9 – The Probability God Only Knows


(PTW/N: I feel so nostalgic read the romaji…
“Kami nomi zo Shiru Seka――Kakuritsu”)



“――――What were you doing with that woman during today's lunch break?” (Rinka)


The moment I heard the voice, I felt a chill run down my spine.

I wondered if this was called intuition.

I felt that if I answered wrongly, it would directly affect my life.


As I clutched my phone and remained silent, I could hear Mizuki-san's cold voice.


“Of course I trust Kazuto-kun.
Yes, I deeply trust.
There is no room for suspicion in a boy as sincere as Kazuto-kun.” (Rinka)

“H-huh…?” (Kazuto)

“So, this is a suspicion born of my weakness of mind.
I'm sorry for Kazuto-kun, but I wonder if I can confirm it just in case.” (Rinka)




――――What were you doing with that woman?




Mizuki-san's heavy and cold words broke through my eardrum and shook my brain.

This is dangerous.

I didn't know what she meant by “suspicion” or “confirmation”.


However, I think this is absolutely a dangerous thing.

My instinct as a man was blowing the alarm loudly.


“Kazuto-kun? Why are you keep silent?” (Rinka)

“Umm, that's…” (Kazuto)


Actually, Kotone-san guided me to meet with Kurumizaka-san.

Eh, what did we talk about?

It's about Mizuki-san and I's Befriending Operation!


I absolutely can't say that.


If I screwed up, a crack will happen between Kurumizaka-san and Mizuki-san relationship.

I didn't want them to have a bad relationship because of me.


If you betrayed me, I'll take legal action.” (Rinka)

“L-legal action, what it is? And what do you mean by that?” (Kazuto)


I felt as if I was the husband being accused of cheating.


“Explain it to me.
I'm still in time now.” (Rinka)


I-I don't get it at all!

Mizuki-san just wants to know what I and Kotone-san were doing, right?


It's just that, right? but suspicion, confirmation, betrayal, legal action….
what the heck is all of that?


We'll resume practicing.”


A distant voice came from my smartphone.

I knew that voice.

It was the voice one of the members of Star☆Mines.


“Okay, I'll be there right away….
Kazuto-kun, continue our conversation tonight.” (Rinka)

“No, um, wait a” (Kazuto)



The phone was mercilessly hung up…..


“What is this, what is this.
What the hell is this situation…?” (Kazuto)


I don't understand what's going on at all.

Someone explain the situation to me, please!


“What should I do, I'm confused…!” (Kazuto)


In times like this, you need to rely on your friends.

I launched the chat app on my smartphone.

I entered a group that was created by Tachibana, Saito, and me.


[Please listen to me for a moment.
I just got a call from Mizuki-san.] (Kazuto)


A few minutes later, I heard two notification sounds from my phone.

I quickly checked.


[You're bragging, I'll make you eat bell peppers, you know.] (Tachibana)

[According to my calculations, the probability of you're just bragging is 100000000%.] (Saito)


Their replies were too ruthless and heartless.

……This is terrible.


[I'm not! I can't tell you the details, but I was asked about what I did during lunch break in a very very scary way!] (Kazuto)

I mean, you didn't even tell us what happened during the lunch break, did you?] (Tachibana)

[Sorry! I can't say it!] (Kazuto)


They asked me many times at school, but I didn't say anything because of Kurumizaka-san's position.

And it was genuinely embarrassing to tell them about Befriending Operation.


We have no idea what's going on, because there's so much information being withheld.] (Saito)


Saito told me and I realized it.

He's absolutely right.

I made them promise to keep this to ourselves and briefly tell them about my conversation with Mizuki-san.

Then Tachibana sent me a cute Shinigami sticker and a chat.


Yandere always have a bad ending, you know?] (Tachibana)

[You want me to get stabbed, huh!? And Mizuki-san is not a yandere!] (Kazuto)

[According to my calculations, the probability that Mizuki-san is a yandere is 120%.] (Saito)


Saito sent it along with a glasses sticker. (PTW/N: insert “anime glasses guy.jpg” here)

……What sticker is this?

It's just a normal pair of glasses.

There's nothing funny about it.


[If Mizuki-san is a yandere, that means she's in love with me?] (Kazuto)

[Right.] (Tachibana)

[That's right.] (Saito)


Both of them immediately affirmed at the same time.

I was surprised at how quickly they replied.


Nono, there's no way, right?] (Kazuto)

[If you think about it, Mizuki must be feeling jealous, right?] (Tachibana)


The popular idol Mizuki Rinka is jealous ……?

That's ridiculous.


[I can't say absolutely, but there is no doubt that Mizuki is conscious of Ayanokouji.] (Tachibana)

[Yeah, that's right.
Mizuki-san's eyes are special when she looks at Ayanokouji-kun.] (Saito)

[…] (Kazuto)


Even though the two of them had told me this much, I couldn't honestly believe it.

It's not that I'm being stubborn.

For me, Mizuki Rinka is a wonderful person who gives people dreams and hopes.

For me, as an ordinary person, it's like looking up at the stars and waving my hand.

An online game nerd and a popular idol…….

No matter how you look at it, we're not a good match.


As I was thinking about this, Saito sent me a long and unusually serious message.





[The rest is up to you, Ayanokouji-kun, what you want to be with Mizuki-san.
If you want to keep the relationship as it is, you don't have to take any action, and if you want to respond to her wishes, you can gently approach her at your own pace.
Whichever you choose, if it is the result of your serious consideration, Ayanokouji-kun, we will respect it.] (Saito)





“Saito…..” (Kazuto)


You're such a good guy…….!

I was kind of touched! 

You were easily to be forgotten because of your weird calculations, but Saito, you were a kind man who cares about his friends!





[By the way, according to my calculations, the probability that Ayanokouji-kun and Mizuki-san's relationship will work out is ……0.12% or in other words, only God knows!] (Saito) (PTW/N: 0.12% with furigana: “kaminomizoshiru”.)

“Heyyyyy! That's the lowest probability ever!” (Kazuto)


And he puts a bunch of words that make no sense…….!

I feel like everything has been ruined.

Give me back the emotion and respect I gave earlier.


[So Ayanokouji.
Do well with Mizuki.
And introduce us to other idols!] (Tachibana)

[That's great! I'll be looking forward to your cooperation as well, Ayanokouji-kun!] (Saito)

“…” (Kazuto)



I silently closed the app without replying.

It might have been the biggest mistake of my life to consult with them.

I threw my smartphone to bed while sitting on the chair.

I exhaled and looked up at the ceiling.


“Haaa~ …
I'm so nervous.”


Mizuki-san might like me.

Assuming it was true,

So, what can I do then?


“Speaking about it, I haven't found a solution tonight…!” (Kazuto)


I should work on the immediate problem now, huh.

If don't, we won't be able to do befriending operation on Saturday.


In preparation for tonight, I imagined (or fantasized) a conversation with Mizuki-san in my mind.

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