Nice to meet you too, I am Fuurawan.”

“Fuurawan-chan ka? Ii no namae.”

“S, sangkyu.”


The two greet each other due of their faces are facing each other.

They speak, breathe, blink, sweat, and so.

And after a long time passes,


“Kyaa~ Furujakka-kyun.”
“Daijoubu ka? Fuurawan-chan.”

“D, daijoubu…


“Doushita no?”

“Fuurawan-chan no kaori, suuuuggoku WANGY, hmmmmmppppsshhh ahhhh wangyyyy.”

“Mou~ Furujakka-kyun no eeccchi~.”


On a certain day, these two meet and have lunch because they are hungry.

The boy orders fried rice while the girl orders a serve of seasoned rice being processed by frying.

For the drinks, the boy orders hot chocolate while the girl orders a cup of chocolate that has not been cold yet.

They eat their food.

They also feed some spoons with each other.

They then having a leisure exchange.


“Ikehh, yaru?”




“Ikeh, tanoshii, kimochii, ore, ganbarimasu!!!”


“Dame ka?”


“Dame nanoka.”

“Ee, haayaakuuu~”


The two of them are having exercise, training, and workout, then.

When they finished, then they restarted.

And when they finished, the boy pleaded for the second.

Then when they finished, this time is the girl who asked the third.

And when they finished, the boy once again pleaded for the fourth.

Then when they finished, the girl also once again asked for the fifth.

And so on.




On the other occasion,

On a day that is not a night.

That day the sun is shining brightly because it's a day and 12:00 o'clock.

The day is bright and the sun has not been set yet.

The breeze can be felt due to the air is flowing.

As he is breathing, a certain boy is approaching a girl.


“Yaa, kitten-chan, can I have your namae?”

“S, su, suteki~.
Ah, hai.
Fuurawan desu.”

“Fuurawan-chan, huh.
What a kirei no namae.
By the way, watashi no namae is Badz Zheengan.
Watashi wa Son of a Beach.
Watashi came from The Pangea Selatan.
Diligent in setsuyaku.
Ketsueki type is I, I for Ikkehmen.
Watashi no hobby wa breathing.

“Yoroshiku, Badz Zheengan-san.”

“Fuurawan-chan, watashi no yubi to kimi no chawan, let's have made karera meet and greet.”


“Watashi-tachi will have much tanoshi.”


They have a wik wok awok koakoawaok akoawoakakwa kawkaowaoaok.

When they have done of their a wik wok awok koakoawaok akoawoakakwa kawkaowaoaok, then they re-doing again.

When they finished again, the girl pleaded for the second.

Then when they finished, this time is the boy who asked the third.

And when they finished, the girl once again pleaded for the fourth.

Then when they finished, the boy also once again asked for the fifth.

And so on.




“Fuurawan-chaaannn!!! Ikanaide!!!!.”

“Gomen ne, Furujakka-kun.”

“Dameee, Fuurawan-chaannnn!!!”

“Sayonara, Furujakka-kun.”




“Ima, ore wa, Furujakka wa, pemuda tuna asmara dearimasu.”


Who can stand to endure this situation

Who doesn't feel the loss

You leave me when I'm so in love

When I'm crazily in love

you choose another guy


Who can stand being dumped

Whose heart not hurt

The memories that have been passed

I keep it deep inside my heart

We are not one anymore


It's alright, I'll get through the days strong-heartedly

My wish is only one, be safe and sound

I can only be able to harbor this, from day to night

Because I know I'm just nobody


It's alright, I'll harbor this feeling inside my heart

I'll keep wish you live well

All I can do is hope you won't regret

Goodbye and thank you




How should I explain this to my parents

We had gone through this long

But ended up breaking up

You are tempted by another guy's love


You yourself had been declared it

Living our love until our old days

Won't two-timing, I'm the only one for you

But now there's another guy inside your heart


It's as if the morning is cloudy

Then the day is rainy

In the afternoon you hurt me

And in the night I cry for you


I can only imagine

All of those had been just memories now

I rode you back, went through the way

Hugging under the rain

But now you are choosing

To be hugged by another guy


Do you not sense

How heavy-heartedly I am

Have to lost my loved one

Don't wanna leave my house

I have no appetite

If I'm not fed

Saito, who has valiantly gone to save Tachibana, sinks down mercilessly.

Saito is……
tremendously athletically inept.

For some reason, he has the uncanny ability to drown even when he has his feet on the floor.

The teacher in the swimming class even recommended he just sit and watch the class.


“I have no choice but to go help them…….” (Kazuto)


I enter the pool and go to the rescue of Tachibana and Saito.

I pull up the arms of the two struggling in the water.


