Mystery of Bondo Loe

The Unseen Foretale




The mystery of Bondo Loe


Bondo Loe

Riza Lem

Lefon Jeff

Jane Dele

Bose Mio

Author: Chris Fernandez


Bondo loe is a teenage kid who lives in the subway his mother died when he was born and his father died from cardiac arrest sudden loss of heart function. As of now, Bondo is trying to survive on his own without his parents he had an illness which makes it harder for him to survive his bed and his clothes are almost worn out what would Bondo Loe do? Is he going to make it, This is the story of a teenage kid who had his dreams set upon the future of a homeless boy who has incredible power wielded in his hands a power that able to make life a living soul that can be transferred into nonliving things Bondo Loe can give life to a dead person or nonliving thing that will transform into a creature.

Bondo lives like the rest of those homeless people around him, he is good in chores and able to do anything as they asked on Bondo because of the life of Bondo he is willing to do anything just to survive in his life even he suffer, but Bondo didn know about his powers yet, Bondo woke up late because of his illness he had a job picking up plastics and canned bottles to sell it in the junkyard but no one takes care of him, his doing it all by himself.

Bondo met a person named Jane Dele, she is young. A 17 years of age with a complete family and rich. They meet in wonderful mansion name melopien accidentally in the melopien garden. Her father is a businessman also her mother is a lawyer. Knowing that Jane Dele would look down on Bondo because he had nothing and Bondo likes her so much when they first met it was her first love as Bondo looks at her eyes gazing at her as it sparkles everywhere whenever they meet.

Bondo loe was full of joy seeing her once at close distance but Jane didn even look at him like it was nothing but Bondo didn give up yet like he was trying to accomplish something for her and this is how it started, Later on Bondo begin to think about how to make himself rich because thats what he think that Jane might like rich man.

In the city of Milinamoe at the market there is man looking for hiring without requirements needed, Bondo approached and took the job without reading it.

As Bondo looking for a new job in place of milinamoe of underground mining where people are not able to go out forever they had to work for their lives because it was illegal mining and it was risky because of the life living in a hellish underground that you need to survive on your own or you die.

Bondo got scammed and didn think about the consequences as he enter the cave it was full of old people where they also have illness no one treats to their wound. People there uses violence, killings mean to say use your strength to survive and follow the rules necessarily or you will take hellish punishment.

A deep dark cave where shouting is not allowed Bondo started to work 21 Hours per day nonstop the other people were crying to beg to let them go because they were sick and the guard was mad so he shot the man and his friend were so mad as he holds fuming against the guard trying to plan something to kill him Bondo approached his friend and said calm my friend time has not come yet let the evil lose as the light may found witness and path for us. The man didn listen to what Bondo said thinks he was a freak or something as the man leaving and goes to his room while his friend was carried outside dead sadly it got cremated, Afterwhile the man keeps thinking about his friend who died a while ago but sooner place was crowded a lot of men and Bondo seem not to care on whats happening seems like they were planning to go outside then they started planning to escape afterward everybody scattered and the guard approached Bondo and asked what they were doing Bondo didn reply so he got smacked by a gun right on his face then Bondo nosebleed and the guard asked the other man what

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