawned dungeons were low-ranking ones. Due to that, they are explorable by humans using modern weapons.

Humanity explored the dungeons in the hope to survive the current situation. Soon they discovered a method to fight back through information and knowledge in the dungeon.

They find out why all these changes are happening and what is the cause of it. The new energy which caused all these changes is called ”MANA ”. Mysterious energy capable of doing anything.

With the help of mana and information from dungeons, humanity started to fight back against mutated animals and plants. Humans called these native mutated creatures ”MUTANTS ” and the beings inside the dungeon ”MONSTERS ”.

Those who could awaken their mana core and use it to break their limits are called ” RANKERS ”. Rankers are divided from to rank. is the lowest rank while is the highest rank.

Those who awaken their mana core can see a thing called a ”status window ” which shows their abilities digitally and conveniently like those RPG game statuses. Rankers can learn various skills and classes to become stronger. Humanity used rankers to fight against the mutants and win the land they lost.

After 100 years of war and struggle humans pretty much fully dominated the land area again leaving some places where strong mutants live. humanity build their technology with mana and named it mana technology. A new civilization is made on the foundation of mana. Humans named the day when the meteoroid hit the earth ”REVOLUTION DAY ” and started an era called the ”REVOLUTION ERA ”.

As things went well with humanity new trouble appeared. After 100 years of accumulation mana density in the atmosphere breakthrough into a new level. But with this, new trouble also arrived.

Through the portals, new races come to earth. They claimed themselves as demon, elves, dwarf, and nagas. Again the war started to claim the right over the land. Using their technology and rankers powers humanity did not lose to the intruders.

To face unknown intruders humanity decided to stand as one so they established a federation to control all affairs related to humanitys survival. Humans fought greatly with everything they has.

Due to not enough mana concentration in the air to allow the large scale of transportation, not too many powerful peoples of other races come to earth which gives native humans a great advantage. The War for land and survival lasted for 200 years.

Countless legends were made and buried during the war. Blood flowed like rivers. The only race that did not participate in this war were nagas as they mostly lived in the sea which was a forbidden place for other races due to all the giant and powerful mutants in there.

Finally to end this war elves and dwarves signed an alliance with humans to defeat demons. Demons were the most powerful of all races. They already attacked the homeworld of other races and have a huge advantage in power. The demon race has only one goal which is to destroy and devour all resources to get more powerful that is why they attacked different worlds to get more resources to grow.

After the combined attack of the 3 races, they were finally able to beat the demon race and pushed them to the end of the world.

After winning the war Humans claimed 50% of the total land area while elves and dwarfs get 20% each. demons only get 10% of the area which was also a core area where the entrance of the portal to their world is located.

Other races were not happy with this allocation but due to various circumstances, they accepted it. After that, all races decided to heal and grow cause things were far from over. It is only temporary peace.

After the war, many powerful rankers in humans decided to build their forces called ”GUILDS ” while some companies and big families decided to build a ”UNION OF MERCHANTS ” to keep their profit and build power for themselves.

The Federation remained the same in absolute power to maintain law and keep borders safe. They control all political and military power across all human territory.

After 150 years of peace, the mana density again started to show signs of a breakthrough. Demons become restless as they decided to attack the borders of all races on small scale. Black clouds of doom again started to fill the sky once again. This time how much destruction will it bring?

” This is the overall history of this world till now according to Davids memory but I have one doubt. Why the hell is all this information is same as the novel I once read? Do not tell me I came to a novel world. If it is true then what am I? extra? ” ( David )

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