48 – Star☆Mines' lunch



Lunch break period.
As planned, I change into my sports shoes and go to the back of the old school building.

It's sunny and breezy.
There is also a shady tree, so even if the sun is strong, it won't be a problem.

Also, not only students but even teachers don't come to this place.
So we can feel safe to have a meet.

The only disadvantage is that it may take five to ten minutes to come from the classroom.


“Kazu-kun! Over here!” (Nana)


I'm called by Kurumizaka-san, who is sitting on a picnic mat in the shade of a tree.

Rinka and Kiyokawa, who have already arrived, are also sitting on it.


“Thanks for waiting.” (Kazuto)

“Senior Ayanokouji.
Did anyone happen to see you on the way here?” (Ayane)

“I guess someone did, but I don't think they will come to any idea of this meeting.” (Kazuto)


When I get to their place, I take off my shoes and sit on the picnic mat.
I sit down next to Rinka.

For some reason……
I'm starting to get nervous.

I think I'm probably the only guy in the world who's ever been to have lunch together with three popular idols.

Now that all of us are here, we start our lunch and talk in moderation.

For my lunch, Rinka has prepared it for me.

The lunchbox that is spread in front of me is filled with standard side dishes such as omelet and sausage salad.


Ahmm.” (Rinka)

“E, emm…” (Kazuto)

“Here, open your mouth.” (Rinka)


Rinka picks up an omelet with her chopsticks and holds it out to my mouth.

Naturally, I'm being watched by a somewhat smiling Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa.


“You guys sure are impassioned, yes! Kazu-kun and Rin-chan are madly lovebirds, aren't they!” (Nana)

“They are going to be an idiot couple sooner or later…….
No, they are already a husband-wife.” (Ayane)


“This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id.
so, read only on there, okay guys~”


Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa each give their own impressions.
Say whatever you want…….


“What's the matter, Kazuto-kun? Do you not want to eat my omelet?” (Rinka)

“No, it's not like that…….” (Kazuto)

“Ahmmm.” (Rinka)

“……” (Kazuto)

“Hello~ I am Bujangga from pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”


I push my embarrassment to the challenger deep of my mind and with “Ahmmm” I have the omelet she has held it out to me

I am so happy and embarrassed that I can't taste it.


“Is it good?” (Rinka)

“It's good.” (Kazuto)

“I see, I'm glad.” (Rinka)


Rinka lets out a sigh of relief.
My face is now on fire, though.

As for Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa, they who are watching our doing are now giggling……


“You're so lucky, Rin-chan.
I wish I had a boyfriend like Kazu-kun.” (Nana)

“Unfortunately, but Kazuto-kun is my husband.
I'm not going to give up my position as his wife, even if it is to Nana, okay.” (Rinka)

“Ahaha…….” (Nana)


Kurumizaka-san lets out a bitter laugh at Rinka's imposing declaration.

But the way Rinka puts it, she will tolerate anything except the wife position.
Or, am I just overthinking this?


“I, too, am sometimes spoken to by boys, but……
I'm a little afraid of them.” (Nana)

“Why so?” (Kazuto)

“Because their eyes are kind of glaring…….
Also, their line of sights are focused at my breasts a lot.” (Nana)

“You are not going to stare at my breasts, are you, Kazu-kun?” (Nana)

“What I have to say, yes.
I guess I'm just not so much paying attention to them.” (Kazuto)


Since I started going out with Rinka, I feel like I've lost interest in girls other than Rinka.

In the past, I would have been more or less curious about a girl's breasts, but now I simply don't care.


“So, Senior Ayanokouji, did you prefer small-breasted girl?” (Ayane)

“That's not quite right.
If anything, each size has――――eh, what are you trying to get me to say?” (Kazuto)

No one asked that much, either.” (Ayane)


The three girls looked at me coldly and suspiciously.

I felt a faint but thrilling sensation run down my spine.
I think I might have gone through the path of an M.


