br>It's someone you love.” (Nonoa)

“D*mn, the purity of that knowing-yet-not-knowing feeling is adorable……!” (Kazuto)


First of all, without a doubt, Nonoa-chan captures the meaning in the atmosphere of the letters.

Perhaps she was mimicking the suspenseful pretend play the other day by watching some appropriate daytime drama.

Children absorb various things like sponges, for better or worse.


“Not bad, Kazuto-kun? Not only Rinka, but you also have captured Nonoa.
Mm, then? Does that mean……
I will be the next target? I have a feeling, if it continues like this, we the three Mizuki sisters will end up in his hands?” (Kasumi)

“No, please don't even joke about it! Besides, if it's a girl as good as Kasumi-san, I'm not even on her radar!” (Kazuto)

“I don't think so.
I'm rather fond of Kazuto-kun, and he's my type…….
If we were in the same class, I wonder if I would attack him~.” (Kasumi)

“Yes, I'm done! I'm getting stabbed by Rinka!” (Kazuto)


Kasumi-san says it jokingly, but as a nerd gamer, I am thrilled.

Unintentionally, my arms tighten as I embrace Nozomui-chan.


“It'll be okay, isn't it? Rinka is the type of person who will forgive anything to the guy she likes.
Why don't you go for a harem?” (Kasumi)

“I-I'm only interested in Rinka……!” (Kazuto)


I have been told by Rinka that she forgives a certain amount of cheating because she doesn't think she can monopolize me.

That being said, it'll be out of the ordinary behavior to touch another girl……
much less Rinka's older and younger sister.

Absolutely not!


“You can not do that, Kasumi-sis, Kazuto-bro is going to marry me!” (Nonoa)

“You hear it, Kazuto-kun.” (Kasumi)

“No, no, no!” (Kazuto)

“……do you dislike me, Kazuto-bro?” (Nonoa)


Nonoa-chan asks, her eyes watering with anxiety.

Since I'm holding her in my arms, I can clearly see her sad, bent eyebrows.


“No, I don't dislike you, but …….
the marriage and mistress kinds of stuff are not acceptable.” (Kazuto)

“No! I want to stay with Kazuto-bro forever!” (Nonoa)

'Well, then, let's do this.
If you still like me when you grow up, Nonoa-chan……
I'll think about it again at that time.” (Kazuto)


A desperate strategy to postpone the problem.

Well, this is the most solid way to deal with the problem.

What Nonoa-chan means by liking me is not based on romantic feelings.

Little boys often say, “I'm going to marry mom!”, don't they?

It's similar to that.

I am sure Nonoa-chan will realize this when she grows up.


“I wonder if you're allowed to say that~.
Nonoa is the most possessive person in the Mizuki family, just for you know.” (Kasumi)

“Please don't make me feel insecure, even if you're joking.
I'm the guy with the flea heart, remember? I'm seriously dying.” (Kazuto)

“Ahaha, sorry, sorry.
I won't say it again, so forgive me, kay~?” (Kasumi)


Kasumi-san apologized, sticking out her tongue in a cute little chittering manner.

That's not an act of remorse…….

I'm constantly being pushed around by the Mizuki sisters.

Eventually, the sun begins to set.

Seeing Nonoa-chan's eyelids repeatedly close and open, Kasumi-san declares, “Well, I think it's time for us to go home”.

So, the three of us decided to go home accordingly.


“Ah, Kazuto-kun.
Can I have a minute?” (Kasumi)

“Yes? What is it?” (Kazuto)


As we're all heading to the locker room, we're stopped by Kasumi-san, who's holding Nonoa-chan in her arms.

Saito and Tachibana go ahead of me and I stopped.


“I'm going to be straight to the point, but you should come to stay over tonight.” (Kasumi)

“Umm, at Rinka's house?” (Kazuto)

“Yes, yes.
Our parents went on a lovey-dovey trip and I'm going to stay at a friend's house for a couple of days with Nonoa.
And yet Rinka seems to have plans open until tomorrow around noon.” (Kasumi)

“I see.” (Kazuto)

“I see, my a**, Kazuto-kun! This is your chance!” (Kasumi)

“……Eh?” (Kazuto)


Kasumi-san closes the distance with a pressing look on her face.


“It's good that you guys got together, but things haven't progressed very well, right?” (Kasumi)

“Ugh……!” (Kazuto)

That's right, I let my voice trail off.


“Kazuto-kun, take this opportunity to cross the line! ……Ah, be sure to use cοntr*ceptiοn, kay~! As you can imagine, it'll be a problem if she has a child.” (Kasumi)

“…………” (Kazuto)


I'm unable to say anything.

I feel my cheeks heat up in an instant.


“I'm still worried about her as a big sister.
Rinka is a successful idol, but in return, she can't walk around with the person she loves, right? Then, you know, I think you should take this little chance and make out with her intensely!” (Kasumi) (PTW/N: UUWOOOGH S-S-S-SSEGGGS!!?)

“Hu-huh……?” (Kazuto)

“So, Kazuto-kun! Get ready to stay over when you get home! I'll come to get you in no time!” (Kasumi)

“No, that……” (Kazuto)

“What is it? You have something to do?” (Kasumi)

“I don't have one, but……
it was too sudden and I wasn't prepared for it…….”

“Everything will be fine! Once you two are alone, your instincts will take care of the rest!” (Kasumi)

“EEEH…………” (Kazuto)


She gives me a thumbs up with a wonderful smile.

Just like the day I first met Kasumi-san, she was trying to get me and Rinka together with tremendous force.


“Well, that's all I need to say, later then~” (Kasumi)


After we wrap up our one-sided conversation, Kasumi turns her back to me and walks to the women's locker room.

She shakes her fleshy, beautiful hips…….


Haaa~, she's still as nonsensical as ever.” (Kazuto)


I don't know if I'd call it pushy or what.

But I understand that she's being pushy with us in mind.


“An overnight stay, huh?” (Kazuto)


I'm getting nervous just imagining it.

This is……
maybe, may just probably be.

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