“You guys, okay?” (Kazuto)

“Ayanokoujiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” (Tachibana)

“Ayanokouji-kuuunnnnnn!” (Saito)


Two snot-nosed men hug me before I can react……! Yuck.


“Get away from me, you guys!” (Kazuto)

“We're going to drown again! This is why I was playing in the toddler pool!” (Tachibana)

“He's right, Ayanokouji-kun! You have a responsibility to help us!” (Saito)

“…………Sucks.” (Kazuto)


Just for you know, we can still get your footing around here, okay?

I climb out of the pool with the two guys clinging to me.


“What are you guys going to do then? We can't even get near the stage without floats.” (Kazuto)

“……We're gonna have to purchase one.” (Tachibana)

“I guess so.
There's a hundred percent chance we need floats!” (Saito)


I, don't need it, though.

We head to a stand, buy floats (I don't), and head back to the pool.

While we're away, the crowd has grown and is packed not only near the stage, but also near the center of the pool.


“Sorry, Ayanokouji! We're just way too pathetic……! Although, I want you to get a closer look at Mizuki…….!” (Tachibana)

“If you feel that way, you should have prepared a float from the beginning.” (Kazuto)

“Sorry, Ayanokouji-kun! I had this coming from the beginning, though!” (Saito)

“Can I hit you once? With all my might.” (Kazuto)


We push forward to the center of the pool, making silly jokes.

This is about the limit.

There are too many people and we can't go any further.


“Ayanokouji-kun, do you know the order of the live performance?” (Saito)

“I don't know.
Can you tell me?” (Kazuto)


“Of course.
[Star☆Mines] will be the third one.
The first one is [Private Puppies] and the second one is [Give Us Money!] I think.” (Saito) (PTW/N: 『子犬二等兵』(Koinu Nitouhei); 『ウチらに金を貢げ』(Uchi-ra ni Kin o Mitsuge!).)

wait a minute.
Isn't the second idol group ridiculous? It sounds like hostesses who have laid bare their desires.” (Kazuto)


“Ee, Give Us Money!, right? They may not appear on TV, but they have a lot of fanatical fans out there.
They are always a big hit on the Internet!” (Saito)

“T-that so?” (Kazuto)


I am not familiar with the world of idols.

But from the impression of the name, I can sense that they're an idol group with a strong joke material appeal.


“originally translated by bujangga – pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”








“Everyone, see you again!”


Two idols who have been singing on stage take their leave.

They're Private Puppies.

Of course, I don't know these girls, but their cheerful songs about summer and youth really resonated within me.

The people around seem to be having much fun.

I'll say that they have fulfilled their first role.

After the next show, it's finally time for Star☆Mines to perform.


“Give Us Money, huh…….” (Kazuto)


What kind of idols are they?

It's just my imagination, but I'm guessing some cute girls who didn't sell well so they got desperate and decided to make a story out of it.


Soon after, three ridiculously beautiful girls appeared on stage, greeted by the loud cheers of the audience.

All three girls are wearing flashy golden bikinis and are generously exposing their healthy limbs.

The center girl especially stands out.

Is she a foreigner? 

She has twin-tails blonde hair that extends to her waist and a pretty, angelic face…….

It's hard to believe that she's a member of a group with such joke material.


As I looked at them with a feeling of half-expectation, a song like a metal band began to play.

Then, the blonde twin-tails opens her mouth――――


“We are money-grubbers~! We spend our days gnawing on our parents' backs~! Eventually, we have zero friends~! They want their money back~! But my wallet is empty~! We're always thirsty for money~!”



What the f*ck is this sh*tty song?

It's not something an idol is allowed to sing.





The song was too d*mned terrible, and I'm forced to be speechless in front of the song.

The blonde-haired girl with twin-tailed hair is singing madly and violently, her hair whipping around frenzily.

The same goes for the beautiful girls on either side of her.

They are crazy, ruining their pretty faces.

I chuckle and speak to my friends next to me.


“Ha, haha, the h*ll is this? This makes too much no sense.
Hey Saito, Tachibana――――” (Kazuto)

“”MO-NEY! MO-NEY!”” (Tachibana, Saito)


No way, you're kidding, right?

They're overflowing with enthusiasm and are thrusting their arms up high and shouting……!

“originally translated by bujangga – pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”

No, it's not just Saito and Tachibana.

Everyone in this pool is shouting “MO-NEY! MO-NEY!” in unison……!!!


Maybe I am the heretic and wrong one for being confused?

I even feel such an illusory feeling.


“……” (Kazuto)


Raging heat engulfs the pool, and the bizarre shouts “Give Us Money!” are echoing.

I can do nothing but stare at the three beautiful blonde girls in bikinis and be dumbfounded.




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