What do you think of mine?” (Rinka)

“I love Rinka's, no matter they are big or small.
I'm not interested in any other than the one belonging to Rinka.” (Kazuto)

“……Kazu-kun, sometimes you talk just like a pervert.
don't you?” (Nana)

“Hello~ I am Bujangga from pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”


Kurumizaka-san gives me a scornful stare.

Then what should I have answered?

If I answer that I like big, the big-breasted Kurumizaka-san will have a strange thought of me, the same case will happen if I answer that I like small-breast, Kiyokawa will say something.

I'm screwed up……
as soon as the topic of breasts comes up, my grave has been dug.

It's a mistake to talk about breasts with girls in the first place.


“Hello~ I am Bujangga from pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”

“Oh, I got my hands dirty.” (Rinka)


The sauce from the mini hamburgers gets on her right hand, and Rinka raises a troubled voice.


“Had no worry, Senior Rinka.
I had prepared wet wipes just in case something like this happened.” (Ayane)


Immediately, Kiyokawa hands a small bag of wet wipes to Rinka.


“Thank you Ayane, this is very helpful.” (Rinka)

“Ah, I dropped my chopsticks! What should I do?” (Nana)

“Let me handle it, Senior Nana.
I also had prepared disposable chopsticks just in case something like that happens.” (Ayane)

“Thank you, Ayane-chan!” (Nana)

“Hello~ I am Bujangga from pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”


Kurumizaka-san receives disposable chopsticks from Kiyokawa.


After watching the girls, I decided to try something.


“Oh no, my smartphone's about to run out of power.” (Kazuto)

“Leave it to me, Senior Ayanokouji.
I have a power bank here.” (Ayane)

“Th, this is great!” (Kazuto)


I receive the power bank from Kiyokawa and exclaim.


“?? What was wrong?” (Ayane)

“Nothing, it's just you're too well prepared, Kiyokawa-san! From where are you taking all these pieces of stuff out?” (Kazuto)

“They were from this pouch.
I always kept a variety of stuff in it to prepare for every eventuality.” (Ayane)


What Kiyokawa shows me then is a rectangular pouch.
It's plain white. (PTW/N: Now she's Ayanemon.)


“I had also prepared a trash bag.” (Ayane)


She also takes out a small trash bag and shows it to me.
You're way too considerate.


“Originally translated by pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id”

“What else is in the pouch?” (Kazuto)

“Bandages, handkerchiefs……, and a playing card in case we get stuck for topics.” (Ayane)

“Th, that's amazing.” (Kazuto)

“Ehehe, our Ayane-chan is amazing, isn't she? She is so helpful to us in so many ways.” (Nana)


Kurumizaka-san proudly boasts about her.
But she has a tiny bit of potato salad on her mouth.
Noticing this, Kiyokawa says, “Senior Nana.
Excuse me”, and wiping it off with a handkerchief.

Kurumizaka-san and Rinka accept Kiyokawa's action as a matter of course, without any complaint.
I guess this is their everyday life.

So this is what Star☆Mines.

With that in mind, I take a mouthful of white rice, chew it, and swallow it.


“Senior Ayanokouji, you couldn't do that.
You had to chew it a little more before you swallowed it.
It was not good for your health, did you know it?” (Ayane)

“Ah, yes.
I'm sorry.”


She warns me and so I bow my head.

This is definitely a kind of caring person with a lot of nitpicking.

I don't mind it, though, but it might be annoying to some people.


“Speaking of which, Ayane-chan, is there anyone you like?” (Nana)

“Wh-what did you just ask out of the blue.” (Ayane)

“I've been looking at Rin-chan and Kazu-kun and thinking how nice it is to have a boyfriend.
So, I'm wondering if Ayane has one or not.” (Nana)


Kiyokawa, who is startled by the sudden question, looks downcast with reddened cheeks and replies with a murmur.


“Th-there is……
There's a person……
I like.” (Ayane)

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